Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rick Graham: Thumbpick Licks

Rick's Quick but Slick Thumbpick Licks
This thing is BADASS!!! I made it out of an existing thumbpick but trimmed it up a bit and glued on one of my fav picks. I'm using this from now on. Get stuff from my website:

Damjan Pejcinoski,Vlad Mazurkevitch,Yegor Dzyhun: Smoke on the water - The Presidential orchestra of Belarus

Smoke on the Water ( Deep Purple )
Lead Guitars - Damjan Pejcinoski,Vlad Mazurkevitch,Yegor Dzyhun.
Vocals - Georgy Koldun, Boban Mojsovski,Evgeny Slutsky.
The Presidential orchestra of the Republic of Belarus.Viktor Babarykin-conductor.
MINSK 12 APRIL 2013.

The Presidential orchestra of Belarus - Smoke on the water

Joop Wolters,Viv Lalu,Mike Terrana: Everbound - 2003

How is music like this just a demo?

2003 Everbound demo (Mike Terrana, Joop Wolters, Viv Lalu)

Lorenzo Venza: Sunny

Testing a new twang oriented sound.
Extra-famous Greg Howe Backing :)

Lorenzo Venza - Sunny

Franck Ribiere: Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar - Volume 2 - crowdfunding!

English: Big big news !! a new crowdfunding campaign for the next "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" album is now online, it's time to help for making this Vol.2 even bigger !! :))

French: Grosse info !! une nouvelle campagne de financement pour la suite du 1er album "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" est d├ęsormais disponible, c'est le moment d'aider pour avoir une suite encore plus impressionnante !! :))

About Us
Over the past 8 years, we have grown to become a leading provider of services tailored specifically for the needs of an independent Guitarist/Musician. Our expertise in the music industry has allowed us to deliver the first "Guitar Addiction - A Tribute To Modern Guitar" Album in 2010. This awesome project was the result of a long and hard work that had make it possible to unit more than 60 of the most talented musicians of our time !!
Details of Vol. 1 on this mini website :
What we need for this 2nd volume

To put out our new record and promote all the participating Artists we need in totality more than 7000 €. That may sound like a lot but consider this: for a full length track album, depending on the song it can cost up to 1000 € per track to record from start to finish (Studio time for mixing & final mastering included ). It will cost an additional one thousand euros to print and package. And to finish, publicity will have also a cost.

Keith Merrow: loving his Laney Ironheart Studio head

Trying out the new Laney Amplification Ironheart Studio head. Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I think that the Laney amps have a pretty unique sound to them. Kinda moderate output, really fat sounding. Cool for proggy type stuff. I'll undoubtedly do a video with this when I get time. Lots of great features with this thing!

Billy Sheehan: Oscar's Guitar Shop Interview

On the 22nd episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop (5-31-13), Billy Sheehan walks in with a bass and shows Oscar how to play chords with two hands. They discuss The Winery Dogs, Talas, his prog-funk band Niacin, and his affinity for Tim Bogert and Glenn Hughes.

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Ulisses Miyazawa: plays Vinnie Moore - Hero Without Honor

VINNIE MOORE - HERO WITHOUT HONOR (Ulisses Miyazawa)- 26/05 Belo Horizonte MG YAMAHA playnow no Boulevard Shopping

VINNIE MOORE - HERO WITHOUT HONOR (Ulisses Miyazawa)- 26/05 Belo Horizonte MG YAMAHA playnow

Maxxxwell Carlisle: Yngwie - Relentless Autobiography - Review

My review of Yngwie's "Relentless" Memoir.
I'm a bit tired in this. Sorry :/

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Yngwie - Relentless Autobiography - Review

Snowy White: Bluesdrivers 2013

Denny Newman on vocals, with superb solos on guitar from Snowy White and Denny, when the Bluesdrivers band performed at the Lakei venue, in Helmond, The Netherlands on Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Sergey Golovin: Lepsky SGM8 - AXE-FX II - Chaos Machine

Felix Martin: 14 string guitar - tapping tour de force
Check out the description below!

Felix Martin -- 14 string guitar
JP Bouvet -- Drums
Alejandro Zorrilla -- Bass

This song is a mix of styles including prog rock 0:01, latin 1:32, latin metal 2:05, inspector gadget 2:19, and all together 2:54! Pretty intense to memorize and play!

There are a few new tapping techniques that I'm featuring in this song. 2:54 Tap Arpeggios with both hands and neck, instead of doing sweep picking etc. 2:37 Tap Chromatics with alternating fingers in both necks, pretty hard one to do, it was inspired when I was learning flight of the bumblebee, which I forgot already :D 2:30Melody combined with both necks, it gives a sound with more legato, if thats the correct word ;)


Felix Martin Trio

Tom Quayle: Wampler Waves of Shred - Thanks, now to judging!

Tom Quayle
Well the 'Wampler Waves of Shred' competition has closed and we've had some incredible entries from some amazing players. I want to thank everyone who has entered and taken the time to put a video and solo together. The judges will be watching and enjoying all of your videos over the coming days and the winners will be announced on the 15th of June. Good luck to all of you! You can check out all of the entries here: -

NGD Fibenare Roadmaster Custom S type.
Tom also points you to a recent review of the Fibenare Guitars Roadmaster S. He Says "If you are in any way into guitars you owe it to yourself to check out this thread posted by Stuart Robson on the gear page forum. His new Fibenare GuitarsRoadmaster S is one of the most stunning guitars I have ever seen!"

Daniele Gottardo,Jordane Richet: Jordane named as Executive Producer for the upcoming CD

Daniele Gottardo and his team would like to thank Jordane Richet for becoming the Executive Producer of the upcoming Daniele Gottardo CD. Jordane will get some special personal items and information through direct communication with Daniele. Daniele says "Jordane, you rule!"

The figure sponsored currently stands at 4207 Euros and you can help this project come to fruition in many ways... to find out how, see the fundraising web site:

We still have private living room concerts, signature pickups, gottyboy distortion pedals for the other fans!

Jordane Richet: Hi, Jordane from Brest, France.
I was not satisfied (and that was driving me nuts) with my last recent cover of Marrakesh Market (Daniele Gottardo). Indeed, there were too many approximations and wrong notes.So i decided to work again this song but, this time, with headphones to maximize my concentration !
This is a 100% real live cover....there is always some wrong and out of tempo notes, especially in the solo part, but i tried to compensate by a powerful rendition (my fingers are totally injured today :-)). This is a purely tribute to Daniele's work. Marrakesh Market is a very difficult song...that could drives you crazy if you are looking for a good rendition. A real tour de force from Daniele Gottardo. Only a GOTTYBOY pedal (from Eleven Electrix), a computer and vst plugins were used for this recording. If you like this cover( and even if you don't), please help Daniele Gottardo to finish the current recordings of his new CD :
Open your ears, this new CD will a be a true revolution in the guitar it's your chance to contribute to this marvelous project.
Can't you hear the genius within ? :
Jordane Richet - Daniele Gottardo - Frenzy of Ecstasy - Marrakesh Market (cover)