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Nikita Mogilevtsev: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Sbrego - excellent tribute

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Sbrego Jam

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Sbrego Jam

Minimum solo - maximum funk

Paul Gilbert,Thomas Lang: Synchronicity - House Of Blues 2013



Paul Gilbert: reveals 7 string secret tuning

An older video... Paul explains the benefits of his own 7 string tuning.

Paul Gilbert 7 String

Yoshimitsu Murayama: JGypsy jazz?

Monthly, LIVE by Yoshimitsu trio MURAYAMA Invitation Live g Murayama has been conducted by Namba [Music] raft. Notice next time.

Kei Keiji Nakano b Miyagami g ds people Yoshimitsu Murayama 05 Song Is You

Tipriti Kharbangar: Soulmate - Nobody but U - top notch blues

Soulmate from Shillong performing "Nobody but U" @ the 3rd Edition of "Simply The Blues"
With the voice of a Diva, Tirpriti "Tips" Kharbangar of Soulmate lets her song soar to the rafters of St.Andrews Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai, during the 3rd Edition of "Simply The blues", the blues music concert series. A Live performance by an Indian blues band bringing the house down- now that is something that should not be missed.

Rocky Athas: John Mayall's band playing Hideaway

A wonderful finale when John Mayall and band played 'Hideaway', featuring Rocky Athas on guitar, when they performed a spectacular set at the MEZZ venue, in Breda, the Netherlands, on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012.

Extract from John Mayall's website: ROCKY ATHAS -- Guitar. Texan Rocky Athas started playing guitar at school and performing at neighborhood gigs with good friend Stevie Ray Vaughan. They were schoolmates and friends growing up in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff, Texas. By age 23, Rocky was honored as one of the ten best guitarists in Texas, as an inductee to Buddy Magazine's Texas Tornadoes. Stevie Ray Vaughan would receive his induction two years later. Rocky holds this honor with such noted guitarists as Eric Johnson, Bugs Henderson, Johnny Winter, Jimmy Vaughan and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons who is also a long-time admirer of Rocky's playing. Rocky wasn't only recognized by Texas musicians, the Irish rock band 'Thin Lizzy' wrote the song 'Cocky Rocky' after hearing Rocky play one night at 'Mother Blues', a local Dallas club. 'Queen' guitarist Brian May was also on hand for those performances and was so floored by Rocky's finger tapping style that he incorporated it on the next Queen album. May later revealed that it was the guitarist from Mother Blues who first introduced him to the style, well before Eddie Van Halen became known for this.

Pete Cottrell: #MayonesDuncan Mayones competition - gritty solo!

Hi everyone, Here's my entry into the Mayones/Duncan Competion. This was a lot of fun and big thanks to Keith Merrow, Mayones Guitars and Seymour Duncan Pickups for doing this :D

#MayonesDuncan Mayones Guitar Solo Competition | Pete Cottrell

Santiago Pagura: Deliver Us - Andy Timmons tribute

Santiago Pagura - Deliver Us (Andy Timmons Cover)
Here´s one of my all time favourite instrumental rock song, made by one of my all time favourite rock guitar player, Andy Timmons.

Thnx to Leandro Pagura for recording the Bass on this one !

I´ve recorded ir using an SM58 straight to the amp speaker, running my N4 trough a Laney Gh50L head, plugged into the GS412IS speakers. I´ve also used an Ibanez Ts9, BB Preamp, T-Rex Gull Wah and the Tc Electronics Nova Delay.

Hope u dig it ! Enjoy !

Eric Calderone: Numa Numa Meets Metal

Hey guys,

So I've seen this one in a buncha comments so I went back and listened to it resulting in me singing it in my head for the past week haha. So I figured why not. Thank you all so much for everything, it means the world. Big ups for all the comments, messages, donations, fan art, subs, suggestions and support. You guys rock the casbah, always!

Best to ya,

Ramon Luis Galang: Joyce Cooling tribute - just 12 years old!!

