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George Marios,Fred Brum,Hedras Ramos,Enrique Berdonce: Live For Today Jam

Enriddick has proposed we did a jam with other cool players over this Andy James backing for JamTrackCentral, and I thought it would be cool, considering that almost everything I upload has a more "serious" note to it. I later knew George Marios and Hedras were joining us in the jam, which was another reason to do this - I find it awesome to jam with people with such distinct approaches and backgrounds, and this was indeed a lot of fun! :)

Many thanks to Enriddick for the invitation and to Enriddick, George and Hedras for the killer playing. I hope you guys enjoy!

YouTube channels:
George Marios -
Hedras Ramos -
Enriddick09 -

Check these guys out for some lovely playing! :)

Live For Today Jam - Fred Brum / Enriddick09 / George Marios / Hedras Ramos

News: Shred Freak - Guitar On Sky's super compilation album

On the 2013 which many people say that it’s a guitar year, as the leading guitar site on the web releases an album that is conducted to bring a new vision of guitar to the music society around the world. Shred Freak features some world-class guitar players from all around the continents. They're picked up since their dedication to the guitar scene for many years. Here are the greats on the troop line:

1. Hussein Haddad
2. Charly Sahona
3. Claudio Pietronik
4. Lukasz Kulczak
5. Mr. Fastfinger
6. Michael Dolce - Jeremy Barnes
7. Fredrik Pihl - Christian Johannson (In Focuz)
8. Rune Berre
9. Tom Richardson
10. Jonas Tamas
11. Edwin Mclean
12. Haru Timothy
13. James Grinder
14. Sam Bell
15. Paco Hernandez
16. Hari Setyo Budi
17. Sean Ashe
18. Mike Hamel (Encrypted Nomad)

Please support our guitar talents for the better future of guitar world.

Barend Courbois, Timo Somers: have a date with the Musikmesse

Barend Courbois and Timo Somers  will be playing at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. Barend Courbois, Timo Somers will be in Hall 4.0 at h15:00 .

Yusuke Nishikawa: Tribal Dance,Separated,Baked Potato with ESP Horizon III

Thank you for your views. You-suke guitarist I (only a) . I have solo activities, the activities BAND. I have also released Instrumental CD. 1st Album [Traceable] Thank You Sold Out 2nd Album [Def Providence] Now On Sale Thanks for watching FacebookHttp://Www.Facebook.Com/yusuke308?Ref ...

You-suke Tribal Dance (Guitar instrumental) ESP HORIZON Ⅲ (EMG81.EMG85)

You-suke Separated (Guitar instrumental) ESP HORIZON Ⅲ (EMG81.EMG85)

Plus with an MST2-STD

You-suke Baked Potato (Guitar instrumental) momose MST2-STD (seymour duncan YJM Fury)

Scott Henderson: Oscar's Guitar Shop Interview

On the 13th episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop, Oscar gets set straight once and for all by fusion guitar legend Scott Henderson. They discuss the Tribal Tech reunion, his new record with Dennis Chambers and Jeff Berlin, and why he hates YouTube. Analog Mike joins in to discuss overdrive vs distortion pedals, and Henderson handles the Burning Question like an expert.

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Oscar's Guitar Shop Scott Henderson Interview

Brett Garsed,Alessandro Bertoni: the solo from upcoming album - Brett in awesome form

Keyboard player Alessandro Bertoni, grew up in Treviso, Italy,started out with the obligatory childhood classical piano lessons at the Conservatory. Later, he approached to jazz and contemporary music language ,attending course and workshops in Milan and Padua and from then on he went into this musical direction. He continued those studies until he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Keyboard Program at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and got in contact with the finest LA musical scene and had lessons with top-class teachers and performers.

As composer and band-founder he released his full length debut album “Aphelion - Franticode - “ mixed by in Los Angeles by the keyboard-famous Derek Sherinian. "Franticode" gained valuable popularity as a world acclaimed release due to its on-your-face and intense instrumental technicality, well-blended with jazz/fusion oriented sense of phrase.

Alessandro’s inspired by all the music he wish he wrote and played ,his playing and tastes encompass fusion, funk, nu-jazz, progressive and he’s ceaselessly practicing and composing in various media and styles. His formula for music is definitely played by those who display their prowess with long ascending soulful and tasteful grooves designed to keep a body and a mind in motion.

He’s currently working on a number of projects within the jazz/fusion realm both as composer and performer and collaborating with a variety of world class player with the likes of bassist and vocalist Chris Buck, drummer Sam "The Bull" Aliano, canadian bassist Rod Chappel (Lightspeed), and many others from different musical background all over the world.

