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Keith Whalen: Working on some new things

Working on some new things

Keith Whalen - Some Lickin'

Rick, you're a monster! I thought I had this lick down better last night but maybe it was just the time messing with my head. I have a good idea how he plays the top notes with hybrid picking but I just can't do it at tempo like he does. I'm more of an alternate picker, so this kind of stuff is a real challenge for me. I think I've done it justice but there may be a few notes that are out of place in comparison to the original. Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Graham!

PS: I didn't do the hybrid picking lick at the end because someone already posted it!

Keith Whalen - Rick Graham lick

Adrian Galysh: Live Rig Overview

Adrian's rig consists of: Marshall JMP 1 Preamp, Alesis Quadraverb, Peavey Classic 50/50 Power Amp, Morley ABY, Bad Horsie, Boss Tremolo, MWR Phase 90, MXR Carbon Copy.

Visit: for more information, music, videos, tour dates.

Adrian Galysh Live Rig Overview

Gaspar Muntwyler: solo play throughs

The Dream of the Gypsy (solo) - Gaspar Muntwyler bass, drums and keyboard: Marcos Facebook account: Contact:

El sueño de la gitana (solo) - Gaspar Muntwyler

Caballo salvaje (guitar solos) - Gaspar Muntwyler

Azul y negro (instrumental version) - WG Temple - Gaspar Muntwyler

Tom Geldschläger: Grotesque Dreaming

F-head playing the Cerebric Turmoil song "Grotesque Dreaming". Didnt have enough time to make a version thats 100% spot on all the time, but you get the idea...

"Grotesque Dreaming" on guitar

Richard Lainegard: Strandberg Guitars Varberg

Ola Strandberg, maker and genius behind the Strandberg guitars, Boden (by Strictly 7) and now the Varberg, visited me today in Umeå. We took the opportunity to shoot a short demo/playthrough of the Varberg model.

Crazy good guitar, that sounds and plays great. This particular one was setup with 0.09's, so a bit slinky for me, being a heavy handed 11's kinda guy =) But here it is anyways =)

Strandberg Guitars Varberg Demo Playthrough

Greg Howe,Vernon Neilly: excerpts of the Workshop

Video showing excerpts of the Workshop Greg Howe and Vernon Neilly by
GTR Guitar Institute on 15/SET/2012. Recorded, produced and edited by Diogo Mafra.

Greg Howe and Vernon Neilly no GTR (por Diogo Mafra)

Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy, Derek Sherinian: PSMS Manila series


PSMS: Live in Manila Nov.06 2012

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Fear Is The Enemy - great technical metal, HD

This is the official video single for the new FOUNTAINHEAD EP "Fear Is The Enemy", available december 2012 from

Shot, edited and directed by MARTIN BAHRE

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Fountainhead - Fear Is The Enemy OFFICIAL VIDEO

A few years back when I was starting out producing and engineering other people´s music, I recorded 5 songs with an underground deathmetal-band called "Despotic", which consisted of my good friends Alexander Holzhey on Drums and Sebastian "Rudi" Schöttler on guitar, plus Martin Czerwinsky on guitar and vocals. Granted, the band was a small one and musically the material was quite uneven - however, I liked the band´s energy and thought this would be great opportunity to get a foot in the door as a producer of (metal) music.

So I agreed not only to produce, engineer and mix the recordings, but also ended up playing fretless bass on all songs. All of this I did for free, just to help out my 2 friends and to gain some experience (and of course to end up with a cool record in the end!). Little did I know that, after having recorded everything except for the vocals, Czerwinsky vanished into thin air, disbanded the group and left me with these unfinished recordings. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed, having invested a lot of time and money ( I even bought a new fretless bass just for these recordings) into these songs.

Years later, my good friend Nikolas (now frontman of technical deathmetal group "Cerebric Turmoil") talked about doing a project know, just for fun. However, with our individual schedules being pretty tight already, I suggested that instead of writing new music right away, he could first try singing on these unfinished tunes to see if there´s musical chemistry. So I quickly wrote some tongue-in-cheek metal-lyrics in just one afternoon and soon we started recording at Ole Kupfer´s (my bandmate in "Purpose Effect") home-studio. The 3 of us had a blast putting vocals on top of these old songs, with no intention of releasing the music to the public or anything like that. But having had so much fun recording this stuff, I thought: Hey, we got a good thing going here, maybe I should add some more stuff, finish this record and have closure. After all, I was still very proud of what I had done on bass and of course woulnd´t have minded sharing that with the public. But on the other hand, I didn´t want to use any of the orginal drum- and guitar tracks - after all, the quality was pretty rough and seemed to clash heavily with the new tracks we had recorded. So, I brought in some close friends to re-record all other instruments on top of my original bass-lines, thus ending up "covering" these songs - trying to stay true to their core, but altering the arrangements and adding new lyrics and vocal-lines on top of it - all of that in our spare time and without any budget. Given my reputation for being a little bit more adventurous when it comes to guitar parts, I wanted to give this record an extra twist: performing all the rhythm guitars on a fretless guitar seemed like a great idea to challenge myself and to give the songs more of an own identity, not to mention making it the first ever metal-record in history to feature both fretless guitar AND bass simultaneously.

