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Alex Lifeson: Planet Rock interview

Planet Rock Rush fans ask Alex Lifeson their favourite questions


Chris Broderick: talks about the new album

Video Interview MEGADETH (Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick) on

Video Interview MEGADETH (Drover and Broderick)

Megadeth - Super Collider (first live performance) Live in Bucharest, Romania 22.May.2013

Jeff Loomis: Columbus Events Group

Live show footage from Jeff Loomis at the Columbus Events Group

Columbus Events Group presents Jeff Loomis May 4, 2013 Columbus, Ohio

Josh Christian: Toxik - Crooked Crosses Snippet - awesome snippet from upcoming release

Josh Christian comments on the new music: "I know it's been a long time, and one of the things I always think about is my own reaction when I hear about older bands recording. It's, like, 'Oh, no... not again,' because, let's be honest, it's usually an underwhelming listen and a lot of times it kills the band's legacy for the fans. But I have a feeling that people are going to be surprised by the intensity and power of our new material. The songwriting demos, which are really just me arranging the parts and programming drums, have been getting rave reviews from random listeners in the band's circle... It's so inspiring for us. We haven't spun off into nu-metal and we aren't trying to rewrite 'World Circus'. It's definitely TOXIK, but it isn't your dad'sversion." more

Toxik - Crooked Crosses Snippet

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G and Firewind: Sweden Rock Festival 2013 series

Gus G and the boys rip it up!

Firewind: Sweden Rock Festival 7.6.2013

Jeff Loomis: The Ultimatum (Schecter Booth NAMM 2013)

As I'm sure you'll agree, you can never have enough Jeff Loomis material out there. That being said, I used 3 POV versions (thanks to those fans) to create a fun to make video that I hope you'll like.

Jeff Loomis - The Ultimatum (Schecter Booth NAMM 2013)

Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik: OmnisighT - Plasticine

Progressive hard rock / groove metal band OmnisighT throw down some of their heavier tunes at Funky's in Vancouver. This is one of them! Studio recording of this song ("Plasticine") can be found here:

"LIKE" OmnisighT:
Raj Krishna - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Blake Rurik - Guitars
Dave Shannon - Bass / BG Vocals
Chris Warunki - Drums

Footage by Hugo Landry.

Annoying crowd "wooo's" by annoying audience member.

OmnisighT live @ Funky's - PLASTICINE

Jack Thammarat,Thanawat Benz,Nattawut Chubchu: Yamaha and laney clinic at chainat 2013

Jack Thammarat,Thanawatbenz,AOF3D - Yamaha and laney clinic at chainat 2013 1/2

JackThammarat,Thanawatbenz,AOF3D - Yamaha and laney clinic at chainat 2013 2/2

Lyle Watt: Seven Days (Sting) - live band

Hi everyone, I'm sorry for not posting anything for quite a while, I've been incredibly busy with various things lately, and when I've had a bit of free time, the last thing I wanted to do was more work! I'll be getting back on top of it soon though, I've got a lot of ideas for new videos. In the meantime, here's a version of "Seven Days" from our set at the Edinburgh Guitar Festival a few weeks ago.

The band is:
Hugh Cox - drums
Shaun Struthers - bass
Andy McLaughlan - guitar

My setup for this was:
Cornford Roadhouse 30 head
Framus 2x12 with Vintage 30s
Wampler Euphoria overdrive (in front)
TC Electronic Flashback X4 delay (in loop)

This video might not be up for long, so enjoy it while it's here...

Lyle Watt Band - Seven Days (Sting)

Torre Metal: Young Guitar Lesson

Ren raised the theme of a specific theme, go showing off approach GIT of music school MI JAPAN (Guitar School) teachers have different take turns placing course. The theme of "self-introduction" as the introduction, teachers Leopard foreign trade was composed the first few times out of Le music, ask them to introduce the phrase to summarize the style of its own. Torre metal gang leader of Nagoya school GIT, flop Hayashi!


Mike Martin,Oli Herbert: Robbs MetalWorks interview

All That Remains are an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts formed in 1998.

Philip Labonte
Mike Martin
Oli Herbert
Jeanne Sagan
Jason Costa

ALL THAT REMAINS on Robbs MetalWorks 2013

Jake Hertzog: "Hey Jazz Guy" Jazz Counterpoint

Hey Jazz Guy discusses the subject of jazz counterpoint. As seen in Guitar Player Magazine.

PDF example and text can be found at

"Hey Jazz Guy" Jazz Counterpoint

Kelly Simonz: Opus#1 from Guitar Clinic in Taiwan

Fujigen × Kelly SIMONZ guitar clinic in Taiwan I tell the second day, the pattern of Tainan.

