Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dave Martone, Travis Larson: climbing the ladder of success

Dave Martone and Travis Larson play at the Guitar Center in San Mateo CA. They get carried away playing leads back and forth and run around the store and up a ladder the manager set up to take picture from

Dual Lead Guitar on a Ladder at Guitar Center with Dave Martone and Travis Larson

Tom Quayle,John Wheatcroft,Jim Clark: Leeds UK guitar masterclass

Jonathan Vipond
Amazing masterclass coming up with Tom Quayle,John Wheatcroft and Jim Clark. Learn the tricks of the trade from the pros while supporting a great local cause.

Wayne Krantz: trio Live at EBS Space in Seoul, Korea 2012

Wayne Krantz trio Live at EBS Space in Seoul, Korea
Wayne Krantz - Guitar
Tim Lefebvre - Bass
Keith Carlock - Drums


Wayne Krantz: trio Live at EBS Space in Seoul, Korea 2012

Dhalif Ali: Guthrie Govan Waves Improvisation

Dhalif Ali is on Google+

Guthrie Govan Waves Improvisation

Viacheslav Kavlenas: Pull The Curtains - tapping djent

Pull The Curtains - Seaside (Guitar Perfomance by Chocoslayc)

Pull The Curtains - Heartbroken

Eric Rikka - Editing and post-effects - ,

Change of Loyalty - , - download album "Freethinker"

Dylan - Cameraman
Kate Mustache - Tech Support
Audio Mastering - Post Organic Records

Change of Loyalty - A Perfect Dream pt.2 (Guitar Performance by ChocoSlayc)

Scale The Summit - The Levitated (ChocoSlayc Cover)

Viacheslav Kavlenas,Kirill Rudnitskiy: Change of Loyalty - Her Dirty Mouth

Editing by Eric -

Guitar Cover by :
Slava ChocoSlayc -
Kirill Rudnitskiy -

Change of Loyalty - ,

Change of Loyalty - Her Dirty Mouth

Taras Umanskiy, Viacheslav Kavlenas: Volumes - Two-One - super heavy!!

Heavier than a squadron of T34's! This is a tribute video-cover from members of [AMATORY], CHANGE OF LOYALTY, STIGMATA with big respect and thanks for great music!

Editing - Eric,
Camera - Maria Mitrofanova
Sound - Leonid
Drums - Daniil Svetlov of [AMATORY] ,
Guitar - Taras Umanskiy of STIGMATA ,
Guitar - Viacheslav Kavlenas of CHANGE OF LOYALTY - ,

Volumes - Two-One (Cover)

Aaron Berg: Transcendence - tasty original with classy soloing!

Aaron Berg:

Nili Brosh, Courtney Cox: Iron Maidens - San Antonio 2012

The Iron Maidens - Band Introduction and full live set @ Backstage Live - San Antonio, TX 7-13-12


Nili Brosh, Courtney Cox: Iron Maidens - San Antonio 2012

Enver Izmailov: Come Together

Enver Izmailov - guitarist (Ukraine - Simferopol). arTzaL.
Video taken in August 2012 at the cafe "La Boheme" in Koktebel.
Video by - Alexander Travin.
St. Petersburg.
Enver Izmailov - guitarist. arTzaL
Video Filmed in August 2012 in the Cafe "La Boheme" in Koktebel.
Video by - Alexander Travin.
St. Petersburg.

Коктебель - Енвер Измайлов - Come Together

Guthrie Govan: Billy Cobham tune "Red Baron"

Guthrie Govan and his band playing the classic Billy Cobham tune "Red Baron". I don't own this, it's an mp3 I found on the Suhr website a while back, and I haven't been able to locate it anywhere so I shared it here.

Guthrie Govan Plays Red Baron

Olaf Thorsen: Vision Divine - new album available

Official Music Video! Listen to the album and order here:

"Destination Set To Nowhere" is a melting pot, a perfect mix of all the styles the band has crossed and experimented with over the years. Nevertheless, the concept album is
kept in their well-known style, spiced up with a futuristic twist. The high-class production adds up to the unbelievably driven sound.
"Destination Set To Nowhere" clearly is Vision Divine's most mature and well produced album up to this point!

Olaf Thorsen says: "We are sure this album will finally give us the chance to show all of our potential, and we worked hard on it in order to give the best possible album. In the end, we went even beyond our expectations, and I must admit it's also thanks to the excitement and the good vibes we got from starting this adventure."

Fabio Lione, who has recently made public his will to only concentrate his work on Vision Divine and Rhapsody Of Fire added: "We almost couldn't believe our eyes when, a few weeks ago, we understood we would become label-partners with so many great bands we have deep admiration for... it's simply an honour to have become part of this great family and to work with some of the best guys around."

Vision Divine is:
Fabio Lione: Vocals
Olaf Thorsen: Guitars
Federico Puleri: Guitars
Alessio Lucatti: Keyboards & Piano
Andrea "Tower" Torricini: Bass
Alessandro Bissa: Drums

1. S´i fosse foco
2. The Dream Maker
3. Beyond The Sun And Far Away
4. The Ark
5. Mermaids From Their Moons
6. The Lighthouse
7. Message To Home
8. The House Of The Angels
9. The Sin Is You
10. Here We Die
11. Destination Set To Nowhere

News: Keys To Shredding passes 20,000 page views!