So there you have it - the orginal songs of Despotic re-recorded and re-imagined by Fountainhead & friends.

These recordings are to be distributed for free. I do not charge anything and do no intend to make money off them - after all, I do not pretend to have written these songs (even though in their current form, the basslines, leadguitar-parts, lyrics and most of the vocallines were in fact written by me), and they´re not to be taken TOO seriously by the listener. All I ask is that if you like these songs, please share them with your friends and maybe stop by at and/or check out the other projects of the great people involved in the making of this record.

Thank you,
released 08 April 2012
FOUNTAINHEAD - fretless rhythm guitar, fretted & fretless lead guitars, fretless bass, keyboards & samples.

Lille Gruber - drums.
Nikolas Voynich - vocals on tracks 1 & 4.
Ole Kupfer - vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4 & 5.
Peter Geltat - additional solo guitar on track 4 (right channel).
Matthias Alexander Preisinger - additional keyboards on track 2.

Tony MacAlpine: Solo PSMS Manila 2012

Shred From Hell... Respect for Mr. Tony MacAlpine
Nov.06 2012 Live in Manila

4. Tony MacAlpine Guitar Solo - PSMS - Portnoy / Sheehan / MacAlpine / Sherinian (Manila)

Steve Stevens: Roland, Fender guitar GC Hollywood 2012

Steve Stevens performs @ GC Hollywood for a workshop demonstrating Roland products and Fender guitar.

Steve Stevens Guitar Workshop @ Guitar Center Hollywood 11-8-12

Steve Stevens @ Guitar Center Hollywood 11/8/12 Demo for Fender/Roland Guitar

Guitarist Steve Stevens demo Synth Guitar @ Guitar Center Hollywood 11-8-12.

Howie Simon: Xotic Effects demo and interview

The LA Amp & Custom Guitar Show is growing in popularity. Twice a year shows are schedule in the LA and NYC area. Loni Spector, event organizer and "who to know in the industry", asked Reality Web Video to document the most recent show that was in Van Nuys, California this October. We gladly accepted.

This installment features Dave Belzer & Drew Berlin (The Burst Brothers), Keith Eaddy, Phil Gates, Rick Hollander & Michael Albronda from Phil Jones Bass, Howie Simon, and Ron DeJesus just a few of the many artists who came to our booth. Enjoy!!

You can see more video clips at the following page.

Xotic Effects SP Compressor Demo by Howie Simon @LA Amp Show 2012

The LA Amp & Custom Guitar Show is growing in popularity. Twice a year shows are schedule in the LA and NYC area. Loni Spector, event organizer and "who to know in the industry", asked Reality Web Video to document the most recent show that was in Van Nuys, California this October. We gladly accepted.

This installment features Dave Belzer & Drew Berlin (The Burst Brothers), Keith Eaddy, Phil Gates, Rick Hollander & Michael Albronda from Phil Jones Bass, Howie Simon, and Ron DeJesus just a few of the many artists who came to our booth. Enjoy!!

Interview with Howie Simon @LA Amp Show 2012

Nick Kellie: Deeply Intelligent Unexpected Sweeps

Unexpected Sweeps

Kosta Vreto,Kostas Vaporidis: Wardrum Live 2012

Wardrum -- Desolation Greek Tour 2012.
The second concert ever. Trikala -- Greece -- 9/11/12 @ Kentriki Plateia Live Stage.
Enjoy WARDRUM Live with the Line Up of the second album "desolation".
Yannis Papadopoulos: Vocals
Stergios Kourou: Drums
Kostas Scandalis: Bass
Kosta Vreto: Lead Guitar
And the 5th member: Kostas Vaporidis: Rhythm Guitar
Follow and support Wardrum on internet ( and on any new release and tour.


Kosta Vreto: Wardrum Live 2012

Silvio Gazquez: City lights - original rock fusion tune

Here´s my new song called `City lights´. Hope you like it!

`City Lights´ - New original song by Silvio Gázquez - (Audio)

Marcel Coenen: Black Widow - live

Live Video Recording of the concert of Black Widow at Phoenix Events (Genk, Belgie) by Special Events Productions.