Opus#1 from Guitar Clinic in Taiwan. 5/12/2013

Eric Calderone: new EP + Chrono Trigger Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So, haha, a request I've been getting for years now. I was very weary about doing this one because I love Chrono Trigger and all the music that went with it. Very hard to narrow it down to just "some" themes and make a medley out of them. You guys totally helped on Facebook though, so big ups for that. And a huge thanks for everything else. It means the entire world. Big ups for all the suggestions, comments, subs, messages, donations, fan art, and support. You guy ALWAYS rock the casbah. ALWAYS!

Best to ya

E"Lo Pan Lunatic" EP:

Chrono Trigger Meets Metal

James Bell: The Loner

James Bell " Hope There's a Heaven " is now available!!
itunes- Amazon- Spotify-
The Loner

Nick Johnston: Carvin Legacy, Wampler Euphoria - Chapman ML-1

Here's a quick jam with some amazing gear. This pedal is by far my favorite overdrive. The guitar has Dimarzio Injector's and an Area 67' in it.


Buy my first album!!

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Nice playing from Nick Johnston
Wampler Euphoria - Chapman ML-1 - Carvin Legacy - Nick Johnston

Greg Howe: Oracle the solo from Maragold album

Greg Howe plays the guitar solo from "Oracle" off of the 'Maragold' album
Greg Howe: Maragold
Greg Howe - "Oracle" solo from Maragold Album

Inophis Ao: Equinox : "The Cry Of Gaïa"

Inophis plays the solo from the Equinox song "The Cry Of Gaïa".
FACEBOOK official :

Our album will release in 2014.

Equinox : "The Cry Of Gaïa" - Inophis Solo

Roger Pedersen: review "astonishing technique of Norway’s king of the shredders"

Roger Pedersen: More Is More

Roger counterbalances intensity with an understated sense of humour which frequently pops up in his evocative song titles. Instrumental rock music sometimes stumbles over the final hurdle of finding a suitable song title, but Pederson’s song titles reflect the pace and density of his music. Thus on ‘Hail In A Hurricane’, the intensity of his frenetic playing and accompanying keyboard stabs sound like a wasp in a jam jar. Two songs later he actually calls a song ‘Wasps’, while other titles such as ‘Circus’, ‘ThePingPongSong’, ‘Melody’ and ‘GuitarDrumBizarreThing’ tell their own story... To the untutored ear, guitar shredding can lose its appeal long before the half way mark of an album like this. But if you give the music the attention it deserves, there are sparkling little cameos to be unearthed, dynamic resolutions to be enjoyed and uplifting melodies to sooth the soul, all intricately wrapped up by the astonishing technique of Norway’s king of the shredders

Full review:

Mike Dawes: Mitchel Emms perform 'All Along The Watchtower'

Mike Dawes and Mitchel Emms perform 'All Along The Watchtower' live in a room within a room in Bristol. This version is inspired by the Michael Hedges interpretation of the Bob Dylan classic, also interpreted by Jimi Hendrix.

Mitchel Emms is a 19 year old alternative rock singer from Burntwood. You can check out his band MisterNothing at

You can also follow his progress on BBC's The Voice at

Mike Dawes is a fingerstyle guitarist from the South of England. He tours lots, currently spends a lot of time in airports and likes to talk in the third person. He was also in a band with Mitch for about 1 day once. The debut album 'What Just Happened?' Is available worldwide via Candyrat records (

Check out more of Mike's music below, including his acclaimed 'one man one guitar' viral video arrangement of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know':

Don't forget to subscribe to Mitchel and Mike...

Filmed and edited by Josh Partridge, audio mixed by Joe Farr

Mike Dawes & Mitchel Emms - All Along The Watchtower

Joe Nurre: Shaded Enmity - Forsaken And Forgotten

Our new album "Forsaken and Forgotten" is now available for Pre -Order. The first 200 people to pre order the album will receive a download code within 24 hours to download the entire album immediately.

This entire album was funded by us. Please support us and buy the album! Out everywhere June 25th. A big thanks to Kyle Bishop for making us a video that looks cooler than anything we have ever put up. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith. Artwork by Dan Arena.

