Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Luca Zamberlin,Atma Anur: Mad 4 It band rehearsal

Atma Anur - Mad 4 It band rehearsal (pt. 2) / HACIPACI
A final clip from day one of our preparation for the MAD FOR IT CD release party at Coccio Pesto... here is HACIPACI featuring some blazing guitar work by Luca Zamberlin. Pro video of this track is being mixed now... well lots of fun with these guys, Luca and bassist Piero Trevisan.

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot is Mr Grinch!

Ron Thal.... aka Bumblefoot playing this song live 20/12/06 in LA

Mr. Grinch Theme by Bumblefoot

Eric Sous: Visions - original play through

In this video, the young Brazilian guitarist Eric Sous plays his song "Visions", using the guitar Seizi Vision and Zoom G3 effects.
Audio Producer: Leandro Figliolia, Video Editing: Paul Toth, Bass: Aislan Bass, Drums: Pablo Marchatto. Thanks for watching!

Eric Sous - Visions ( Original Song )

Georgi Stanchev: Orange Micro Terror Xmas Competition

Orange Micro Terror Xmas Competition - Georgi Stanchev
Solo Guitar - Georgi Stanchev

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Jack Thammarat Sunshine HWY

Andy James: announces Psychic Transfusion EP

Andy James' brand new 4 track EP Psychic Transfusion is being released through our JTC Records label early January! And boy oh boy you are not gonna know what hit you! These tracks are EPIC!
Andy has teamed up with our Canadian friend Alan 'Sacha' Laskow and created 4 tracks of pure hard hitting metal genius! This is Andy at his absolute best.

In true JTC style we will be releasing the EP as well as deluxe editions including the backing tracks and full transcriptions. It's gonna be a great start to 2013.

Andreia Gomez: Christmas special - Shreddelicious interview

DiMarzio Artist: Andreia Gomez

[Shreddelicious] 1 When did you start playing guitar?

[Andreia Gomez] I was born in a small fishing village in the south coast of Portugal. I took interest on the guitar when in 1998 when I saw footage of Slash on the Appetite for Destruction Tour. That summer I got a job and bought my first guitar. I learnt the basic chords from a book and from my cousin and uncle who both played acoustic and sung. I learnt the first pattern of the pentatonic scale from a drunk fisherman and that was it! As far as I was aware I'd learned to play the guitar... Kurt Cobain, Slash and Kirk Hammet were my only influences for years! I didn't really have much access to music, I lived in a small village and knew very few people who played the guitar. I came to England in 2002 to learn to play and really embarrassed my self by asking my fellow guitar students who Joe Satriani was.... That sums up my guitar knowledge at that point but also marks the beginning of my journey into the world of guitar playing.

Read the full Andreia Gomez - Christmas Special Interview on Shreddelicious with this exciting young talent. http://www.shreddelicious.com/2012/12/andreia-gomez-christmas-special-ten.html

Laurie Monk: Have you been naughty or nice?

"Ho, Ho Ho..."
Santa needs to go on a diet as soon as his job is done

Santa says: "Have you been Naughty or Nice?!"
Have a great Christmas and New Year!