New Year's Resolution: No More Tabs :)

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Max Rufo takes care of Luis' guitars

Guitar: Washburn N2

Artec Dual Booster
Artec Analog Delay

ZT Lunchbox

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Daily Solo - Bossy Nova 7 - more classy tone!

One day - one solo!
Written and played by MICKYLEE.
Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic

My album "deComposing Cats" is available for purchase!
Buy it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or any other major online music store!
You can also contact me ( if you want to purchase the cd!

I´m also available for guitar and music theory lessons in Vienna or via Skype from anywhere in the world!

Played on Suhr Modern.

Jan Laurenz,Ferdinando Morandi: with acoustic band Low Action

Low action at Musicnet expo Lugano presenting Cole Clark guitars
Low action are:
Ferdinando Morandi(guitars,voice) 
Andrea Bregonzio(bass,voice,mandolin)
Jan Laurenz(guitars,ukulele)

Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow: to record an album!

Thanks to Ms. Ä @ms_anthrope

Very excited to let you all know, Jeff Loomis and I have decided that we’ll be doing an album together. We’ve been talking about it for a while, and it just seems right. So, we’ll start writing some new music for that, soon. I’m extremely motivated by the thought of this, and I know that the chemistry between the music…al ideas we have will make for a truly amazing album. Be stoked. I’m stoked!
So, our “jam” today was mostly about this collab, and also practicing for a performance at NAMM together. I know some of you were hoping for a new video, or a a bunch of pics… but, there will be plenty of that in the future. Count on it” – Keith Merrow

Robben Ford: Bringing It Back Home - new release announced

Album: Bringing It Back Home
Label: Provogue Music Productions
Released: February 26, 2013

Robben Ford - Bringing It Back Home trailer NO LOGOS

Timo Somers: super tribute - Gary Moore, Parisiene walkways

Timo Somers tribute Gary Moore Parisienne walkways

Timo Somers tribute to Gary Moore, Parisiene walkways

Pete Pachio: #MayonesDuncan - no competition for me!

Pete Pachio being melodic yet at the end SHRED! Enjoy!

Pete Pachio Playing to Put-Mayones-on-it by Keith Merrow(Non-entry)

Dino Mangafic: #MayonesDuncan - 15 years old

Hi, this is my entry for the competiton! I'm 15, and have been playing for about 2 and a half years. Hope you like it!

Original competition video:


The Mayones/Seymour Duncan Competition - Dino Mangafic (15 years old) #MayonesDuncan

News: Amazon offers MP3 access for past and future CD purchases

AutoRip: Amazon offers MP3 access for past and future CD purchases

The online retailer has just unveiled an initiative that will give its customers access to digital copies of their physical CDs. All that users need to do is sign into their Amazon account and they will see all applicable MP3 files automatically imported into their Amazon Cloud Player library. And if you’re worried about how much space that’s going to take up, Amazon has you covered. All AutoRip content is available completely free and does not count toward your Cloud Player storage limit.

Full details

News: HMV appoint administrator in UK has his master lost it's voice?

HMV: Debt-laden retailer to appoint administrator

Music and DVD chain HMV, which employs about 4,350 staff, has confirmed it will appoint an administrator, making it the latest High Street casualty.

Deloitte will run the 239-store chain while it assesses prospects for the business and seeks potential buyers.

Trading in HMV shares on the London Stock Exchange are being suspended, the company said in a statement.

Started in 1921, HMV became one of the biggest names on the High Street, but has struggled against online retailing.

News: Rotosound Launch New Guitar Slides

To complement its ever-increasing accessories series, Rotosound is pleased to introduce its new range of guitar slides. The new 2mm thick slides are available in glass, steel and brass and come in two lengths 60mm and 40mm. Whatever the type of music you play, the action your guitar has or the gauge of string you use, Rotosound has a guitar slide to suit you.

The new Pyrex Glass Bottleneck Slides (S1GD – Double Pack, RRP £9.95, S1GS – Single Pack RRP £5.95) are designed to be of the perfect weight and finish. They don’t dig in; they ride the strings giving a very pure, clean tone. The lovely smooth surface of these slides, gives a beautifully sweet glassy sound helping to create easy harmonics.

