Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mike Dawes,Thomas Leeb: Invite you to Austria!
Want to learn guitar and hang out in an Austrian ski chalet this July? Of course you do!

Really looking forward to this. Initially there was only one week announced but this sold out in about 10 days! Thomas has added another week so get tickets while they're hot. Good times await, you can spend your summer holiday playing guitar with us in the alps :)

For further information contact Thomas at

Hope to see you there, bring your guitar!

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Rick Graham: The Rapid-Fire Pentatonic Picking Pattern One

8) Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The Rapid-Fire Pentatonic Picking Pattern One
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Milan Polak: Tracking Guitars Song #12

Milan Polak - Tracking Guitars Song #12
Documenting the making of my new album
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

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Jennifer Batten: Jackson classics 2013 NYE with Hit Machine

Jennifer Batten plays Jackson classics 2013 NYE with Hit Machine
by RockPDX
Orig. Michael Jackson guitarist Jennifer Batten & the Hit Machine play Michael Jackson Classics at the 2013 NYE Grand Ball / End of the World party (3 of 3), at the Marriott, Portland, OR. Includes

ABC 123
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Rock With You
Billy Jean
Beat It
The Way You Make Me Feel
Man in the Mirror
We Are the World
Shake Your Body
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

All music (c) Michael Jackson

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Rob Trujillo
Sam Smith

Additional footage provided by Beyond The Eye DV

Audio mix by Robert Pallotta, Beyond The Eye DV

Rebecca Scammon: Shreddelicious interview

Rebecca Scammon
Shreddelicious: What made you decide to take guitar seriously?

Rebecca Scammon: I had always really loved music and spent a lot of time practicing. I felt especially connected to guitar. It really struck me that I wanted to shred when I was about 14 and I heard Steve Vai for the first time. The first song I heard was The Audience is Listening and it blew my mind. I desperately wanted to be able to play like that.

Full interview:

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue - Pre-Order Merch Bundles

Sacred Mother Tongue

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Silvio Gazquez,Santiago Pagura, Alejandro Abellan, Juan Cortés, Angel Ruiz: Summer of Love

Well, I've put together with this group of friends, great friends and great guitarists, to make a jam.
Basis is "Summer of Love" by Alex Hutchings. ( Alejandro Abellán ) ( Silvio Gazquez ) ( Juan Cortés ) ( Santiago Pagura )

"Ángel Ruiz + Alejandro Abellán + Silvio Gazquez + Juan Cortés + Santiago Pagura" Jam session

Morgan Reid: GuitarOnSky II Guitar Solo Competition

Hey Guys,
This is my first video in a while! Another competition entry :D
Coudn't resist, this backing track is super groovy.

Thanks again to Edwin Mclean for organizing this competition for the 2nd year in a row and Sam Bell for the wicked track and good luck to everyone!


Also go check out my original stuff on my soundcloud!
The main reason I haven't been posting videos ;)

GuitarOnSky II Guitar Solo Competition Entry By Morgan Reid

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II close May 12th 2013

Dave Reffett,Michael Angelo Batio: in the studio to record for Intermezzo release

Dave Reffett
I am recording my Guitar solo tonight for a song that is going to listen to this: Michael Angelo Batio, Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley,Elliott Rubinson (Owner of Dean Guitars on BASS) and Andrea Martongelli, all on the same Song!!!! WOW. Get ready friends, this is going to be one BADASS Song!!!

*Also there is one more huge name very special guest (TBA) who is laying down a solo for this same song! This song will be released on Michael Angelo Batio's new upcoming CD, "Intermezzo".

I am honored and blessed to be a part of this.
Rock on, I hope everyone is having a great week :)

Frank Steffen Mueller: Knaggs Guitars "Keya" Tier2 Demo

This a demo of my "KEYA" Tier2 Winter Solstice by KnaggsGuitars. Knaggs Guitars are THE BEST guitars I've ever owned without a doubt. The guys at Knaggs (The Knaggsters) are pure genius! Go to to find out more about these wonderful instruments.

I'm running my Keya into my Diezel VH4s and a Woltone-Audio cab. There's a little :-) effect in the loop for some ambience as I play better that way. Sorry if you prefer to hear the sound dry. Sound is in mono only from the camera (Canon EOS 550). Hope you like it.

Feel free to contact me at:

All the best and see you around :-) Cheers, Frank

Knaggs Guitars "Keya" Tier2 Demo - Frank Steffen Mueller

Al Joseph: Sun Devils solo - great legato technique

Al Joseph: Al Joseph was born on 1987 in Highland Park, IL and was raised in Scranton, PA from 1996 on.

