Friday, 23 November 2012

Gavin Coulson: Kinsman K25GFX and K50GFX Guitar Combo

Gav C checks out the new feature packed Kinsman K25GFX and K15GFX combos

Kinsman K25GFX Guitar Combo

Kinsman K50GFX Combo

Floyd Fernandes: Linear Notes - short motifs to build longer lines

The basis of my improvisation is the use of short motifs and I use this to build longer lines. Hope you enjoy these sounds :)

Linear Notes

Javier Reyes: Mestis project EP details

Mestis is a project created by Javier Reyes (Animals as Leaders and T.R.A.M.)

From musikmesse 2012


World renowned guitarist, Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders, T.R.A.M.), has inked a new solo deal with Sumerian Records for his new project Mestís, which is an all instrumental effort. The debut EP, Basal Ganglia, is a five track offering showcasing Reyes' vast musical diversity and features an intriguing variety of instrumentation performed by highly acclaimed musicians. The EP is set for a Nov 27
the release and specially priced pre-order bundles will be available in the coming weeks.

Reyes states: “Basal Ganglia is an EP that come from several places, and by places, I mean influences. I’ve always wanted to create a style of music that focused on being emotionally exploitive and technically sound, yet simple enough for the average music listener to appreciate. Another influence was using the eight string guitar in a form that is unconventional to the 'trends' or independent of characteristics that are found in music styles/genres that have popularized it. Another and important reason was to create a true form of my own independent voice as an artist. To create music that expressed my personality, upbringing, emotions and musical taste.

Mestís features Javier Reyes on guitar, bass, production and mixing duties. Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders) handling drum programming, Hector Barez (Calle 13, Bio Ritmo) on percussion and David Stout (Marvin Gaye, Juan Gabriel, Smokey Robinson) on the trombone.

This is your last week to get your Mestis pre-orders!! Ft. Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders andT.R.A.M.!!

Order at
Mestis - "Luz u Cielo" Preview

Mestis - Basal Ganglia 11/27/12

Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger - 'Expressive Modes' package

Express The Major Scale Modes

The ever impressive Mika Tyyskä, aka Mr. Fastfinger, is back with his second set of jam tracks....and this time we are focusing on jamming with the major scale modes. The jam tracks are true to the unique and genius Mr Fastfinger style and are designed to be both enjoyable to play along with as well as help you master the modes. And if you want to learn an absolute tonne of incredible new licks and some wonderfully played technique then this is the jam track series for you! Throughout each track Mika plays loads of wonderful solos that you will never have heard anything like elsewhere. We truly believe that Mika is in a world of originality all on his own.
This superb set of jam tracks changes pace throughout as well. There is the more intensive track 'Invisible Whip' through to the super chilled out 'Great Blue Wave' taking your learning through a whole set of different directions and vibes every step of the way.
Expressive Modes is available to download right now for £19.99 and comes with 5 full length solo example tracks, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, video performances, Tab and notation and some bonus track notes from Mika.
Get expressive guys...and master those modes!


5 x full length video performances by Mika in MP4
5 x solo example tracks
5 x solo backing tracks
5 x extended jam tracks
Complete TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab formats
Bonus track notes from Mika

Track Info:
Earth Grooves - Solo Track: 2.25, Jam Track: 5.51
Great Blue Wave - Solo Track: 2:36, Jam Track: 4.49
In Circles - Solo Track: 2.56, Jam Track: 5.40
Invisible Whip - Solo Track: 2:57, Jam Track: 5.25
Spirit Hunt - Solo Track: 2.50, Jam Track: 5.07

*NEW* Mika Tyyskä (Mr. Fastfinger) - 'Expressive Modes' at

Edu Ardanuy,Ricardo Soares: Master Class jam session

Participation in the Master Class Edu Ardanuy what happened in Werner Teaching Music on November 10, 2012.

