Friday, 1 February 2013

Andre Nieri: introduces French Guitar Contest 2013 - coming soon

André Nieri, the winner of the French Guitar contest 2012 is introduce you to the next contest 2013 with his gift a wonderfull Lâg Imperator. Enjoy, and remember dont forget to like the FGC facebook page to know the date before everybody!

The French Guitar Contest is trademark by Nelly Tadjer and Kenny Serane.
Teaser French Guitar Contest 2013 - André Nieri winner 2012

This is a personnal message from Jenny

French Guitar Contest - Jenny's message 1

Jess Lewis: Panda - This Town Needs Guns

Jess Lewis - Panda - This Town Needs Guns Cover
Hello, I really love this track so I thought I'd try and learn here's my attempt at playing it, not perfect but yeah.. :-) Jess
ps- I apologise for the recording quality, still havent figured out this modern technology camera stuff :-P

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Daily Solo - Backing Track in G

Daily Solo - Backing Track in G - Alek Darson (No. 25, guitar)
One day - one solo!

Backing track written by Alek Darson. Check him out at:

Steve Lukather: VIP tickets

Steve Lukather - VIP tickets
Get your VIP-tickets here:

Order recently released new album "Transition" here:

Wilko Johnson: apply for free tickets for BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes

Peter Noble
Wilko Johnson will be in London on Tuesday 19th February talking to Radio 4’s Mastertapes about the first Dr. Feelgood album. To apply for free tickets, click here:

Phil Hilborne: The Oracle 2 - Raise Your Game


It has been said that this man of mystery shuns the public eye due to his displeasure of once being given a Knighthood and lands by the Valyrian King, only to have them stripped from him after a four day bender in which he was overheard to have referred to 'his Grace' as a pompous oaf and a nincompoop.

Having now, no title, no home and the mother of all hangovers, he re-titled himself 'The Oracle'. This was witnessed by a small orphan child who happened to be pulling on his trouser leg at the time asking for "A Groat for a cuppa tea please Mister?'.

Nevertheless, his secret knowledge of the electric guitar knows no boundaries, so he has returned once more to JTC headquarters with cap in hand trading licks for party packs of booze. His lessons are like no other, and will transform your playing into a stratosphere that no human should ever encounter.

In Series 1, The Oracle bust you out of that lick he will help you Raise Your Game!

This package is in association with Phil Hilborne/WM Studios

Kiko Loureiro: announces the first tour dates in Brazil

Kiko loureiro

Kiko Loureiro announces the first tour dates in Brazil with Felipe Andreoli on bass and Bruno Valverde on drums.
Check it out!

Irene Ketikidi: Announces debut solo album

Irene Ketikidi
Announcement! My debut solo album "Martial Arts & Magic Tricks" has now officially been submitted to all major online retailers and will be available within 3-6 weeks WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Daniele Gottardo: Vigier guitars booth NAMM 2013

Daniele Gottardo tries for the first time a fretless guitar. Daniele Gottardo thought it was really cool, and he can see himself incorporating the fretless into his upcoming release. I have been lucky enough to hear some of the tracks from this meister work.

Daniele Gottardo: Vigier guitars booth NAMM 2013

Tom Quayle: Wampler Pedals NAMM 2013

Tom Quayle introduces his new Dual Fusion Signature Pedal designed with Wampler Pedals at NAMM 2013. Hear it here first...
To find out more about this pedal click here

NAMM '13 - Wampler Pedals Tom Quayle Dual Fusion Signature Pedal Demo - Guitar Interactive Magazine

Ron Thal, Andy Wood, Daniele Gottardo: and many more in the NAMM 2013 gallery

More NAMM photos

NAMM 2013

Jane Getter: CD Release Party for "three" at the Baked Potato

Jane Getter Band - 2013
Jane Getter Band
CD Release Party for "three" at the Baked Potato, Los Angeles, Ca. 1/3/13
Jane Getter - guitar, vocals
Adam Holzman - keyboards
Chad Wackerman - drums
Doug Hodges - bass
Tyra Juliette - vocals

Jane Getter: Three

Truth In Shredding: Just passed 45,000 Tweets on Twitter!

Truth In Shredding - @lauriemonk

Bringing the world of guitar to the Twitter Verse

Bristol UK ·

Fred Brum: Randall Diavlo RD5H NAMM 2013

From NAMM 2013

Fred shredding through the 5watt head

Randall Diavlo RD5H Namm 2013

Doug Steele, James Ryan: The Trooper solos Cokken

News: Live4Guitar 8 competition

Live4Guitar 8 competition

We’re kicking off 2013 with our 8th Live4guitar contest where you have a chance to win our signature Live4guitar overdrive pedal hand manufactured by Skyvox, the exciting new amplification simulation from Kuassa,Amplification Vermilion, and one of the most impressive software guitar practice tools,Riffstation.

To become a contestant, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and download the free backing track below in this article. Record a video of yourself playing over the backing track and respond to our official contest video with your entry. Afterwards, visit our forum for updates and announcements. Our panel of judges and the winners will be announced in the forum.

For backing track and the rules please visit:

8th Live4guitar guitar contest

Kenny Serane: The Pump Live

Kenny Serane - The PUMP (Jeff Beck cover) LIVE
Live 2011
More info about Kenny Serane :

Morten Faerestrand: Morten Faerestrand duet

Duet with Ole Amund Gjersvik.

Kenny Serane: 2nd place Vinai Contest - with tab

Kenny Serane - 2nd place *** Vinai Contest
This is my entry for the Vinai Contest 2011- I win the second Place.
More about me :
I offer to everybody the tabs on download: