Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Andy James: SMT headed for download!

Andy James

Download is upon us \m/

Andy James playing at the ESP guitars booth Musikmesse 2013, this is "the slow track" from the Andy James Solo Album - What Lies Beneath ESP Guitars. Play in HD from higher sound quality. No Steak on a pizza for this solo extravaganza.

Andy James: What Lies Beneath - ESP Guitars Musikmesse 2013

Julien Damotte, Phillip Daniel: Late night Jam

Late night Jam with J. Damotte & P. Danel
A late night jam on a blues rock backing track

Sergio Paganini: Black Space

Black Space by Sergio Paganini [HD]
Black Space written by Sergio Paganini from Abstract instrumental album 2012

Original Song:

Abstract Download mp2 320 kbps:

Black Space by Sergio Paganini [HD]

Rick Graham: Ibanez RGPR2 'Texas Special' Specs with Demo

HD Video lesson with me: Hi guys, hope this answers some of your questions and I hope you enjoy the video!

Tom Richardson: Gold Roast

Gold Roast - Playing a Track from my EP (HD)
Here's a track from my EP "In Motion" which I recorded last year.
It's named after coffee, one of my favourite drinks!
You can check out the full EP at

Lorenzo Venza,John Macaluso: Mario Contarino TBP project

Great rock fusion soloing from Lorenzo Venza with powerhouse John Macaluso on the drums

Lorenzo Venza - It's for you(Mario Contarino TBP project) Feat. John Macaluso

Chris Gordon: in the mode for Lydian

Chris Gordon Closet Chronicles Lydian Jam

Closet Chronicles Lydain Jam

Now that was a close shave!

Letting off some steam to a blues, a bit over the top but just letting the hair down!

Shred and a Shave

Mateus Starling: Larry Carlton Style improvisation
Matthew Starling - Larry Carlton Style playback / Guthrie Govan

Visit my website and see more than 60 video guitar lessons.

Mateus Starling - Larry Carlton Style playback / Guthrie Govan

David Valdes: Shred Guitar exercises with tab

Hello and welcome to my SHRED GUITAR EXERCISES section.

You can find more exercises like this, in my dvd's teaching:
-IniciaciĆ³n a la Guitarra Solista.
-Ejercicios 1.
-Jam Tracks Improvisation 1

tabs & info:


Antoine Fafard,Scott Henderson: Occultus Tramitis - Good Reasons [excerpt]

Antoine Fafard,Scott Henderson: Occultus Tramitis 

Occultus Tramitis is an instrumental jazz fusion album by composer & bass player Antoine Fafard, released in 2013. The record features Terry Bozzio, Jerry Goodman, Gavin Harrison, Scott Henderson, Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman and Dave Weckl.

The piece on the video is called '13 Good Reasons' and features Jerry Goodman, Simon Phillips and Jean-Pierre Zanella.

Order your signed copy of the CD at
Order the CD via
Buy on itunes:

Antoine Fafard - 13 Good Reasons [excerpt]

News: Prosthetic Records Summer sampler includes Scale The Summit and Darkane

It's summer. What better way to celebrate than rocking out to your favorite music?

We here at Prosthetic Records want you to have the heaviest, most crushing music on the block, so not only are we giving you a bunch of free songs from recent releases -- including HOLY GRAIL,SCALE THE SUMMIT and SHINING -- we're also giving you music from albums that aren't even out yet! Yep, we're giving you new music from Swedish underground heroes DARKANE, the Danish melo-death black brigade MERCENARY and Boston grind/punk thrashers RAMMING SPEED before anyone can even buy it!
Did we mention it's completely FREE?

What are you waiting for? Head over to the PROSTHETIC RECORDS Facebook page ( and get your free digital sampler now!

1. SHINING - "I Won't Forget" (One One One)
2. SCALE THE SUMMIT - "Odyssey" (The Migration)*
3. RAMMING SPEED - "Grinding Dissent" (Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die)* out 6.25.13
4. DARKANE - "The Sinister Supremacy" (The Sinister Supremacy) out 7.2.13
5. MERCENARY - "Through Our Darkest Days" (Through Our Darkest Days) out 7.30.13
6. DEW-SCENTED - "Confronting Entropy" (Insurgent)
7. NEGATOR - "Atonement In Blood" (Gates to the Pantheon)
8. HOLY GRAIL - "Ride The Void" (Ride The Void)*
9. NERO DI MARTE - "Convergence" (Self-titled)
10. ZODIAC - "Horrorvision" (A Bit of Devil)
11. EYECONOCLAST - "Rise of the Orgamechanisms" (Drones of the Awakening)
12. ANCIENT VVISDOM - "Here Is The Grave" (Deathlike)*
13. CASTLE - "Blacklands" (Blacklands)*
* On tour this summer!