Edu Ardanuy & Ricardo Soares - Jam

Jason Sadites: Broken CD available online

Jason Sadites: Broken
'Broken' picks up where Jason's 2009 release 'Weve' ended. Featuring brilliant performances by Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Martin Motnik, Adam Nitti, Alex Machacek, Bryan Beller and Goran Rista, the compositions on 'Broken' center around great arrangements, strong melodies, virtuosic playing and odd time signature twists and turns. For fans of progressive rock/fusion this is a must have album. From the odd-time rock/fusion of the opening track 'You're Gonna Feel That Tomorrow' to the more sensitive and melodic closing track 'Ty', 'Broken' has something for fans of all styles of music.

Broken - by Jason Sadites
1. You're Gonna Feel That Tomorrow (feat. Bryan Beller & Marco Minnemann) 3:57
2. Useful Idiots (feat. Martin Motnik & Kenny Aronoff) 4:10
3. Broken (feat. Martin Motnik & Kenny Aronoff) 3:53
4. Down (feat. Adam Nitti & Marco Minnemann) 4:12
5. Straw Man (feat. Martin Motnik & Marco Minnemann) 4:32
6. Innocence (feat. Martin Motnik & Goran Rista) 4:45
7. Anti-Social Network (feat. Martin Motnik & Marco Minnemann) 4:58
8. Why (feat. Marco Minnemann & Tony Levin) 5:19
9. Ty (feat. Goran Rista) 3:43

East Amplification Club 18 and Studio 2 Demo w/Jas

Andy Summers, Jan Akkerman,John Mayall,Adrian Belew, Uli Jon Roth: Amsterdam Electric Guitar Heaven 2012 details

Amsterdam Electric Guitar Heaven 2012 celebrates the electric guitar like no other festival in the world. Ten Amsterdam venues, including Paradiso, Bimhuis, Melkweg, Tropentheater, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, and the Conservatory of Amsterdam will present all styles of electric guitar music from 7 December to 16 December 2012.

For ten days, Amsterdam will be drenched in electric guitar music - rock, jazz, metal, world music, experiment, classical and more - performed by international guitar heroes like Andy Summers, John Mayall, Adrian Belew and Jan Akkerman, and other excellent musicians, and guitar innovators.

In every show, there will be something extra - a surprise Second Act -, one which will contrast the main act with a different style. There will also be masterclasses, a guitar market, presentations, the "Plug 'n Play" orchestra with Adrian Belew and 200 guitarists, guitar films and the "Sena Young Talent Guitar Awards".

Rich Robinson
John Mayall
Adrian Belew
Philip Catherine
Uli Jon Roth
Ben Frost
Gilad Hekselman
Debashish Bhattacharya
Ensemble Klang
Klas Torstensson
Eef Albers
+Golden Earring ritmesectie
Dany Lademacher
+Wild Romance ritmesectie
And many more
Also play guitar? Join Plug 'n Play!

Rowan J Parker: Jazzing, Sweeping, Warping and Widdling

Here is a Jazz Fusion improvisation over another of Rick Graham's superb backing tracks, thanks to him for permission to use it. Get this backing track from and visit my site for more great guitar playing, free lessons and resources.

Late Night Jazz Fusion Solo

Judge Shred - Episode 9 - Extreme Jason Becker Style Sweep Picking

Judge Shred - Monster Sweep Picking At Warp 10!

The Widdler! - Episode 7 - Three Face Melting Blues Licks!

Ivan Drackaliev: Jungle bungle, Amsterdam

Playing: Ivan E. Drackaliev

Jungle bungle from Ivan Drackaliev

Poison swing from Ivan Drackaliev

Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller: BOING, We'll Do It Live" DVD+2CD Deluxe Edition pre Order live

Just click here to go to the Aristo-webstore (we ship WORLDWIDE) and pre-order now. The release date is December 10, so you won't have to wait long to be the first to hear and see it.

Maybe you're wondering what the DVD looks like? Very well then:
Click here to check out a 5-minute YouTube preview of the DVD!

Now for the basics. It’s available in three versions: Deluxe Edition (DVD + 2CD), Regular 2CD Edition, and Digital Download only.