The blog about all things keys and synths (and a little more besides goes from strength to strength) 700 posts, 20,000 page views. Kudo to Chris Monk, lead blogger on that channel!

Harry Kapeliaris: While My Guitar Gently Weeps




Michael Lee Firkins, Atma Anur, Barend Courbois: Another side of blues - live

Atma Anur - Michael Lee Firkins 2012 ANOTHER SIDE OF THE BLUES (Saturday Night Voo Doo live)

Taiga Motoyoshi: Live at Last Waltz in Tokyo 2012

Live at Last Waltz in Tokyo.Composed by Shin-ichiro Mochizuki.Taiga Motoyoshi(g),Shin-ichiro Mochizuki(pf,kb),Yoshimasa Otsuka(b),Ko Kanza(d), A∀〔ei ei〕is logo of this band. Check

Let him go / A∀ LIVE@Last Waltz in Tokyo 2012.9

Torkia / A∀ LIVE@Last Waltz in Tokyo 2012.9.9

Marcin Duński: More excerpts for m his upcoming fusion album

Really, really looking forward to this album, great fusion guitar.

in the series, my archive, section number, which was to be found on my solo album :)
sorry for the quality, but it survived only in August :)

Marcin Duński-archiwum

The working version of the next issue which will be on my album key number more than a guitar, but I found that using the piano better I can communicate their feelings ;) I have uploaded the same key, of course, and I am very PROUD :) hahahaha

Marcin Duński-HPM-goodbye

Marcin Duński-HPM-fragment demo

Marcin Duński-Historia Prawdziwej Miłości -fragmenty

Russ Parrish: Satchel is the British Invasion!


Release dates:
Australia & New Zealand: September 28th
Worldwide: October 22nd

Watch the trailer:
Watch "Party All Day:"
Watch "Asian Hooker:"
Watch "Teaser #3 featuring Lexxi:"

Watch "Teaser #4 featuring Stix:"

Steel Panther - "The British Invasion" Teaser #5 Satchel

News: UK - Win an Autographed Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby

Win an Autographed Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby!

We're working with our friends at Westside Distribution to offer UK players a chance to win an autographed Dunlop Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby!

Buddy Guy helped establish the wah as part of the blues vocabulary, and to honor his contributions, Dunlop created the Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby, with a sweet and singing top end, and two distinct user selectable wah voices—"DEEP" for a big and throaty growl, and "BG" for Buddy's own warm, bell-like wah tone. Convenient side-mounted LEDs indicate which mode is on, and a separate LED indicates effect on/off. Let your guitar sing the blues in style with the Buddy-approved polka dot graphics and custom signature tread.


Yngwie Malmsteen: Copyright is everything to a musician

Yngwie Malmsteen visited Britain's iconic Houses of Parliament in London on Thursday (September 20) to offer his patronage to "Rock The House".

"People like myself are very lucky in having already established a loyal fanbase," Yngwie said, according to Classic Rock magazine. "If I put out a new record, my fans will know about it and buy it. But the younger musicians of newer generations, their future doesn't look too good. Everyone seems to have a CD out or YouTube videos, you know? Back in the '80s, if you had a record out, you were hot shit!"

Yngwie also vented on the issue of illegal music downloading and many music fans' seeming disregard for intellectual-property rights.

"Copyright is everything to a musician," he said. "Just like inventions, the music you write is like your own child. If it gets sold to people, you should be rewarded. No one should be able to take it from you."

He continued, "You don't go around stealing cars! The rules should apply to music, film, books, etc. Anything that can be distributed should be accounted for. Something has to be done. The machine is broken." full post

John Huldt: re works Battlefield 3

John Huldt:
I'm a huge fan of the Battlefield series and this is how I envision it sounding in more of a hard rock/orchestra setting. Obviously I don't own any of the video, all rights reserved to the good people at DICE. I'm just a fan making music :)

Download this tune for free at

Track was made in Logic using the Apogee Duet 2. All guitars through the Kemper Profiling Amp and all orchestra sounds was done with Miroslav Philharmonik

Battlefield 3 alt. Soundtrack - FREE DOWNLOAD

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant
Hey guys, so this is a new song off of the album Myriad that I'll be releasing in a few weeks :) lemme know what you think!


The Fine Constant is an instrumental progressive metal band from Madison, WI.
The band formed in early May when Sarah Longfield reached out to her compatriots in an attempt to begin performing her solo material in a live setting. Within a just few short weeks the line-up was solidified. Months of touring, writing, and collaborating are soon to follow.

Logo for flyers, etc. :

The Fine Constant - Transcending Perception

Michael Lee Firkins,Atma Anur: Europe 2012 rehearsal 2

Michael Lee Firkins Band, Barend Courbois, Atma Anur. Sound check at Paradox Club...

Atma Anur - Michael Lee Firkins Europe 2012 @Paradox (sound check 2)

really fusion orientated soloing from MLF

Atma Anur - Michael Lee Firkins Europe 2012 (day one)