Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tom Quayle: Rhodes Gemini - NAMM After Party

Tom Quayle testing the new Gemini Rhodes in Rhodes Kyle's room. Fun times!

Tom Quayle & Rhodes Gemini (NAMM After Party)

Tom Quayle: at Fuzz Guitar Show 2013

Tom Quayle via YouTube Capture

Tom Quayle at Fuzz Guitar Show 2013

Frank Pearl:Guitar Messenger - Guitar Solo Competition

This is my first attempt with reamping: I used the Axe Fx 2 as DI and then i've reamped through a Masotti Amp X100M boosted by a Masotti Pedal OD Box. For miking, i used a SM57 with a Celestion Greenback. if you want more informations about Masotti devices check this:

in this video i use the fretwrap by gruvgear. it's cool strings damper. you can find it at:

Frank Pearl - Guitar Messenger - Guitar Solo Competition

Guitar Messenger: Solo Competition Closes
May 07, 2013 @ 12:00 am (EDT)

Davide Contu: The French Guitar Contest 2

LISTEN,LIKE&SHARE! This is my entry for "The french guitar contest 2", thumbs up and subscribe my channel! Gear: Guitar: Fender stratocaster relic custom shop '56 Effect: Fulltone fulldrive 2, boss Dd6 Amp: Fender deluxe

The French Guitar Contest 2 - DAVIDE CONTU's entry

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Chris Squire,Steve Howe: Premier Guitar's Rig Rundown

Premier Guitar's Shawn Hammond is on location in Omaha, Nebraska, where he catches up with Yes' Chris Squire and Steve Howe to check out their vintage gear, including old Rickenbackers, Gibsons, Fenders, and more.

For more Rig Rundowns or to watch one of PG's 2,000 other videos, click

Rig Rundown - Yes' Chris Squire & Steve Howe

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - new album in the works

Steel Panther guitarist Satchel and Lexxi Foxx told us that new music is right around the corner.


Jeff Hanneman: Slayer Guitarist Dead at 49

Slayer guitarist and founding member Jeff Hanneman died earlier today of liver failure. He was 49.

"Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home.  He was 49.  Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure.  He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed."

Tom Quayle: TQ signature Fibenare Basic Jazz guitar

 Tom Quayle: TQ signature Fibenare Basic Jazz guitar

Hey guys,

Here's a demo vid of my new TQ signature Fibenare Basic Jazz guitar running through my Wampler Dual Fusion pedal into the Port City Pearl with the Axe FX II providing some ambient tape delay and reverb. Best tone I've ever had!!

Check out Fibenare guitars at

TQ Signature Fibenare Basic Jazz

Dallton Santos: By the Edge of the Stream - Beautiful Guitar Song

Beautiful Guitar Song - Guitar Ballad
Full song download:

Ballad Guitar Solo - "By the Edge of the Stream" - Guitar Solo by Dallton Santos
Instrumental Guitar Song I Beautiful Guitar Solo I

follow at:

Beautiful Guitar Song ▶ "By the Edge of the Stream" - Ballad Guitar - Dallton Santos - Guitar Solo

Timotheedle: Bach Partita 3 Prelude using Marshall Harrison's transcription!

Timotheedle: It's like 95% percent there. some counting issues and pick slipping here mainly... but still! Marshall Harrison's transcription btw. Dedicated to my teacher Antonio Malatesta, fucking badass

Bach Partita 3 Prelude

Marshall Harrison: Hey Fans, The preparations for this video commenced months ago during a recent trip to Las Vegas and the fruits of those labors were realized only yesterday. I did upload a faster and slightly more unmusical version but felt the note accuracy wasn't acceptable. This recording is slightly slower but quite a bit more accurate. My fluorescent yellow RG550 was to be the instrument used in this video but though visually stunning the playability of the Vigier Shawn Lane model is without peer therefore that is what you see here. Some of the notes were shifted an octave to give the pedal points an open string "fulcrum". Technically, this piece requires excellence in many different areas notably alternate, sweeping, and SWYBRYD picking. If you want the tab to this unequivocal masterpiece then send $8 USD to

Marshall Harrison - J.S. Bach - Partita no3 - Preludio

Ray Riendeau,Marco Sfogli,Peter Wildoer,Matt Guillory: James LaBrie album - This is really a killer record!

