Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wim den Herder: nonchallant times after blowout

Alternative Guitar Program aborted workshop of Andy McKee.
Organization: Guitar Academy
Location: Amsterdam Blue Note

Wim den Herder & Lars de Rijck - What a Groove

Oli Herbert, Rusty Cooley: Guitar Asylum TV

Oli Herbert Guitar Lesson

Oli Herbert's Stage Gear (All That Remains)

All That Remains' Oli Herbert Interview

News: Apple phan bois line up a new toy for Christmas

All-Star Guitar transforms your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into an amazing guitar experience. Generate riffs, learn guitar chords, learn songs, or just rock out freestyle in your own special way with the All-Star Guitar App!  Get the All-Star Guitar here:
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All-Star Guitar - Shred Like Never Before

News: Orange Amplification proudly presents The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2012

Orange Amplification proudly presents The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2012. This annual star-studded awards ceremony celebrates the world’s greatest rock icons, performers, musicians and songwriters. It will be held at The Roundhouse, Camden, London on the 13th November 2012 with rock legend and Orange endorsee Duff McKagan hosting the evening.

Managing Director, Damon Waller, commenting said: “This is our second year as the headline sponsor and our partnership with the awards reflects our long association with supplying amps to the biggest bands in Classic Rock for over forty years.”

The Living Legend Award, which is also sponsored by Orange, is only ever awarded to those artists who have truly cemented their place in the rock hall of fame. Previous winners include Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and this year it has been awarded to ZZ Top who, with a career spanning over forty years, have sold more than fifty million albums and continue to sell out arena tours around the world. ZZ Top is also nominated for the Band Of The Year award.

Orange Amplification endorsees, Phantom Limb, Tracer and Ghost are nominated for Best New Band. Other Orange endorsees nominated include Mastodon in the Album Of The Year category and rock legends Rush in the Album Of The Year and Band Of The Year categories.

You can vote for your favourites at

To find out more about the Orange gear and their artists nominated for this year’s awards visit

Claudio Pietronik: Guitar Noodling

Claudio Pietronik - Guitar Noodling
This is me, simply having fun during a free improvisation without backing track.

John Kiefer: stunning presto BWV971

presto bwv 971
bach italian concerto III. presto

Robben Ford: True Fire Interview and lessons


Robben Ford: True Fire Interview and lessons

Katalina González: Colombia's awesome female guitar player demos versatility

Katalina González:

Katalina González... well wow!

SCUELA GUITARRA VERSÁTIL/ Katalina González Guitar

Rick Graham: Freefall - Joe Kittinger hands the batten to Felix Baumgartner

Hi guys, I wrote this for my debut album in honour of Joe Kittinger who held the record for the highest jump at 102,000ft. I'm sure you'll know that record was broken in one of the most incredible things I'll ever witness in my lifetime by the amazing Felix Baumgartner. I'm still in awe and decided to upoad this vid. Hope you enjoy it!

Mattias IA Eklundh: Nepal Freaks out for Cardiff fans!

Caparison Guitars is proud to present a Mattias "IA" Eklundh, Freak Guitar clinic in association with Cranes Music - Cardiff U.K. on the 14th November 2012.

Michael Dolce: Legato lesson bonus

Legato lesson bonus

Michael Dolce: Hey guys ,
Its been a while since i’ve posted stuff up.Its has been a really busy year due to other musical commitments .
Here’s a quick snippet/outtake, which wont appear in the legato lesson coming out in November thought i’d just put it up instead of throwing it out!
This was transcribed by a young Australian up coming guitarist who i’ve had the pleasure of meeting and jamming with his transcriptions are spot onand his playing is even better.Thanks Daniel Van der Merwe for your great work!

News: Way Huge Echo Puss


Way Huge founder Jeorge Tripps is a master of delay, having created the most innovative and acclaimed delay circuits released in the last 20 years.

His latest creation, the Way Huge® Echo-Puss™ Analog Delay, is designed for players who want an organic analog delay pedal that allows them to fine-tune their delay sound with a simple user interface.

The Way Huge Echo-Puss serves up 600ms of delay with a pair of gravelly-voiced bucket-brigade chips, while a fully tweakable LFO modulation circuit allows you to add a liquid texture to the sound of the repeats.

This edition is graced with custom artwork from rock n’ roll artist Alan Forbes and is limited to 500 pieces.

To learn more about the Way Huge Echo-Puss, read an interview with Jeorge Tripps, watch the demo video, and hear sound samples, visit the DUNLOP BLOG & ECHO-PUSS PRODUCT PAGE.

Jason Becker: Carvin deliver an amazing new acoustic for Jason!

Jason Becker

My amazing new acoustic/electric. It sounds so incredible!

Carvin Guitars: special acoustic guitar for Jason Becker

News: Gittler, the future of guitar?

Rounded Frets
31 of them in fact! The frets, like the majority of the instrument, are cylindrical. Here we have another classic example of form following function. A cylinder provides the smallest possible contact area for the string. Precisely defined fret spacing is the cornerstone of perfect intonation.

Sarah Longfield: the queen of 8 string?!

I burned my guitar long ago... otherwise I would be burning it again... Sarah Longfield just getting better and better in the technical tapping department!

Sarah Longfield:
Hey guys! Here's a play-thru of one of the songs off of my new album Myriad. You can check it out at and :)

Hope you enjoy!

Inevitable Disconnect (Playthrough)