A brand new nu-funk/groovy/experimental project called "Sycamore Lab" is now in the pipeline in collaboration with top-class guitarist/composer/producer Marino De Angeli and a variety of guest appearances.

Brett Garsed soloing over Alessandro Bertoni upcoming solo album's song -

Vinnie Moore: Interview Vinnie Moore Bordeaux 2013

Full live report: use google translate

UFO Wonderland + Interview Vinnie Moore Bordeaux 12/03/2013 + Shoot shoot performance

Listen Angel: Zumba Metal - sweeping and tapping Zumbathon!

Download this free song here

More songs here

Zumba Metal - Guitar Solo by Listen Angel

Suhermanto Harsono: Tom Quayle Legato Phrase

i there. This is my first video lesson on Youtube. I hope this is useful for all of you. If you interest in this lesson, I could send the tab by email. Just leave comment and your email address, and I will reply as soon as possible. Don't forget to subscribe this channel.

Guitar : Musicman JP6 Signature
Effect : POD HD500

Fusion Licks #1 Tom Quayle Legato Phrase (with Hybrid Picking) - Suhermanto Harsono

David Phillips: demos the Holdsworth Rockett Overdrive pedal - the little red box with killer tone!

Here is a demo of the Rockett Holdsworth pedal. This thing nails his tone. Very violin like with a lot of bloom. Used in the video is the Rockett----Timeline---- EBS Dynaverb into two Diamond amps set clean.


Marco Sfogli: Still Hurts Live Clinic 2013 - stunning!

Marco Sfogli Live Clinic 2-17-13

Marco Sfogli - Still Hurts (Live Clinic 2-17-13)

In case you missed Marco Sfogli

Marco Sfogli - Andromeda (Live Clinic 02-17-13)

Marco Sfogli - Intro + Jester's Tears (Live Clinic 02-17-13)

Suhermanto Harsono: Modern pentatonic legato with hybrid picking

Hi there. I wanna share an exercise, to practice lick, with pentatonic ideas (with hybrid picking). Hope you like it. Enjoy it.

Help me to share this video, and subscribe my channel. Thank you.

Modern legato - pentatonic ideas (with hybrid picking) - Suhermanto Harsono

Prashant Mathias: Polarization The Other Side of Paradise

Here's an exclusive guitar playthrough video of Polarization's song 'The Other Side of Paradise', taken from their album 'Chasing The Light'.

'Chasing The Light' is out now on Mediaskare records.

Facebook: exclusive: Polarization - The Other Side of Paradise guitar playthrough video

David Maxim Micic: Destiny Potato added to UK Tech-Metal Fest

Destiny Potato

Hoping to see you this July on UK Tech-Metal Fest
VEIL OF MAYA, Scar Symmetry, TesseracT,MONUMENTS, Skyharbor, DispersE, Above The Earthand many other great bands!!!
More dates will be announced... eventually :P

stay awesome!!

We talked to David Maxim Micic and Aleksandra Djelmash of Destiny Potato at Euroblast festival vol. 8, which took place in Cologne, Germany in October last year.

DESTINY POTATO - "Blue Sun" Instrumental Axe Fx II Demo (Guitar Playthrough)

We discussed the festival, their signing, their upcoming album, and more.

Subtitles in English are available - enable them by clicking the 'captions' icon at the bottom right of the video.

Destiny Potato logo T-shirts interview with Destiny Potato at Euroblast festival

Marc Guillermont: Superfluid super-smooth legato session

More stupendous superlatives for this superfluid super-smooth legato session.

Practising # 4

James Norbert Ivanyi: Solo record pre-production

James Norbert Ivanyi - Solo record pre-production "track II" play though.

I've been busy this year chipping away writing music for my debut instrumental solo record, as some of you may, or may not know. I'm having a blast doing it, and in the spirit of sharing, I wanted to perform one of the songs for you guys, in the 'play through' fashion. So turn it up nice and loud!

In this video, I share some thoughts on the song itself, my Suhr Antique Classic guitar, and perform the song 'track ii'. All the music is in the 'pre-production' stage, and is yet to be finished, or mixed. I hope you enjoy this song! - I have always wanted to write song's like this, with a 'vintage' yet dark edge and feel. I used some cool old vintage keyboard, organ and wurlitzer sounds, which I am also very fond of playing. Although it's not the most technical song in the batch of songs, I thought it would be fun to perform, as I've never used this style of guitar for an entire song. Not until I played the Suhr Classic about a year or so ago, was I comfortable to make a guitar ...

Ola Strandberg,Paul Masvidal,Per Nilsson,Allan Marcus,Richard Lainegard: new models for MusikMesse Frankfurt announced

Ola Strandberg
Here's the next pre-announcement for MusikMesse Frankfurt next week... Still missing some crucial pieces, but they should hopefully be in place in time. — with Richard Lainegard, Shun Nokina, Allan Marcus, Paul De Maio and Paul Masvidal.

15 hours ago 

The future of 8-string guitar! Try it at MusikMesse Frankfurt booth 4.0 K53 next week, across from True Temperament
 — with Richard LainegardShun Nokina,Per NilssonAnders ThidellAllan Marcus and Paul De Maio.

Gabriel Marin: Consider the source - this dubious honor

Prob wont be the final edit / not the final audio mix. waiting on another potential audio 'source' From a recent Buffalo, NY show. (03-29-2013)

Dimitar Nalbantov: Wagner Sharp - DiMarzio

Playing with the new version of Nick Crow Lab Wagner Sharp 1.0
You can see the settings in the beginning of the video.
Warm Regards,

Dimi Nalbantov - Wagner Sharp - DiMarzio

Some solo for some feelings...
DiMarzio Tone Zone and Paf Pro
Using Amplitube 3 Carvin Amp
Thanks for watching!

DiMarzio Tone Zone

Mike Portnoy, Mike Orlando: Metal Assault post Adrenaline Mob The Roxy, Hollywood 2013 :- Adrenaline Mob performing 'Undaunted' @ the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood CA on March 30th 2013 - Video by Carsten Steinhausen for Metal Assault

Adrenaline Mob - Undaunted (HD) Live @ The Roxy, Hollywood CA 03/30/13

Adrenaline Mob - Mob Rules (HD) Live @ The Roxy, Hollywood CA 03/30/13

Adrenaline Mob - The Lemon Song (HD) Live @ The Roxy, Hollywood CA 03/30/13

Marty Friedman, Jason Becker: Marty talks about Earthquakes and Jason in the latest Guitar World interview

What is your favorite memory of playing with Jason Becker in Cacophony? And what’s your relationship with him like at the moment? — Blaz Lenarcic
I loved jamming with that guy. It’d be hard to pick out a specific memory, but I always remember going to his house and hanging out with his family. They would treat me so nice and have food ready and make it real comfortable for us to play guitar all day. And what’s better than that? I really enjoyed playing with him on all levels.
He and I have been best of friends since then. We’re still in contact, and you would never know he’s going through the things he’s going through if you were to peek into our correspondence. [Becker has been paralyzed due to the effects of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.] It’s exactly the same as it was before. He’s a wonderful inspiration. Any time I start to feel lazy, he inspires me and I just start to kick ass.

Neal Schon: Wins Damages from the Daily Mail for False Allegations

Nice to see the British papers are still up to their normal in depth analysis and research before posting defamatory articles...

False Allegations by the Daily Mail about Neal Schon "It also reported claims that Mr Schon was a “drunk and abusive man” who had become “increasingly spiteful and vindictive” using his money to bully his ex-wife and that his fiancée Michaele Salahi had turned him against his former wife...

After being threatened with court proceedings by Neal Schon  the Mail admitted that The story was but a tissue of lies and posted this on their web site as part of the recompense for the wrongful accusing:
"We accept that these allegations are untrue and apologise to Mr. Schon, Ms. Salahi and the family for any distress caused. We have agreed to pay Mr. Schon and Michaele damages and legal costs."

Daily Mail Full apology

George Lynch: to appear at Headbanger's two-year anniversary

George Lynch will make a special appearance at 93.3 KDKB's Headbanger's two-year anniversary hosted by Mike Gaube. He will be sitting in with THE RYCHE, Arizona's tribute to Queensrÿche, as well as DC4, featuring Jeff Duncan and Rowan Robertson.

John Petrucci: Dream Theater Studio Rig Tour 2013

Dream Theater's John Petrucci sent us a rig tour of the Mesa amps he's using in the studio for their new album. A wide assortment of vintage Boogie Mark III, Mark IV and a few prized Mark IIC+ heads from his collection make up the early Boogie usage. Current amps like the Royal Atlantic RA-100, Triaxis/2:90 and the mainstay of John's studio and live rig, the Mark V round out the modes, tones, channels and sounds in use on their upcoming 2013 album in progress.

John walks us through "Boogie Mountain" in the studio and provides a few details on what amps are used for what sounds where as well as some insights into the Dream Theater studio process for guitar sounds overall. Amazing stuff for any Dream Theater/ John Petrucci enthusiast. Enjoy!

John Petrucci/Dream Theater Studio Rig Tour 2013

Lzzy Hale, Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy: Adrenaline Mob live Nashville 2013

Adrenaline Mob Feat. Lizzy Hale - Come Undone (Duran Duran) Nashville 4/5/13

Adrenaline Mob Feat. Lizzy Hale - Barracuda (Heart) Nashville 4/5/13

Darius Wave: Hufschmid H6E electric guitar

Find me on facebook:
Demo of Hufschmid H6E electric guitar made by Swiss luthier / artisan - Patrick Hufschmid.
For more info check out:
Recorded with TSE X50 vst plug-in + Catharsis 1on-pres5 cab impulse
Darek Wawrzyniak ( Darius Wave)

Hufschmid H6E electric guitar :: Demo, Soundcheck - Modern Rock

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Coffee Break Jazz - 90th solo of the day!

Backing track by

Played by MICKYLEE.

Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
official homepage:

Daily Solo - Coffee Break Jazz (No. 90, guitar)

Daily Solo - Silky Way (No. 88, guitar)

Sam Coulson: Rising Sun Blues

Sam Coulson in duet mode, pinching chords... when will he give them back?

Sam Coulson:
Pinching Chords again!

This time from House of the Rising Sun. The song dates back to the 18th century but was made famous by The Animals more recently.

I changed the chords a little bit to add some drama and reeled off some bluesy licks over the top.

If you could take the time to rate the video I would greatly appreciate it. It helps me reach new people :-)

Thank you for watching

Rising Sun Blues - Sam Coulson

Andrei Martinez Agras: Waves of Shred competition

Lots of entries, keep them coming... this one from Andrei Martinez Agras, who's in the groove... of course if I sat in that position I would never be able to stand up again!

Waves of Shred Entry - Andrei Martinez Agras

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Leonardo Guzman: Suhr looks happy to me!

Leonardo Guzman
Guitar Model Modern Carve Top
Electronics Volume, Tone, 5-way, p/p Neck Split, Mini toggle for “@Andy Wood Redneck” mod
Finish Red Nova, Trans Cherry back
Body Wood: Mahog
Neck Wood: Mahogany w Pau Ferro - BFTS
Neck Back Shapes: Modern Elliptical .820-.870, 16" radius
Frets: Jumbo SS
Bridge: 510 2-Post Solid Saddles (steel blk) - recess
Hardware Color: Chrome
Pickguard: No Pickguard - Rear Rout
Nut Width: 1.687
Nut: Tusq
Gears: Sperzel Locking
JST SSV Humbucker (Zebra)
JST FL Single Coil (Cream)
JST SSH+ Humbucker (Zebra)
Case Guitar - G&G Custom Hardshell Form-Fit Case
Body Option: 3/4” Plain Maple
Knobs: Chrome
Input Jack: Side Jack
Option 2: Offset Abalone Blocks, Side Dots & Logo w/ gloss headstock
String Gauge: .010-.046 Elixir NanoWeb
Other Options: Scraped Binding, Tremel-No
Paint Options: Painted Headstock Match — Suhr Modern Carve Top

Sam Lenhardt: Waves of Shred competition

My entry. It's got a couple mistakes but overall I'm happy with it. Please like, comment and subscribe if it so pleases you!

Waves of Shred Entry - Sam Lenhardt

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Daniele Liverani: Time To Leave

Daniele Liverani - Time To Leave
Taken from the instrumental guitar album "DAILY TRAUMA"
Recorded on 1998 at Fear Studios
Released later on 2004 by Frontiers Records

All Guitars, Bass and Keyboards by Daniele Liverani
Drums by Dario Ciccioni


Ron Baggerman: will play the Ziggy tapguitar at Frankfurt Musikmesse

10 April at 09:00 until 13 April at 17:00 in UTC+02

Ron Baggerman from Holland will demonstrate the Ziggy tapguitar at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 10-13 April Hall 3.0 stand E49.
Ron has played the Chapman Stick for 27 years and since a couple of years he changed to another tapguitar: the Ziggy tapguitar designed by the German luthier Siggy Abramzik & made by Musik-Marketing from Worms/Germany.
Ron is also the representative for Europe for this 12-stringed instrument.

More info at his site:
You can reach him at:
& mobile phone: ++31-657.955.728

Jean-Yves Braun: French Guitar Contest 2

Some shred Guitar ;-)

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Niko Tsonev: Recording last takes of the new album

Recording last takes of the last song Acid Tear from the up and coming 2013 Niko Tsonev solo album!

My (amazing) Suhr Modern into the (Kemper) Profile of a modded 1970's 50W Marshall JMP1!

Kemper KPA-1 Profiling Session with Niko Tsonev