Ray Riendeau
Been listening to a few mixes by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios of the new James LaBrie record I played on with Matt Guillory, Marco Sfogli and Peter Wildoer. This is really a killer record and although I thought it would be impossible to top Static Impulse I think we may have very well done so! Can't wait for this release!

Marco Sfogli
The mixes I heard so far from the new James LaBrie record are simply awesome. Can't wait for you to hear it. It's going to be a kickass record

Peter Wildoer
Just heard the first track that Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios mixed for the new James Labrie album. This album will be great! Matt Guillory, Marco Sfogli, Ray Riendeau and James LaBrie all set the bar really high this time and their musicianship is stunning. Matt's and Peter Wichers songwriting are also equally mind-blowing. I had such a great time recording this album and it was a pleasure to track it with one of the best engineers around, Johan Örnborg. Honored to be part of this band and I can't wait to hear all you guys reactions to this album!!! :)

Matt Guillory
Hey folks, can't announce a specific release date yet for the new James LaBrie album, but it will be summer 2013 for sure :) Mixes are EPIC!

Marshall Harrison: Guitar Of The Week - Carvin Allan Holdsworth

The "Guitar Of The Week" Carvin Allan Holdsworth style Semi Hollow bodyVideo:

Rhett Butler: Cliffs of Dover for Solo Acoustic with tab!

Cliffs of Dover - Solo Acoustic Guitar - Lesson
The TAB and Lesson for this arrangement are FREE at

James Ryan, Doug Steele: 24ʇ - jam and XXXX tea

No warm up, just go!! Apologies for me being louder. Had no idea. This was taped earlier today. So I'm uploading whilst I'm chopping other vids. James and I jammed for roughly an hour. Get in, get out.

James Ryan Jam 2

James Ryan Jam 3

Chris Bieniek: All The Things You Are - Up Tempo 300 BPM

All The Things You Are - Up Tempo 300 BPM - Chris Bieniek Guitar
A Solo over All The Things You Are. Just a basic Strat tone. No amp plugged straight into pro tools.

I was inspired after listening to a recording in the car today of the Amazing Australian guitarist from Sydney James Muller playing it.
Check him out if you haven't, one of the greatest contemporary Jazz Guitarists in the world (in my opinion). Apparently John Scofield listens to him!!!!!!!!
(Though I'm not surprised ).

I'm available for Skype lessons.

Jacky Vincent: United Stringdom - Alternate and Economy Picking and Combining Sweep Picking with Fretboard Tapping

Falling in Reverse Jacky Vincent
The following content is related to the June 2013 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:­-world/products/guitar-world-june-13-meg­adeth

Two of my essential techniques for playing the fastest lead passages in my performances with Falling in Reverse are alternate picking and economy picking. As the names imply, alternate picking involves alternating between downstrokes and upstrokes, while economy picking entails reducing, or economizing, the amount of pick-hand motion used to perform single-note runs while picking every note.

This month, I'd like to show you some examples of both picking techniques and demonstrate how I integrate them to play a fast three-bar passage from my guitar solo in the song "Goodbye Graceful."

United Stringdom w/Jacky Vincent - June 2013 - Using Alternate and Economy Picking

The following content is related to the May 2013 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:

Hi, and welcome to my new Guitar World instructional column. Over the next few months, I'll be demonstrating to you many of the different techniques I use for the riffs and solos that I play with my band, Falling in Reverse. Hopefully, these riffs will prove useful and inspire you to discover some unique musical ideas of your own.

