Sunday, 10 February 2013

Liz Rainsberry: Animals As Leaders 'David'

First video of 2013, finally! And it's a cover! Also it's my birthday. Yes.


Hardware: Jaden Rose Series Two; Blackstar HT-1R; Focusrite Saffire 6;
Software: Logic Pro 9; Final Cut Pro 7;
Filmed on a Canon 650D.

Always wanted to cover an AAL piece, so I hope I did it justice! This is an arrangement for 6-stringed guitar instead of 8-stringed, and notation/tabs can be found at Was also the first time I used the Blackstar's emulated output; super useful for clean recordings. Even though I love the sound of mic'd up amps, it's always good to variate and see what people prefer.

I'm aiming to upload more videos this year. I'd especially like to add recording / composition / music-related vlogs for the first time, along with my usual guitar videos. What do you guys think? 

And I hope to put out a couple of originals this month; one being an extension / developed idea from one of my LRP videos, and another being a jazz standard that I'm currently composing for an upcoming performance by awesome jazz peoples. So look forward to that! Until then.

Mirko Quaglio: rock fusion guitar shred

tel: +39 320 26 80 722
skype: mirko.quaglio

rock fusion guitar shred

Greg Howe, Strat A Kat: No Rules - New CD

Greg Howe, Strat A Kat: No Rules
Strat A. Kat literally needs no introduction, and doesn't want one. "No Rules" is the new album released by the guitar player under the project name "Stratakat", and it was over seven years in the making. Helping make it was none other than Greg Howe, who produced the music, and contributed musical parts and ideas throughout. The best part - at the time this interview went to press = you can download the entire album for free at

read the amazing in depth interview with this unlikely guitar star at Guitar 9

One of My Favorite Stratakats on the Planet; today is the WORLD Famous "GREG HOWE". ( , Greg is a Dear Friend and a Monster Guitar player, as well as a very spiritual person, with Great Values, and a sincere LOVE for Human Life. - For a long time now, Greg is/was the most sought after GUN-For-HIRE, guitar player in the industry, Playing for Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesia, NSYNC, just to name a few. with 10 Solo CDs to his name, I can't wait for his latest Project : "Maragold". A Vocal Band Featuring A Beautiful Dynamic Singer 'Meghan Krauss. Keep your Ears and Eyes open for this SURE to be Master Piece of Music.

Greg Produced this CD, one of the ONLY CD's he produced during those 7 years other than his own, So it is MORE than an honor to have his touch on these Songs. Greg coached me through every note: and is featured all through the songs, playing rhythm and acoustic guitar, as well as he plays the Melody, on Song 2,(Night Visits-Chasing The Dream) HUGE SHOUT OUT TO YOU GREG, for all your help. I'll forever be in your debt!

Fred Brum: Randall booth NAMM 2013

Fred Brum on the Randall booth NAMM 2013

Official website:

NAMM 2013 Randall

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse: G3 - Live In Moscow 2012

Steve Morse:

01. Name Dropping
02. Highland Wedding
03. On the Pipe
04. Vista Grande
05. John Deere Letter
06. Baroque 'n Dreams
07. Rising Power
08. StressFest
09. Cruise Control

G3 - Live In Moscow (05.08.2012) FULL CONCERT (Part 1 - Steve Morse Set)

Steve Vai:

10. The Audience Is Listening
11. The Animal
12. Tender Surrender
13. Building the Church
14. Whispering a Prayer
15. The Crying Machine
16. For the Love of God

G3 - Live In Moscow (05.08.2012) FULL CONCERT (Part 2 - Steve Vai Set)

Joe Satriani:

17. Flying in a Blue Dream
18. Ice 9
19. Satch Boogie
20. Dream Song
21. Crystal Planet
22. God Is Crying
23. Always with Me, Always with You
24. Surfing with the Alien

G3 Jam:

25. You Really Got Me
26. White Room
27. Rockin' in the Free World

G3 - Live In Moscow (05.08.2012) FULL CONCERT (Part 3 - Joe Satriani Set & G3 Jam)

Dmitriy Zhirnov: Energy Drink (Guitar Fusion)

Guitar - Dmitriy Zhirnov
Bass - Alex Zhirnov

Dmitriy Zhirnov - Energy Drink (Guitar Fusion)

Łukasz Kulczak: Sitaria - exotic eastern tinged fusion
Free Backing track:

Łukasz LuKi Kulczak - Sitaria

David Preston: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide - great fusion composition

David Preston - Guitar / Composition
Kevin Glasgow - Bass
Laurie Lowe - Drums

About Preston Glasgow Lowe

Sound Cloud

Preston-Glasgow-Lowe are a new dynamic group consisting of 3 of London's most creative young instrumentalists. Sharing on-stage credentials with esteemed musicians such as John Scofield, the Foreign Exchange, Melody Gardot, Robert Mitchell, and Tommy Smith, they bring a unique and seasoned sound derived from their work as side-men combined with their shared love of improvisation, intricate composition, rhythm, and accessible melodies. Aiming to expand upon the format of the guitar trio they combine their virtuosic skills as soloists and accompanists with extensive composition and elaborate arrangements.

You can download their new track 'Silvertide' for free from their website:-
Preston Glasgow Lowe - Silvertide

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella - Ogden Amphitheater, Ogden, Utah 2012

Zepparella at the Ogden Amphitheater, Ogden, Utah, September 8, 2012. They shared the stage with The Iron Maidens, and Hell's Belles. Gretchen Menn on guitar.

Zepparella - Dazed & Confused Guitar Solo (Rockfest, September 8, 2012)

Zepparella - Kashmir (Rockfest, September 8, 2012)

Zepparella - In My Time of Dying (Rockfest, September 8, 2012)

Jude Gold: Jason Becker Not Dead Yet II

Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet 2

Jimmy Oshea, Uli Jon Roth: Cacophy bassist posts video from Jason Becker Not Dead Yet II

Uli tears thru this Hendrix tune for Jason Becker!

Uli - Little Wing.. Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Concert Slims SF 1/23/13

Uli Jon Roth - Sky Overture Slims Not Dead yet Jan 2013

Jason Becker clip

Luke Fortini: Wizard Of The Magic Temple

Official videoclip of the song Wizard Of The Magic Temple,from The Grand Opus by italian guitar player Luke Fortini.
Special thanks to Marco T, Mr.Kusaki, Teo,Gumma, Bobo, Jessica, Lella, Barbara and Lisa.

IZARD OF THE MAGIC TEMPLE (videoclip) Luke Fortini


Alex Hutchings: Live at the Saxophone Club, Bangkok 2013

Alex sits in for a solo on a Stevie Wonder track with the resident band at the Saxophone club in Bangkok FEB 2013.

Alex Hutchings Live at the Saxophone Club, Bangkok 2013

Xander Demos: US live dates announced

Xander Demos, Guitarist
XDB 2013

Fri. Feb. 22 - Pellegrines Altoona
Fri. March 8 - Dead Horse Cantina w/ Helstar Mckees Rocks, PA.
Fri. March 15 - Bethel Road Pub Columbus, OH.
Wed. March 27 - Planet Rock Mansfield, OH.
Thurs. March 28 - Tink's Rock House Marion, OH.
Fri. April 26 - Dead Horse Cantina w/Lizzy Borden Mckees Rocks, PA.
Sat. April 27 - Café 611 Frederick, MD.
Wed. May 1 - Dead Horse Cantina w/ Love/Hate Mckees Rocks, PA.
Sun. June 9 - Dead Horse Cantina w/ Paul Di'Anno Mckees Rocks, PA.
Sat. Oct. 19 - Skull Fest North Platte, NE.
Sat. Nov. 9 - Rock Harvest White Marsh, MD.