Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kelly Simonz: Marshall demonstration in ESP MusicSchool

Marshall DSL series is a demonstration by Mr. Kelly SIMONZ MI JAPAN GIT SPECIAL ADVISOR was held at the University of Tokyo ESP Music School!
Please see the performance of the best part of! "Transcendence" exactly.
Marshall demonstration is scheduled to be held at the schools future MI JAPAN.
Stay tuned ☆

Tokyo School Kelly SIMONZ Marshall demonstration in ESP MusicSchool

Fred Brum: Skervesen Swan 8 string

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)

Official Website -
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After a bit of back and forth speccing the instrument, here's my new Skervesen Swan 8!This is quite a solid piece of work, effortless to play and has some stunning woods to boot. Scales are 27.1" on the bass side and 25.5" on the treble side on a rosewood / ebony neck fitted with a birdseye maple fingerboard with ebony fillets. Body is made of ash, and the top is spalted walnut (AKA the boobtop) on a layer of bubinga. Pickups are BKP Aftermaths (10ยบ slanted for multiscales).

Tracks were recorded with both my Laney Ironheart through a Zilla cab mic'd with a SM57 and a Kemper (Bad Cat / Triple 6 models), the "funny thing around the headstock" is a Gruv Gear Fretwrap, and the "looks like you're picking with a pebble" is actually a Hufschmid pick made of Tivar. ;) Links below:

Skervesen Guitars:

Hufschmid guitars and picks:

Gruv Gear:

If you like my work, kindly consider getting my album Atonement. My second album, Transcendence, will be released early next year as well. :)
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Fred Brum Skervesen Swan 8 string

Fred Brum - Laney Ironheart 120

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue - T Shirt & EP Bundle

Sacred Mother Tongue - T Shirt & EP Bundle

Save yourself some money and get the T-Shirt & EP Bundle!

Sacred Mother Tongue released ‘A Light Shines’, their brand new EP on September 3rd via EMI Label Services and Transcend Music. This is their debut release on EMI Label Services and precedes their second album, ‘Out Of The Darkness’, which will be released early next year

Track Listing
1. Evolve/Become
2. Bleeding Out
3. Seven
4. The City Is Crying (Live)



Guthrie Govan: The Night Sessions 3 - now available

The daylight has faded and the King of the Late Night improvisation yet again dons his crown...
...plugs in his guitar and commands "Roll the track Fellas!" to bring you his Late Night Sessions 3 jam track series. 5 new absolutely stunning live performances captured on film for you to stare at in a state of amazement and then smile in the knowledge that we will show you how he actually did it through the 'Power of JTC 100% accurate TAB!'
Just when you thought you had managed to conquer the colossal amount of Guthrie licks that we have already transcribed for you, the master of the jam creates another fresh barrel full of them in this totally awesome new package. Mr Govan is on top form again (when is he not?) and has played in a truly sublime fashion over these 5 wonderful tracks written and recorded by no other than the immensely talented Martin Miller.
The JTC team still can't truly believe what happened in front of our eyes at this filming. This man is a monster when it comes to on-the-spot improvisation.
The Late Night Sessions 3 comes with 5 solo tracks by Guthrie, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, live video performances and completely accurate TAB and notation.
What a way to end 2012!


5 full length video performances by Guthrie in MP4
5 solo example tracks in MP3
5 solo backing tracks in MP3
5 extended jam tracks in MP3
Complete TAB and notation of each solo in PDF and Powertab format

Brian Autumn: stunning two handed counter point - JS Bach, Invention 4

JS Bach, Invention 4, By Brian Autumn

Vladimir Maisiuk: Memories - with live band

Minsk(Belarus) Doodah King Bar

Vladimir Maisiuk "Memories"

Alan Williamson: finger picked Silent Night


Solo Extract From My Track "The Mountain", Hope you enjoy it! X


Bill Hall: Long Legato Lines Improvised

Long Legato Lines Improvised Solo Ideas 1

Pedro Molina: Keith Merrow- Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan competition

 Here's my entry for the "Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan - Solo Competition"

Keith Merrow- Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan - Solo Competition Pedro Molina

Kuni: live Roxy 1986

Kuni: live Roxy 1986

Kuni at The Roxxy , Hollywood , California 1986

Luca D'Alterio: How the modes sounds

Improvising over the seven modes of the diatonic major scale using the pitch axis.

How the modes sounds? (the major scale modes in 2 minutes)

Nikolai Sokolov: Live in Nizhny Novgorod - full show

Like many musicians, one of my favorite things is the concerts! Nikolai Sokolov concert September 15, 2012 
Very happy when given an opportunity to play with live musicians. I would be immensely happy if such a project ever to travel in different cities of Russia with performances ..http://NSokolov.NNov.RU

Nikolai Sokolov - Live in Nizhny Novgorod, September 15, 2012

Daniele Gregolin: I'll See You In My Dreams - acoustic jazz

Daniele Gregolin Trio Zingaro - I'll See You In My Dreams

Rick Graham: Improvisation at Masterclass

+Rick Graham

Just a quick improv clip of one of my favourite (have you noticed?) backing tracks from a recent masterclass. More info on my new FULL HD lesson Economy Picking part 1:

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Improvisation at Masterclass - Nov 2012 Rick Graham

Thiago Wesley,Junior Cap,Danilo Pereira: Tom Quayle Jam Ballad

Seventh, and special Jam! This time we chose a ballad, Master Tom Quayle! thanks for watching! Glory to God! Thiago Wesley Channel Junior Cap Channel Danilo Pereira Channel / danalvez10 Seventh, and special Jam! This time we chose a ballad, Master Tom Quayle! thanks for watching!  Glory to God!

Jam Tq Ballad - Thiago Wesley, Junior Cap, Danilo Pereira

Prashant Aswani: demos new ESP Vintage Series

LA-based guitar virtuoso Prashant Aswani demonstrates several of the brand new TE and ST Series guitars for 2013. More information at

Prashant Aswani presents ESP Vintage Series @ Sound Service TV

Buy the latest album

Prashant Aswani: Visions

Dallton Santos,Davi Filho: No-Metric - Top level fusion!

Brazilian fusion group No-Metric playing Cosmo Funk.

No-Metric is:
Dallton Santos - guitar
Davi Filho - guitar
Fernando Molinari - bass
Rodolfo Ferreira - drums

COSMO FUNK - No-Metric [fusion]

an earlier tack

Dallton Santos - guitar
Fernando Molinari - bass
Rodolfo Ferreira - drums

Trouble Tones - Fusion Rock

Fernando Miyata: improvisations and original tune

+fernando miyata A brace of videos from a year ago

more info:

Improvisation - Fernando Miyata

Age - Fernando Miyata

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Flatlands Vladivostok 2012

The Aristocrats, a U.S.-based jazz-rock fusion trio visiting Primorye, Russia in December 2012, gave unforgettable, packed-house concerts in Vladivostok and Nakhodka. The jazz group -- drummer Marco Minnemann, guitarist Guthrie Govan, and bass guitarist Bryan Beller, filled both Vladivostok and Nakhodka concert halls with enthusiastic audiences, young appreciative fans, and amazing jazz-rock music. In this video the group performs "Flatlands" at their concert in Vladivostok.

The Aristocrats in the Russian Far East

Hello again-

Before we dive into the holiday week, we wanted to let you know about something really cool: Jam Track Central (the fine bunch who helped Guthrie re-release his amazing solo album Erotic Cakes) has just released bass/drum-only “backing tracks” from The Aristocrats debut album, with full transcriptions of all Guthrie Govan’s guitar parts, composed and improvised! For guitarists, it’s a lifetime of learning – and for bassists and drummers, it’s a very revealing focus on the rhythm section interplay.

Just click here to check out JamTrack Central’s Aristocrats “Backing Tracks”.

Meanwhile, we wanted to repeat how grateful we are for the response to our new live album Boing, We’ll Do It Live! The Aristocrats At Alva’s Showroom!

All of the pre-orders have now shipped. Some are traveling internationally, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, it should be there really, really soon. We’ve also sent more to the warehouse so there’s plenty to go around.

Meanwhile we’ve got some shows coming up on the west coast of the U.S. in January, and we’re going to be debuting some new material from the upcoming second studio album, which we’ll start tracking in January as well.

That’s it for now. From all of us at BOING Music and The Aristocrats, thanks so much for a great 2012, and have a wonderful holiday season with you and yours!