Some of my favorite musical sounds are those that consist of long, flowing arpeggios, whether they are present in rock, classical, electronic music or metal. The manner by which most guitar players execute lengthy arpeggiated lines is by using sweep picking, wherein the pick is dragged in a single motion across two or more adjacent strings using either a downstroke or an upstroke

United Stringdom w/Jacky Vincent - Combining Sweep Picking and Fretboard Tapping - May 2013

Falling in Reverse Jacky Vincent Shredding

Guthrie Govan: interviewed by Luke Machin of The Tangent / Maschine

Interview with Guthrie Govan - from The Aristocrats - by Luke Machin of The Tangent / Maschine

Luke: Where do you see your musical endeavours going in the next 5 years or so?

Guthrie: Well, for one thing I certainly intend to make more solo albums. Also, the trio stuff I've been doing with Bryan and Marco is very much an ongoing “band” kind of a mission, as opposed to a “one-off” project, so you can definitely expect to hear more from the Aristocrats in the future…

Other than that, I really can’t predict what else I might get up to – I’m just taking things one note at a time I do get occasional invitations to participate in someone else’s musical project, and my standard policy where that stuff is concerned is simply to say “yes” to the things which I find musically interesting, and “no” to everything else. (Obviously, this approach makes little or no business sense, but the same could be said of the instrumental guitar genre as a whole, so… I’m no stranger to the concept of making commercially unviable decisions in the world of music!)

Stutrol: Waves of Shred ENTRY - Stutrol 2013

(Apologies for the grainy resolution, poor camera at hand)
Goodday to you all, here is my entry using the lovely backing track created for the 'Waves of Shred 2013' guitar competition set up by the superb Wampler Pedals in conjunction with UK Leeds guitar maestro (makes me sick) Mr Tom Quayle, instrumental shred guitar founder & journalist Mr Laurie Monk and of course the awesome Yiannis Papadopoulos (monster player).
Hell, i feel lost in this sea of amazing and advanced players. I state i am not of the caliber of shred dominating the web these days but there's certainly no harm in having a go and hopefully my approach to this conveys well to you.
And hats off to Tom Quayle, that man is getting the recognition in the guitar world he deserves!

For all Stutrol music, original & creative covers head over to ---

Waves of Shred ENTRY - Stutrol 2013

News: Rotosound signs Whitesnake, Rivals Sons, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds, The 1975 and more

Press Release –  2nd May 2013
Rotosound signs Whitesnake, Rivals Sons, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds, The 1975 and more

Rotosound are proud to announce the signing of over twenty of the best up and coming and established guitarists and bass players from around the world.

New to Rotosound is Chris Taylor, bassist with up and coming American band Grizzly Bear. The band is playing major festivals all over the world following their critically acclaimed Shields album released in 2012.

UK rock band Orange Goblin, described by Classic Rock magazine as one of the greatest live bands in recent years, sees both John Hoare, guitar and Martyn Millard, bass now using Rotosound. The very hotly tipped indie Rock band The 1975 has both guitarists Mathew Healy / Adam Hann and bassist Ross Macdonald using Rotosound on their headline UK tour, which also includes supporting Muse on the upcoming Stadium tour. 
Scott Holiday
Scott Holiday, guitarist with Rival Sons now uses and endorses the NEW Rotosound RFB-1 Re-Issue Fuzz Pedal. The band was voted ‘Best New Band’ by listeners of Planet Rock radio and won Breakthrough Act Of The Year at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour award ceremony last year.
Michael Devin (Whitesnake)
Another new endorsee is Michael Devin, of Whitesnake fame. When asked about why he chose Rotosound strings he said “Tis no great mystery why Rotosound bass strings are the most popular strings in the world! My bass sings like a piano…crisp, clean highs, growlin' mids, present lows… everything a bassist needs to get the job done.”

Russell Pritchard Bass player with the highly successful Zutons and now with the critically acclaimed Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds is another new endorsee and just as full of praise. He observed that ‘Rotosound have always issued the best flatwound Bass Strings, with consistency in every packet for quality & tone’.