The Deluxe Edition contains a 2-hours-plus DVD of us playing our entire live repertoire to date, plus bonus features like:

* Two additional songs
* 5.1 surround mix by Steven Wilson, 2-channel stereo mix by Mark Niemiec
* Interviews with each band member
* Bonus soundcheck audio and additional between-song banter.

You also get two audio CD's of the same performance, and an immediate digital download upon purchase.

For those not video-oriented, the 2CD Regular Version is a straight-up double live album, featuring 14 songs totaling two hours of pure Aristocrats musical mayhem. It also includes an immediate digital download upon purchase.
And for the digital-only folks, you can purchase just the digital download of the double album.

We also made a special t-shirt just for the live album release, complete with a new design for the front, and a special Pig vs. Chicken Mortal Kombat scene on the back, with a special message for our Japanese friends. (If you get the DVD, you'll get the joke. If not, it's still cool and weird, right?)

It's all available at our Aristo-webstore (did I mention we ship WORLDWIDE?). Click here to get it now!
In all seriousness: Guthrie, Marco and I (BB) are beyond grateful for the overwhelming positive response and support we've received ever since launching The Aristocrats. We've tried to get to as many places as possible for live shows, but as you know, it's hard to get everywhere. Lots of folks asked for a live album. This is our answer to those requests, and it's our hope that, whether or not you've seen us play live before, BOING, We'll Do It Live! will give you the full live Aristocratic experience, wherever you happen to be.

Until then, BOING - get the live album!
On behalf of Marco and Guthrie, this is Bryan, and we are...

The Aristocrats

Dmitry Maloletov: "Tapping vs Picking"

Dmitry Maloletov "Tapping vs Picking"
Dmitry Maloletov "Tapping vs Picking"

Matthew Mills: Acoustic Guitar Shred

Acoustic Guitar Shred
Matthew Mills testing out a Acoustic Ovation Legend

Billy Kibble: 12 year old ripping it up at live show

This is Billy Kibble improvising over a backing track at John Kryle High Schools Autumn Music Concert 2012. He did have a few sound issues in that he could not hear much out of then stage monitors. Thank You for watching

Billy Kibble improvisation at John Kryle music concert 2012

Caca Barros - Improvisation on "In Phrygian"

Cacá Barros - Improviso em "Em Frígio"

Caca Barros - Improvisation on "In Phrygian"

Eliezer Inacio: Conquistare great fusion - love it!

Composição de Eliezer Inacio
Guitar - Eliezer Inacio
Bass - Eliezer Inacio
Drums - Maick Sousa
Mixagem e Master - Maick Sousa

Amaury Cruz: Allan Holdsworth Countdown Tutorial Part 2

Allan Holdsworth Countdown Tutorial Part 2
This is part 2 and we are done with the intro, part 3 next week and will contain the comping and after that the first solo, i hope you like this and thank you for watching see you next week.
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Gavin Coulson,Jerry Donahue: RHM TV - Pilot Episode 1

RHM TV - Pilot Episode 1 - Gav Coulson, Jerry Donahue, Fret King Guitar Clinic
Introducing the staff and people at Rock Hard Music (award-winning guitar shop in Milton Keynes, UK). This month we hosted a Fret King Roadshow event for customers... here is some footage ;-]

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Steve Vai, Yasi Hofer: new jam session in Stuttgart

Yasi jamming with Steve Vai
by yasi13
Me jamming with Steve Vai during his concert in Stuttgart. Unfortunately the quality isn't good, sorry!
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Floyd Fernandes: Swirling poop

Swirling poop
by fcubic
Meandering through some of my ideas while watching the dogs artfully dodge my pedals and adapter. Just a clip with Karan and me having fun with an idea.Sometimes we land on ambiguous zones but screw that just wanted to share the moment.It will evolve into a tune I think...

Tom Richardson: Public Alchemy Album Release Contest

Here's my entry! Also, i have just released my own EP, check it out here -

Misha Mansoor, Adam Nolly Getgood: Betcha can't play this

Betcha can't play this - The Safety Fire, Periphery & Between The Buried And Me

Pro licks and tips for those guys in BTBAM, Periphery and The Safety Fire.