Monday, 18 March 2013

Santiago Pagura: Hellipad - tribute to Andy Timmons

Santiago Pagura - Hellipad (Andy Timmons Cover)
Here´s my attempt on the second song of the Andy Timmons - Resolution album, Hellipad.

I´ve recorded ir using an SM58 straight to the amp speaker, running my N4 trough a Laney Gh50L head, plugged into the GS412IS speakers. I´ve also used an Ibanez Ts9, BB Preamp, Roger Mayer Octavia Rocket FX Series, and the Tc Electronics Nova Delay.

Hope u dig it ! Enjoy !

Allan Holdsworth: 161-page Allan Holdsworth masters thesis

Hat's off to Anil for spotting this meister work

Anil Prasad posted - Gasp! A 161-page Allan Holdsworth masters thesis for your reading pleasure. If you have six months to read it, that is. Certainly the most comprehensive thing ever done on him. :-)

Joop Wolters,Erik van Ittersum: Palpatine live

Another video of Palpatine playing at my final exam for the

Julien Carayon: French Guitar Contest 2

Here is my entry for the French Guitar Contest 2013
More information:
Feel free to download the backing track and submit your video!

Ready. Steady. Go!

French Guitar Contest 2 - Julien Carayon [HD]

Sam Coulson: Bach, Hendrix and Moore

A short clip of some Bach I have been recently working on.  I hope you like it. If you could leave me a rating and a comment It helps me out! Thanks for watching! Sam

BWV Anh. 114 - Sam Coulson


Little Wing - Sam Coulson

Parisienne Walkways - Sam Coulson

Milan Polak: Tracking 12-string #1

Milan Polak - Tracking 12-string #1
Documenting the making of my new album
Fabio Trentini - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

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Max Dible: available for lessons through Skype

If you are interested in becoming a better musician feel free to schedule some lessons.
Chances are, I can improve your playing wherever you may be.
rates are: $30 per 30min and $50 per hour.

You can reach me at

Music Lessons through Skype

Mike Philippov: Top Seven Guitar Practice Techniques For Becoming A Better Guitarist

Top Seven Guitar Practice Techniques For Becoming A Better Guitarist

If there is “one” thing about guitar practicing that is “most important”, it’s that there is NO single “right” guitar practice method. In order to overcome a variety of guitar practice problems and reach a wide range of musical goals, you need to use multiple effective approaches to see results in the shortest amount of time.
To help you maximize your guitar practice efficiency and effectiveness, read below to learn 7 of the best guitar practice tips and strategies to use to become a better guitarist right now.

1. Discover The Reasons Behind Your Guitar Playing Challenges 
The single most important thing you must learn to do if you want to get consistent results from your guitar practice is to learn to identify the sources of all guitar playing problems you face. Most commonly, guitarists aren't able to specifically pinpoint the exact reasons why they struggle to play something on guitar, and at best they are only vaguely aware that some problem “exists”. In order to get crystal clear about what is causing you to struggle to play something, make the challenging part even MORE difficult by making greater demands on your picking hand or fretting hand (or both). This will bring the problem (or problems) into clearer focus. Check out the video below where I demonstrate an example of one of the ways to do this on guitar:

To learn more about the practicing approach described in the video, visit this page about guitar practice advice.

2. Track How Much Progress Is Being Made In Your Guitar Playing
Ultimately, you need to know whether or not your guitar practicing efforts are bringing you the results you want. You will need to measure not only the obvious skills (such as your speed of playing with a metronome) but also the intangible areas of your creativity, improvising and phrasing. One of the ways you can track your progress with the latter areas is by recording yourself and listening to your playing over time.
Knowing how well your guitar playing is improving will let you know if/when anything needs to be adjusted to make your guitar practicing more effective. Unfortunately, few guitar players ever track their progress “over time” (that means CONSISTENTLY) and this is one of the main reasons why most have no idea what they need to do to start seeing greater results in their guitar playing.

3. Know What You Are Going To Achieve Each Time You Pick Up The Guitar To Practice
To maximize your guitar practice results, you need to start each session by clearly defining specific results you intend to reach when you are done practicing. This will help your concentration to stay high and will direct all your efforts towards making that goal a reality. Doing this will help you to keep track of your results and know exactly what aspects of your practicing may need to improve or be refined further.

4. Learn How To Create Guitar Exercises Out Of Everything You Practice
When you find yourself struggling to play something on guitar, there are often a variety of reasons why that is the case. However, most people simply “assume” (or guess) what the problem is and therefore are not likely to find the correct solutions to their challenges.

To prevent this, make exercises out of the very music you are learning on guitar. Isolate the sections that are challenging to play and treat them as “exercises” for improving your general guitar playing. This is a much more efficient way to allocate your limited practice time.

To be clear, I am not implying that you must abandon all guitar exercises you practice, I'm only saying that most of the time you already have the exact exercises you should be working on within the songs and solos you are practicing.