Other recent endorsees include session bassist Wayne Morgan who works with The Drifters and The Three Degrees, Jamie and Bruce Watson from Big Country, Nial Thomas of Horse in Transit and Matthew Carroll bassist with singer / songwriter Kyla La Grange. Also joining the roster is Jannick Juel, Jepps Nyholm and Troels Markussen from Danish rock band Thee Attacks and Nicholas Waldo member of the Columbia based power house Vorpal Nomad. Then there is James Bagshaw & Tom Warmsley of the hotly tipped Temples, and Steve Rushton session artist who works with the X Factor Live and many of the shows successful artists. Last but not least there is Peter Carr from popular post punk group, Echo And The Bunnymen, accomplished session player Henry Guy often seen to be working with Katy B and Natalie Duncan, Dorrian Sorriaux & Zach Anderson of the cool sexy Swedish Band, Blue Pills and Mike Peters acclaimed front man of the internationally successful Welsh band The Alarm

To find out more about the Rotosound Strings and their endorsees visit

Marc Guillermont,Sebastiaan Cornelissen,Frans Vollink: Trio to play Eddie Lang Jazz Festival, Monteroduni

Marc Guillermont Sebastiaan Cornelissen  Frans Vollink.

Trio is back, will start playing in August in Italy. More infos to come...

Looks like the Marc Guillermont Trio will be playing Eddie Lang Jazz Festival, Monteroduni.
We're gonna rock as nasty as we can;-) Je suis très heureux avec l'odeur dans mes bras! — with Frans Vollink.

Shawn Lane: 10 Year Memorial Concert - latest details

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial Concert at Newby's in Memphis
Facebook web site:
Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003)
Guitar World magazine wrote in 2008, "Few, if any, guitarists can play faster than Lane could, and his arpeggio sweeps and precision-picked lines blasted more rapid-fire notes than the average human mind could comprehend."

EVENT DATE IS NOT SET IN STONE other than the MONTH, and details are still emerging and will be altered accordingly so please stay in tune.
We have tentative confirmation from Buckethead, Eric Gales, Paul Taylor, Consider the Source, Tina Lane and a massive growing list of inquiring acts! And we are grateful for everyone that wants to be involved.
Artists and Bands that would like to perform please email your press kit to

Sebastiaan Cornelissen,Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont: Direct download: 10 albums and help release the new album!

If you like my music and want to help sponsor my upcoming album Not This Time..
Limited off to buy pretty much my complete discography as digital download!
Thats 11 albums for very little money:) Go to my site:

Help sponsor my upcoming release 'Not This Time'!
Featuring: Evan Marien, Nigel Hitchcock, Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont, Rob van Bavel, Frans Vollink, Randy Brecker a.o.

Special limited offer:

Direct download: 10 albums (almost my complete fusion discography!)

1. Isotope
2. Isotope - Perception of the Beholder
3. Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Aggressive Attack
4. RHP
5. One Spirit
6. Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Uturn
7. One Spirit - Go For It!
8. Sebastiaan Cornelissen - On Impulse
9. Sebastiaan Cornelissen Group
10. On Impulse (Vollink, Molenaar, Cornelissen)

On top of this, you'll receive a copy of the album in the works ánd a chance to win one of the cymbals used on 'Not This Time'.

Buy now for only $55,-

Tosin Abasi: Seven String Arpeggios

The following content is related to the June 2013 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:­-world/products/guitar-world-june-13-meg­adeth

To me, one of the most valuable study practices has been the exploration of arpeggios (also known as "broken chords," wherein each note of a chord is played individually and in succession) played across all the strings. Like most guitarists, I began on six-string and soon graduated to seven- and then eight-string guitar. This month, I'd like to demonstrate some cool ways to perform a variety of arpeggios on the seven-string guitar.

An approach that has worked well for me is to devise a specific arpeggio fingering pattern diagonally across the strings, spanning over two octaves, for which I can then alter one or two notes in each octave to morph from one chord quality to another, for example, from minor seven to dominant seven or major seven. This way, the fingerings are visually and physically similar and thus easier to memorize.

