Saturday, 13 October 2012

Marty Friedman: Yuki No Hana de Boerderij Zoetermeer

Marty Friedman live in de Boerderij Zoetermeer The Netherlands 10-10-2012

Marty Friedman - Yuki No Hana ( Live 2012 )


Marty Friedman - Salt In The Wound+RIpped ( Holland 2012 )

Stéphan Forté: at my favourite club - de Boerderij Zoetermeer

Stéphan Forté's (ADAGIO) October 10 performance at de Boerderij in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands during the "Guitar Universe 2012" European tour with Marty Friedman and Israel's Yossi Sassi (ORPHANED LAND) can be seen below.

"The Shadows Compendium", the first instrumental solo album from Stéphan Forté, wasreleased in North America on February 28 via Listenable Records. The CD, which came out in Europe in November 2011, was mixed by Kevin Codfert at XFade studio in Paris, France. Stéphan and Kevin previously worked together on the production of ADAGIO's fourth album, "Archangels In Black".

"The Shadows Compendium" features several other guests, such as Jeff Loomis, Glen Drover, Daniele Gottardo and Derek Taylor.

Stéphan Forté - The Shadows Compendium ( Live Holland 2012 )

Neal Nagaoka: ESP LTD M-JR 3/4 scale guitar - mini-m-i

A short little 1 min demo of my new toy I just got. A 3/4 scale guitar that I call "mini-m-i". This lil guy doesn't sound too bad either. Just have to get used to the smaller scale. :-)

ESP LTD M-JR Demo (Mini M-I)

Stéphan Forté: Shadows Compendium London Underworld 2012

12/10/2012: French guitar virtuoso Stéphan Forté performing live in London at The Underworld in Camden Town.

Guitar Universe 2012 - 1/10: STEPHAN FORTE - The Shadows Compendium (Live in London 2012)

Christian Austin: Sting Skipping madness at the speed of light

Christian Austin came here to shred...

andy james shred guitar andy james backing track

Chris Broderick jackson 7 string chris broderick shred guitar


Paul Gilbert: Presents Shred Alert DVD

Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert DVD

Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert is the only DVD to feature all the columns and video tutorials from the acclaimed Guitar World columnist. You'll learn how to take your lead guitar playing to the next level with position shifting, alternate picking, 16th-note runs, muting techniques and much more! With more than two hours of lessons, Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert is the ultimate shredding lesson from one of the world's most influential guitarists.

Paul Gilbert presents Shred Alert DVD is a Guitar World Online Store exclusive! You won't find this product anywhere else.

The Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert DVD contains these lessons:

Alternate Universe: Using alternate picking and note skipping to play interesting arpeggio patterns
Ready to Rumble: Quick, effective pick-hand warm-up exercises
Ready to Rumble, Part 2: More pick-hand warm-up exercises
Assume the Position: Using position shifts to your advantage when soloing
Accentuate the Positive: Alternate picking with accent patterns
Fast and Clean: Alternate-picked 16th notes--the business card of shred guitar
Stick Yer Neck Out: Using neck diagrams to your advantage
Shape Shifting: How to organize patterns on the fretboard
Snake-Charmer Licks: The fifth mode of harmonic minor
United Mutations: Mastering muting techniques
Breakin' Out: The blessing and benefits of live performance

Rick Graham,Martin Miller: the men in black jam

All soloing done in the dark... Graham and Wischi trading solos.

Rick Graham & Martin Miller

Steve Vai: Club Nokia 2012


STEVE VAI The Ultra Zone and more CLUB NOKIA The Story of Light Tour 2012

Steve Vai: Club Nokia 2012

Julien Carayon: Behringer "The Next Level" - tasteful finger style guitar

Here is my entry for the Behringer "The Next Level" contest to win a Behringer X32 digital console and other cool gear.
In this video, we can see the nice level meters of my EURORACK PRO RX1602 rackmount mixer right behind my left shoulder.
I use a Behringer GDI21stompbox to get my clean Jazz tone. One output goes straigth into my DAW while the other output feeds a Behringer ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ1502 graphic EQ to tailor my tone.
Enjoy my song :)

Julien Carayon entry for the Behringer "The Next Level" contest.

Anouck André, Tristan Klein: Mini French Jam

Anouck André, Tristan Klein perform a Mini French Jam over a backing track.

Mini French Jam : Anouck ANDRE et Tristan KLEIN

David Locke: Laney Lionheart L20h -sweet!!

