Monday, 31 December 2012

John Goodsall: Transcendental Medication

Recorded live @ the Pasadena Baked Potato in 1997, featuring John Goodsall on guitar, Jake Feldman on bass, Kris Sjobring on keys & Darren Ross on drums.

John Goodsall & Transcendental Medication, performing Done Deal by Jake Feldman

John Goodsall's Trancendental Medication -The Poke

John Goodsall's Transcendental Medication - Born Ugly

Tim Donahue: Crazy Signature Harp Guitar!

Tim Donahue plays the Tim Donahue Signature Harp Guitar,
filmed at the KMA Guitar Show, December 16th, 2012

For more info on Tim Donahue Signature Harp Guitars:

Written & performed by Tim Donahue
Copyright 2012 Tim Donahue Music (BMI)

BEFORE MY EYES / Tim Donahue live in Tokyo

HIGH TIME / Tim Donahue live in Tokyo

Travis Montgomery: Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest

Hey guys, here's my entry for the #MayonesDuncan contest entry! I was going for a more melodic feel than shred on this one. Also, yes...this video is being mimed for the purpose of quality. I wanted to make sure that I had the best takes for the solo :)

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Travis Montgomery - Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest entry

I recently upgraded my Axe-fx to v9.02, so I had to redo my presets. I started from scratch today with a few different amp models, and I think I'm going in the right direction. What do you guys think?

Amp: Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ (bright mode)
Cabs: 4x12 Recto (RW) L + 4x12 Recto (OH) R

Dialing in some Axe-fx tones

Paco Hernandez: Mayones / Seymour Duncan Contest

Hey folks!

Here it is my entry to this great contest. I hardly ever enter contests, but the prize is so amazing, and the backing track that Keith Merrow has provided is so awesome and super fun to solo over that I´ve decided to give it a try.

I use a Fender Stratocaster American Standard which a student has lend me -damn I love its sound and feel- and my old and trusty ESP Horizon for the last unison (needed the 23th and 24th frets for that), For the tone, nothing fancy nor state-of-the-art here, but quite the opposite: the plain good old POD xt straight to the UA-4FX sound card, with some EQ toying in Nuendo later. That´s it. Oh, and that Korg Triton LE that another friend has lend me xD.

Good luck to everyone! :)

Paco Hernández -The Mayones / Seymour Duncan Solo Contest Entry

Patrick Amar: Mayones Seymour Duncan contest entry

My impro on that very cool backing track.

Patrick Amar - Mayones contest entry

Angel Ruiz: Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan competition

+Angel Ruiz Angel Ruiz Solo Competition

Keith Merrow- Mayones Guitars, Seymour Duncan -Angel Ruiz Solo Competition

Roberto Restuccia: Mayones Regius/ Semour Duncan Competition

My entry to The Mayones Regius/ Semour Duncan Competition .

I'm improvising the solo, so it's a press record and go type of thing ....hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment :)

The Mayones Regius/ Semour Duncan Competition by Roberto Restuccia #MayonesDuncan

Paulo Aguirre: Mayones Duncan competition entry

This is my entry for the #MayonesDuncan competition, hope you like.
Greetings from Colombia.

Paulo Aguirre #MayonesDuncan competition entry

Arsafes,Adam Nolly Getgood: Above The Earth - Happy New Year

Happy new year, boys and girls!! :D

Above The Earth - Happy New Year :D

Above The Earth - All Our Dreams (feat. Adam Nolly Getgood) (2012)

Beledo,Adam Holzman: The Avengers at Shape Shifter Lab 2012 - Tasty Fusion band!

"On A Mission" Live Part 1

1. On A Mission
2. After All
3. Exactly

Adam Holzman (keyboards)
Lincoln Goines (bass)
Kim Plainfield (drums)
Beledo (guitar)

The Avengers at Shape Shifter Lab Part 1

"On A Mission" Live Part 1

4. Portia (Marcus Miller)
5. Siddhartha's Return
6. Rauleando

Adam Holzman (keyboards)
Lincoln Goines (bass)
Kim Plainfield (drums)
Beledo (guitar)

The Avengers at Shape Shifter Lab Part 2.m4v

"On A Mission" Live Part 1

7. No Big Deal
8. Jimmy O'Donnell's Air

Adam Holzman (keyboards)
Lincoln Goines (bass)
Kim Plainfield (drums)
Beledo (guitar)

The Avengers at Shape Shifter Lab Part 3.m4v

Buy the album
The Avengers: On a Mission 

Arnaud: Sweet Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Gold Top

Backing track :
Facebook :
Logo by Shinsei

MATOS / GEAR : Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Gold Top, Blackstar HT Club 50, no pedal.

