Monday, 1 October 2012

Josh Martin: Eusociality - crazy tapping, slapping and lord knows what else.

Eusociality by Josh Martin

Another video from 2008 in a piano style, with one hand shaking the other.

8 string josh martin- tubular

Christian Muenzner: I don't know even where to start! new levels of tapping creativity

Since I didn't have a chance so far to perform the Incurso material live with Spawn Of Possession, I decided to post a video of me playing the solo to this song.
On a side note, since 3 years a suffer from a degenerative neurologic playing disorder called Focal Dystonia which affects my left hand middle finger and makes 1 2 finger combintaions in single note lines impossible for me, so please excuse some weird fingerings.

Where Angels Go Demons Follow Solo

Nita Strauss from Consume The Fire says:
Amazing Truth In Shredding interview with Christian Muenzner... a must read for any serious guitarist

Aaron Marshall,Lukas Guyader: Intervals new CD

Aaron Marshall - Guitar/Composition
Lukas Guyader - Guitar
Anup Sastry - Drums
Matt De Luca - Bass Guitar
Hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Intervals are a progressive, instrumental powerhouse, hailing from Toronto, Ontario , Canada. With roots firmly planted in metal, and inspiration ranging from fusion to electronic, the four-piece wields a gripping sonic aesthetic. Energetic riffs, coupled with memorable melody take the listener through a myriad of moods and soundscapes.

With primary guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Marshall,
and internet drumming sensation Anup Sastry (live drums for Jeff Loomis) at the helm, the two deliver an exciting perspective on modern melodic metal. Their focus being on challenging themselves technically, while maintaining memorable hooks to draw in any music fanatic.

The band released their debut EP, "The Space Between" in December, 2011, which saw critical acclaim in the online metal community. Fall 2012 will see the band release a follow-up EP entitled, "In Time", brimming with Intervals' brand of catchy melodic prog. Teaming with timeless, forward thinking music, Intervals are the soundtrack to the future.

Aaron -
Anup -


Strictly 7 Guitars
InTune Guitar Picks

Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner - Mobius part 1-2-3

Chimp Spanner - Mobius part I II III
by fufux666

Chimp Spanner performed Mobius part 1-2-3 during SOAR VS Basick Records (8th September 2012)

Alberto Rigoni, Simone Mularoni,Tommy Ermolli: the three wise monkeys are here!

Release Date: October 1, 2012

Any and All Records releases today "Three Wise Monkeys" with worldwide distribution (Nightmare Records, Disk Union, Power Prog, MediaStar, etc.).

“Three Wise Monkeys” is the brand new recording by Alberto Rigoni, progressive rock composer & bass player (TwinSpirits, Lady & THE BASS), who is rapidly gaining audience in the international progressive rock fusion music scene for inventive genre-crossing compositions that paint alluring soundscapes comprehensible to wide varieties of listeners, yet artistically sophisticate and individualistic enough to sustain one’s attention once gained.

Half instrumental and half with vocals, Rigoni’s third solo album is thematically centered around the Japanese folk legend of the “Three Wise Monkeys” and further refines the stylistic contrasts and progressive spirit characterizing 2011’s “Rebirth” (Nightmare Records), concretely separating the mellow jazz, rock fusion, and ambient from the assertive melodic and hard rock and developing each extreme into Rigoni’s most aggressive and most delicate material. His distinctively kaleidoscopic bass playing and compositional grace smoothly passes across borders and carries traits of each of its components, becoming less of a solo project based around the bass guitar than a progressive rock experience.

The album also boasts contributions from great special guests: Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Brazen Abbot), Jonas Erixon (Alicate), Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater, OSI, Chroma Key), Mark Cross (Outloud, ex Helloween, Firewind), Federico Solazzo (Alexia), Alessandro Bertoni (Aphelion), Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock), Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirits), Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios), Paolo Valli (session drummer), Paco Barillà (Daniele Liverani), Sebastian Persini (Solo artist, session drummer)

The track list:

01. Toshogu Shrine
02. Mizaru
03. Three Wise Monkeys
04. Kikazaru
05. Blackened Tornado
06. Iwazaru
07. Free Falling
08. Between Space And Time
09. Coming Home
10. Believe

Get the FULL album at @
"Three Wise Monkeys" is the title track of Alberto Rigoni's new album. Between progressive and rock, the song also features singer Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum), guitarist Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirits, Khymera), keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni (Aphelion) and drummer Paco Barillà (Daniele Liverani)
Discover more about the album at

Album title track available for free download (feat. Göran Edman)

Alberto Rigoni's new album's title track "Three Wise Monkeys" is now available for free download via Soundcloud. The hard rock tune features Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Brazen Abbot) on vocals, Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirits, Khymera) on guitars, Alessandro Bertoni (Aphelion) on keyboards and the young talented drummer Paco Barillà.