-BB (for GG and MM as well!)

Andrey Solovyev: Russian progressive tapping guitar original

Russian Shred Guitar - Andrew Solovyev (Games are Over)

Progressive method of learning the electric guitar

Stu Box: 12 string Midi Tapping Guitar 2012

Stu Box tests his headless 12 string midi guitar by playing an original song called Wise Man.

Stu Box: Incredible Midi Tapping Guitar: 2012

Stu Box demonstrates some playing styles, sound options and the versatility of his 12 string midi guitar. Box Guitar: Model: SRB-640 more info at

The Ultimate Guitar for Synth, Midi & Tapping Touchstyle: Stu Box: 2012

Philly Guitar Kid: Technical Difficulties/Scarified - 11 year old burn your guitar alert!

It's winter break! At last I can post vids again. Here is another song from one of my favorite guitarist Paul Gilbert. I really enjoy playing this song. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for Watching!

Technical Difficulties by Racer X/Paul Gilbert (guitar cover by 11yr old)

First time to do a multi angle video. The audio was recorded thru a borrowed Tascam US-1800 using Garageband. The audio was done in one take and I made a couple of mistakes but my dad doesn't want me to edit it out because according to him, that would be cheating. The video was done by kuya Mac with his Canon T2i and iphone 4S, and edited on Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Special thanks to kuya Mac for showing me how to use final cut pro and how to do better vids, and for doing all this in just two hours. Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share if you like my vids. Thanks 4 watching!

Scarified by Racer X/Paul Gilbert (guitar cover by 11yr old)

Fernando Miyata: testing Boss pedals and live at IG&T

Testing combinations of Boss pedals w / mounting my set.

Teste de pedais compactos Boss Fernando Miyata 2

Fernando Miyata IG&T 2012

Francesco Fareri,Jon Finn: Jon to provide guest solo for upcoming release

Francesco Fareri
Renowned guitarist Jon Finn and teacher in Berklee College of Music in Boston sent me today his guest solo track for my upcoming album. It is a honour for me to have his musicality, technique and feel on my upcoming album. I wrote several times how much I love his music and it seems a dream come true now to jam with him on a song. Thanks Jon for your playing!

Rowan J Parker: On the 3rd day of Shredmas

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On the 3rd day of Shredmas my true love gave to me... INSANE DIMINISHED TAPPING!

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The 12 Days Of Shredmas - On The 3rd Day Of Shredmas... INSANE DIMINISHED TAPPING!

Neil Zaza: Live On Crooked River Groove

Neil Zaza: Live On Crooked River Groove

This live companion CD to the DVD captures Neil in all of his melodic glory. Recorded at the intimate Tri-C Black Box Theater in Cleveland, Ohio, this dynamic performance captures all of Neil’s melodic classics such as “I’m Alright”, “Melodia” and “In My Dreams” along with new landmark songs like “Go!”, “King of the World” and “Baroque Sky.” Neil even tackles such rock classics like Elton John’s iconic “Funeral for a Friend” and A-Ha’s memorable “Take On Me.”

Originally filmed as live footage for the Tri-C television program Crooked River Groove, these emotional and melodic performances by Neil and his band showcases why he is considered to be the modern day innovator of melodic rock guitar.

Guthrie Govan: All Out Guitar - the interviews are back!!

Welcome to the All Out Guitar archives. Due to popular demand we’ve re-established the interviews from the old site. Enjoy…

Christopher Amott,Matthew Wicklund: talks about new project

Christopher Amott

Well, you may or may not know that I have moved to the US. I’ve been living here since April and I actually got my green card in the mail a few weeks ago, which was cool. It took a while but now I am all settled in and can get down to business over here.

So, what I’m doing right now is writing for... wait for it... a new Armageddon record!  Yes! it’s true. I've got a brand new band together & some kick-ass material that I can’t wait to unleash on the world.

To be honest, haven’t been this excited about working on an album in about 10 + years... This one’s gonna be 100% metal with loads of shred-guitar and intricate compositions.

I am writing the music together with Matthew Wicklund (God Forbid, Warrel Dane, Himsa) who is the second guitarist in the band. The hooks and melodies we have come up with are huge!! Very excited...
On drums we have Van Williams (Nevermore). Bassist and vocalist I am not revealing yet... but I can say this much; it won’t be me singing. I’m predicting a release for this album by summer 2013.

Happy holidays!

Christopher Amott: Impulses

George Lynch: Strypers Michael Sweet to join T&N for tour duties

Legendary Rock Interviews: Is it true that Michael Sweet of STRYPER will be the touring singer for T&N when you tour?

George: Yeah, that was the decision we all collectively came up with. We thought he was really the right choice. LYNCH MOB has done quite a few dates with STRYPER and we know Michael as a man and he's just such a wonderful guy, which is important at this stage in the game. I've learned that lesson the hard way over the years and now it's to the point where you just wanna work with people who want to work with you and are dedicated, honest, transparent and have a good work ethic. Michael is obviously talented, we all knew that, but he is also just a good person who has all of those qualities and architecture and is a solid guy, but more importantly, his voice is really suited to what we are trying to accomplish live, which is to recreate the DOKKEN stuff faithfully. Jeff's voice is not necessarily ideal for all of that, because he has a bit of a raspier, harder edge, which is better suited to the original music that T&N has done, Jeff will do some of the DOKKEN stuff, but then Michael will come in and do some of the material that he's better at. The other advantage we have with Michael Sweet, other than him being just a great human being, is that he's a really good guitar player and really suited to playing the rhythm parts we have, which is something we really need collectively in this band and for this material. There's a lot of guitars on this record and we wanna reproduce the record faithfully. Plus, he's not a bad-lookin guy either!

full interview

Ron Thal: Bumbefoot free download and January shows

Bumblefoot "Abnormal"  FREE DOWNLOAD

MP3s are 6Mb, WAV's are 29Mb, CD quality.  Below is the album version, a clean version with curses removed, and an instrumental version with a TXT file of lyrics for all you singers - enjoy!


TUE JAN 15, 2013
@ Times Scare NYC
669 8th Ave. NYC
(btwn 42nd & 43rd St.)

FRI JAN 18, 2013
@ The Cutting Room
44 E32nd St., NYC
(btwn Park & Madison)

FRI JAN 25, 2013
5PM Autograph session w/ Steve Stevens & Doug Aldrich
TC Electronic booth @ NAMM
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

Morgan Pettersson: wins Blackstar Rob Chappers competition

Rob Chapman
Huge congratulations to Morgan Pettersson for winning the Chappers & Blackstar competition!

Enjoy your day of win \m/

Morgan Pettersson Blackstar Demo & competition

Don't forget the Keith Merrow Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan Solo Competition

Keith Merrow:  January 20th 2013

This is Morgan Pettersson's stunning entry for that competition

Morgan Pettersson Keith Merrow Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan Solo Competition

George Marios: lesson update and some intervallic Cheeky Chaka Khan

Hey guys,here is a little update on the progress of my second upcoming instructional video package covering the Intervallic stuff.There is a cheeky Chaka Khan Jam too.Merry Christmas, enjoy the time with your loved ones:-)

Ignazio Di Salvo: Hammer Legato Exercises

Hi guys! This is a few of legatos exercises. Is a very difficult kind of technique because I never use right hand to pick the first note over one string. Is a totally hammered kind of legato and I'm working a lot to improve the timing sense and the right accents over chromatic lines. Anyway, work in progress!

Rowan J Parker: 12 days of Shredmas 1 and 2

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The 12 Days Of Shredmas - On The 2nd Day Of Shredmas... STUPENDOUS SWEEP PICKING!

The 12 Days Of Shredmas - On The 1st Day Of Shredmas... RIPPING ALTERNATE PICKING!

t-cophony: Never trust anyone from new album

New Album is

Facebook -

"Never trust anyone" from 2013 New album "Pressed for time " by T-cophony

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet San Francisco II announced

Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Concert

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

333 11th Street, San Francisco, California 94103

Not Dead Yet Concert...
Steve Morse
Richie Kotzen
Uli Jon Roth
Gus G
Michael Lee Firkins
Rudy Parris
Benjamin Woods
Jude Gold
Gretchen Menn
and others


Sam Bell,Reece Fullwood: Reece added to the upcoming Mask of Judas tour line up

Sam is currently going through the Mask of Judas live set with the uber talented Reece Fullwood, we are proud to announce that he will be joining us for next years tours in the UK. Things are sounding super sick!