For a more retro, blues sound try the Brass Slide (S1BD – Double Pack RRP £24.95, S1BS – Single Pack £11.95), which gives a mellow growl, compared to a glass one. The metal is softer than the strings, making for a more tactile connection when you play. These slides have a bright resonance, high sustain and give a dirty gritty sound.

For a sound in-between these two, Rotosound have the stainless Steel Slide (S1SD – Double Pack RRP £16.95, S1SS – Single Pack RRP £9.95). Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and possess the ability to self heal minor surface scratches which means your slide will readily keep its frictionless, streamlined finish making it effortless to move along the strings. A Steel Slide has a sharp brassy tone, with some grit in it. The tone it produces is more brash with a long sustain and sparkling harmonics.

Rotosound Guitar Slides are engineered to the same exacting standards as all their strings. Selecting a guitar slide is like selecting guitar strings, a matter of personal preference, and when it comes to quality that why guitar players prefer Rotosound. To find our more about the guitar slide range visit

Danny Gill: Jam With Foo Fighters Vol 2 DVD

LickLibrary have just launched their Jam With Foo Fighters Vol.2 guitar tuition DVD, which takes you step by step through five tracks from the Grammy award winning ‘Wasting Light’ album, plus classic tracks from ‘There is Nothing Left to Lose’ and ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace’.

Top guitar teacher Danny Gill shows you how to get that unique wall of guitar sound produced by using two or three guitars in a song, looking at each part and showing you how they all fit together. Jam with Foo Fighters Vol.2 (RRP £27.99) is a double DVD complete with a CD of all the backing tracks and over two and half hours of guitar lessons. It features five tracks from the Wasting Light album; Walk, winner of Grammy Best Rock Song 2012, the melodic These Days, Bridges Burning with its gutsy machine gun guitars, Rope with its excellent demonstration of how three guitars can combine so effectively and White Limo winner of the Grammy Best Hard Rock / Metal performance 2012. Danny also looks at Breakout and Long Road to Ruin, both again from Grammy award winning albums.

If you want to play like the Foo Fighters and find out more about rhythm guitar then this is the guitar tuition DVD set for you. It is available only from where you can also find other Foo Fighters products.

Chris Brasil: #MayonesDuncan Competition

2300+ views

Hi Folk! This is my entry in the Mayones/Seymour Duncan Mayones Regius 7 Custom.
I hope u enjoy!!! Sub my channel and follow my Fanpage

#MayonesDuncan Competition Entry - Chris Brasil

Tim Draksler: #MayonesDuncan competition - 15,000 views

Hey guys! This is my entry in the Mayones/Seymour Duncan Mayones Regius 7 Custom guitar contest! Hope you all enjoy!

My project

Tim Draksler - The Mayones Regius/Seymour Duncan Competition #MayonesDuncan

Joelson Ethridge: #MayonesDuncan Solo Contest

Hope you like the solo. :) I feel like I am the only guitar player in this contest that doesn't use delay. The delay really bothers my ears.

Joelson Ethridge - #MayonesDuncan Solo Contest Entry

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Milk Light - original composition

Tomasz Andrzejewski with an original composition

Milk Light

Tom Hess: How To Become A Better Guitarist By Listening To Yngwie Malmsteen

How To Become A Better Guitarist By Listening To Yngwie Malmsteen
By Tom Hess
In my opinion, Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the most important and underrated guitar players in history. In fact, I would even say that you can significantly improve your own guitar playing abilities by simply understanding the entire story behind what makes Yngwie so underrated. That said, a lot of guitarists would say that it is wrong to make the claim that I am making while coming up with objections such as:

· Other guitar players have sold more albums and have a stronger influence and importance in the music world than Yngwie Malmsteen.
· Yngwie plays too fast and doesn’t know how to play emotionally with good melody.
· Yngwie has not done anything new with his music since his early days in the 80’s.