Cat Ginjineko: Driven to the future

Hey hey, ginjineko here!

Thanks for all your support.
Today, I have awesome news and a small favor to ask of you guys.

Right now, I'm participating a guitar contest called "eo Music Try".
I've passed the first stage and proceeded to the second stage (woohoo!).

And now, I need your support (in other words, vote).

The website where you can vote is all in Japanese so please read the following instruction carefully!

1. Click this URL. You'll be directed to my entry page.

2. Click on the green button on that page, which says "このアーティストに投票する (Vote this artist)".

3. A small window pops up. Enter your PC email address in the upper field.

4. With the bottom pull-down menu, you are supposed to select your location.
However, it's all in Japanese so go ahead and choose whichever you like.
Once the button that says "確認 (Confirm)" shows up on your right, click it!

5. Once the page changes, click the button that says "仮投票 (Temp. Vote)".

6. Go check your email box (the one you entered in step 3). You should receive email from eo office in a few minutes.
Once you click the long URL in the email, you'll be directed to the vote page.

7. On the vote page, go ahead and click the button that says "本投票 (Finalize the vote)". And you are done!

I'd appreciate your support, friends!
You can only vote once, so if you could also ask your family or friends to vote for me, that'll be super great!

Thanks guys!

Sincerely yours,

Driven to the future -未来への衝動- 【Plz Vote and Check my

Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings, Michael Angelo Batio: Copenhagen Musikmesse this weekend.

6th and 7th October 2012 - International BUY-SELL-TRADE Exhibition. New, Second Hand and Vintage Guitars, Amps, Effect Pedals, Accessories, Spareparts, Literature, DVD's. Clinics with danish and international artists.

Copenhagen Guitar Show 2012

Saturday October 6th 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday October 7th 10 am to 5 pm
One day € 17,00
Both days € 27,00
Children eleven years of age and younger
admitted free if accompanied by an adult

Clinic Program


11:00 Rodney Branigan (US)
12:30 Aske Jacoby (DK)
14:00 Guthrie Govan (UK)
15:30 Søren Andersen (DK)
16:15 / Søren Andersen and Mika Vandborg with band

11:00 Lars Danielsson (DK) - Bass Clinic
12:30 Guthrie Govan (UK)
14:00 Per Chr. Frost (DK)
15:30 Michael Angelo Batio (US)


Carpark North meet'n'greet presented by 4Sound og Gibson. Lau Højen and Søren Balslev talks about gear, Q & A, writes autographs, etc. More later.

Meet UK jazz/fusion guitarist Alex Hutchings at Roland Scandinavia's booth.

Roberta Raschellà: Shreddelicious interview

Roberta Raschellà with her Fender Stratocaster

Roberta Raschellà: The love and passion. The love for music and for this instrument. It’s a love I felt inside practically forever: my mother tells me that at the age of two years old I said that I would be a great guitarist. I do not think you can describe a moment, give a rationale or say why you love something, you love it and that's it. I was just looked inside and I followed my heart.

Jason Becker: Boy Meets Guitar, Volume 1 of the Youngster Tapes details

Miz Anthrope
You can listen to samples of my lil' bro's (aka Jason Becker) forthcoming album, "Boy Meets Guitar, Volume 1 of the Youngster Tapes at

1. Betcha Can't This! (17 yrs old) 1:18
2. Prelude #1 (Villa Lobos) (15 yrs old) 4:10
3. Astral Voyage (16 yrs old) 9:23
4. Vision in the Clouds (15 yrs old) 1:57
5. Violent Skies (16 yrs old) 7:04
6. Moe, Larry & Carlton v.1 (16 yrs old) 2:06
7. Moe, Larry & Carlton v.2 (16 yrs old) 4:50
8. Remember (15 yrs old) 5:24
9. Nate, You Funky Mofo! (16 yrs old) (feat. N8 Fox) 2:21
10. Paganini's 24th Caprice (16 yrs old)

Daniele Liverani: Awesome performance play through from Eleven Mysteries


In the video:
Daniele Liverani: Guitars
Paco Barilla': Drums

Other musicians:
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Tony Dickinson: Bass

The song "Mysterious Impulse" is taken from Daniele Liverani new guitar instrumental album "Eleven Mysteries" released on July 20th 2012 by LION MUSIC


Like new DL facebook page:

DANIELE LIVERANI - Mysterious Impulse (Drums&Guitar)

DANIELE LIVERANI - Inspiration (Drums&Guitar)

DANIELE LIVERANI - Humiliation (Drums&Guitar)

Krisztian Lovrek: demo from new CD

LOVRECK - "Minek nevezzelek?" szóló alap demó / solo part demo

All instruments written and played by Lovrek Krisztián.
All rights reserved / A mű szerzői jogvédelem alatt áll. Minden jog fenntartva.

Első lemezünk elérhető az iTunes és Amazon zeneáruházakban / Our first album is available on iTunes and Amazon:



A CD fizikális formában itt rendelhető meg:

Oziel Filho: becomes DiMarzio endorser

Oziel Filho: New endorser!
Now I'm being the endorser DiMarzio, more a blessing of God in my life. Soon the photo of this being who speaks to you will be on the official website of DiMarzio D

Tommy Emmanuel,Martin Taylor: Colonel and The Governor UK Tour 2013

Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor are pleased to announce “The Colonel & The Governor UK Tour 2013”. A forthcoming collaborative acoustic album of the same name is scheduled for UK release in February 2013. The 16-date tour, which sees both guitarists playing together and separately, starts March 7 at the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury. Tickets are available from the 24 hour box office 0844 478
While they are both serious "men of letters" with Tommy Emmanuel being an honorary Kentucky Colonel, a CGP (Certified Guitar Player), an Order of Australia Medalist (AM) and the holder of an honorary masters (MA) and Martin Taylor being an M.B.E. (Member of the British Empire) and holder of two Honourary Doctorates, they honour each other affectionately with these titles. Both acoustic guitarists are leaders of music in their respective countries - Australia and the UK. Call it a British Commonwealth thing. 
Known for his complex finger-picking style, Tommy Emmanuel is an Australian guitarist who performs energetic concerts, and is highly regarded for the use of percussive effects on the guitar. In 2008 and 2010, Guitar Player Magazine’s Readers Poll voted him Best Acoustic Guitarist. Martin Taylor is a multi-award winning guitarist and Acoustic Guitar magazine calls him, “the acoustic guitarist of his generation.”  For hi res photos and the full announcement, 

Aylesbury, Waterside Theatre (March 7) 
Gateshead, The Sage (March 8) 
Manchester, Bridgewater Hall (March 9) 
Wolverhampton, Robin 2 (March 10) 
Barnstaple, Queen’s Theatre (March 12) 
Exeter, Corn Exchange (March 13)
Bristol, Colston Hall (March 14)
London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (March 16)
Folkestone, Leas Cliffe Hall (March 17)
Crawley, Hawth Theatre (March 18)
Ipswich, Corn Exchange (March 20)
Chesterfield, Winding Wheel (March 21)
Halifax, Victoria Theatre (March 22)
Ulverston, Coronation Hall (March 24)
Aberdeen, Lemon Tree (March 26)
Edinburgh, Queen’s Hall (March 28)

Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman, Bryan Beller: Aristocrats headed for the Zagreb Guitar Show

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Will interest in the music of Guthrie Govan at last year's Zagreb Guitar Show surpass this year's appearance The Aristocrats, in which they play except Guthrie and Marco MINNEMANN and Bryan BELLER? During that will convince all those who visit 27.10. Zagreb VIP Club, which this year will host all applications Zagreb Guitar Show. The Aristocrats, which some call 'heavy progressive rock,' and others 'superb fusion', created in 2010. as a product of playing in one NAMM show, when Guthrie Govan at the last

John Huldt: A Permanent State of Transformation new CD

Hello there!

I'm stoked to announce that my new album. "A Permanent State Of Transformation" is finally available for download/purchase on:

Since I'm doing this all on my own, I REALLY need all the help I can get in getting the word out. If you could share this with your friends (invite them to this event!) and/or write a review on the link above I would be eternally grateful :)

You can still hear the whole thing for free at but if you like it and want to support my musical efforts, please purchase it at

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all your support and kind words. I would be nothing without you :)


John Huldt: A Permanent State of Transformation

A Permanent State of Transformation

1. Prelude in the Key of Awesome 2:03
2. Vamanos! 4:01
3. The Ballad for Santa Monica 3:44
4. Bretnik Is Getting Married 4:41
5. Olaf the Viking's Trip to Egypt 6:50
6. The Chase Through the Haunted House 6:22
7. The Funeral 4:54
8. Business in the Front, Party in the Back 3:28
9. Till Morsan 5:49
10. I Woke Up This Morning

News: JellyBeard music and management

Soon we'll announce the first artists we will be working with.