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Steve Lukather: DiMarzio Transition Guitar Pickups

DiMarzio Transition Guitar Pickups fot Steve Lukather: The video

Staten Island, N.Y., December 4, 2012 – DiMarzio, Inc. is thrilled

to welcome legendary TOTO guitarist, solo artist, and first-call session player extraordinaire, Steve Lukather to its team of esteemed endorsers. DiMarzio announced it will release two new Transition™ humbucking pickups for electric guitars in early December of 2012. The Transition™ pickups were developed by DiMarzio and Lukather for his new LIII™ Music Man® guitar. The pickups will also be available for retail sale from DiMarzio.

The pickups are named after Steve Lukather’s new album, Transition, that will be released on January 21, 2013 by Mascot Records. Lukather played the LIII™ guitar with Transition™ pickups throughout the new record.

The passive Transition™ humbuckers are both subtle and tough. They have power and depth. Steve says they’re organic, and they allow him to own his sound. “These days I like it simple and direct,” he says.

The Transition™ Neck Model (DP254) has very good balance between solid bass and glassy treble. The spread between lows and highs creates a big sound that works well for both solos and backup, while the frequency response of the coils is tuned just far enough apart to open up the mids without sounding hollow.

A powerful magnet and coils tuned to slightly different frequencies create very strong fundamental tones, with sustained notes that resolve easily to first- and second-order harmonics. The output rating is not as high as DiMarzio’s loudest models, but the Transition™ Bridge Model (DP255) puts a lot of impact into every picked note.

DiMarzio’s new Transition™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups are made in the U.S.A., and are available for order now. Suggested List Price for each pickup is $115. DiMarzio plans to show the pickups at the January 2013 NAMM Expo in Anaheim. For more information about Transition™ pickups, visit our website at

Claudio Pietronik: I had a noodle vision!

Claudio Pietronik: Warming up before work! Sorry, at minute 0.58 i had a vision!!! XD

Andy James: Modern Metal Series 1

Andy James is back with a 10 track package of Modern Metal brilliance.
These jam tracks are perfect for the intermediate guitarist to learn and the advanced guitarist to master.

Andy James is back with a 10 track audio package....and this time he is both testing and teasing you. We all know that Andy can play mind-blowingly complicated riff after riff with scary ease, however for many of us mere mortals we can just about play 25% of them successfully. However, with Modern Metal Series 1 he has toned it down so that the solo examples are still hugely inspirational but are at a level that the intermediate player should be able to master (with of course, lots of practice!). And for the advanced player, there is still a whole load of tasty new licks and techniques in there to keep you suitably busy!
Modern Metal contains 10 astonishingly great metal tracks all with a modern sound. After learning Andy's solos you will have years of jamming enjoyment over these superbly produced jam tracks. They quite literally scream at you to pick up your guitar!
Modern Metal comes with 10 solo example tracks, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks and complete TAB and notation.

*NEW* Andy James 'Modern Metal Series 1' at

Sergey Golovin: Lepsky Guitars Live show - awesome guitar alert!

This guy is one my list of people I must see before I die... awesome stuff and original tunes!

Lepsky Guitars Live

Keith Merrow: Pro Tone DeadHorse OD Pedal

Keith Merrow- Pro Tone DeadHorse OD Pedal Clip, Metal

Reece Fullwood: Eumeria II - demoing solo

Here's a rough idea i'm playing with from one of the tracks for the 2nd Eumeria album.
A little sketchy but it's bound to change at some point before the release of the record!

Eumeria Album 2 Guitar Solo

Ron Thal: Dropping The Needle Podcast

Visit "If Beavis & Butt-Head had a music podcast, this would be it." Welcome to episode 28 of the podcast Dropping The Needle, December 3, 2012. In part one of a two part discussion Michael and Mitch are joined by special guest Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. Ron is the guitarist in Guns 'N Roses. Ron talks about so much stuff in this two part interview. The Guns 'N Rose recent residency in Las Vegas. His soon to be released line of hot sauces, the first albums he ever bought, his thoughts on KISS Music from the Elder and much more. But even more exciting is all of the bits n pieces of music Ron plays for us... Guns 'N Roses, KISS, Cheap Trick, Styx, Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi and the entire debut album from Boston.

Dropping The Needle is the podcast where all music from all genres is discussed. New releases, classic albums, rediscovered music, signed and unsigned. No ass kissing, just two guys talking about music. Dropping The Needle is hosted Michael Brandvold from Michael Brandvold Marketing and Mitch Lafon from

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Dropping The Needle Podcast #28 Part One with Special Guest Ron

Dropping The Needle Episode #29 Part Two with Special Guest Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal