Friday, 30 November 2012

Joe Bonamassa: Bobble Head Joe... you know you want one!!

The bobble heads are made of poly-resin, which is like a very durable ceramic. They are hand carved, in clay and then mastered as a mold. The mold is only used for 150 copies before a new mold is made to preserve all of the detail on every piece. Each one is hand painted using safe lead-free paints. The plastic clam-shell and custom retail box keeps each one dust free and protected during shipping and storage.

News: Knaggs Black Friday Giveaway 2013

Guitar Connoisseur

KNAGGS BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY 2013 - Here is your task for the week PICKUPS!

The people have spoken and we will be giving away the Kenai in Hickory burst. So what kind of pickups would you like?

Lindy Fralin Pafs or Seymour Duncan Seth lovers?

Please email your answers to enter.

Here is how to enter:

1. Must "Like" Knaggs and Guitar connoisseur pages

2. Must send an email to "" with the answer to our task

3. Refer a friend and increase your chances to win. Simply give us your friends name, upon verification they have "liked" both pages, you will be entered for once for each person you refer.

4. Entering the giveaway will automatically enter you into our newsletter.

5. One entry per week unless (multiple entries are only applicable with the "refer a friend"). Multiple emails by the same person will be disqualified. — with Seymour Duncan.

Dmitriy Zhirnov: Last Action - excellent rock fusion performance

Dmitriy Zhirnov - Last Action. Featuring Alex Zhirnov on bass.

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Ibanez RG 1570
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Dmitriy Zhirnov - Last Action

Terje Rypdal: Heat - Music from the Motion Picture

Just watching the movie Heat (for the nth time) ... wow cool fretless bass, atmospheric guitar... I recognise that... better get some confirmation... check IMDB... Bingo... yep Terje Rypdal... must get a copy.

Original soundtrack to the 1995 motion picture directed by Michael Mann and starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. In Heat, an L.A. cop (Pacino) becomes fixated on a deadly thief (DeNiro) and his crew ( Val Kilmer and Jon Voight) who are taking Los Angeles to the cleaners. This movie includes one of the most spectacular shoot outs in film history as DeNiro and Kilmer rip through downtown Los Angeles with both guns blazing. The soundtrack features both Elliot Goldenthal's excellent score plus music performed by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Brian Eno, Kronos Quartet, Passengers (Brian Eno, U2), Terje Rypdal, Einsturzende Neubauten and Michael Brook. Warner.

Heat: Music from the Motion Picture

News: SG records - latest reviews and latest releases

SG records latest reviews and latest releases

Azure Agony - India

Italia Di Metallo (8/10)

Metalwave (75/100)

Rock Impressions

The Pit (7.5/10)

Speaking To The Deaf - This Equipment Must Be Hearted

Metal Head (7/10)

All Around Metal (3/5)

Long Live Rock And Roll

Underground Empire

OsseltioN - Last Words

Metalwave (85/100)

Underground Empire

Long Live Rock And Roll

My Darkest Side - Voices From Room Zero (6/10)

Subliminal Fear - One More Breath

Stereo Invaders (8/10) (7/10)

Sea of tranquillity (3/5)

With All The Rage - Yesterday... Now... Tomorrow... Ever

The Rocktologist (14/20)

Naughty Whisper - Addicted To Decadence

Interview on Italia Di Metallo

Roxx Zone (8/10)

Metal Temple (7/10)

Dangerdog (3/5)

Metaphysics - Beyond The Nightfall

KD Cobain (debutto di alto livello)

Thomas Lang: Drumming Boot Camp

Drum Camp
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Leonardo Guzman: 2nd in Santo Angelo competition

Rodrigo Burotto, international SANTO ANGELO endorser, presents in this video the best 5 versions according to the judges, in the first international guitar competition promoted by Santo Angelo Cables throughout the Americas.
Our sincere thanks to the participants and to all those who contributed to the success of this initiative.

Solo 2:30


Martin Miller,Guthrie Govan: filming new jam track series next week

Martin Miller shared's photo.
Flights to London are booked. Watching Guthrie Govan (Official)record solos over tracks I created will be a truly face-melting experience. Can't wait to meet my British homeys as well!!!

Guthrie Govan is filming his new series next week....Sophie seems pretty happy!

James Ryan, Doug Steele: Viagra!

Just jamming.
Jamming to Vai 1

Darius Wave: Wave Abandoned Temple

Dariusz Wawrzyniak: Find me on facebook:

Original song (electric guitar solo) :: ABANDONED TEMPLE - fusion djent metal mix :: Darius Wave

Rowan J Parker: Insanity Arpeggios Of Doom! - the intro

Is this a crass perversion of everything that is music or is it totally awesome? You decide! New episode of Judge Shred this Friday and more great guitar at

Judge Shred - Insanity Arpeggios Of Doom!

Lick Of The Week - 26th November 2012 - Guthire Govan vs Albert Lee Part 2

The Widdler - Episode 8 - Fast Alternate Picking

Dave Reeves: Huge Tele Tones

Think I love this guitar too much

More tele shred nonsense

Marco Minnemann, Paul Gilbert: The Jackhammer

PAUL GILBERT feat MARCO MINNEMANN on drums The Jackhammer