Now, before I continue on with the rest of this article, I want to mention that the first point made above is entirely off topic to what I will be discussing (the amount of albums a guitarist sells has no impact on their overall importance in the guitar playing community as a whole). Additionally, the other two points are NOT true at all and you will find out why shortly as you read below.
My goal with this article is not to turn you into an Yngwie fan. Instead, I want you to understand the reasons behind why Yngwie is such an important figure in the history of great musicians and influence to the current (and future) generation of guitar players. Once you understand what goes into his guitar playing that makes him so great, you can then begin to utilize this knowledge to improve and enhance your own guitar playing.
Here is a small list of all the great innovations that Yngwie Malmsteen has brought into the rock and metal guitar playing community (most of which he is not commonly given credit for):

Music Composing Skills: Yngwie has brought a lot to the rock guitar community through his ability to write music that utilizes intelligent and innovative use of the foundational songwriting principles. It is true that these principles have been used for hundreds of years prior to his music; however, no one had utilized them in quite the same manner as him outside of ‘some’ jazz musicians and modern classical composers.

How can you use this idea?
The songwriting techniques that Yngwie uses are not exclusive only to his style of music; in fact, they can be used effectively in any style of music. To learn how to apply them to your particular style of guitar, check out this video about learning to put together creative guitar chord progressions.

Expressive Vibrato Technique: As far as I am concerned, Yngwie has debatably the best vibrato technique of any electric guitarist ever! That said, there are a lot of naysayers who pass over this aspect of Yngwie’s guitar playing entirely. These people focus on his ability to play fast, and disregard his vibrato altogether claiming that Yngwie’s style “lacks emotion”. Comparisons are often made to Yngwie where it is claimed that other guitarists can say more with one note than he can say with an entire solo section. However, the truth is just the opposite. If you want to hear the proof of this, simply listen to the first song on Yngwie’s album “Rising Force” and compare the sound and expressive quality of it to any other guitar players who are commonly compared to Yngwie.
As you do this, think about how the technical and specific aspects in his vibrato technique (such as the rate, depth, balance and rhythmic timing) give him the ability to play with an incredibly diverse palette of emotions while using ‘only’ one note. Compare this to the common guitar player who never truly takes the time to analyze the subtleties in their vibrato technique and cannot appreciate the difference between average vibrato and the vibrato of a virtuoso.

How can you use this idea?

When it comes to playing guitar with nice phrasing and interesting melodies, your vibrato technique is what will stand out the most. I encourage you to take note of the subtle elements mentioned above to analyze your own vibrato technique. To start with, see how big of a variety of musical expressions you can create by playing only one note and apply vibrato to it. If you are unable to utilize vibrato to create a variety of emotions in your guitar playing, you have a lot of work to do! Watch this video on how to play guitar vibrato technique and find out more on how you can improve your musical expression.

Lead Guitar Playing Techniques: Most people will give credit to Yngwie as being a highly technical guitar player (especially considering what other guitarists were playing during his time). However, most people overlook the fact that his true genius comes in the form of the variety of improvements he has accomplished in the realm of technical lead guitar playing. By merely considering this point on its own, it becomes very clear that Yngwie is of great importance to the world of electric guitar players.

The truth is, many guitar players (of Yngwie’s time) did not take the time to master all the possible guitar techniques that they could use to make music. Consider techniques such as tapping, sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping, speed picking, not to mention subtle techniques like playing with articulation and fluent guitar phrasing. Think about how long these guitar techniques were available to be mastered before someone actually came along and mastered them all on a technical and musical level. In most cases, these guitar techniques took the span of many decades to get to the point to where they were being played at a level of true mastery. Although there were guitarists who were playing with some of these techniques at various levels of proficiency, there was no guitarist (before Yngwie Malmsteen) who had achieved a level of virtuosity for ALL of them in his guitar playing.
Yngwie was not merely ‘another shredder’, but a true pioneer when it comes to guitar technique. This is one of the most common oversights made by guitar players who mistakenly place all of the techniques he played into the all encompassing category of “Guitar technique” and move on as if there is nothing more to learn from him.
How can you use this idea?
You might not be a listener of Yngwie’s music, but even if that is the case you can still gain great insight from his ability to combine together a large variety of guitar techniques. It is crucial for you to be able to integrate various techniques in a smooth manner throughout your music regardless of the musical style you play in. Note that when I say ‘integrate’ guitar techniques, I am not referring to practicing them separately on their own like the majority of guitarists. Learn how to integrate guitar techniques together by watching this video on the topic of effective guitar practice.
Improvisation Skill: Just like a jazz guitarist, Yngwie Malmsteen has the ability to improvise music at an extremely high level. It is true that he does not commonly solo over jazz-styled harmony; however, after listening to his music it is apparent that he has total control over the emotion created in every chord he plays over. This does not mean that he simply knows “which scale fits over which chord progression”. As a master improviser, he understands how each chord will ‘feel’ in combination with what he plays (‘before’ a single note even sounds) and can quickly adapt his phrasing to create this feeling.
Additionally, Yngwie frequently improvises newer versions of his old guitar solos on a consistent basis (…and with great precision). Most guitar players simply re-play their old material in the exact same manner every time they go on stage.

