Saturday, 6 April 2013

Rick Graham: rocking jazz improvisation on the slick pink

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Improv on a Jazz Blues BT

Maycown Reichembach, Fernando Pareta, Felipe Staiti: Argentina's Guitar Experience 2013

Guitar Experience 2013: Felipe Staiti (little green men), Fernando Pareta, Maycown Reichembach , not to be missed at the show on April 12 2013.

Michael Lee Firkins: recording YEP at Prairie Sun Studios

 Michael Lee Firkins at Prairie Sun Studios

Michael Lee Firkins  spent a few days last week in Studio B mixing his upcoming record titled “YEP” with engineer Alan Hertz. They tracked basics live to tape with Matt Abts on drums and Andy Hess on bass from Govt. Mule, in addition Chuck Leavell from the Rolling Stones played keys on the record. Be on the lookout for Michael’s new release “YEP” to come out in March.

Steve Vai,Dweezil Zappa,Joe Travers: Joe surprises Steve - perfect! :)

Joe Travers surprises Steve Vai - Dweezil Zappa World

Ron Thal,Doug Aldrich,Tommy Denander: KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album - raise money for cancer hospice

A World With Heroes (KISS Tribute)
Be a part of the KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album - with songs from every era - and help out a cancer hospice.


To mark the 40th Anniversary of KISS, we have gathered some of the greatest rock musicians for a KISS tribute album. “A World With Heroes” features unique performances of incredible KISS songs.

Here at PledgeMusic, you can be a part of the creation of this album. Have a look to the right —> to see how you can be involved.
Your pledge will PRE-ORDER this historic album.

And not only will we be making an amazing tribute to KISS come to life, but your pledges will also benefit a cancer care hospice (my father-in-law passed away there peacefully on Jan 4th 2013).

All basic tracks will be recorded by these incredible musicians: Eric Brittingham(bass – Cinderella) , Jeff LaBar (guitars – Cinderella) and Troy Lucketta (drums – Tesla).

The vocalists and other artists that will contribute to the CD include: Don Dokken,Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Mark Tornillo (Accept), Terry Ilous (Great White),Bumblefoot (GNR), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter), Russ Dwarf (The Killer Dwarfs),Ron Young (Little Caesar), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Rex Brown (Pantera, Kill Devil Hill), Dery Grehan (Honeymoon Suite), Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Phil Lewis(LA GUNS), Doro, Tommy Denander, Slaves on Dopes (w/Jason Rockman), Phil Naro (ex-Talas & Peter Criss), Ron Keel, Sean Kelly (Nelly Furtado’s band & Helix) and more to be announced shortly.

Pledge to be a part of this amazing tribute and great cause.

— Mitch Lafon, KISS Tribute Organizer

PledgeMusic Presents: 40the Anniversary KISS Tribute

Phil X: NAMM 2013 and Bon Jovi

NAMM 2012-Phil X

NAMM 2012, Phil X- A charming animated hard working dude!!!! where do you start. Guitars for Tommy Lee, Kelly Clarkson,Avril Lavigne,Rob Zombie,Alice Cooper and the list goes on. Never mind the explosion of his Fretted Americana Videos he has a killer live band "The Drills" which you should all go check out for some straight ahead catchy ROCK!!!!!! Built by Musicians for Musicians.

Picture of Phil X who replaces Richie Sambora in Bon Jovi

Daniele Liverani: Dream League Raid

DANIELE LIVERANI - Dream League Raid
Daniele Liverani - Dream League Raid
Taken from the instrumental guitar album "DAILY TRAUMA"
Recorded on 1998 at Fear Studios
Released later on 2004 by Frontiers Records

All Guitars, Bass and Keyboards by Daniele Liverani
Drums by Dario Ciccioni

Jan Laurenz: Greensleeves - Domra with Y.J Malmsteen inspired arpeggio

Greensleeves on Domra by Jan Laurenz
short interpretation of "Greensleeves" on my lovely little Domra
with a final Y.J Malmsteen inspired arpeggio (thanks Yngwie:))
hope you enjoy:)

Frank Gambale,Jimmy Earl,Tom Coster,Alain Rieder: Live in Zurich (Switzerland), 1992

Frank Gambale & Band - Spending Sunday With You
Frank Gambale - guitar
Tom Coster - keyboards
Jimmy Earl - bass
Mike Fahn - trombone
Alain Rieder - drums
Live in Zurich (Switzerland), 1992

Alain Rieder & Frank Gambale - Awakening

Alain Rieder & Frank Gambale - Spending Sunday With You

Alain Rieder & Frank Gambale - A Touch Of Brasil (complete)

Morten Faerestrand: Chick Blues - live band

MF: Guitar
Erik Halvorsen: Piano
Ole Amund Gjersvik: Bass
Frank Jakobsen: Drums

"Chick Blues" - Morten Faerestrand Quartet LIVE

Vivien Lalu,Simone Mularoni,Virgil Donati,Mike LePond: Martin LeMar joins Lalu on the Atomic Ark!

