Thursday, 13 December 2012

Floyd Fernandes: Funking you

Funking you...part 1
Simple right hand funk patterns,played repeatedly so you get the drift (if you want :)).The strings need to be pounded and the volume at 7 to get a woody,funky sound.

David Escobar: Erotomania with Tabs

All the Guitar Solos from Erotomania, instrumental song from the Album Awake, by Dream Theater.

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Original Guitar Player: John Petrucci.

Solo of the Week: 11 Dream Theater - Erotomania with Tabs

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: RUSH will release their first ever iBook for 2112


On December 18, 2012, RUSH will release their first ever iBook for 2112. The iBook will consist of unpublished pictures, black and white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell, and preview music for the newly remastered Mastered for iTunes (mFit) audio of 2112 with 3 bonus live tracks.

Originally released in 1976, 2112 was the creative and commerci
al breakthrough album. With lyrics written by Neil Peart, 2112 kicks off with the ambitious seven-suite title track (originally side one), set in a futuristic world run by the “Priests of the Temples of Syrinx” who regulate “every single facet of every life,” which includes books, music, work and play. “2112” conveys the story of humanity’s instinctual, inner need for one’s free will.

iBook content includes:

• 40-page comic book by story artist Tom Hodges (“Star Wars -The Clone Wars," The Simpson's "Treehouse of Horrors #17")
• Unpublished pictures
• Black and white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell
• Preview of the remastered audio of 2112
• Expanded artwork, liner notes, lyrics and unreleased photos
• Brand new liner notes by David Fricke, Rolling Stone

Richard Hallebeek: praises Lalle Larsson review of Nightscapes

Richard Hallebeek 

Prog Archives review

I play a lot of guitar on Lalle Larsson´s new cd ´Nightscapes´ that was released a couple of months ago. The album has already received some great reviews and recently 5/5 on Progarchives! It has some great playing from all and some deep compositions from Lalle. I love those cd´s that you can play over and over and where you seem to keep on discovering new details in the music...this is one of those albums.You can order the cd from Reingold Records:

Morgan Pettersson: super tribute to Anno Galama

I got a Galama Les Paul model as a gift from my best friend. The guitar is just awsome and the craftsmanship is just astonishing. Anno Galama is retired now. But this guitar is still singing!
All guitars are recorded using LePou guitar pluggs.

Rick Graham: Cool Pentatonic Trill

Rick's Quick But Slick Licks - The Cool Pentatonic Trill One
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MetalSir: Christmas Surprise that's sure to wipe you out!

SANDPAPER SURPRISE’s XMAS TIME!  SpS are glad to announce a SPECIAL Xmas offering!!

Get a FULL copy of “WIPE!!” here: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE the 12th track of the album here:

Sandpaper Surprise - WIPE!! (Album Sampler)

Andy Timmons:Interview with Guitarspot.Gr

Andy Timmons:Interview with Guitarspot.Gr and discusses his live set up with - Guitarspot.Gr

Andy Timmons || Live Setup, Interview - Guitarspot.Gr

Garage DeLuxe, Munich, December 6th 2012

Andy Timmons - Electric Gypsy & Cry For You

Andy Timmons - Live unreleased track

Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex new CD

Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex

Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex
Progressive instrumental music that runs the gamut from heavy to delicate -- an eclectic blend of styles ranging from Eastern-tinged melodies, to heavy rock and bluesy tracks all featuring lush production and performed by virtuoso artists.

Album Notes
Drummer/producer Thomas Lang and guitarist/composer Conrad Schrenk are two of Austria's most talented and well-respected artists. Both educated at the prestigious Conservatory of Vienna/Austria they began playing together in Jazz clubs and live music venues in Vienna in the mid-80's and paying their dues by touring the world with various instrumental music projects sponsored by the Austrian cultural Institute including "Save The Robots," "Itsly," and "The Conrad Schrenk Extravaganza." Playing exotic venues all over the world they garnered international reputations as cutting-edge performers and ultra-skilled musicians.

Lang and Schrenk's debut collaboration was 1993's self titled album "Save the Robots"- album, followed by "CSX" in 1999 and they toured as sidemen for various famous Austrian artists in the 90's including "Papermoon," "The Hallucination Company" and "Falco."

Lang is an international drumming superstar and Schrenk is known to be of the technically most accomplished guitarists of Austria, with his styles ranging from pop to Steve Vai and Frank Zappa. Lang and Schrenk shared writing responsibilities for "Yumaflex" and the songs reflect both their eclectic musical tastes and identities.
The songs are full of complex rhythms and melodic phrases, yet beautiful and catchy in their composition.

1 Hindi Jimmy 5:39
2 Maceo Is a Fat Man 4:15
3 Impar Latine 5:05
4 Mantra 7:30
5 Musotto 7:09
6 Nippon 3 4:11
7 Resolution 5:41
8 Sol Distorsionada 5:04
9 Tripola 7:12
10 Still Got Now Blues 7:19
11 Yumaflax 6:29

Michael Dolce: Legato Technique and concepts available

Michael Dolce: Legato Technique and concepts lesson package – $25.00AUD
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Steve Howe: Asia forced to cancel the 30th Anniversary UK Tour

ASIA, featuring the original line-up of Geoff Downes (keyboards),  Steve Howe (guitar), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Wetton (Lead Vocal, bass), has been forced to cancel the 30th Anniversary UK Tour due to drummer Carl Palmer coming down with a severe case of E. coli.  

Tickets are refundable from the point of purchase.

A list of the cancelled dates are as follows –

Tavistock The Wharf (Dec 15)

Holmfirth Picturedrome (Dec 16)

Edinburgh Queen’s Hall (Dec 17)

Salisbury City Hall (Dec 19)

Birmingham Town Hall (Dec 20)

Manchester Royal Northern College of Music (Dec 21)  

London o2 Shepherds Bush Empire (Dec 22)