Claudio Pietronik: Key: E7 experimentation

This is me studying over a drum loop, experimenting with some new ideas!

Key: E7

Scott Mishoe: Bell Ringer - New Album on the way

Scott Mishoe " Bell Ringer " New Song" From Upcoming New ALBUM
Scott Mishoe " Bell Ringer " New Song" From Upcoming New ALBUM

Keith Merrow: Bugera 6260 Infinium Metal

Bugera sent me this 6260 a while back, finally getting around to messing with it.

If you like what I do, and would like to help me continue my adventure, please purchase some of my music, or a shirt, guitar picks, etc. It all helps!

Follow me on Facebook-

Signal Chain- BRJ Retro 6 with custom Duncan Invader - Bugera 6260 Infinium - Two Notes Torpedo Live - Nomades 2x12 - SM57 mic - Presonus Interface - Presonus DAW

Keith Merrow- Bugera 6260 Infinium Metal

Jon Neto: Rain from the 2009 album In The City - purple picking!

+Jon Neto another display of flawless speed picking.

Jon Neto - Rain - música do álbum 'In The City' - 2009

Greg Koch: Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute • SN: 108310447
by wildwoodguitars

Greg Koch:

Serial Number: 108310447
Brand: Gibson
Model: Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute
Finish Color: Worn Satin Honey Burst
Weight: 6.99 lbs
Top Wood: Maple
Body Wood: Chambered Mahogany
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Neck Shape: 60's Slim Taper
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius: 12"
Inlays: Figured Acrylic Trapezoid Inlays
Scale Length: 24.75"
Width at Nut: 1.695"
Frets: 22
Pickups: P-90
Controls: 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3-Way Selector
Bridge: Nashville Tune-O-Matic
Tailpiece: Stopbar
Tuners: Vintage
Knobs: Gold Top Hat Knobs with Chrome Inserts
Pickguard: Aged Cream
Case: Gigbag

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute • SN: 108310447

Frank Steffen Mueller: Knaggs Keya Demo

Knaggs Keya - Demo1
This a quick demo of my "KEYA" T2 Winter Solstice by KnaggsGuitars. Knaggs Guitars are THE BEST guitars I've ever owned without a doubt. The guys at Knaggs are pure genius! Go to to find out more about these wonderful instruments.

Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus

Leo Romero: Mayones- Seymour Duncan Regious Competition

Leo Romero: Hi this is my take on the mayones/duncan competition, hope you like it special thanks to Keith Merrow for this awesome track to jam with.

The Mayones- Seymour Duncan Regious Competition #Mayones Duncan- Leo Romero

Floyd Fernandes: Passing pissing lines

Passing pissing lines

Just some lines during soundcheck at a gig. Hope you enjoy the process of meandering.

Dmitri Maloletov: Elena - tapping tour de force

Composition "Elena" author, artist guitarist Dmitry Maloletov ....

"Elena," Dmitri Maloletov

Nick Kellie: Christmas Internet Jam

Nick Kellie

I had the idea to do a collaboration over the the wonders of the internet with my good friends. A collaborative effort with Sean Wayland on Keys, Nick Kellie on guitar, Miché Fambro on vocals and Simon Goulding on Bass Hope you enjoy it!

Fran Alonso: James Tyler Studio Elite HD Guitar Impro !!

+Fran Alonso Impro con la guitarra James Tyler Studio Elite HD y TH2 Overloud.

Body: Alder
Neck: Quartersawn Maple
Fingerboard : Madagascar Rosewood

Fran Alonso James Tyler Studio Elite HD Guitar Impro !!

Tom Quayle: working on new web site

Tom Quayle
Potential new website header...done in Photoshop... The pic is by Laurie Monk! I need some pics taken with the Fibenare! I've done the menu in CSS too Esgi. The menus in photoshop are just text fields so it's easy to update them. I made the menus transparent and hid their text field so that I can have the nicer graphical effects in Photoshop but with the usability of a CSS menu.

Fibenare Tom Quayle Custom Roadmaster '56 - Quick demo

Giorgio Rovati: Padovarte rocks!

+Giorgio Rovati

Giorgio Rovati guitarist Paduan professor at Padovarte Music, rokkeggia the big Due Carrare (PD)!

Padovarte: Giorgio Rovati rocks!!!

Alberto Rigoni: wishing fans a happy 2013

Alberto Rigoni
It's been a very stressful year but I'm proud of what I did. I released Lady and the BASS album and my third solo album "Three Wise Monkeys". I want to thank my family, my love Maria M. Parini, Federico Solazzo, Paolo Valli, Sebastian Persini, Mark Cross, Kevin Moore (official), Göran Edman, Tommy Ermolli, Simone Mularoni, Alessandro Bertoni, Paco Barillà, Davide Guidoni all my friends, fans and everyone who supported me! I love you and I wish you and your family a GREAT 2013!!!! ROCK ON!

Silvio Gazquez: -The Mayones / Seymour Duncan Solo Contest Entry

+Silvio Gazquez Hey guys, here´s my entry for this cool conest, hope you like it! Cheers and all the best for the new year!!!

Silvio Gazquez -The Mayones / Seymour Duncan Solo Contest Entry

Mark McGuigan: Bendy Bluesy Lick

mastertheguitar aka +Mark McGuigan
12 Licks Of Christmas - Day 6. Something a little Bendy, a little bluesy fer ya ;)

Bendy Bluesy Lick - 12LOC Day 6

Kiko Loureiro: Endangered Species II

Kiko Loureiro during the recordings of his first solo album: NO GRAVITY-
Warming up for recording the main theme of the song Endangered Species

April 2004

KIKO LOUREIRO No Gravity guitar recordings: Endangered Species II

Kelle Rhoads,Jason Saulnier: Interview with Jason Saulnier - 2012

Kelle Rhoads on

Kelle Rhoads Interviewed by +Jason Saulnier . December 11, 2012

Kelle Rhoads Interview - 2012

Julien Carayon: Yamaha NTX 700

+Julien Carayon Here is a new video to show you my new guitar I bought a couple of months ago. This is a Yamaha NTX700 nylon string guitar. The backing track I bought from a long while ago lacks originality in my opinion so I quickly got bored and I ended up doing some mistakes in my playing like sloppiness. Nevermind. Just testing this guitar.
Enjoy :D

Yamaha NTX 700 - Trying out new guitar - Julien Carayon [HD]

Ruggero Robin: Devil Blues

Ruggero Robin Solo Guitar Devil Blues EU 4 Blue Note Slovakia

Solo Ruggero Robin Devil Blues EU4 Blue Note SK

Matt Warnock: announces Jazz guitar community

Matt Warnock

Anyone interested in Jazz Guitar should check out this hang, very cool stuff going on over here!

Joop Wolters: happy new year 2013

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2013..

cheers, joop


Jennifer Batten: favorite guitar stolen!

PORTLAND – Internationally renowned guitar player Jennifer Batten had her favorite guitar stolen from her car on East Burnside Street Saturday night.
Batten gained acclaim as a guitar player for Michael Jackson appearing monster-selling albums “Bad” and “Dangerous.”
The guitar is a Washburn model JB 100 and is covered with signatures of fellow guitar players.

If you spot it please contact Jennifer

Full story

Ziua Chitarelor was my first chance to see Jennifer Batten live. In this special video Jennifer Batten made special tribute to Michael Jackson, playing a compilation of the solos from Michael's songs in Jennifer's own unique style. The crowd were highly enthusiastic and deeply appreciative of this gesture. The video does not include the onscreen back projections produced by Jennifer to go along with the show... for that you'll need to go along to one of her shows.

I think I would describe Jennifer as a guitar artist, painting with music and media. Her two handed approach along with chain of effects enables her to conjure up swathes of colour and texture, emotion and grace. I would certainly recommend checking out Jennifer's live show, particularly with the media back projections.

Main web site: and online shop

You can get a selection of Jennifer's releases:

Jennifer Batten: ZC3 Michael Jackson Tribute

Taylor Sterling: Hopefully the last time we'll see the Worlds Fastest Guitar Player!

World's Fastest Guitar Player Taylor Sterling demonstrates his abilities on the guitar at Allans Music/Billy Hydes in Melbourne. JOIN ON FACEBOOK:



At the current Time Guinness World Records has frozen the fastest guitar player world record due to the fact it is under-going new rules to verify the accuracy in the speeds being played and if no resolution is found the record will be discontinued.

Worlds Fastest Guitar Player 2012 999BPM

Darius Wave: MayonesDuncan guitar solo competition

+Darek Wawrzyniak find me on Facebook:

My entry to this awesome competition by Mayones Guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups. Good luck every contestant and hope You enjoy my entry :) Cheers!
Darek Wawrzyniak (Darius Wave)
#MayonesDuncan guitar solo competition :: Darek Wawrzyniak