Friday, 14 June 2013

Kirk Fletcher: USC Thornton Music School

I would like to thank my good friend and LAX saviour David N. Zuckerman for letting me know about Kirk Fletcher...

David says:
He has the ability...and after his tour with euros...and he is singing...his time has come....He is playing on the level of the outer stratosphere.
And he is a natural...people like him...and his is real.
A smiling bundle of joy with an easy going diva here... and pure genius.

So I check the guy out... and you know what? It turns out David is on the money!

Find out more from Kirk's web site

So check out this series:

Prosound Communications Inc. presents a series of performance/clinics featuring the best of the Xotic endorsement roster at specially chosen dealers, venues and schools around the country, introducing and demonstrating the new line of Xotic, EWS and Raw Vintage pickups and accessories. One of the first in this series, "Surviving as an Independent Artist," features Jeffrey A. Rivera, Artist Relations for Xotic Guitars with very special musical guest Kirk Fletcher, and presenting some of USC's finest students sitting in. With special thanks to The USC Thornton School of Music Studio/Jazz Guitar Department.

You can see more video clips at the following page.

Kirk Fletcher: USC Thornton Music School

Chris Gordon: Free Shred Part 2

Back to the jam sessions!

Anna Likhacheva: plays Russian folk song

Anna Likhacheva play ruissian folk song "The Old Lime Tree"
Anna Likhacheva play ruissian folk song "The Old Lime Tree".
Very emotional!!
Concert in Germany (Osterwieck, 09.06.2013)

Leah Marie King: Can't Watch You Go By - Mando Blues Radio Show

Leah Marie King - Can't Watch You Go By
Recorded for the Mando Blues Radio Show - Nashville, TN on 29th April 2013

Reb Beach: musicoff video interview ...

Hello musicoffili and youtubers, today we meet the talented and likeable Reb Beach, guitarist of the legendary Whitesnake along with Doug Aldrich, a founding member of Winger and session-man that can boast studio collaborations with artists such as Bob Dylan, Roger Daltrey, Twisted Sister and many more, we interview him on the occasion of Roman date of his Italian tour, accompanied by the band Bad Boys tour that saw him star for 8 dates throughout the boot.
thank Riccardo Cappelli, tour manager of Reb and many other artists who have had occasion to meet in the past.
Good in contact with
Reb Beach - Interview

Irene Ketikidi: "Martial Arts & Magic Tricks" album release

Official promo for debut solo album by Irene Ketikidi - available now on CD through the Ketikidi official Store:

on iTunes:

on AmazonMp3:

Produced by

Filmed at Kagmakis Music Store

Irene Ketikidi - "Martial Arts & Magic Tricks" album release

News: ArtistWorks - Easy Last Minute Gift for fathers day

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Forget about one-way, static video lessons. With ArtistWorks online music lessons, he'll get the "experience" of direct Video Exchange™ Feedback:

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Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Guitar Fundamentals available now!

Exclusive New IA!
After the huge success of Mattias 'IA' Eklundh's Freak Guitar Series 1-3, we are proud to announce his first official and exclusive JTC Package 'Freak Guitar Fundamentals'.

This is Mattias showing you exactly why he has such a loyal and global fan base, prepared to travel from around the world to take a seat at his Freak Guitar Camps. With this incredible 5 track package you get the luxury of learning from your own home and throughout this jam track journey Mattias will teach you a mountain of technique 'IA' style.

The package is crammed full of typically creative and adventurous new licks for you to master, and the backing tracks give you the chance to create your own.

From the harder hitting Bad Cable Day and Bug Powder Breath through to the beautiful ballad of Train Leaves At 4, this is an incredible jam track package....worthy of any inspiring guitar player to get stuck into.
Come and check out the previews!


 5 solo example tracks
 5 solo backing tracks
 5 extended jam tracks
 5 videos by Mattias
 TAB & Notation in PDF / Powertab

*NEW* Mattias 'IA' Eklundh's Freak Guitar Fundamentals at

Joe Bonamassa: Marshall DSL40C Demo

Blues Rock Titan Joe Bonamassa shares with Guitar Center his love for Marshall amps.

Guitar Center’s Blues Masters, through its unique partnership with Joe Bonamassa, will not only offer ten musicians the chance to perform in Los Angeles backed by Bonamassa’s band, but will also provide one undiscovered blues guitarist with career-altering opportunities for development and exposure under the mentorship of one of the biggest names in blues rock.

The grand prize includes an opening slot at Joe Bonamassa’s headling show in Los Angeles this fall, $10,000 cash, gear from Gibson, Ernie Ball, Marshall Amplification and Dunlop as well as a mentor session in studio with Joe Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley, who has worked with the likes of Journey, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and more.

“I am proud to be part of a program created to help foster the careers of emerging musicians who are so passionate about the blues,” said Joe Bonamassa. “It’s exciting to use my experience to help up-and-coming artists finesse their skills, all while connecting a new generation of fans and musicians with the wonder that is The Blues."

Joe Bonamassa and Guitar Center got together at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ where Joe demoed the Marshall DSL40C, which each of the ten selected finalists will be receiving for Guitar Center's Blues Masters.

The contest is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the ten finalists and more news
We caught up with Joe Bonamassa at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ where he demoed the Marshall DSL40C, which each of the ten selected finalists will be receiving for Guitar Center's Blues Masters.

