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Marty Friedman, Yossi Sassi: Live Paris 2012 HD

15.10.2012 - Divan du Monde - Paris
Maximum The Hormone cover
Lebanese Dancer : Johanna Fakhri

Marty Friedman - Ballad of the Barbie Bandits + Tsume Tsume Tsume Live Paris 2012 - HD

Marty Friedman - Thunder March - Live Paris 2012 - HD

Marty Friedman - Yuki No Hana - Live Paris 2012 - HD

Marty Friedman - Asche Zu Asche / My Oh My + Forbidden City (segment)- Live Paris 2012

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: 2112 in 5.1... Hemispheres to follow?

Mercury Records will reissue a Super Deluxe CD/BD version of RUSH's classic 1976 album "2112" on December 18. The set is expected to contain a 5.1 version of the album.

"2112" was included in the "Sector 1" box set release last year, but no 5.1 edition of the album was made available.

Next stop for Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart... Hemispheres?

George Lynch, Doug Pinnick: new project coming? What other projects are you working on?

George: Right now, I’m working on a record with the drummer from KORN [Ray Luzier] and the singer from KING’S X [Doug Pinnick]. A still-unnamed project, but we’ve started writing and will be working on that through the middle of December. The other thing that consumes most of my time is my movie project (and band) called “Shadow Train”. We’re doing a lot of filming, playing and working on a soundtrack/record. The film deals with a lot of political and human nature issues and history. I’m working with a lot of really great people, including Mark McLaughlin (a producer fromPBS and the Documentary channel) and Vincent Nicastro, who made another Native American themed documentary called “The Blue-Eyed Indian”. There are a lot of guests on it: street poets, political thinkers and speakers. People from the native community including medicine men and shamans. It’s a powerful, nerve-hitting film. We’re all driven by passion.

Rowan J Parker: Legato Pentatonics and Alternate Picking

Welcome to The Widdler Episode 4! Buckle up for some more easy but awesome rock licks. Continuing on form last week here is fast run in E that you can use on the turnaround of a 12 bar blues.

The Widdler! - Episode 4 - More Easy Pentatonic Shredding

Randy Rhoads was one of my early guitar idols and the first properly good electric guitar player I heard. He was a pivotal figure in the development of Rock guitar and sadly missed. He set me on my way to developing my legato technique so here is a Randy influenced legato run, hope you enjoy!

Lick Of The Week - 29th October 2012 - Randy Rhoads Style Legato

Welcome to The Widdler Episode 4! Buckle up for some more easy but awesome rock licks. Continuing on form last week here is fast run in E that you can use on the turnaround of a 12 bar blues.

Rock Guitar Fundamentals - Episode 2 - Developing Alternate Picking

Morten Faerestrand: The Jazz Guitar Secret: Triads On Guitar

Jazz Guitar Secret: Triads On Guitar - You'll Get a Kick Out of This, Guaranteed.
Free jazz guitar lesson by
How to transfer ideas that are common on piano and saxophone to the guitar. Using triads as a vehicle for improvisation, both inside and outside, altering inversions, shapes and rhythms.

Dhalif Ali: Metal Jam

Nice Metal Backing Track in Bminor by Ran Schonewille
by dhalif
Improvising over Ran Schonewille's backing track "Nice Metal Backing Track in Bminor"
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Nice Metal Backing Track in Bminor by Ran Schonewille

Rob Marcello: Danger Danger Firefest Rock City 2012

I Still think About You ' Live ' Danger Danger Firefest Rock City 21 October 2012.
On to Sunday's headline band Danger Danger with frontman Ted Poley,Bruno Ravel, Steve West and Rob Marcello. Here's something from their second cd Screw It back in 1991.

I Still Think About You ' Live ' Danger Danger Firefest Rock City 21 October 2012.

News: The Crown Guitar Festival - 2012 Concerts

The Crown Guitar Festival - 2012 Concerts - (Ritenour, Landreth, Lage, Hillman, Koster & More)
Enjoy snippets from concerts at the 2012 Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival.

The Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival (COCGF) brings together some of the worlds most talented guitarists for a week of workshops, concerts, and musical creativity. It takes place in the small Montana town of Big Fork at the majestic Flathead Lake Lodge.

Find out more at:

Videography and Editing by Nic Davis

Logo by Richard Kurth

The Crown Guitar Festival - 2012 Concerts - (Ritenour, Landreth, Lage, Hillman, Koster & More)

Sarah Longfield,Jason Becker: You are scary as hell!

Sarah Longfield,Jason Becker: You are scary as hell!
Hey guys! So if you can't tell, i've been getting really into shredding lately because it's cold out and shredding keeps the fingers warm ;) aha so i figured I'd pay tribute to one of the best! Someday I'll learn the whole song! Also check out etherial guitars on Facebook yo! Personal Facebook page:

Jason Becker Lord, Sarah! You are scary as hell!