For more info visit or email

Eric Gales,TM Stevens: live @ De Bosuil - great quality

Live Video Recording of the concert of ERIC GALES, TM STEVENS & KEITH LEBLANC playing HENDRIX *Voodoo Chile* @ De Bosuil by Special Events Productions.

For more info visit or email

ERIC GALES live @ De Bosuil (Weert, Netherlands)

Richie Kotzen: live @ De Bosuil 2009 - Great Quality

Live Video Recording of the concert of RICHIE KOTZEN at De Bosuil by Special Events Productions.

For more info visit or email

RICHIE KOTZEN live @ De Bosuil (Weert, Netherlands) - November 15, 2009

Kiko Loureiro,Joe Bonamassa,Chris Duarte,Yuya Komoguchi: YOUNG GUITAR 2012 December DVD Trailer

YOUNG GUITAR 2012 December issue comes with the DVD featuring Kiko Loureiro, e-ZUKA (GRANRODEO), Joe Bonamassa, Mesa/Boogie Express PLUS feat. Yuya Komoguchi and Chris Duarte (Lecture vol.2)!

YOUNG GUITAR 2012 December DVD Trailer

News: G+ 2000+ subscribers

I finally got 2000+ subscribers to my G+ channel... this one focuses on all things IT

Plus all the blog posts for all music channels have their own page on G+

Keys To Shredding
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Thunder Drummer
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Truth In Shredding
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Paul May: Atkins May Project - Valley Of Shadows new CD

London, UK - The rock world is buzzing with the revelation that good and evil can continue to work together in the form of former Judas Priest vocal legend and heavy metal frontman Al Atkins and Christian guitarist and music artist Paul May. Together these extreme opposites have come together once again to create a powerful new CD called 'Valley Of Shadows', now available on Gonzo Multimedia. Here once again, the men from the “Black Country” have produced an album of outstanding quality straight from the “Home of Metal”! This excellent collection of songs sees Atkins deliver some stand out vocal performances and May shred the axe like the old guitar masters,

'Valley Of Shadows' offers 10 “killer” tracks that burst with melody and metal mayhem. You'll take a journey through what seems to be an “evolution” of rock. With all the elements of “classic” hard rock and metal, yet retaining an underlying progressive core, 'Valley Of Shadows' will not disappoint fans of the genre who decide to take the ride!

Says Al Atkins, “We have kept the same format for 'Valley Of Shadows' since it worked really well for our debut album 'Serpent's Kiss', so we thought why change a winning formula.” Paul May adds, “I think the new album definitely leans more towards that 'classic rock' feel, with some modern twists thrown in for good measure, retaining its metal edge.”

Al Atkins: Noted for forming UK's Judas Priest and fronting them for four years and laying down the foundations which would see them eventually selling 40 million albums worldwide. He also wrote songs for them which went gold like “Dreamer Deceiver”, “Never Satisfied”, “Winter”, “Caviar and Meths” and Priest's all time classic “Victim of Changes”. Al's unique powerful vocal style sites influences by noted rock singers Roger Daltrey, Paul Rodgers and longtime friend Robert Plant. Al has done countless radio and TV interviews worldwide and recently featured in the BBC TV 'British Heritage'. He has even written a book on his musical life about growing up in Birmingham, UK alongside Robert Plant and Black Sabbath called 'Dawn of the Metal Gods'. Al has released 6 solo albums to date, and teamed up with brilliant Christian writer/guitarist Paul May to record their critically acclaimed debut album 'Serpent's Kiss'.

Paul May: Some people learn to play guitar, Paul was born (again) to play guitar! Paul has become respected for his passionate, soulful guitar work and noted for his explosive and exciting solos. As a world class professional guitarist and songwriter, Paul has played and recorded sessions across the globe, touring and playing throughout the UK, Europe, USA and the Eastern block. Paul appears on around 50 albums to date, featured in both the secular and Christian arenas. Paul is also a record producer and has covered the entire spectrum of musical tastes in production.

Now with the release of the new Atkins May Project CD, the dichotomous duo are ready once again to bring their special brand of rock and metal to the masses. Although the CD has no definite concept there are certain underlying themes that run throughout the songs. “The album is mainly about facing trials of life and the 'demons' you encounter on the way,” Paul explains. “It's about standing up and being counted when you understand who you are. The title 'Valley Of Shadows' relates to many things...that dark night of the soul that finds us all...”

In closing Al has this to impart to the band's fans, “We would like to say a big thanks to all our fans and friends that we have amassed over the long years and would just like to say..'KEEP IT METAL.'”

Atkins May Project – 'Valley Of Shadows' is available through Gonzo MultiMedia and can be purchased at:

For more information: 

Tom Quayle: Fibenare TQ Roadmaster 56 - Direct Recording Axe FX II via USB

Tom Quayle Fibenare TQ Roadmaster 56

Here's a direct recording of the Fibenare running through the Axe FX II with some Redwirez IR's via USB to my Mac. These TQ signature pickups are amazing! Possibly too much gain here bit you'll get the idea of how fat yet spanky this guitar sounds. The Fibenare guys are pure genius!

Fibenare TQ Roadmaster 56 - Direct Recording Axe FX II via USB

Andrea Cesone: testing PRS Al Di Meola

PRS AL DI MEOLA TEST by Andrea Cesone

Plus a little country chicken picking

Brad Paisley - The Nervous Breakdown cover by Andrea Cesone

John Rimmer: Fusion Improvisation

Working on improvisational ideas... Warts and all :)

Fusion Improvisation

Pedro Santos: Funky Fusion

Pedro Santos getting a little of funk jam time in.

Funky Fusion - Demo 1 - Enicmatic

Kiko Loureiro,Virgil Donati: Gray Stone Gateway

"Gray Stone Gateway" from "Sounds of Innocence"
The new Kiko Loureiro album. Guitar recordings.
At 5by5 Studios Helsinki Finland

Kiko Loureiro - guitars
Virgil Donati - drums
Felipe Andreoli - bass

Recorded by Matias Kupiainen and Perttu Vänskä at 5by5 Helsinki Finland.
Gray Stone Gateway from Sounds of Innocence - Solo Recording.m4v

Lyle Watt: Jam at Rick Graham's Masterclass

Wee jam at Rick Graham's masterclass at Wishaw Guitar Lessons last Saturday. Rough as...

Thanks to Mark McGuigan for the video.

Jam at Rick Graham's Masterclass...

Prashant Aswani: Bullet In The Brain

Just a Demo I recorded for you guys. "Left of Center" From Visions evolved from this demo. Features Joey Heredia on drums and PA on bass and Guitars.

News: Suhr - Modern Frost

Since the 1950's, California car culture has heavily influenced guitar finishes. The Frost series is our take on the current "Matte finish" trend. This finish has an uneven, textured surface which deflects light at different angles, causing it to appear matte. Never satisfied with the norm, we developed a custom combination of matte and pearlescent paints to create an entirely new optical effect - "where matte meets shimmer."

To see product specs visit our website at

For more information contact your local Suhr dealer or email us at SALES@SUHR.COM


Korina Quilt was developed as a result of the enthusiastic response that we received from Korina Flame. Korina Quilt pairs our modern body shape with a stunning combination of Korina, Quilted Maple, and Pau Ferro. Features such as Mother of Pearl Inlays and hand carved Pau Ferro knobs really set it apart.


KORINA QUILT™ -!korina-quilt/c1nru
KORINA FLAME™ -!korina-flame/c1ox3


Tosin Abasi:Thumb-Slapped

The following content is related to the Holiday 2012 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:

This month, I'd like to demonstrate how I play the intro to "An Infinite Regression," the opening track from the latest Animals as Leaders album, Weightless. This part features a very unusual and unique "double-thumbing" technique that, I believe, was pioneered by the great jazz bassist Victor Wooten. As usual, all of the licks in this column are arranged for seven-string guitar (low to high, B E A D G B E), though I play the part on an eight-string.

For this intro, I use my pick-hand thumb to sound consecutive notes with a downstroke followed by an upstroke, after which I use the index and middle fingers for fingerpicking. Along with the fret-hand tapping that initiates each phrase, the combination of these different techniques lets you devise cool, rhythmically complex and deceptive-sounding riffs like this one.

Prog-Gnosis with Tosin Abasi: How to Play the Thumb-Slapped Intro to "An Infinite Regression"

Rowan J Parker: Buckethead, Fast Pentatonics... Develop Monster Chops!

Buckethead? You bet! The Judge returns with possibly his most out there lick so far. Whole tone madness at a truly fret melting tempo! Get more from the Judge at where you can subscribe for yet more widdlesome guitar goodness

Judge Shred - Episode 7 - Insane Buckethead Lick!

The Widdler returns for Episode 5 bringing you simple but awesome rock licks. This time it's some easy to play but impressive sounding pentatonic runs, fill your boots! More great guitar at

The Widdler! - Episode 5 - Fast Pentatonic Runs

Learn the craft of the guitar with Rock Guitar Fundamentals. In this episode we address common fretting hand problems and show you how to overcome your technical limitations and develop monster chops! Drawing on my 20 years of teaching experience these lessons are designed to help you avoid or correct the numerous common problems that rock guitar players have. Visit for more cool guitar lessons

Rock Guitar Fundamentals - Episode 4 - Develop Monster Chops Part 1

Panos Arvanitis: Nylon string Neoclassical improvisation

Some random neoclassical runs with my YAMAHA AEX-500NS nylon string guitar.

Nylon string Neoclassical improvisation

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Escape Route - Jack Thammarat

Jack Thammarat 'Melodic Freeway Series 1' Performance by Simon Kinny-Lewis "Escape Route" This is my improvisation over Jack Thammarat's 'Melodic Freeway Series 1' "Escape Route" backing track. Jack Thammarat and Martin Miller have been really inspirational to me. Jack's new 'Melodic Freeway Series 1' and 'Melodic Freeway Series 2' I have a NEW Blues/Rock album " Behind the Blue Mask" that will be available on itunes and via my website December 2012. Click here to hear previews via my sound cloud. It's a mixture of some of my favorite guitarist's Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Frank Gambale. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be updated when new video's are posted... ENJOY!

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Boing CD DVD details

We are proud to finally announce that BOING, We’ll Do It Live! The Aristocrats At Alvas Showroom will be released on Monday, December 10! And pre-sales will begin sometime in the second half of November. I’m thinking 11/20, give or take a day or two. Not far away, right? When that’s ready to fly, we’ll make a big old noise about it. For now, we just wanted to get the word out that, yes, it’s done, it’s being manufactured as I type, and Marco, Guthrie and I can’t wait to share it with you.

And might I add, this fine collection of Aristocratic music and video will make a great holiday gift, IYKWIMAITYD. (Google it if you’re confused.)

If you want to know more, here’s the press release we’re sending out over the next 24 hours. You can also expect a YouTube preview in the coming days. As they say, watch this space!

And thank you again for being on this list and being interested in what we're up to. We know many of you have been waiting for this live release for a long time. We worked our butts off on it and we promise you won't be disappointed. :-)


Guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller, and drummer Marco Minnemann are captured live at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, CA

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 8, 2012) – The rock/fusion power trio The Aristocrats – featuring Guthrie Govan on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass, and Marco Minnemann on drums – will release BOING, We’ll Do It Live! The Aristocrats At Alvas Showroom onDecember 10, 2012. The release will be in two formats: A standard-edition, 14-track, 2CD album, and a Deluxe EditionDVD + 2CD package featuring two additional bonus tracks, bonus audio from soundcheck, additional candid show footage, and bonus interviews with each band member. The 6-camera video was shot in high definition, and the 5.1 surround audio mix was done by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree. A 2-channel stereo mix is also available.

Formed practically by demand after a single raucously received set at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA in January of 2011, the trio tracked their debut album The Aristocrats [BOING!] just four months later, and released it that September to universal acclaim. But the core energy of the band from the start was their preternatural live chemistry, which became even more explosive during a year’s worth of worldwide touring.

“We’re all definitely proud of the studio album,” says bassist Beller, “but we were just getting to know each other when we cut it. Now that we’ve traveled the world together, we really get each other musically and personally. Honestly, we spend a lot of time making each other laugh to the point of tears. I think that really comes through live, the sense that we’re friends walking a high wire together musically, but also that, sometimes, we just choose to be extremely silly. Somehow it all works.”

BOING, We’ll Do It Live! was captured over two nights in June of 2012 at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro,CA, and features the entire Aristocrats repertoire, plus select material from the trio’s individual back catalogs, and a brand new, previously unreleased song, “Dance Of The Aristocrats.”


1. Bad Asteroid
2. Greasy Wheel
3. Boing!…I’m In The Back
4. Flatlands
5. I Want A Parrot
6. Blues Fuckers/Drum Solo
7. Waves

1. Get It Like That
2. Furtive Jack
3. Train Trax
4. Cave Dweller
5. Mr. Kempinski
6. See You Next Tuesday *
7. Dance Of The Aristocrats
8. A Very Metal Introduction
9. Sweaty Knockers
10. Erotic Cakes *
* on Deluxe Edition only


* Complete show, including bonus tracks & additional between song footage
* 5.1 surround mix by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree (and 2-channel stereo mix)
* Bonus audio from soundcheck
* Interviews with each band member

Amazon UK

Amazon America

Christian Clemente: Coffee Break Grooves

Smooth A Major (Coffee Break Grooves) Christian Clemente - Guitar Improvisation

A Major ( Guitar Improvisation ) Christian Clemente