Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ferry Akerina: Moluccan Jazz Guitar

My Suhr Guitar with the Boss eBand Js-8 audio player. Improvising on the backing tracks. No amps, no additional effects or pedals. Just my guitar and the Boss eBand only.
Recorded using the Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder. Line-out Boss to Line-in Zoom.
Thanks to 'Haar Guitars The Netherlands' for the support (import Suhr Guitar (USA)).

Ferry Akerina - Moluccan Jazz Guitar - Fusion Guitar

Dave Martone: Flatulence Farm and Santana vs Malmsteen

Guitarist Dave Martone Perform 'Flatulence Farm' @ Guitar Center 9/26/12.

Dave Martone's Santana vs Malmsteen @ Guitar Center Sherman Oaks 9/26/12.

Dave Martone: Sherman Oaks 2012

George Marios: Jammy Jams - the jammy dodgers of guitar jams

Hey guys,here is a video of me testing my new Canon Ios Rebel.I ll get better at filming as i go along but here is a little snippet of playing over one of the tracks i composed for an upcoming lesson.Enjoy and subscribe to my channel.George Marios

George Marios Jammy Jams

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Texas 1992 series


Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Texas 1992

Pat Metheny: The Orchestrion Project

"The Orchestrion Project" was filmed by Grammy and Emmy Award winning
directors Pierre & Fran├žois Lamoureux at the former St Elias Church in
Greenpoint, Brooklyn in November 2010 It features Pat Metheny on guitar
performing with The Orchestrion Suite as well as other tracks from across
Metheny's prolific career. Also included are four bonus tracks [on disc one of
the DVD format] and over an hour of bonus material containing four special

features (on disc two of the DVD format).

Pat Metheny - The Orchestrion Project [Compilation] ~ 1080p HD

Pat Metheny -State of the Art Orchestrion Project, HD

Pat Metheny "Improvisation #2" - excerpt - from The Orchestrion Project

Tom Quayle,Andy Mclaughlin: Wishaw Jam

Wishaw Jam - Tom Quayle & The Andy Mclaughlin Band

Claudio Tristano: The Underachiever - the Baked Potato

The Underachievers Now Really by Allen Hinds Live @ the Baked Potato Claudio Tristano guitar, James Jannetty keys, Brandon Davis drums, Zack Hall bass. Enjoy ;)

The Underachievers - Now Really by Allen Hinds - Live @ Baked Potato

Alex Hutchings: Into the Fire - Roland Experience

"Into the Fire" performed by Craig Blundell on the TD-30KV and the SPD-SX, Alex Hutchings on the GC-1 and the GR-55. Copyright(C)2012 Virtual Breakdown All Rights Reserved.

Roland Experience - V-Drums and V-Guitar Session: "Into the Fire"

Roland Experience - V-Drums and V-Guitar Session: "Carnival Time"

George Lynch: Access Denied

T&N "Access Denied" from the CD "Slave to the Empire"

Daniele Gottardo, Marcello Zappatore: Four Arts jam session series

Daniele Gottardo, Marcello Zappatore: during the Gottardo's masterclass at Four Arts Academy in Erchie (BR) - september 30 2012




Alex Lifeson, Vinnie Moore: Sweden Rock Festival fills out

Alex Lifeson, Vinnie Moore, just two of the guitarists featured at the Sweden Rock festival

Jeff Loomis: A Liar's Chain

Jeff Loomis has released a brand-new song, "A Liar's Chain", recorded with his touring band consisting of Joe Nurre , Anup Sastry and Greg Macklin.

Comments Jeff: "'A Liar's Chain' is the first of three songs that I recorded with my band to officially debut online. We started playing it live on our last U.S. run and it seemed to go over really well with fans.

Daniele Gottardo: Four Arts Academy clinic

Via Virgilio 9 Erchie (BRINDISI)


Fidel de Jesus,Karlo Li: Dark Crayola - the dynamic duo!

Hi guys! First of all, We would like to thank you all for your support! Especially our Demolition Dream Team Xtreme (DDTX) brothers from Il Nomine Patris, Oh Man! Oh God! and Ophidia! Many thanks also to our bro, Adam Mousa for making this possible! As a token of our appreciation, we'd like to share this playthrough video we've made for you all! Feel free to share this video too! :)

Our Facebook page:

Mp3 of this video is available for download at our Reverbnation page:

We've also posted it here at our facebook!

Short gear info and signal chain:
All the bass and drum tracks are MIDI programmed and all the guitar tracks are reamped with the Wampler Triple Wreck pedal (used as preamp) and plugged it at the fx return of the Orange Dark Terror. As for the reamping stage, it's pretty much of a approach. We didn't even have reamping gear and even used a snare mic during the reamping. Slight compression is added to all the guitar tracks. Delay and slight midboost are added to leads and solos.

Reamping signal chain:
Laptop 1 - Wampler Triple Wreck - FX return of Orange Dark Terror - DIY 1x12 closed back cabinet loaded with a Celestion Rocket Speaker - Snare Mic (WTF!?) - Line 6 Toneport GX - Laptop 2

00:11-00:48 A Brother's Betrayal
00:49-01:07 Race With Destiny
01:08-01:13 Ascent Of Aquarius
01:14-01:58 Sacred Unison
01:59-02:13 Purpose In Life*
02:14-02:40 A Brother's Betrayal
02:41-02:42 Egg Asylum
02:43-03:14 Sacred Unison
03:15-03:20 Ascent Of Aquarius
03:21-03:46 Race With Destiny
03:47-04:38 Purpose In Life*
04:39-05:01 Egg Asylum
05:02-06:22 "NEW SONG"

Check out the live performances of our songs at these links!
A Brother's Betrayal - (special thanks to Ron of Il Nomine Patris for this video)
Race With Destiny -
Sacred Unison -
Ascent Of Aquarius -
Egg Asylum -
Purpose In Life (going to change this song soon!)

Hope you enjoy guys! :)

Guitar Duo Medley (WATCH IN HD!!!!)

Paul Gilbert: Guitarspot twenty minute interview

Thanks to Jenn Feather for the heads up

GuitarSpot.Gr On Facebook:
Full Article:

Paul Gilbert || - Live Setup

Thijs van Leer,Menno Gootjes: Focus X and UK tour dates


Legendary progressive rock veterans FOCUS are set to release their new studio album FOCUS X on November 5 via Eastworld Recordings.  With their unique progressive rock Focus manifested themselves at the start of the seventies as the most successful and the most appreciated of all the Dutch pop-rock exports.
The band is fronted by founder and musical genius Thijs van Leer. Their hits include the instrumentals, "Hocus Pocus", "House of the King", and "Sylvia", and their timeless albums include "Moving Waves", "Focus 3" and "Hamburger Concerto".

A new Focus era has arrived. There is a rejuvenated passion in the new compositions that adorn the new album "Focus X", which features a full scale Roger Dean painting on the cover. Thijs van Leer commented “It’s a thrill to have finally completed Focus X; we are all ecstatic and looking forward to playing the new material on the forthcoming Focus X Tour.” This album - and the following gigs - will surprise the loyal fans. They will hear once again all the classic Focus tunes and they will be surprised at the strength and depth of the new material. "Our music is evolution, not revolution", Thijs van Leer once said about the music of Focus.

After a comeback which resulted in the well received albums "Focus 8" and “Focus 9”, the band is now back on the front line  with a fantastic line-up. Also back on the drums is Pierre van der Linden, who is internationally renowned for his rhythmic skills, and is still a defining factor in the Focus sound. Bassist Bobby Jacobs, who stems from a well-acclaimed Dutch musical family and guitarist Menno Gootjes, who participated in Focus at an earlier stage, completes the band's current line-up.
Focus X is released on November 5 via Eastworld Recordings.

November 2012 ‘Focus X’ UK Tour Dates
Nov 08 Buxton Opera House
Nov 09 Hessle Town Hall
Nov 10 Glasgow The Ferry
Nov 11 Hebden Bridge Trades Club
Nov 13 Wolverhampton Robin 2
Nov 14 Runcorn The Brindley
Nov 15 Barnsley Birdwell
Nov 16 Fletching Trading Boundaries
Nov 17 Tavistock The Wharf
Nov 18 Sutton Boom Boom Club
Nov 19 Milton Keynes The Stables
Nov 20 Chislehurst Beaverwood Club


Neal Wakefield: announces new album

How would it have sounded if Joe Satriani had joined Dream Theater? Neal Wakefield's upcoming album will be an answer for this question.

It will combine progressive metal complexity, melodic playing and fresh-sounding electronics. The album will be released in 2013.

You can listen to the excerpts and watch video presentation on Neal's website:

Neal Wakefield's Upcoming Solo Album - excerpts - Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci