Thursday, 8 November 2012

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News: Guitar By PureSolo - a Facebook Guitar App!

New Guitar Facebook app, with 5 free tracks to try it out!

We recently launched our Guitar By PureSolo Facebook App ( where users can record audio and video over professionally produced guitar and bass backing tracks. Each downloaded track comes complete with on-screen guitar tab/chords and we've got tracks by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Dire Straits and many more. Once recorded, users can mix and then share their recordings via Twitter and Facebook or upload them straight to YouTube.

You can check out some of the great guitar covers recorded by our users on the Guitar By PureSolo YouTube channel ( and “Like” the Facebook page to stay up to date about all things guitar, including news, tutorials and PureSolo guitar content (

Misha Mansoor: Periphery Caption contest

Caption contest.... Go!

Richard Hallebeek,Jose De Castro: Third Phase - RHP II - just got bigger!!

The track 'Third Phase' (written by Richard Hallebeek) for RHPII featuring Jose De Castro who trades solos with Rich in the outtro. With: Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums, Frans Vollink - bass, Richard Hallebeek - guitar, Lalle Larsson - keys, Martin Verdonk - percussion. On this track you'll hear: themes - Rich (guit solo), Frans (bass solo) and Jose and Rich - trading solos.

Richard Hallebeek, Lalle Larsson: RHP II

Prashant Aswani: Cloudy Day - Frequency

Cloudy Day is off of my Frequency sound track on Lakeshore Records. Featuring Incubus Drummer @JoseAPasillasII. Bass and Guitars - PA

Get your copy from itunes

Byron Fry: Mathy rock / fusion beast

Mathy rock / fusion beast, enough time signatures to raise serious questions as to the psychological well being of the composer.

Leonardo Guzman: The Rick Graham Challenge! :)

while i was trying to figure out what the hell was Rick doing, i came up with another pattern that i wanted to show him! :) i've came out with a lot of ideas from Rick's playing! its absolutely genius! :)

Rick Graham Challenge! :)

Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov, Jonas Tamas: You Are - OSV5

"You Are" Featuring Grace Vaughn (Vocals)

Sergry Boykov - Keys
Marcel Coenen - Guitar
Gary Oppert - Drums
Steve Sexton - Bass
Jonas Tamas - Guitar

Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov: OSV 5

1. Revelation 2:12
2. Andromeda 5:07
3. Presence of Mind 5:20
4. Silent Ages 4:04
5. Millennial Grace 4:42
6. Desert Rain 4:46
7. Red Horizon 4:07
8. Ascending Angels 3:12
9. From the Everlasting 3:55
10. Valley of Rephaim 4:21
11. Set in Stone 3:18
12. Afterthoughts 2:45

Marcel Coenen - Tracking guitars for new OSV material
Keyboards- Sergey Boykov * Bass guitar- Steve Sexton
Drums - Gary Oppert

Alex Skolnick: to perform in benefit concert for Music And Arts USA

Alex Skolnick will take part in a benefit concert for Music And Arts USA, a grassroots organization dedicated to cultivating life skills through music programs in our public schools free of charge. The event will take place on December 20 at 78 Below in New York City. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Musicians scheduled to appear:


Ronin Guitars will be donating a custom made electric guitar that will be signed by all of the performers and will then be put up for auction. Freddie Matara, a custom leather smith and artist, will design a guitar strap to be auctioned off as well.

Music And Arts USA's goal is to expose pre-kindergarten to fifth-grade students to an audio, kinetic, and emotional experience of music that in time allows them to develop a knowledge and appreciation for music's different aspects. Moreover, Music And Arts USA instills goal-setting techniques that will be useful to kids throughout their lives.

Music & Arts USA, Alex

Per Nilsson: new DVD - Teaser #2 - In November 2012, Guitar Messenger will be releasing their first ever instructional DVD featuring Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry. The 2-hour program will cover Per's approaches to scales, chords, tapping, sweeping, phrasing, articulation, song play-throughs and discussions, interviews, and much more. Everything Per performs on the DVD has been transcribed with meticulous detail in the accompanying tab booklet. Stay tuned!

Guitar Messenger: Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) DVD - Teaser #2

Franck Hermanny: Thumbin with Mark Bass - Super Bass!

Here is a video i did a few month ago...


Andy Mclaughlan: Jamming at the Rick Graham masterclass

Jamming at Rick's masterclass at our studio. I believe the exercise was to outline the chord changes over this 2 chord vamp. Rhythm guitar provided by the exceptionally talented Rowan J Parker.

I was playing through Rick's Splawn Nitro. What an amp!!!

Jamming at the Rick Graham masterclass

Backing track jam at the Rick Graham masterclass

Magnus Tveiten: OIO - piano tapping

My new song in full!!
Recorded in my friend Trym Bjønnes' studio.
I play my Aristides 010 guitar!!


Floyd Fernandes: Really slow motifs

really simple melodic motifs,just put together to demonstrate how easy it is to just play creatively.

Really slow motifs

Allan Holdsworth,Virgil Donati: Band Rehearsal

January was the start to a busy year of touring and gigs for the Allan Holdsworth Band. For the initial West Coast gigs, they played as a 4 piece band, with the addition of Dennis Hamm on keyboards. This is a short clip of some exclusive behind the scenes rehearsal footage, shot at S.I.R. in Hollywood. Virgil Donati is on drums, and Jimmy Haslip on bass

Allan Holdsworth Band Rehearsal

In case you missed it

Another chapter from the ATAK gig in Enschede, Netherlands on October 20, 2012. 'Devil' features the harmonic brilliance of Holdsworth, 'Letters' has moments for Holdsworth, Crawford, and Donati to stretch out, and in 'Red Alert' Crawford holds it down while Donati bends rhythms...

Devil Take The Hindmost/Letters Of Marque/Red Alert compilation_Part 2 from Enschede

Holdsworth, Donati, Crawford - Live in Enschede, Netherlands

Rick Graham: Wishaw Guitar School Masterclass

Hi guys, had an absolute blast doing a masterclass for the great guys up in Wishaw, Scotland Nov 3rd 2012. This is an improvisation over one of my Backing Tracks. Thanks to Mark McGuigan for the video footage. Cheers :)

Wishaw Guitar School Masterclass - Rick Graham

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The NEW deluxe (2CD + DVD) coming soon

The Aristocrats

Follow-up post: The deluxe (2CD + DVD) version of the live album "BOING, We'll Do It Live!" will be available through our webstore pretty much exclusively to start. There will also be a special t-shirt for the live album, which will be available in packages through our webstore. The regular 2CD version will be up at iTunes, CD Baby, Abstract Logix, and other select retailers. We'll have more info about that in about a week. This is just us saying, yes, finally, it's going to happen in December! :-) -BB — with Alessandro Lorubbio andFrancesco Rado Radogna.

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue UK tour kicks off in Dundee

Andy James

It's 5 days until the Sacred Mother Tongue UK tour kicks off in Dundee.

We want to make sure you know the new songs, so we've put them up on our Facebook page for you to take a listen..if you've been living on Mars...

Click the link below to check out "A Light Shines" and you'll also find the opportunity to win 1 of 3 signed copies of the EP!

Sarah Longfield: Wave of Babies - Animals as Leaders

Wave of Babies - Animals as Leaders Cover
Hey guys! So I figured I was about due for another AAL cover, this song is unbelievably hard but super fun! hope you enjoy!


Sarah Michelle: Seth Lover and Custom Custom pickups in Les Paul

Seymour Duncan Seth Lover in the neck and Custom Custom in the bridge. A match made in rock'n'roll heaven!
Seth Lover and Custom Custom pickups in Les Paul - Sarah Michelle

Gianni Rojatti: Ibanez FR, Laney Ironheart 120

Gianni "Jana" Rojatti performs the song live in the studio Trytrebor the album "Metal Beat the Treats". His setup includes the head Laney Ironheart 120 and his faithful Ibanez FR on which he mounted two DiMarzio Steve's Special and Liquifire. I also just finished the Italian tour as support band for The Aristocrats. we'll play in Rome at The Guitar Legends festival with Allan Holdsworth, Guthrie Govan and Dave Kilminster and I'm about to start recording the new album.

Gianni 'Jana' Rojatti - Trytrebor (Dolcetti)

Steve Hunter: Suffers heart problems and is hospitalised!

Steve Hunter is in hospital. After a significant amount of time, Steve Hunter seems to have been stablised... our best wishes go out to Steve and his family and close relatives. I had the privilege of watching Steve play in San Francisco at the recent Jason Becker Not Dead Yet festival. 

Karen Ann Hunter

Steve's heart just converted back to normal rhythm after 19 hours, phew! Still waiting for the big shot doc to arrive and tell us what he has planned to stop this happening again. You are all wonderful, I felt like I had an army of support and prayers the whole time. Xx