He started playing drums when he was 10 years old. About a year or so later he left the drums for his growing passion for the guitar.

He later went on the to study economics and participated in various college sports at Penn State University in 2006.

He later decided against all other opportunities to pursue music as his primary and active career and later auditioned at Berklee College of Music in 2012.

Al Joseph is now a proud Alumni of Berklee College of Music

He is also a proud member of a Progressive Metal band called "The Great Gamble". Be sure to check out their debut album released in 2012 called "Book 1". Check out what Metal Underground said about it! Be sure to check them out on CD Baby and SoundCloud.

Al is now working avidly on his new debut solo album titled "Out In The Open".

IG - Video Test "Sun Devils"

Lari Basilio: Land Of The Month March - lesson

Lari Basilio, our beautiful endorser, is the protagonist of promoting "Land of the Month" in March that highlights Women and banda Gospel "Oficina G3" in one of his songs equally beautiful. Can you take this ground with the timbre of Lari? Then send your version following the standards of regulation described in the link below.The lari will choose the 5 best versions that will earn free gifts with the kits SANTO ANGELO. Good luck Link Link Tablature: Link Backing Track:


Richie Kotzen: three excellent HD videos of Richie live!

Live at The House Of Blues. 2.25.2009

RICHIE KOTZEN - All Along the Watchtower. Live, House Of Blues, CA

Richie Kotzen. European Tour 2012. Live at Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy. (19 March 2012). Pleno In the city center


Richie Kotzen. South America Tour 2012

Live at Teatro Rival Petrobras, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil (June 7, 2012)

Richie Kotzen - My Angel. Live, Rio de Janeiro 2012

Marc Guillermont: Tribute To Tony Williams "Fred" - awesome fusion band

Video made by, produced by Gerald Massoubre.

Voici un superbe hommage à Tony Williams par Nicolas Viccaro. Il est accompagné par Benoit Widemann (Keys)
Gilles Coquard (Bass)
Marc Guillermont (Guitar)

Nicolas utilise un kit Gretsch New Classic Vintage Glass et une caisse claire USA Custom, 14"x6.5".
This a very nice tribute to Tony Williams made by Nicolas Viccaro.
Nicolas is using a Gretsch New Classic Vintage Glass and a USA Custom snare, 14"x6.5" Maple.
Kit de Nicolas :
- New Classic Vintage Glass : 18"x14", 10"x8", 12"x9", 14"x14"FT, 16"x16"FT
- Caisse Claire : Gretsch USA Custom, 14"x6.5" Erable

Nicolas VICCARO Tribute To Tony Williams "Fred"

PJ d'Atri: Set for Timber Tones at Musikmesse 2013

PJ d'Atri: Set for Timber Tones at Musikmesse 2013

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Dave Sharman: Hunger - from new album 'Evolution Machine'

Dave Sharman's new album 'EVOLUTION MACHINE' out 18 March 2013!
Buy 'Hunger' on iTunes:
Ten songs written, produced and performed by Dave Sharman.
Official Website:
© 2013 COH Music Ltd


Dave Sharman - Hunger - from new album 'Evolution Machine' (Rock / Metal / Alternative / Indie)

Andrew Jay: Paganini-16th Caprice

This is myself playing Paganini's 16th Caprice and part of the 24th Caprice. I plan on making a better video soon but hope you enjoy

Paganini-16th Caprice

Allen Hinds: lucky for us - Baked Potato on Feb 13, 2013

This is a pretty rocking clip. Allen with Dave Hooper drums, JV Collier bass, and Matt Rhodi keys. At the Baked Potato on Feb 13, 2013. Now with gear listing!

Allen Hinds 2.13.13 Now Really

Allen Hinds 2.13.13 Elegant Decadence

Allen Hinds Gold Top "Now Really" solo

Alex Stornello: live clinic - great fusion!

Alex Stornello playing his rock infused and charged legato fusion live.

Alex Stornello

Joe Marro: progressive metal fusion soloing lessons


Cosmic Licks - Crazy Intervallic Tapping - Joe Marro - Guitar Lesson - Dave Martone Per Nilsson

Cosmic Licks - Holdsworthian Madness - Joe Marro - Guitar Lesson

Joe Marro - Quick Lick - Futuristic Shred Lick - ShredTricks

Sam Bell: hybrid legato lesson

You can follow Sam over at his social network sites:
Band Facebook:
Tom Quayle/Brett Garsed Fusion Style Lick - Sam Bell Guest Lesson - ShredTricks

Jax Richardson: F Lydian Legato Lesson

This phrase, similar to some of my previous "My Lick Book - Legato" phrases, I would say, style-wise is a cross between Brett Garsed and Carl Verheyen. At least those are the influences I am attempting to channel. It uses the legato technique exclusively and while composed for an Fmaj7#11 chord it could work just as well as a G Mixolydian or D Dorian phrase.

