Saturday, 4 May 2013

Robben Ford: Glasgow gig interview

Robben was kind enough to do this interview just before he took the stage at his recent Glasgow gig. Apologies for the background noise! If you are struggling to hear, then you can read a transcription of the interview at:

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In conversation with Robben Ford

Andres Ludmer: Electric Gypsy - AXE FX II - Andy Timmons

my favorite A.T. tune... there are a few mistakes... hope you enjoy!

Electric Gypsy (Andy Timmons) - AXE FX II v10

Oliver Christian: Waves Of Shred Entry

Hey guys! This is my entry for Waves Of Shred Guitar Competition. Hope you all like it, and if you do, please thumbs up the video and subscribe the channel!

Waves Of Shred Entry - Oliver Christian

Dennis V Epov: Waves Of Shred Entry

Very tasty soloing from Dennis!

'Waves Of Shred Entry" - Dennis V.Epov

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Marc Guillermont: USONiC EPK


Miles Bould - Drums
Scott Firth - Bass
Nigel Hitchcock - Saxes
Robert Mitchell - Keyboards
Marc Guillermont - Guitars
Sarah Ozelle - Vocals


John McLaughlin, Eric Sempe, Marc Guillermont: amazing live fusion sessions from 2006

John McLaughlin, Eric Sempe, Louis Winsberg, marc Guillermont, Dominique Di Piazza, Roger Rossignol, Kiki Aublette, Adrian White

John McLaughlin, Eric Sempe, Louis Winsberg, Guillermont

John McLaughlin, Eric Sempe, Guillermont, Winsberg

John McLaughlin, Eric Sempe, Guillermont, Hadrien Feraud

Henri Aalto: Metal shred solo with sweep- tap- slides

Here I play through a LINE 6 POD UX1. Techniques used: Lots of legato runs.
Sweep-picked 5 string arpeggios with tap slides.
The scale used here: D-aeolian ( natural-minor ) mostly.Sometimes D-minor pentatonic scale ( 5 note minor scale )

Metal shred solo with sweep- tap- slides

Alek Darson: Flatlands - Wood Guerilla FB

Here's my take on this wonderful ballad. I tried to capture as much of Guthrie's style in the solo section. How do you like my aristocratic outfit? :) Like, share and comment if you have any thoughts!

The official backing track is available here:

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Produced, recorded and mixed in Recording Studio STRETCH by Alek Darson
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Alek Darson exclusively plays Wood Guerilla guitars and basses.

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AxeFx II - Hot Clean Tone [The Aristocrats - Flatlands [Alek Darson]]

Jimmy Diresta: amazing video on the process of making an AK47 Guitar

I made this AK47 Guitar for Wyclef Jean. Enjoy!

DiResta AK47 Guitar

Prashant Aswani: talks about his upcoming release

Prashant Aswani
Hey Folk's. I have been in a transition period in my life this past year and have a lot of music in me to share as a result. I have started work on my 6th solo album. Jose Pasillas has completed drums for 10 new tunes and I am about finished with the writing process. I am interested in seeing what direction these songs will go. I am so grateful to be able to continue my path as a musician and am looking forward to sharing this album with you!

Prashant Aswani: Shades Of Gray ESP Booth NAMM 2013

Ralf Sommerfeld: GuitarMessenger solo competition

Guitar Messenger Contest

GuitarMessenger Ralf Sommerfeld

Denis Rexhepi: Guitar Messenger Solo Competition

Entry for video contest: Guitar Messenger Solo Competition

Guitar Messenger Solo Contest Entry-Denis Rexhepi

Guitar Messenger: Solo Competition Closes
May 07, 2013 @ 12:00 am (EDT)