How can you use this idea?
Regardless of your preferred musical style, it is crucial for your success as a lead guitar player to able to identify the emotion of each chord ‘before’ the chord is actually played. To learn how you can do this in your own guitar playing, watch this free video lesson about writing a metal guitar solo.

What is the action that you should take right now?
1. Take the time to listen to Yngwie’s songs (even if you do not particularly care for his guitar playing style). If you already like his music, grab any of his albums and go through the steps below.
2. Listen closely and identify the subtle nuances that make Yngwie an excellent guitarist (use the ideas mentioned in this article as a reference). If you are not sure how some of the more advanced musical ideas utilized in Yngwie’s playing work (such as musical expression, songwriting techniques and improvisation in different keys), locate a guitar teacher who can help you understand them in great detail and use them to enhance your own guitar playing .
3. Look into your own guitar playing to identify your level of mastery for the elements discussed in this article. Regardless of your guitar playing style (even if it is totally different than that of Yngwie Malmsteen), it is still important for you to achieve a high level of mastery for the above mentioned elements as they relate to your own style. Track your progress toward achieving mastery in these areas and do what it takes to improve in the weaker areas of your guitar playing.
By writing this article, I not am attempting to necessarily make you a fan of Yngwie; but to help you gain new musical insights that you likely have not yet considered. If you do not like Yngwie’s music after studying him in detail, that is totally fine. However, understand that by observing the subtle nuances in Yngwie’s music as described in this article, you will be able to get much more value out of the music of other guitar players. This will help you become a better guitarist and reach a new level in your overall musicianship.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player, composer and the guitarist of the band Rhapsody Of Fire. He also trains musicians to reach their guitar playing goals in his rock guitar lessons online. Visit his rock and metal guitar lessons site to read more articles about guitar playing, plus get free guitar tips and guitar playing resources.

Velko Zivkovitz: #MayonesDuncan competition

My entry for the Mayones/Seymour Duncan solo contest. Thanks for watching, cheers from Serbia. #MayonesDuncan

Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo Contest entry - Velko Zivkovitz #MayonesDuncan

Fayeed Tan: #MayonesDuncan Competition - classy soloing

Great performance from Fayeed Tan

Hi there! This is my entry for the "Mayones Regius/Seymour Duncan Competition" (#MayonesDuncan) I hope you like it and don't forget to click on subscribe.
Don't mind the ending I was exaggerating because my hands hurt after every take. ;)

Fayeed Tan - #MayonesDuncan Mayones Regius/Seymour Duncan Competition

Rich Brymer: #MayonesDuncan guitar solo competition

Great feel and touch from Rich Brymer, gone the classic root.

Thanks to Keith Merrow,Mayones guitars/Basses and Seymour Duncan for the opportunity and chance to win a beautiful Mayones Regius 7 string guitar!Thanks for watching!!

#MayonesDuncan guitar solo competition,Rich Brymer

Lee Luland: #MayonesDuncan competition - Terrifying tapping!

Terrifying tapped section!

Here is my entry to the #MayonesDuncan solo competition using a Jackson PC3 guitar into and Axe Fx. I hope enjoy it and thanks for watching!

