Sunday, 23 December 2012

Morgan Pettersson: super solo for Keith Merrow Mayones Guitar competition

My entry in this awesome contest.
I use a Roland Guitar Synth for the intro. I use LePou LeXTAC guitar amp sim.
I want to thank Keith Merrow for this insanly cool backingtrack! It is fu** great to play over!!

Mike Scaccia: Ministry guitarist dies at just 47

Mike Scaccia, known for his work with Ministry, Rigor Mortis and the Revolting Cocks, has died after suffering a seizure on stage. He was 47.

He was performing at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas, last night with Rigor Mortis, and collapsed during the show. He was taken to hospital while a band member is reported to have told fans: “It doesn’t look good.” He died soon afterwards.

Nili Brosh: the recording sessions

Nili Brosh New Album Sessions: Organizing Virgil Donati/Bryan Beller Tracks

Get an exclusive first look at the making of Nili's new album with engineer Sabi Saltiel, starting with a sneak peek of Virgil Donati and Bryan Beller's raw drum and bass tracks.

Alex Machacek,Virgil Donati,Marc Bonilla: Confirmed for Eddie Jobson's show

Eddie Jobson
Eddie is pleased to announce the band line-up for the 2013 tour! Joining EJ on stage will be Marc Bonilla, Alex Machacek, Billy Sherwood, and Virgil Donati.  The Cruise to the Edge Lineup is Wetton-Jobson-Bozzio-Machacek

Cities and dates will be released as they are confirmed. (lh)
Time to visit the Z'Lounge if you're a member! Exclusive information about the April 2013 tour is now available in the "Live" section. Also, be sure to read Eddie's latest update in "EJ's Notes."

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The Four Decades Tour and Master Class will visit the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Philadelphia, and MontrĂ©al. This is in addition to the 13th Annual Baja Prog Festival in Mexicali. 

The Master class will be available to VIP ticket holders, as well as to members of the Zealots Lounge (however, a master class will not be presented at the Mexicali date).

More cities (and dates) will be forthcoming as they become available. (lh)

Yuya Komoguchi: Akito Shirai Special JFusion Session

Japan's brightest rising guitar virtuoso and Xotic endorser, Yuya Komoguchi, showed off his talents at the Blue Mood Club in Tokyo this past August. Our camera crew was there to capture Yuya. He was accompanied by other emerging Japanese talents; Akito Shirai (keys), Yoshiki Takahasi (Bass) and Riku Taira (Drums). The band's chemistry is extremely tight resulting in a very explosive and thrilling performance. Check out to see for yourself, sign in and enjoy the entire performance. It's amazing!!

You can see more video clips at the following page.

Yuya Komoguchi × Akito Shirai Special Session Digest ver.

Vinnie Moore: Dean Guitars NAMM 2012

Only Dean Guitars gives the global guitar community, an all-access ticket to NAMM with a multi-camera, real-time HD webcast. Highlights included a first-hand look at Dean's new 35th anniversary USA custom guitars, footage from the Dean NAMM JAM with performances by Testament, Jackyl, Vinnie Moore and Wayne Static, rock stars, dean girls, live contests, and much more. DEAN TV produced over 20 hours of live NAMM action and so in case you missed it......we are posting it here. Please share it and spread the word that Dean Guitars is THE guitar brand for 2012 and beyond. Thanks!


Floyd Fernandes: Vibrato a slow beginning

Vibrato a slow beginning.
Oscillate strings slowly and smoothly. Please follow the basics hard. Do not get offended by my views they are purely to help.

Rick Graham: The II-V-1 Jizz lick - ooh saucy!

Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The II-V-1 Jizz lick
by Rick Graham
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James Ryan, Doug Steele: cool Jam sessions

+Doug Steele and James Ryan

Another great Jam from the Dec 6th session

Johnny Sanders and James Ryan Dmin Jam

John Sanders and James Ryan E minor metal jam

James Ryan and Johnny Sanders jamming to Rainbow in the dark

Danny Cullman,Chris Saniga,Chris Vogagis: Wide Eyes - Djent

We are Wide Eyes, and we live for this.

Danny Cullman (Guitar, Synths, Keys, Drum Programming, Producer)
Chris Saniga (Guitar, Synths)
Chris Vogagis (Guitar, Synths, Drum Programming)
Eric Thomas (Bass)
Drew Cline (Vocals)
Greg Martinis (Vocals)

For any/all inquiries,

Just me (Godge) being a goofy giant and playing along to a new Wide Eyes song! Enjoy! The 8th string is only used once (literally) in this section of the song, but this is only 1:30 or so of a 6:40 second song. There's plenty of other riffs in this song that use the low E, that's why this is just a teaser! WE love you all!

Album 2 - 8 Strang Teaser

Wide Eyes - The Ocean Sky

Daniel Peroine: Masterclass in tapping 2012

+Daniel Peroine Masterclass in tapping 'AND' Vesancy December 1, 2012
my album "renovatio" Available on Itunes, spotify, Deezer or guitareuroshop bones ...

Masterclass chez ET (4) le 01 12 2012 - Choina

Masterclass chez ET (3) le 01 12 2012 - The Game

Masterclass Tapping chez ET (2) le 01 12 2012 Las Palmas Street

Tapping Masterclass AND at December 1, 2012 - Renovatio

Danie Weiss: jazz rock - Live at Boston

Daniel Weiss is a unique artist with a range of experience in composing, arranging and guitar performing that is unsurpassed from an artist at this level of his career. He has toured worldwide and was one of the winners in the prestigious "Rimon Jazz Competition" in Israel. Daniel's mastery of the instrument, his evolved, innovative and unique style of playing is singularly his own. This young artist's reach and impact within the music industry increases with every performance and musical project. make sure you check out his recent project with Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra.

UnoTuno! Original song by Daniel Weiss (Live at AllAsia - May10/2011)
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Alex Santiago - Drums
Andrew Dow - Bass
Daniel Weiss - Gtr
Video work by Dperry -

Danie Weiss Group Live at Boston - UNO TUNO

Daniel Weiss Group - FUN NO.1

Dimitar Nalbantov: Sing To The Mountain, new album available

Dimitar Nalbantov: Sing To The Montain
+Dimitar Nalbantov 
I'm happy to tell that the new Album "Sing To The Mountain" 2012 is out now!
Here you can hear four full songs

The album was written and recorded during the summer of 2012

All the ideas and the tunes were inspired by the traveling in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. The Rhodope Mountains are the most lyrical of Bulgarian mountains combining the relief of mild oval forms, the colourful "rugs" of nature animated by the architecture of picturesque villages, by the hospitality of the people and the legendary songs of Orpheus. I have made many new friends that I would not know before...  It was a great time and everybody was amazing! A million thanks to all my Online friends and all those who have helped me to play and record my music! Thank you to all of you my dear friends and family!  ...and at the end the love you make is equal to the love you take

Best Regards,

Dimitar Nalbantov - "Dance with the Trees"