Jason Becker Altitudes Sweep Solo

All of the music I make is written/recorded/mixed/etc. by yours truly! I hope you enjoy!

Joe Bonamassa: win and autographed guitar

Joe Bonamassa

JB Webmaster: We’re giving away an Autographed Joe Bonamassa Guitar to one lucky fan. Just click here, enter, and win!

Greg Howe: DV Mark custom Amp

Maragold DV Mark Amp for Greg Howe
Greg Howe

The new signature amp has arrived and I'm about to plug in... I'll keep you all posted ((-:

Scott Jones: The Giant Steps takes

Rowan J Parker: Pickin' Impossible

Learn to pick like a demon with Pickin' Impossible! Rowan J Parker presents Lickin Impossible - Pickin Impossible. Here are some clips taken from my recent instructional video Pickin' Impossible. The complete video will be available shortly on my website as soon as the site is up and running. In the meantime here is a taste. Watch this space, much more shredtastic stuff coming soon! Thanks for watching!

Paul Gilbert Style Speed Picking - Pickin' Impossible Taster Video HD

Tom Quayle: What happens when Tom Quayle forgets to pay the electric bill?

What happens when Tom Quayle forgets to pay the electric bill? for HD video lessons with me.

Just jamming on the changes for Spain at night. Moody lighting (where you can't see anything). Just use your ears and not your eyes.
Spain - at night!

Seiji: D_Drive DVD lesson video available

Change beyond recognition as well as backing the guitar solo!
DVD instructional guitar wearing a perfect play to master the art of the image of the sound you want out, take a rhythm.
About rhythm and how to take in order to realize the image, describes how to make use of the guitar solo rhythm. Begin to beat back-taking training, expressed only by the sound of the drum brushing packed learning and practice to adjust the volume control picking, practice to strengthen the power of expression. It also introduces many phrases that you can use immediately.
purchased at amazon is → http://Amzn.To/HKgIZ0

(note you need a region free DVD player to display these videos)

"Training can play perfect guitar solo from rhythm to" D_Drive Seiji

Bartek Woźniak: Let's Fall Into A Trance - great live solo

Film placed with the consent of Internet TV All rights reserved.

first performance of one of my songs, along with a part of the team Yesternight song in which I have the pleasure to play. Composition of the team: Bartek Wozniak - guitar Kamil Kluczynski - drums Bart Stys - bassMariusz Wawrzyniak - keyboards

Bartek Woźniak - Let's Fall Into A Trance (original song) Solo Życia 2012

News: ICMP Nitin Sawhney for an ‘In Conversation With’ talk

On November 27th 2012, the Institute welcomes British Indian musician, producer and composer Nitin Sawhney for an ‘In Conversation With’ talk at its London facilities. The talk will take place during an Outreach Event the Institute is hosting with BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors), as part of its developing partnership with the association.
Now signed to Universal Publishing, Nitin has made 9 studio albums, been nominated for a Mercury Music prize, received an Ivor Novello nomination, and won a MOBO, two BBC Radio 3 awards and a Southbank Show award. He has also scored over 50 films for cinema and television. His career spans production and composition work with Sting, Cirque Du Soleil, Shakira, Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Taio Cruz, Imogen Heap, Anoushka Shankar and many others.
This event demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to supporting the creation of original music and engaging with and recognising the positive influence of differing musical cultures. BASCA has been developing an outreach project with Diaspora, the music foundation that supports the wealth of musical talent found throughout the UK’s diverse communities. The project’s goal is to build stronger relationships with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) music creators and represent a broader range of musical genres.
This unique event will include a short presentation by BASCA followed by the ‘In Conversation With’ talk with Nitin. It is free for invited guests from Diaspora and Institute students who will benefit from an exclusive opportunity to hear from arguably the busiest, most versatile and most sought after composer and producer around.
For further information on this event or other Institute activities and courses, please contact:
- 0207 328 0222

Steve Lukather: new album pre order and UK live dates

Mascot Label Group will release the highly anticipated seventh solo album “Transition” by guitarist, vocalist, composer/producer/arranger, Steve Lukather, onMonday 21st January 2013.  The album will be followed by an extensive European tour that will include two UK concerts at London’s Islington o2 Academy (March 29) and Bilston’s Robin 2 (March 30).

One of the original founding members of the multi-million selling rock band TOTO, Lukather will showcase his innate feel for rock and jazz guitar music, along with his impeccable song writing talents. Transition showcases extraordinary guitar playing performed across some of the most heartfelt songs of Steve’s career.  The album will be released in three formats including limited deluxe edition CD, jewel case CD, and vinyl.  Pre-order Transition album and merchandise HERE.

Track Listing
1. Judgement Day
2. Creep Motel
3. Once Again
4. Right The Wrong
5. Transition
6. Last Man Standing
7. Do I Stand Alone
8. Rest of the World
9. Smile 
Over the previous decade a series of trials including divorce, the death of his mother and business hassles had dampened his joy in music making — a passion that droveLukather to excel since seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan as a seven-year-old growing up in San Fernando Valley.  “Transition is a turning point for the album and a turning point for me,” Lukather explains. “As we were writing the songs, I was thinking about everything I’ve seen — all the people I’ve lost in my life, the great and the difficult experiences I’ve had, and how ultimately it was time to get it together and embrace things for what they are.  We’ve only got one life to live so we should make the most of it.”

In addition to his work with TOTO, Lukather has played on hundreds of albums with some of the biggest stars and legends in music including Van Halen, Whitney Houston, Alice Cooper, George Benson and Rod Stewart, he even played guitar on Michael Jackson’s multi-million selling milestone album ‘Thriller’. 

Doors open at 7pm
Agency & CC bookings subject to a fee

Friday 29th March 2012
o2 Islington Academy London
Tickets: £25.00
Box Office: 0844 477 2000
N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street,
London, N1 0PS

Saturday 30th March 2012
The Robin 2 Bilston
Advance Ticket Price: £23.00 Door Price: £25.00
Box Office: 01902 401211
20-28 Mount Pleasant, Bilston,
Wolverhampton WV14 7LJ

TJ Helmerich, Brett Garsed: Exempt unreleased version live/studio 1995

Different from the song exempt off of exempt...this was done on an unreleased album entitled "Planet Not!".

I played the guitar solo by recording it to a cassette and then using the rewind and fast forward buttons to play the solo!!! Fun!!!

Exempt - unreleased studio recording 1995

Megan- unreleased version live/studio 1995

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush - CA Tour Manchester 2012


Rush: CA Tour Manchester 2012

Ponco Satrio: Dazzled Instrumental guitar demo

Dazzled Instrumental guitar demo, enjoy it folks !

Steve Vai: full European tour dates

LOS ANGELES, CA, OCTOBER 20, 2012: Virtuoso guitarist and visionary composer Steve Vai will be taking his ''STORY OF LIGHT'' tour through Europe 2012 in support of his new release, The Story of Light, released on August 14, 2012 (Favored Nations Entertainment). Vai has just finished up a two-month run of 50 shows in North America to stunning reviews.

32 years ago this October, a 20 year old Steve Vai embarked on his first tour with the Legendary Frank Zappa. Since then Vai has honed his craft to peak performance on his latest tour. His show is unlike any other guitar player in his field. He is a performer, composer, (comedian of sorts) and a deeply connected musician who’s every note resonates through his body mind and soul.
Show review quotes:

“What I witnessed was something I almost (still) don't quite understand. If I'm at pains to put that across here it's because I was part of a revelation. Vai is Zen. Guitar master.”
Blog on the tracks

“Vai transcends the average ability to play. There was not a moment that the crowd was not watching every single move he made. I hope to see him many more times over the years.”
My Global Mind

“While many musicians fit easily into a single category, Steve Vai's unique musical vision remains unclassifiable. After more than 30 years, Vai continues to use unbridled guitar virtuosity and soulful artistry to explore the spectrum of human emotion.”
Jam Base

“Vai is an innovator and showman. He shredded the guitar inflamed with passion and charisma. This easily ranks as the most enjoyable concert moment I have ever experienced. If you ever have the chance to see this legend live don’t hesitate!”
Orange County Reverb

“Vai’s an entertainer, and he made sure to include something fun for everyone, not just the guitar geeks. That sense of humor is one of the main things that separates Vai from the other flash players. Another is that he can play rings around virtually all of them.”

Ticketron average rating ***** stars

“To be able to witness Steve Vai's skill, passion and artistry is an event in life that will never be forgotten."

“Steve Vai does what no one else can do and does it brilliantly. He combines technique beyond belief with passion to produce musical and emotional landscapes that take you to a soaring world, beyond the concert hall and beyond ordinary experience.”

“If you ever get a chance to see this legend up close and personal, rest assured you will be entertained by his witty banter, quirky humor and most of all, virtuosic playing.”

In addition to regular concert ticket sales, Vai fans can purchase a unique and special premium package – the EVO Experience – which includes a meet and greet pass, a Q&A session with Steve Vai, access to sound check, a 2012 Story of Light Tour Program, an exclusive EVO Experience laminate and a number of other Vai merchandise items. EVO Experience premium tickets can be purchased through Vai’s website, A limited number of EVO Experience tickets are available for each show.
The Story of Light is available for online pre-sale orders, including a special pre-sale selection of bundled packages, on

Visit for ticket purchases

European Tour
Oct 25 Tallinn, Estonia - Rock Cafe
Oct 26 Riga, Latvia - Palladium
Oct 27 Vilnius, Lithuania - Uko Banko Treatro Arena
Oct 28 Warsaw, Poland - Stodola Arena
Oct 30 Belgrade, Serbia - Kombank Arena
Oct 31 Sofia, Bulgaria - National Palace of Culture
Nov 1 Bucharest, Romania - Sala Palatului
Nov 3 Istanbul, Turkey- Kucukciftlik Park
Nov 5 Thessaloniki, Greece - Principal Club Theater
Nov 6 Athens, Greece - Fuzz Club
Nov 9 Zagreb, Croatia - Culture Factory
Nov 10 Padova, Italy - Gran Teatro Geox
Nov 11 Rome, Italy - Atlantico
Nov 12 Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
Nov 13 Ljubljana, Slovenia - Cvetlicarna
Nov 14 Vienna, Austria - Museumquartier
Nov 16 Tilburg, Netherlands - O13
Nov 17 Luxembourg - den Atelier
Nov 18 Zurich, Switzerland - Komplex
Nov 19 Paris, France - Olympia
Nov 20 Brussels, Belgium - Royal Circus
Nov 21 Stuttgart, Germany - Filharmonie Filderstadt
Nov 22 Berlin, Germany - Huxleys
Nov 24 Malmo, Sweden - KB
Nov 25 Stockholm, Sweden - Berns
Nov 26 Gothenburg, Sweden - Tradgar'n
Nov 27 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller Music Hall
Nov 28 Copenhagen, Denmark - Amager Bio
Nov 29 Cologne, Germany - Essigfabrik
Dec 1 Portsmouth, UK - Guildhall
Dec 2 London, UK - Hammersmith Apollo
Dec 3 Wolverhampton, UK - Civic Hall
Dec 4 Dublin, Ireland - Vicar St.
Dec 5 Newcastle, UK - City Hall
Dec 6 Ipswich, UK - Regent
Dec 7 Manchester, UK - Apollo
Dec 10 Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain - Sala Capitol
Dec 11 Porto, Portugal - Hard Club
Dec 12 Lisbon, Portugal - Aula Magna
Dec 14 Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz
Dec 15 Bilbao, Spain - Santana 27
Dec 16 Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
Dec 17 Murcia, Spain - Auditorium

Richie Kotzen: live dates and new Trio project details

Hey Folks,
My band and I will return to Europe this November for some more live shows!  We are hitting some cities we missed on the last run... Check out the dates below...I'm also happy to announce that Fender will be offering my signature model telecaster guitar worldwide this January!  Good news for those of you who wanted the guitar and could not buy it. And finally,  I'm very excited to announce the new CD I recorded with bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Mike Portnoy will be finished by the end of this year!  We are aiming for a first quarter release 2013... Nice Times in deed! 
Richie Kotzen

2012 Live Shows
november 10th - People - Catanzaro (Italy)
november 13th - XS Live Club - Roma (Italy)
November 14th - teatro triaton - napoli (italy)
november 16th - Black stuff - Udine (Italy)
november 18th - Reigen - Vienna (Austria)
november 19th - MMC- Bratislava ( Slovakia )
november 20th - Nova Chmelnice - Prag (Czech rep.)
november 22th - Bluesiana - Velden (Austria)
november 23th - Legend 54 - Milano (Italy)
november 24th - Il Peocio - Trofarello (Italy)
november 27th - Lindenbrauerei - Unna (Germany)
november 28th - Uhlenspiegel - Rutesheim (Germany)
november 30th - Borderline - Pisa (Italy)
december 1st - Sala Caracol - Madrid (Spain)
december 2nd - Salamandra - Barcelona (Spain)

Devin Townsend: The Retinal Circus Streaming details

On October 27th, renowned multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and now ringleader, Devin Townsend is gearing up for one of his biggest accomplishments to date: The Retinal Circus. 

Set to take place at London's historic Roundhouse venue, this one-night only event has been sold out for over a year now. And guess what - he would love to see all of you to tune in to the live stream which will be provided by our friends over at

Tickets to can be bought now for £7.99 (roughly $13 and €10) at Paypal and all major credit cards are taken. Then on October 27th at 7pm (GMT - which is 8pm CET, 2pm EST, 11am PST, 2am Perth, 3am Tokyo, 5am Melbourne time etc.) head back over, log in with your ticket number and watch the folly unfold. 

You can also win one of 20 vouchers for this event which will enable you to watch the entire stream for FREE! Simply send us an e-mail to with the subject line "I want to witness the Retinal Circus"!