Tracklist for "Forsaken and Forgotten"

1. We are the Forsaken, We are the Forgotten
2. This is Federal
3. Sadness in Summer Rain
4. No Puedo Dormir
5. If Heaven's Gates are Closed, Will You Wait For Me?
6. ...And Life Was Great
7. What Have You Done, Oxycontin?
8. Indica Dreams
9. It Only Hurts in December
10. Prophecies and Pain
11. They Were Only Children[The Touch of Perversion]
12. Alleviant Sativa

Shaded Enmity is

Joe Nurre:Guitar/Vocals
Simon Dorfman: Drums
Jesse Heidn

Georgi Stanchev: French Guitar Contest 2

SECOND ROUND French Guitar Contest 2 - Georgi Stanchev
Guitar - Georgi Stanchev

Michael Angelo Batio: rockin' his Dean Guitars USA

Michael Angelo Batio jams in the Dean Guitars booth with Josh Maloney. Check out Dean Guitars' USA MAB at

Michael Angelo Batio rockin' his Dean Guitars USA "Gloss Natural" MAB at the 2013 NAMM.

Misha Mansoor: Periphery-Jetpacks Was Yes! - Knoxville 2013

Taken at Knoxville, TN show on 4/1/13

Dhalif Ali: French Guitar Contest 2 - the Jam Track!

Second Round French Guitar Contest 2 JAMTRACK! by Dhalif Ali
So i figured this would be a nice chance for me to actually give back and actually interact with my viewers and followers.. pull out your guitars, jam to this track and SHOW ME! please create a video response to this video! Have fun playing over this!

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Steve Unruh: The Samurai Of Prog - Time And A Word by YES

The Samurai of Prog - Time And A Word by YES (feat. Jon Davison on vocals)
featuring guest vocalist Jon Davison from YES
Marco Bernard - Bass
Steve Unruh - Guitars
Kimmo Pörsti - Drums & Percusssion
The album 'Secrets of Disguise' is out now.…RAI%20OF%20PROG
The Samura
i Of Prog is a rather new musical project formed in 2009 by the Finland-based Italian composer and bassist Marco Bernard.
The multi-national band is back with the double album 'Secrets of Disguise', putting their own spin on classic progressive tunes plus new compositions. Performances and recordings are of the highest quality, and the CDs are accompanied by a beautiful 40-page booklet. This is a lovely homage to many of progressive music's great works & some well-known and some lesser-known gems. We also see the band maturing into their own identity, as this, their second album, finds them penning fresh original tunes as well.The Samurai are joined by a bevy of guest artists, making 'Secrets of Disguise' a rich and textured feast for the ears.
Guests include Jon Davison (Yes), Roine Stolt (Flower Kings), Guy LeBlanc (Camel), Robert Webb (England), David Myers, Mark Trueack (Unitopia), Phideaux Xavier, Kamran Alan Shikoh (Glass Hammer), Linus Kåse, Mento Hevia (Crack), Lalo Huber, Srdjan Brankovic, Bogáti-Bokor Ákos, Stefano Vicarelli, Risto Salmi, Octavio Stampalia, Matthijs Herder, Andrew Marshall, and many more!

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Clockwork Angels Blu Ray coming soon?

Coming soon, but not in time for father's day

Fadoo Productions has produced the concert film for Rush‘s Clockwork Angels tour. A three-hour assault both musically and visually, the Clockwork Angels tour reinforces Rush's reputations as one of the world's best live bands. Recently inducted into the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame, Rush is one of the world’s most popular and critically acclaimed bands. Over their 40-year career, they have produced 24 gold records and 14 platinum (3 multi-platinum) records. Rush’s sales statistics place them third behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for the most consecutive gold or platinum studio albums by a rock band. Clockwork Angels is their 20th studio album. Broadcast release and DVD release information is coming soon.

RUSH - Clockwork Angels Concert Film Trailer from Fadoo Productions on Vimeo.

News: Charles Cilia Custom Guitars CGA 7

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This custom 7 string guitar was designed from the ground up (rather than adding a string to an existing 6 string design) by Charles Cilia Custom Guitars based in Sydney, Australia. This particular guitar was built for NAMM 2013 and Charles is currently building me a custom 7 string which will be ready soon.

If you are looking for an easy to play and great sounding custom 7 string these guitars are fantastic.

Charles Cilia Custom Guitars CGA 7 (7 string) Demo

Marcos De Ros: Back to the future


De Ros - Back to the Future. De volta para o futuro.

De Ros - "Russian Medley". Two Guitars + Lara's Theme (Doctor Zhivago)

Sam Coulson: ASIA - Heat of the Moment

Sam Coulson playing live with the classy AOR classic band Asia!

ASIA - Heat of the Moment

Photonmanification: Allan Holdsworth - Secrets and Shallow Sea - keyboard versions!

A great version, but on keyboards!

Allan Holdsworth - Secrets

Allan Holdsworth - Shallow Sea

Paul Rose: loving his new LsL Saticoy. "Chrysta" - immaculate playing

+Paul Rose Messing on at home with another beautiful LsL guitar. Hand made by the incredible Lance Lerman.