For more info on Blues Masters with Joe Bonamassa check out:

For more info on the Marshall DSL40C check out:

Guitar Center's Blues Masters with Joe Bonamassa: Marshall DSL40C Demo

Paul Gilbert: Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013 - teaser

Paul Gilbert says...

I will be performing and teaching at the IBANEZ GUITAR FESTIVAL on June 22nd and 23rd, in Gutenstetten, Germany. Also, enter to WIN an Ibanez guitar from Paul and Artistworks to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Paul's Online Rock Guitar School! You can enter here. See what I lessons have to offer at
And don't forget to sign up for the GREAT GUITAR ESCAPE for the week of July 8th in Big Indian, New York. It's not too late to jam with us!

Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013 - Teaser - Paul Gilbert

Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg,Vlatko Stefanovski: Kings of Strings -Live in Belgrade- CD and DVD

Kings of Strings  -Live in Belgrade-  CD and DVD
the Kings of Strings are:
Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg, and Vlatko Stefanovski

The amazing 2012 performance from Belgrade, Serbia has been released as a double-disc set*! *one disc of audio, one disc of video

Professionally recorded by Guitar Art Festival  and available only during the recent tour, this hard-to-get item is now available from!

Limited quantity in stock!

Andy James,Baiju Dharmajan: Guitar Jam Part II |

Oriental meets Occidental as Baiju Dharmajan (from India - plays for The Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate) with his signature Indian carnatic guitar licks shreds with Andy James (from UK - plays for Sacred Mother Tongue) aggressive pure play metal style of guitar playing.

This jam was a part of the workshop conducted in Kolkata by Andy James organized by Laney and Furtados.

Baiju Dharmajan & Andy James Guitar Jam Part II

Baiju Dharmajan and Andy James Shred Guitar Jam

Guitar Tapping Lesson by Baiju Dharmajan

Heidi Parviainen,Kasperi Heikkinen: Heidi Parviainen - Dark Sarah - striking symphonic metal

Dark Sarah is making it's first studio album. The musical style will combine elements of film music and metal music. Heidi has announced several guest musicians like Manuela Kraller (XANDRIA), Inga Scharf (VAN CANTO), Kasperi Heikkinen (U.D.O, MERGING FLARE), Jukka Koskinen (WINTERSUN, AMBERIAN DAWN) and Heikki Saari (NAILDOWN, TUONI) to feature on her first album.

Heidi: "This is a dream come true to me and the sky is the only limit for what I can do from now on, I will use the whole range of my creativity. I'm going to search for my boundaries, both musically and mentally. I'm also going to include my instrument, the piano, to Dark Sarah's music, it has been accumulating dust for too long and I believe it is time for it too. The birth of Dark Sarah came along with the first lyrics I wrote for this new project. The idea suddenly struck me with with the force of lightning and everything became really clear. I started to write a story about Dark Sarah herself, and the idea of the split personality of Sarah represents the battle of light and dark in her mind and I will try to bring that set-up to music too. So far I have been an interpreter for other peoples's music as I like the variety that comes along with the possibility to choose interesting songs that tickle my lyrical imagination best. But his time I'm also going to do some co-writing.”

Dark Sarah - Save Me

Bartek Beben: NOT (instrumental) - super crunchy!

Song (instrumental version) "NOT" by Bartek Beben.
Guitar : Fender Aerodyne Strat
Amplifier : Peavey Vypyr 15
Speaker : Celestion Eight 15

Find me on:

@ 2013 by Bartek Beben [drumbART]

Alex Stornello: Angels And Demons, their album out today on music store

Power Fusion, the Angels And Demons' first album, out today on music store. The Alex Stornello's trio will play some songs from Power Fusion the 14 June at the Music Italy Show of Bologna.

Angels And Demons is a Power Trio that means Fusion as exploration and as a real fusion of genres and different influences. Alex Stornello is the cornerstone: internationally renowned guitarist and teacher of unquestionable experience, Alex is a musician that combines excellent technique, knowledge of harmony, improvisation skills and stylistic refinement in a sound that expands well beyond a single genre.

Alongside him on bass, Giorgio "JT" Terenziani, Rock / Metal bass player already member of Absynth Aura, Killing Touch, Mr. Pig and Maestro. Giorgio is a musician of undoubted technical skills, estimated teacher and one of the best Italian live performers. The mix between these two souls and the ability to experience are beyond any definition of genre.

The drummer Paolo Caridi complete this Power Trio and represents the engine of the band. Paolo is the drummer of Arthemis, Killing Touch and Michele Luppi Band and he has already proved itself at national level for precision and power that make him a unique and versatile drummer able to provide a solid rhythmic base and to be a good soloist using the same way: dynamics, power and rhythmic creativity.

Su Mi Lee: cool tribute to Alex Hutchings!

Su Mi Lee: In standard tuning
Thanks for watching :)
ITG In The Guitar

Su Mi Lee Face Book

summer of love alex hutchings 이수미 sumiLee (no edit) ITG

Rick Graham: Emotive Improvising

Hi guys, really needed to sit with my guitar, close my eyes and just play tonight. Hope you enjoy :-)

Emotive Improvising - Rick Graham

Tried to impress dog with legato Skillz... I FAILED.Help me to feed my pooch: