Saturday, 29 September 2012

Leonardo Guzman: George Marios competition entry

Let's up thes two towering young talents can get a jam session recorded across the great Atlantic divides them... all praise the power of the Interwebs...

I'm a HUGE fan of George's playing, so i took the chance of winning a Skype lesson with him! check him out and join this awesome opportunity! :)

George Marios New Competition :)

Richard Lainegard: PRS P22 and Kemper demo

A short demo and playthrough of my new PRS P22.
Doing some A/B-comparisons of the piezo in the P22 vs. a Taylor.
All the other tones are through the Kemper amp.

PRS P22 Demo Playthrough

Songs from a guitar clinic I did for Ibanez guitars back in 2003.

Richard Lainegard - Ibanez Guitar clinic (performance songs only)

Mike Orlando: Full Speed X - Full On for Young Guitar

Mike Orlando - (Adrenaline Mob,Tred) Full Speed X/Sonic Stomp II - Young Guitar Studio, Japan

Gustavo Di Padua: Wave - classy performance videos

Composition of Tom Jobim
Version Gustavo Di Padua Video: Vitor Rangel (

Gustavo Di Padua - Wave

Plus two more classy performance videos

Gustavo Di Padua - Insight

Gustavo Di Padua - The Harvest

Guillaume Bernard,Aldrick Guadognino: Klone demo Lâg Custom Bédarieux

It was during their passage through the premises of La Boite Noire, the group KLONE us the pleasure of a little demo guitars - bass.
Guillaume Bernard Find and Aldrick Guadognino on guitars Lâg Custom Bédarieux, accompanied Jean-Etienne Maillard bass G & L. A note in your diaries, the new album on October 5th: "The Dreamer's Hideaway"

Klone guitarists chose Lâg (La Boite Noire)

Casey Jones: Aussie demos Gary Kramer Custom

Casey Jones - Gary Kramer Guitar - Custom