Paul Rose - With the LsL Saticoy. "Chrysta"

Paul Rose - LsL T-Bone Blues Jam

Allan Holdsworth: just released Road Games on Bandcamp

Allan Holdsworth just released Road Games on Bandcamp

1.Three Sheets Of The Wind 04:14
2.Road Games 04:14
3.Water On The Brain Pt. 2 02:49
4.Tokyo Dreams 04:04
5.Was There? 04:09
6.Material Real 04:41

Joe Stump: guitarhoo interview

Joe Stump: guitarhoo interview htttp://

Joe Stump Shred Guitarist of Holy Hell... by guitarhoo

Steve Vai: Naked Tracks Vol. 6 & 7

Steve Vai - Naked Tracks Vol. 6 & 7
Favored Nations is set to release the next two installments of Steve Vai’s popular “Naked Tracks” series exclusively on on June 6th, 2013! Naked Tracks were created to allow musicians jam over the solo-less lead guitar tracks from Steve’s albums. Volume 6 features selections from “Where The Wild Things Are,” “Sound Theories,” and a handful of VaiTunes releases., Volume 7 features all tracks from Steve’s latest solo release, “The Story of Light.”
"This series of play-along CD's is designed to help create an atmosphere of focus so you can shred yourself into a personally-induced inspirational nirvana," explains Vai.
To celebrate the new Naked Tracks release, Vai has released a free track available on for download. Simply click the button, retweet the message to your followers, and receive a free naked track download.

Naked Tracks Vol. 6
Now We Run
Angel Food
Gary 7
Gentle Ways
The Murder
The Attitude Song
Salamanders In The Sun
For The Love Of God
Without Me
Blues For Dust

Naked Tracks Vol. 7
The Story Of Light
John The Revelator
Book Of The Seven Seals
Creamsicle Sunset
Gravity Storm
Mullach a' tSi
The Moon and I
Weeping China Doll
Racing The World
Sunshine Electric Raindrops

Purchase Vol. 6 on iTunes
Purchase Vol. 7 on iTunes

Dave Mustaine: Megadeth tour and Dean Guitars!

Dave Mustaine

Dean artist Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is the focus of the June 2013 cover of Guitar World Magazine. It's a phenomenal piece including an impressive overview of the striking new Mustaine signature series guitars from Dean. (View the PDF on "some of the most visually striking guitars on the market" below). Pre-orders are already in full swing and these guitars will be in stores this month!!

In addition, DEAN GUITARS is now the exclusive guitar sponsor of the monstrous GIGANTOUR that Megadeth is headlining this summer. It's going to be an epic tour powered by Dean Guitars!


07/03 Gilford, NH – Meadowbrook
07/05 Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena
07/06 Canandaigua, NY – Marvin Sands PAC
07/08 Clarkston, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre
07/09 Chicago, IL – Allstate Arena
07/10 Youngstown, OH – Covelli Center
07/12 Dallas, TX – TBA
07/13 Lubbock, TX – Lonestar Amphitheatre
07/14 Corpus Christi, TX – Concrete Street Amphitheatre
07/16 Oklahoma City, OK – Zoo Amphitheatre
07/18 Bloomington, IL – US Cellular Coliseum
07/19 Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom
07/20 Cadott, WI – Chippewa Valley Music Festival
07/22 Winnipeg, MB – MTS Center
07/23 Calgary, AB – Stampede Corral
07/26 Edmonton, AB – Rexall Place
07/27 Dawson Creek, BC – EnCana Events Centre
07/29 Abbotsford, BC – Abbotsford Entertainment Center
07/30 Everett, WA – Comcast Arena
08/01 West Valley City, UT – Maverik Center
08/02 Denver, CO – 1st Bank Center
08/04 Fargo, ND – Scheels Arena
08/07 New York, NY – TBA
08/09 Camden, NJ – Susquehanna Bank Center
08/10 Montreal, QC – Heavy MTL
08/11 Toronto, ON – Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Joe Pinnavaia: Joe's Guitar Lick of the Month June 2013

June is here and it's half of 2013 in the books! Lots of cool stuff over at my True Fire Room as new lessons were posted and the Workshops continue. Hope you are well :)

The Lick of the Month Series has taken a back seat as of late so I had to get back to providing a simple but effective way for those guitar players who want to add some chromatics into there solos. You can check out the free lesson

TAB can be downloaded from

I hope you enjoy and at least check out the video and support me by giving the 'ol thumbs up!

As always - Stay True - Stay on Fire!

Joe's Guitar Lick of the Month June 2013 -