Prog-Gnosis w/Tosin Abasi - June 2013 - Roller-Coaster Ride — Seven String Arpeggios

David Bond: Suhr Augmented Scale jam and lesson

This week's Free Guitar Lesson on the Augmented Scale, used over dom7 chords.

The chord progression is:

Head here for the free backing track:
Free Guitar Lesson - Augmented Scale - David Bond

Here's another instalment of the weekly free lessons series, this time we're exploring the Super Locrian Nat5 scale, a mode of the harmonic major scale.

The chord progression is:

For guitar lessons with me, go to:

Free Guitar Lesson - Super Locrian Natural 5 Scale - David Bond

Tristan Klein: Gibson 56 VOS - Blues burning

Tristan Klein: Gibson 56 VOS + Morgan MV45 Recorded with Torpedo VB-101

Gibson 56 VOS + Morgan MV45 by Tristan Klein

Listen Angel: Stay II

Free download of this song
Join Shredders in arms Here :

STAY II - Guitar Solo by Listen Angel [FullHD]

Stephen Platt: Collibus - Dead Inside and DamageScape Damage

More Info -
Video Directed and Produced by Rotted Grape -
Track Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Platt -

Collibus - Dead Inside

Plus DamageScape

More Info -

Video Directed and Produced by Rotted Grape -
Track Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Platt -

DamageScape - Damage

Dmitriy Zhirnov: Guitar Messenger Solo Competition 2013

Dmitriy Zhirnov: There is my entry for this cool contest. Hope you like it.

Guitar Messenger Solo Competition 2013 - Dmitriy Zhirnov

Guitar Messenger: Solo Competition Closes
May 07, 2013 @ 12:00 am (EDT)

Swag Funk-Fusion Guitar Improvisation

The French Guitar Contest 2 - Dmitriy Zhirnov

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Kermheat: Cosmos - Festival guitare - 2009

Buy me at Itunes:
Kermheat Plays on ibanez Guitars and Elixir Strings at N.A.S.A:
and my feet are on :

live At "festival guitare" Issoudun 3 nov 2012.

Kermheat plays "Cosmos 2009" at "Festival guitare" Issoudun

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Blues Moose Fest 2013

Joanne shaw Taylor - Jealousy @ Bluesmoosfest 2013 feat Jimmy Bowskill on Keyboard
28 april 2013, Groesbeek Netherlands. Bluescaravan 2013.
drums Austin Cucuruto, Bass: Ian Mckeown

Joanne shaw taylor Jealousy bmfest 13

Torje Amundsen: live show presentation

The playing starts at 1:39. Two songs I performed at the University of Oslo (UiO) called "The dust of a diamond" and "Through an old mans monocle". I used my Ibanez rg2228 and the axe-fx II. The presets can be found here:

Huskonsert 24.04.2013 Torje

Gabriele Lazzerini: Per Nilsson Guitar Messenger: Solo Competition

Hi guys, this is my guitar solo for this amazing contest! I really like Scar Symmetry and this wonderful backing track.. check it out!!

Special thanks to my friends Luca Bimbi, Victor Musetti and Gold Music.

IMPORTANT: if you like my solo vote for me from 7th may to 14th may at (You can vote once every day).
Gabriele Lazzerini - Per Nilsson Guitar Solo Competition

Guitar Messenger: Solo Competition Closes
May 07, 2013 @ 12:00 am (EDT)

John J Prieto: French Guitar Contest 2

First at all thank you Kenny Serane for invite me to this awesome contest and of course Thanks to all for watching it, greetings from Bogotá Colombia.

Don't forget suscribe for more uploads.

In this opportunity I used a Colombian Camelo Custom Guitar handmade by Luis Camelo and owner: Enrique Ruiz both close friends.

Recording in Bogotá Colombia by Dayro Sanchez and johnjprieto


Camelo Custom Guitars

Dayro Sanchez


French Guitar Contest 2 - johnjprieto

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Roland Kiss: French Guitar Contest 2

Roland Kiss: Watch in HD :)

French Guitar Contest 2 - Roland Kiss