I've just recently played one of these Laney's and I've got to say I'm blown away. Here is another jam over a track I put together. I absolutely love the dark tones they can produce, and I've just miked it with an SM57 and added delay and a little compression post recording.

Laney Lionheart L20h Jam - David Locke

Steve Morse,John Petrucci,Joe Satriani: G3 Sao Paulo 2012


Steve Morse,John Petrucci,Joe Satriani: G3 Sao Paulo 2012

Daniel Peroine: J-Funk live 2011

Daniel Peroine plays J-funk Live at Herblay back in 2011

Daniel PEROINE J-Funk Live S.M.A.C. espace Andre Malraux Herblay 04.03.11

Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley: new album planned for early 2013

Jeff Loomis sits down in the tour bus to answer viewer submitted questions.

Jeff Loomis Answers YOUR Questions

FULL HD - Jeff Loomis shows off some new licks and riffs backstage in Houston, Texas.

Jeff Loomis' Guitar Lesson HD

FULL HD - Jeff Loomis gives Rusty a tour of his stage setup and sits down to talk inspirations and influences.

Jeff Loomis' Gear & Interview HD

Steve Vai: Regency Ballroom San Francisco 2012


Steve Vai: Regency Ballroom San Francisco 2012

Paul Gilbert: Racer X 1985 - the engineers are smiling down on us all

Nothing would make me happier than competing my time machine and being at this gig!

First song of the show, this opens with the intro to "Frenzy", which segues into "Dangerous Love".

Racer X - Frenzy (intro), Dangerous Love [Live at the Roxy 05.09.1986]

Racer X - Blowin' Up the Radio [Live at the Roxy 05.09.1986]

Racer X - Loud and Clear [Live at the Roxy 05.09.1986]

Racer X - Getaway, Paul Gilbert guitar solo, Street Lethal [Live at the Roxy 05.09.1986]

Georgi Stanchev: East West - Next BendNote Talent

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Original music by Georgi Stanchev

Georgi Stanchev - East West - Next BendNote Talent

Tom Quayle: pumps up his Bb Blues...

Bb Blues -
For lessons with me go to

Alex Hutchings: Roland in the Canaries clinics

Alex Hutchings with Roland in the Canaries:

Again with the help of our distributor in the Canary Islands, Picholi, Roland is pleased to introduce the clinics that Alex Hutchings held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Tenerife.
Alex Hutchings, known English guitarist who has already made ​​several demos in our country, this time in his two clinics submit new Fender guitars powered by Roland GC-1 and G-5 , the new multi-effects pedal board Boss GT-100 and synthesizer Guitar Roland GR-55
The October 24 Alex present new products and answer your questions in the room Quasquias of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
The October 25th Alex will be in Tenerife.
In the coming days the news update to offer more information on these two activities.
Wednesday October 24 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Calle San Pedro, 2
Time: 19:30
Thursday October 25 - Picholi Tenerife:
Av de San Sebastián, 72
Time: 18:00

Although the clinics are free you need to register

Red Seas Fire - UKTMF 2012 Complete Show

This is an exclusive and specila live performance of Red Seas Fire. This is the last show of Nolly. He join Periphery as fulltime member.

The live performance was recorded during the 2012 UKTMF in Alton
Red Seas Fire (UKTMF 2012 Complete Show)

Check out this bit of footage of Nolly and Pete playing through Turbulence from last years guitar show in Bristol.

Pete will be there again this Sunday, October 14th, along with Leo at the Zilla Cabs exhibition stand demoing gear all day long. Come and hang out with us!

Find all of the relevant details here:

This video is from last years Bristol show.

Adam Nolly Getgood,Pete Graves: Red Sea Fire Bristol 2011

Steve Vai: Music Off Ibanez competition

Dear musicoffili, is with great pleasure we are inaugurating this occasion really special where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your talent, to meet personally one of the most great guitarists of the last decades, Mr. Steve Vai , and to receive from his hands a IBANEZ Jem Premium JEM70V SFG directly into the backstage of his concert next November 11, 2012 in Rome (Atlantico Live) !

Participating is easy, the basic requirement is to have a camera to record your own musical performance on the basis of sound provided by the same artist: this version is naked (ie no audio tracks of Steve's guitar) of "Sunshine Electric Raindrops" , a beautiful excerpt from the latest album of Steve Vai "The Story Of Light".

MusicOff staff will collect all your videos, you can upload enrollment; expiry of the terms of participation in all of the video contest will be posted on the YouTube channel of MusicOff , so you can move to the next stage of vote.

Refer any technical explanation to the general regulation , for now we make our "good luck", the inscriptions are open until 27/10/2012 at 23.59 .

I recommend, first of all ... have fun !

Guthrie Govan,Alex Stornello: Syracuse clinic followed by Aristocrats gi

Modern Music Institute Syracuse / Catania organize an internship exclusive to Sicily with the guitarist of the moment Guthrie Govan, Sunday, Oct. 14. At the opening of the clinic, at 15:30 lecture by Alex Stornello, President of Modern Music Institute on fusion and rock metal.  Then comes the turn of Govan for the rest of the afternoon. During the evening at 21.30, concert of the band "The Aristocrats" consists of:

Guthrie Govan on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass (he collaborated with Steve Vai, James Labrie and many others), Marco Minnemann on drums (he collaborated with Paul Gilbert, Dream Theater and others) -for all those who attend the clinic will receive a certificate of participation MMI -will be possible for everyone to take pictures with your camera -the clinic will be translated into Italian -overnight accommodation at a discounted price for those who come from outside -the clinic will take place at the conference hall of Hotel Fontane white, the concert at the amphitheater Venus Hotel fountains white -I phone white fountains fountains is located in White / Cassibile /

Syracuse, viamazzarò 1/2/4 more information on how to arrive at the following link: http://

-note that places are limited for event bookings, information, and purchase tel 3466718261 Modern Music Institute Syracuse by the servants of maria Syracuse 32 tel 09311853727 Mobile 3466718261 www.modernmusicinstitute.c

Slash,Chris Buck: Blues Jam at Birmingham show

Ran into an old pal in Birmingham and he was kind enough to invite me to jam with him on an old blues number. Cheers Slash! ;-)

Thanks also to Myles, Frank, Todd, Brent, Pete and the entire crew for making me feel so welcome. I had a great night and you all nailed it! There were definitely 10,000 happy people at Birmingham NIA tonight... well, make that 10,000 and one!

Thank you to Andrew Pick for the video :-)

Slash's Tweet:

Had a great time in Birmingham! Thanks for the warm reception to local guitarist Chris Buck. Great blues guitarist. & tops guy. Iiii]; )'

Slash and Chris Buck - Blues Jam (Birmingham NIA 9.10.12)

Michael Angelo Batio: Divisible By Metal t-shirts available

1. 2 NEW MAB "Divisible By Metal" series T shirts are in stock and available NOW!
Below are photos of the actual T shirts!

These T shirts were inspired by Michael's recent performance at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii at the beginning of September 2012. Michael's "Tribute To Rock Guitar" show performed for the US Navy there and it was an incredible event! You can order the MAB "Divisible By Metal" T shirts from our site.

Tom Richardson: In Motion Debut Fusion EP - highlights

Finally finished recording my first EP and it's now available for download at

1. Gold Roast
2. Eau Rouge
3. Void
4. Neurotic Norma
5. Double Dutch

Guitars - Tom Richardson
Bass - Nathan Bossoh
Keys/Synth - Manley O'Connor
Drums - Adam Bond

Thanks to everyone involved!
Hope you can check it out and let me know what you think!

Tom Richardson - In Motion Debut Fusion EP

Pat Metheny: The Orchestrion Project - part 2

"The Orchestrion Project" was filmed by Grammy and Emmy Award winning
directors Pierre & François Lamoureux at the former St Elias Church in
Greenpoint, Brooklyn in November 2010 It features Pat Metheny on guitar
performing with The Orchestrion Suite as well as other tracks from across
Metheny's prolific career. Also included are four bonus tracks [on disc one of
the DVD format] and over an hour of bonus material containing four special
features (on disc two of the DVD format).

Pat Metheny - Improvisation #2 (The Orchestrion Project)

Sydnei Carvalho, Roger Franco: excellent live workshop demo

For more information:

Workshop com Sydnei Carvalho e Roger Franco na Musica Moderna (RJ) - dia 13/10/2012

Hedras Ramos: Halo Signature II prototype

Halo Guitars - New Hedras Ramos Signature II prototype just unpacked and ready to play. Hedras is also working on a custom 8 string model. Hedras Ramos also got 2 new endorsements from Mono Case and Big Bends Sauce