Lee Luland - Mayones/Duncan SoloLee Luland - Mayones/Duncan Solo

Oliver Mazurtshak: #MayonesDuncan Contest - another stunning entry!

Thanks to Kris Claerhout for the heads up on this solo

Watch in 1080p!

Greetings from Estonia! :)
This is my entry for the Mayones Guitars & Seymour Duncan pickups competition.
This is the most fun I've had with any contest, mainly because the backing track is just so badass :D
I hope the judges dont mind me adding a few extras here and there.

Hope you like it! :)

#MayonesDuncan Contest Entry - Oliver Mazurtshak

Stéphan Forté: NAMM appearances announced

Stéphan Forté

Hello guys, here we are, the 10000 likes has been reached, so thank you sooooooooo f**kin much for showing me so much love and support, I'd be nothing without you ! :)

This week is gonna be fully dedicated to NAMM preparation, 9 days to go before departure to L.A, so the program is : Practicing, practicing and practicing again !!!

SEE YOU THERE !!!! :) — with Franck Hermanny Page II,Mike Bradley, Michel Lâg, Brian Piccolo, Nick Owen andJocelyn Diot.

Vinci Bluesky: #Mayones/Duncan guitar solo competition

Vinci Bluesky full of my trademarks Tapping-legato-slide lines!

Hi everybody this is my entry for this awesome Mayones / Seymour Duncan competition by Mayones Guitars and Seymour Duncan , i just added some different color to the really cool backing track with piano , keyboards and clean guitars . Thanks to all the people involved in this great contest . It's really a deep pleasure to be in this contest so full of really great talented players . Good Luck to all the contestants and hope you like my entry .
Vinci Bluesky ( from Italy -magic Sardegna island )

#Mayones/Duncan guitar solo competition - Vinci Bluesky

Ulf Katschrowski: Mayones Seymour Duncan Contest

About 1,090 entries according to YouTube. Nice to see an old time favourite Ulf Katschrowski back again for another competition!

My entry for the Mayones Seymour Duncan Solo Contest. One take entry without hairband. Maximum gain and speed. At the end you might miss one note. Unlasting the sun is shining again :-)

Katschrowski - Mayones Seymour Duncan Solo Contest #MayonesDuncan

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders Frankfurt 2012

From musikmesse 2012

From musikmesse 2012

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders playing CAFO Frankfurt 2012

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders Frankfurt 2012

Li-sa-X: Japanese 7 years old girl plays "The Curse Of Castle Dragon"

Japanese 7 years old girl plays "The Curse Of Castle Dragon" / Li-sa-X

Cinthya Blackcat: Cosmic Love - her wedding gift!

Truth In Shredding says congratulation to Cinthya Blackcat!!

This song was composed as a wedding gift for my beloved one.. thanks for watching!.

Timo Somers: super tribute to the late Gary Moore

Timo Somers has the juice... a real chip off the old block. Here he's playing with the Gary Moore tribute show, recorded on 12 January 2013 at Weert in the Netherlands... picture may not be the pest, but the sound is awesome!

Timo Somers tribute to Gary Moore

Georgi Stanchev: Chopin Fantasie Impromptu - incredible picking!

Solo Guitar Georgi Stanchev

Matthew Mills: Neoclassical Solo shred - Park Rock Fest 2012

Matthew Mills Neoclassical Solo shred guitar live clips from Park Rock Fest 2012

Tony Smotherman: Mindless Shredding... it's the only whay to be sure

Tony Smotherman
Mindless Shredding ..

Paul Gilbert: Paul discusses his recording process and guitar lessons

Chitarre interview Paul Gilbert about his new album and the why he recorded the songs in the way he did. Also the secret of his lessons, including string muting.

Paul Gilbert INTERVIEW

Paul Gilbert,Guthrie Govan: little blues call and response

Paul Gilbert cuts heads w Guthrie Govan! Nov 2012

Please be excellent an subscribe for more content, it helps!!
Remember: Be Excellent To Eachother

Guthrie Govan Plays w_ Paul Gilbert ! Nov 2012