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Steve Vai: The Making of "The Story of Light" Vinyl

Favored Nations - Story of Light Vinyl (USA and Canada)

Story of Light Vinyl

Virtuoso guitarist and visionary composer Steve Vai is set to release his latest studio album, The Story of Light on vinyl April 16th worldwide. This double 180 gram LP Story of Light set was mastered from tape and cut at 45rpm by legendary audio engineer Bernie Grundman for the best quality listening experience available on vinyl. This set also includes an entirely new redesigned 8 page vinyl booklet in a gatefold jacket.

The Story of Light vinyl is available as of today for online pre-sale orders. First 100 customers who purchase the vinyl receive a John the Revelator 7'' Vinyl. The first 50 customers will have their 7'' signed by Steve Vai!

Performance Track List
Vinyl 1:
Side A
1. The Story of Light
2. Velorum
Side B
1. John the Revelator
2. The Book of the Seven Seals
3. Creamsicle Sunset
4. Gravity Storm

Vinyl 2:
Side C
1. Mullach a'tSi
2. The Moon and I
3. Weeping China Doll
Side D
1. Racing the World
2. No More Amsterdam
3. Sunshine Electric Raindrops

Mr.Vai has been busy this year working on a new symphonic piece titled, "The Still Small Voice", the second installment of last years composition "The Middle of Everywhere." Both pieces will be performed in Holland at the Osterport in Groningen on May 24th and 25th, 2013.CLICK HERE ( to view tour dates! ( to order The Story of Light Vinyl and orchestra tour dates!

Steve Vai - The Making of "The Story of Light" Vinyl

Julio Valle: with Benny Ramos Band live

Julio Valle with Benny Ramos Band live
These are some clips of me playing with the Benny Ramos band at "2012 Guatemala Jazz Fest" and at the "8vo Drummers Festival Reunion" Hope you like it! :)
Benny Ramos - Bass
LiL'Benny - Drums and Keys
Julio Valle - Guitar
Javier Garcia - Saxophone
Helbert Arias - Keys
Rosse Aguilar - Saxophone and Voice
David Batz - Drums

t-cophony: Pressed for time - the new album

New album "Pressed for time" available now !
on iTunes, Amazon,CD BABY....etc.


T-cophony: The concept of this album is basically "Life is too short". He accustomed himself to the four seasons in one year, in one week for this album. From "Monday" (Spring), to "Freezing Cold Night" (Winter). He uses styles incorporated with Alternative Rock music, and translates them using an acoustic guitar. In the album as a whole, we find ourselves embracing Electronica, and getting a taste of Hard Rock as well.
T-cophony is one of those musicians that people are like, "Whoa, how does he do that?" and no one really has an answer to that question at first. In the past, he has constantly written compositions that have inspired many people over and at the same time baffled guitar players, (especially acoustic ones) from all around the globe. Fans will enjoy this album very much because it contains a lot of those newer compositions he has written that we have been listening to on YouTube. 
The album notes by Z-sonance (Artist)

T-Cophony: Pressed for Time
Continuous rain - T-cophony (Official music video) 2013

Igor Paspalj: A Heartbeat Away From You - very classy original

Instrumental piece of music, inspired by a very special person.

Igor Paspalj - A Heartbeat Away From You

Igor Paspalj - When The Lights Go Down

Damjan Pejcinoski: "The Persuader" jam - sizzling!

Damjan Pejcinoski - "The Persuader" jam
Just testing my AxeFx Ultra. What an amazing unit!!! This is a quick jam over a bluesjamtracks backing track

Salvatore Russo,Max Liotta,Donato Quarto: Sunny

Salvatore Russo - Max Liotta - Donato Quarto plays Sunny!

Guitar Friends 1

Slawomir Rataj: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013

Hello everyone!
This is my entry in the Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013!
Hope you all enjoy!

Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013 - Slawomir Rataj

Pop Woravit: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013 20 Apr 2013

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - Alchemy playthrough

Performed by Aaron Marshall of Intervals with an Ernie Ball Music Man JPXI 7 and Fractal Audio Axe Fx II.

Tabs for the Solo are available for download here:

Video Created by Ben Dundas Cinematography
Title Plates by Sean Curry

// IN TIME // is available through:


iTunes Canada:

iTunes USA:


Ignazio Di Salvo,Alex Argento: The Rule of Serendipity live in studio

Ignazio Di Salvo - The Rule of Serendipity live in studio
A new song taken from my debut Prog-Rock album I'm recording during these months. I hope you'll appreciate it. Thanks for watching.
Alex Argento - Keys mixing and mastering
Dario Ciccioni - Drums
Alberto Viganò - Bass

Kip Winger, Reb Beach, John Roth: Winger interview

Todd: What ultimately kept Winger from 'imploding' like so many of your counterparts? Friendships and trust?

Kip: “Respect. I love those guys. ...We're the best of friends. We never fought over money. There was always totally transparency in the money thing. Money is what fucks everybody up. It was always totally transparent with the money. And then we genuinely like each other. We didn't break up, we just disbanded because when the 80's thing went down, it was like 'Okay, we know we can't get a gig, so what was the point?'. So we just waited until we got some offers to get back together. It's a barrel of fucking laughs, really. Everybody in the band has a great sense of humor. The other thing is musical respect. There's not many bands with guys like (drummer) Rod Morgenstein and (guitarist) Reb Beach in them. And our secret weapon is (keyboardist) John Roth. Nobody knows how good that guy is. I'm the MD at the Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp and we have a lot of counselors from many generations yet very few of them are on the level of my band. ...They're really good.”

News: Musikmesse - Special April 2013 issue of Premier Guitar

Included with the Special April 2013 issue of Premier Guitar you will find information on the exhibitors and products scheduled to be at the show; links to Premier Guitar's coverage of the previous Musikmesse shows and more!

Special package: sign up for your free digital subscription to Premier Guitar, compliments of Musikmesse.

To the special

Mike Stern,Janek Gwizdala: Theatre By The Sea - Janek Gwizdala new album available

  • Digital Album

    Immediate download of 9-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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released 26 March 2013
Janek Gwizdala - All compositions, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Hand Claps
Peter Erskine - Drums/Percussion
Alan Pasqua - Piano
Lizzy Loeb - Vocals (Tracks 1, 2, & 3)
Mike Stern - Guitar (tracks 3&5)
Sergio Vallin - Guitar (track 2)
Bob Franceschini - Tenor/Soprano saxophones (Tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, & 9)
Randy Brecker - Trumpet (Track 4)
Nir Felder - Guitars (tracks 3, 6, 7, 8, & 9)
Elliot Mason - Trombone/Bass Trumpet (Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, & 9)

Mike Keneally: Tilburg live gig reviewed in detail

The Mike Keneally show: world premiere of ‘Metrolinofenagea
After the support act finished their set the stage was made ready for a real world premiere. The highly acclaimed Dutch saxophone quartet Koh-I-Noor prepared them for the official premiere of a great and complex piece of music. Co de Kloet explained the background and where it started. Five years ago NTR commissioned Steve Vai and Mike Keneally to compose a piece for saxophone quartet. Co de Kloet is well known for his intrinsic abilities to challenge the best contemporary composers to come straight out their comfort zone and deliver something completely new to the curious part of the world.

Full review:

Guthrie Govan: Clinics in Brazil Tour 2013

Guthrie Govan's Clinics in Brazil Tour 2013

For Tickets and info contact the different schools (website URL & phone numbers mentioned)

24/05 GTR Music Institute
City: Brasilia
Time clinic: 7:00 pm
Phone: (55) (61) 3245-7140

25/05 School of Guitar  Luciano Alf
City: Campo Grande - Rio de Janeiro
Clinic Time: 4:00 pm
Facebook: Escola de Guitarra Luciano Alf
Phone: (55) (21) 2412-0461

26/05 GTR Music Institute
City: Florianólpolis
Clinic Time: 4:00 pm
Phone: (55) (48) 3024-0800

27/05 Institute of Music Airton Mann
City: Curitiba
Clinic Time: 8:00 pm
Phone: (55) (41) 3027-8179

28/05 Setas School of Music
City: Barra Mansa - Rio de Janeiro
Clinic Time: 8:00 pm
Phone: (55) (24) 3324-1018

30/05 Gonfer Institute of Music
City: Itajubá - Minas Gerais
Clinic Time: 8:00 pm
Phone: (55) (35) 3623-8567

Tosin Abasi,Javier Reyes, Rebecca Dirks: Animals As Leaders - lets talk guitars! Premier Guitar's Rebecca Dirks is on location in Chicago where she catches up with Animals As Leaders guitarists Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes. In this segment, the guys discuss their 8-string guitars, the patches they use on their Axe-FX, and why they still incorporate a traditional amp head and cab into their rigs.
Rig Rundown - Animals As Leaders' Javier Reyes & Tosin Abasi