5. Practice For Greater Efficiency In Your Picking Hand Technique 
You will always improve in every aspect of your guitar playing by making your picking hand technique better - no matter how advanced your guitar technique is right now. The single fastest way to do this is to learn how to make your picking motions very efficient and economical (without sacrificing tone). To see an effective practicing approach for developing this skill, study this guitar picking techniques video.

6. Have A Clear Vision For “How” EVERY Practice Item Is Helping Your Guitar Playing
Most guitar players have no shortage of “exercises to practice”, but few guitarists ever give much thought to the role each of those items plays on their musical development. To test if you are one of such guitarists, go through your list of practice items and ask: “What is this doing for my guitar playing?” for every exercise. Like most players you will likely find that you are not able to clearly articulate the reasons why you are spending time on certain guitar practice materials. This leads to several problems:
  • Lack of clarity over your rate of musical improvement. When you are not sure what results you should be expecting, it becomes impossible to measure them.
  • Slow overall progress. Since you never took the time to select specific exercises for your “specific” guitar challenges, any results that come from your practicing happen largely on a “hit-or-miss” basis.
To solve this problem once and for all, ask yourself the basic test question for every exercise you plan to include into your practicing to determine how much it is helping you to progress towards your ultimate goals.

7. Group All Guitar Exercises By The Goal They Help You Work Towards
To maximize your rate of progress on guitar, you must break down your guitar playing goals into a series of steps to go through in order to achieve your objectives. To increase your efficiency in going through this process, you must sort all guitar practice items you are working on into groups based on what result they help you to achieve. This is important for a number of reasons:

A. You will be growing in several simultaneous areas of guitar playing in an intelligent and predictable (rather than “random”) way. By knowing exactly what skills a certain guitar practice item is helping you improve, you will be less likely to end up out of balance in your playing.

B. Having the clarity described above will help you to avoid making your practicing a monotonous process. If you have multiple exercises in each group, you can rotate between them at any time, keeping your practicing focused on the same general objectives without spending too long on any single item.

Armed with what you have learned from this article, begin using these strategies in your guitar practice sessions, starting TODAY! If you are consistent in applying this guitar practice advice into your playing, you will soon see your results on guitar and your confidence in your ability to reach your goals improve like never before.

About the author:
Mike Philippov is a recording artist, guitar teacher and author. His articles on practicing guitar are read worldwide. Visit to find more free articles on practicing guitar and lessons on improving your guitar playing.

Jota Vox: Santo Angelo Live Expomusic 2013

Hello, this was playing at the biggest Brazilian trade show the World famous "Expo Music 2012" at the Santo Angelo Booth, Enjoy!

Jota Vox - Live @ Expomusic 2013 - Santo Angelo Booth

Ben Wilshire: noodle Reverse Strat With Tremolo!

Evening Guys, set up the tremolo on my beat up old partsocaster today, never really got in to bar playing so excuse some of the overuse in this video XD

Cheers guys!

Ben :

Reverse Strat With Tremolo! Some Noodling With The Bar | Ben Wilshire

Greg Koch,Paul Reed Smith: talks PRS NAMM 2013

NAMM 2013 • Greg Koch and Paul Reed Smith Discuss What's New With PRS for 2013
Greg Koch and Paul Reed Smith have a repoire that would lead you to believe that they've been friends for years. In this video, shot during the Winter 2013 NAMM convention, Paul and Greg sit down to talk about the various new products from PRS Guitars. From the Brent Mason Signature model to the new "Paul's MDT," together the two cover everything you'd want to know about PRS! Disclaimer: BEWARE OF DOG!

Greg Koch:
Paul Reed Smith:

Greg Koch: New Brent Mason Signature PRS NAMM 2013

NAMM 2013 • Greg Koch Play the New Brent Mason Signature Guitar at PRS Guitars
You never know what kind of crazy footage you'll capture at the NAMM convention. In this video we catch Greg Koch in the PRS Lair with a new Brent Mason Signature model! That poor guitar will never be same again...


~ Greg Koch ~
Hailing from the frigid wasteland of northern Wisconsin comes a beast the likes of which the world has never known. Greg Koch, a beast of both persona and guitar-mastery, couples his sickeningly magnetic personality with the guitar to create a style of playing that is both completely unique and deplorable at the same time. As a huge fan of the legendary Big Jim Hendricks Greg has taken all that is good and righteous about blues guitar and warped it into a ridiculously fantastic amalgamation of melodic defilement and mind-blowing creativity. Over the years Greg has shared the stage with everyone from Joe Bonamassa to Les Paul himself, never relenting, never ceasing to bring the ruckus.

You never know what kind of crazy footage you'll capture at the NAMM convention. In this video we catch Greg Koch and Gary Grainger of the PRS Band jamming in the PRS booth with a new Brent Mason Signature model! What a cool impromptu video!

NAMM 2013 • Greg Koch and Gary Grainger Jam at the PRS Booth

Greg Koch,Jeff Kollman: talk Wildwood guitars at NAMM 2013

NAMM 2013 • Greg Koch Chats With Jeff Kollman
Who's that there next to the sasquatch? It's our good buddy Jeff Kollman, guitar-slinger extraordinaire! Check out this sweet little video as Greg Koch and Jeff rap about what's new!


~ Jeff Kollman ~
Jeff Kollman's diverse guitar style, which fuses jazz harmony with Modern heavy music, is influencing a new generation of guitarists across the globe.

Kollman has been voted among the top 20 favorite guitarists in Young Guitar Magazines readers poll along side the likes of Santana, Jeff Beck, and Edward Van Halen. Besides his worldwide guitar hero status, Jeff is an in demand session guitarist, co writer, and producer for rock legends. Jeff has played and or recorded with a diverse many such as, Jill Scott, Ufo, Glenn Hughes, Lao Tizer, Michael Schenker, HTP, and with his groups Edwin Dare, Cosmosquad, JKB, Mogg/Way, Crumb Bros. and more. On his own label Marmaduke Records, Kollman has written and produced 14 solo and band recordings and a recent DVD release with his group Cosmosquad, which was recorded live in Hollywood and released in July 2008. Jeff is also busy writing songs for film and Television. Credits include Sahara, Failure To Launch, Clerks 2, Fantastic 4, Eight Below, Rounders, Slither, Reaper, and Showtimes "Masters Of Horror" series to name a few.

An avid fan and collector of Fender guitars, Kollman signed on as an endorser of Fender and has spent a great deal of time educating and spreading the spirit of rock n roll through Fender. In 2008 alone, Jeff has performed in countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, The Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Hawaii, five cities in China and three separate rock tours to Japan. Jeff's latest venture is his 70's influenced rock /funk group 'The Bombastic Meatbats' featuring the legendary rock drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Jakub Żytecki,Maciek Dzik: Disperse - Universal Love playthrough

So it is...I am playing in Disperse and working with probably the best person and guitarist in the world Jakub Żytecki. It's such pleasure and honor...and how did he find me? On Youtube. Don't need no more reasons to keep posting videos :)

The drums you can hear on Disperse new album weren't recorded by me because I joined the band when Living Mirrors was almost finished, thats a shame but also that's the reason why I wanted to make this playthrough - to show my approach to this song. On the album there are vocals in the track but we didn't use them here to make the mix clearer.

All visual care was taken by Bartek Szoja - thx for great job men!!
Drums were recorded in Psychosound studio in Krakow by Szymon Piotrowski.
Mix done by Jakub Żytecki himself.

There were no drum replacements/samples/triggering used in this video - what you hear is all natural, just EQed and compressed drums.

Thx Meinl for support!!!

Disperse - Universal Love playthrough by Maciek Dzik

From one of the albums of the month

Jakub Żytecki: Disperse - Living Mirrors

Ariel Eshcar: Lick My Pick - album version

This is the official version of Lick my Pick, One of my upcoming album Tracks.

Ariel Eshcar- Lick My Pick (Album Version)

Peter Wildoer: Italian clinic tour 2013

The Drum Agency presents
Peter Wildoer Italian clinic tour 2013
info & contact
12/04 Orange, Pescara
13/04 Music Village Institute, Roma
15/04 Cagliari (private lessons)
16/04 Cagliari (masterclass)
17/04 Fluminimaggiore
19/04 Rock House, Cesena
20/04 Pepper Bar, Terni
21/04 Mousiké Centro Musicale, Taranto
24/04 La Pietra Music Planet, Trento
26/04 Woodstock Live Pub, Como
27/04 MusicHouse Fumane, Verona

Marc Guillermont: Wild Seven - The Space Animals

Marc Guillermont Trio "The Space Animals" cd

Marc Guillermont Trio: The Space Animals

Guitar virtuoso Marc Guillermont shows off his stuff with the Marc Guillermont Trio. This smoking hot fusion CD will surely impress. You have to check this out.

2009: "MARC GUILLERMONT TRIO" featuring Nicolas Viccaro and Hadrien Feraud. In the same time, Marc is working on a new CD which will feature special guests...More details to come...

1. Wild Seven (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
2. Ory 127 (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
3. Monsoon (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
5. Parallels (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
6. Phileas Fogg (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
7. March Man (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
8. Parrallels #2 (LISTEN TO AUDIO) 
9. Lalia
10. Notekno
11. T.S.A.
12. Life Modulations
13. Jugfu

WILD 7 Guillermont / Viccaro / Landon

News: Homeless man playing one string guitar

and you thought you had it tough!

Homeless man playing one string guitar and it's amazing.

Epic One String Guitar in PH

Andy James: ESP with EMG's - Guitar Center

Andy rips it up on the ESP with EMG's!!!!!

Andy James at Guitar Center Block at Orange

Andy James: EMG Synergy

Andy James stops by EMG studios and performs "Synergy" from his latest E.P. Psychic Transfusion available at

Gear used: Ltd AJ-1 w/ EMG 57/66 pickups, Mesa Boogie Flux Drive (pedal), Boss NS-2, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier and two Mesa 1x12 Mini Recto Cabs.

EMG - Andy James "Synergy"

EMG - Andy James "Vortex Mind"