Friday, 18 January 2013

James Norbert Ivanyi: #MayonesDuncan Competition

#MayonesDuncan Guitar Competition. By James Norbert Ivanyi

Hi! My name is James Ivanyi from Sydney, Australia.
Here is my entry to the Mayones guitar competition. This is my first ever guitar competition as such, as I've never felt confident going up against all the other amazing players out there in the big bad world.. I sincerely hope you like my mainly improvised take on the Mayones guitar competition. The backing track by Keith Merrow is such great fun to jam over.
Please give it a 'like' if ya dig it!
James :)

Miroslav Mirosavljev: S.O.M. - Daily Solo

Daily Solo - S.O.M. (No. 9, guitar)
One day - one solo!

Written and played by MICKYLEE.

Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic

Robben Ford: Bringing it Back Home trailer

Trailer for Robben Ford's amazing new album Bringing it Back Home.

Pre-order your copy here:

Bringing it Back Home releasedate:
Europe on February 18
US & World: February 19

More info:

Pilla Guitar: Number Two - original

I am a self-taught guitarist, I love playing guitar, very short heavy metal, and instrumental music ...
Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe, Allan Holdsworth etc ...
V-2 A Marshall amp, Guitar Ibanez RG 250 LTD JP ...

Pilla Guitar - Number Two

Carl Mörner: Guacamole Style