7 minutes from LALU's upcoming album "ATOMIC ARK", feat. Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater, Mike LePond from SymphonyX, Virgil Donati and more... Looking for record label, release date tba. More info:

Band [A-Z]
Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta) - Vocals
Mike LePond (SymphonyX) - Bass
Simone Mularoni (DGM) - Guitars
Virgil Donati (PlanetX)- Drums
Vivien Lalu (Shadrane) - Keyboards

LALU - Atomic Ark (medley)

Fabrizio Leo, Marco Sfogli,Rocco Zifarelli: join Mark World at the Musikmesse 2013

Mark World will be exhibiting at the Frankfurt Musikmesse (April 10-13) introducing exciting new products for 2013.

For those who will be attending the show, please come visit us in Hall 4.0, booth F13.

As always, we’ll have also an incredible lineup of artists perform at the show... Rocco Zifarelli, Marco Sfogli, Bicio, Hadrien Feraud, Dominique Dipiazza, Lorenzo Feliciati, Steve Lawson, Igor Saavedra, Edmond Gilmore, Danny Gottlieb, Damien Schmitt, Danny Manzo, Roberto Gualdi... and more!
The shows and times for the guitar players!

Fabrizio Leo

Marco Sfogli

Rocco Zifarelli

Rowan J Parker: Scorching Alternate Picking Lick!

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The 200 Club - Episode 5 - Scorching Alternate Picking Lick!

Hans Van Even: The Two handed Flight of the Belgian Bumble bee - Must see version!

Quick low res "webcam" test drive of a new Washburn Parallaxe 7 string guitar on "Flight of the Belgian Bumble bee" with the excellent orchestral arrangement by Marc Marc Dall'Anese pitched one tone lower to match the drop-G tuning of the guitar.

Washburn Parallaxe 7 string test on "Flight of the Belgian Bumble bee"

These are all the Jordan Rudess synth solos on the Dream Theater - Scene Two - Overture 1928 tune, but played on guitar using two hand - 8 finger tapping technique, no overdubs!! no artificial speed ups!! (Washburn N4 Wallnut + Line 6 HD500)

Dream Theater - Scene Two - Overture 1928 (synth solos on guitar - 8 finger tapping)

Here's a small snippet of the theme and solos of Stardust Requiem at Andernos Music Shop, December 2012. Video done by Christophe Morel @ CNB.

Stardust Requiem - intro theme and solos - Andernos Music Shop

Billy Sheehan: Advanced Bass Lesson on Economy of Motion

Billy Sheehan shares the secrets of his signature techniques, including neck bends, tapping, pinch harmonics, and much more! This eye-opening look into the mind of a bass master will add new dimensions to your own playing.

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Billy Sheehan: Advanced Bass Lesson on Economy of Motion

William Stravato: Announces a live date

William Stravato: Announces a live date for the 14th April "The Modern Rock Guitar Experience".. enjoy a night of top quality hybrid picking and legato beauty.

Daniele Gottardo,Gretchen Menn,Kirsten Menn: in the studio to record for Daniele's upcoming release

Gretchen Menn
Tracking vocals with my gorgeous and talented sister,Kirsten Menn, for the music of one of my favorite guitarists and composers, the Supremely Badass Daniele Gottardo! Photo by Mark Manion — with Kirsten Menn.

Daniele Gottardo Page Full shared Gretchen Menn's photo.
The awesome Kirsten Menn has recorded yesterday two songs of my new album with good red wine, she also speaks perfect Italian! Thank you Badass Gretchen Menn for conducting the work!!\ :)

Osamu Marumoto: Missing You legato solo section

+osamu marumoto on G+ playing Carvin headless in an Holdsworthian style

Missing You adding solo part

Max Dible: Jason Becker Practice Journal 03

Max here,
In this journal entry I share some of the techniques I have used to develop my technique so I can play Jasons material

Jason Becker Practice Journal 03

Michael Dolce: Axe fx 2 Patches

Michael Dolce guitarist for The Voice Australia talks about sharing his patches.

Michael Dolce Axe fx 2 Patches

Franck Graziano: Poppy Street - Odyssy

Franck Graziano: Poppy Street - Odyssy


Nouvel album de Poppy Street - Mars 2013
New Poppy Street album. Available since March 2013.
Franck Graziano - St├ęphane Graziano (bass) - Nicolas Taite (drums)

Poppy Street - Take Off !

Poppy Street - The Sirius

Michael Schenker: Rock Bottom+ Moscow 2013

Michael Schenker - Rock Bottom
Temple of Rock & Lovedrive Reunion - Europe 2013

Michael Schenker - Rock Bottom (Izvestiya Hall, Moscow, 05.04.2013)

Michael Schenker - Too Hot to Handle (Izvestiya Hall, Moscow, 05.04.2013)

Michael Schenker - Rock You Like a Hurricane / Blackout (Izvestiya Hall, Moscow, 05.04.2013)

Frank Gambale,Jimmy Earl,Tom Coster,Alain Rieder: Live in Zurich (Switzerland), 1992

Frank Gambale & Band - Europa
Frank Gambale - guitar
Tom Coster - keyboards
Jimmy Earl - bass
Mike Fahn - trombone
Alain Rieder - drums
Live in Zurich (Switzerland), 1992

Alain Rieder & Frank Gambale - Europa

Alain Rieder & Frank Gambale - A Touch Of Brasil - 1/2

Alain Rieder & Frank Gambale - A Touch Of Brasil - 2/2

Alain Rieder & Frank Gambale - The Natives are Restless