For more like this please visit...

F Lydian Legato Lick

The 1st in my series of short ideas that I am currently working or have had for a while and I'm currently not sure what to do with.
This idea, I feel could work as both an instrumental and a vocal track potentially.

If it was an instrumental I think rather than the traditional Vai/Satriani route it may actually suit a more of a jazz structure of Head, Solo, Head, Solo... as it is really nice to improvise over.
Written and arranged by Jax Richardson
Mixed by Ben Smith

Work In Progress #1 - Melodic Waltz Idea

Don Lappin: How To Play - Captain's Lady - two handed magic

Don Lappin is just one helluva two handed tapper... with melody and originality!

How To Play "Captain's Lady"

My album of the month... grab a copy.

Don Lappin:Tapped In

Allan Holdsworth,Virgil Donati: Mumbai - Fred 2011

November 2011 witnessed one of the great lineups as part of the SCP Series of concerts.
In partnership with Mriya Arts we succeeded in bringing down the Legendary
Allan Holdsworth as part of the Virgil Donati Band.

Led by the incredible Virgil Donati on Drums,he was supported by one of the young great Bass players in the world Anthony Crawford..and the late young Genius
Austin Peralta on Keyboards.
What Mumbai witnessed was some of the highest Quality of musicianship on Display.
This excerpt is during rehearsals at the Famous Yash Raj studios in Mumbai,all thanks to the fabulous Shantanu Hudlikar.

The Virgil Donati Band Rehearsals In Mumbai.Fred..

Aleksandar Sukovic: 8-finger tapping lesson

This interpretation is based on Ron Thal's version of the piece. You can purchase this full lesson with slow videos, tabs, backing tracks... at:
The guitar is a hand-made sevenstring by Radomir Petrovic.

Hope you enjoy my work :)

CHOPIN 8-finger tapping lesson

Rob Marcello: Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth Musikmesse 2011

Rob Marcello Introduces Roland's latest Guitar Synthesizer, GR-55.

The Roland GR-55 is a revolution in guitar synthesis, with features never before available in any guitar processor. In terms of speed, it's the fastest ever. It's also the most accurate, thanks to newly developed pitch-detection technology. As for sound, the triple-core generator houses a world-class array of virtual guitars, basses, amps, and synth voices, enabling tones and textures that have never been heard before. Onstage or in the studio, you can instantly access the GR-55's huge library of ready-to-use sounds, from pop to rock and beyond, with quick-access category buttons. Welcome to a groundbreaking new era in guitar synthesis!

GR-55 Guitar Synth Demo by Rob Marcello Musikmesse 2011

Marco Sfogli: Jester's Tears,Andromeda live clinic

Great video and sound in this brace of videos

Marco Sfogli - Intro + Jester's Tears (Live Clinic 02-17-13)

Marco Sfogli - Andromeda (Live Clinic 02-17-13)

Rabea Massaad, Rob Chappers: Dorje - Aeromancy live

Dorje perform their hit 'Aeromancy' - Live at the Bodega in Nottingham during the Dorje/Drills 'Double D' tour.

Dorje - Aeromancy (Live) HD

Brian Maillard: Wickedness - clinic of joy

Brian Maillard - Wickedness (Live Clinic 02-17-13)

Guthrie Govan,Phil X: Live at The Boileroom in Guildford

Guthrie Govan joins Phil-X & The Drills for a little jam at The Boileroom in Guildford as part of the Dorje/Drills 'Double D Tour'.

Phil X and Guthrie Govan - Live at The Boileroom in Guildford (HD)

Alex Hutchings, Jack Thammarat: jamming for

Jack Thanmmarat & Alex Hutchings by

Jack Thanmmarat & Alex Hutchings by

Kim Stenberg: Suhr - Shred Nonsense

Kim Stenberg: Warning - Tasteless/Pointless shredding & silly noodling - haters behave ;-)
Tryin´ out some new guitar picks from Red Bear.
Using my #1 Suhr Custom guitar (oiled neck) and a Mesa Boogie Mark V.
Cab is a Suhr Badger 1x12.

Suhr Standard, Mesa Mark V & Red Bear Picks - "Shred Nonsense"

Magic Pie - "Pre-Album Sessions pt.1"