Saturday, 22 June 2013

Yasser Al-Khadra: T.E.N & Friends

Here's my take on the backing track.I tried to use a kind of an indian style in my own way in the beginnig. I hope you like it.
Thanks to Anouck Andre for the track .

T.E.N & Friends contest entry by Yasser Al-Khadra

Ten and Friends competition

Desta Vaiwira: T E N & friends in a blindfold!

this is my entry for T E N & friends contest. what a cool song, cool jury and of course, cool competition.
i'm sorry for the missnote and unmusical playing, because i try to approach this song with both eyes closed.
above it all, hope you all, cool people, enjoying this. thanks for watching... :D

T E N & friends contest desta vaiwira

Ten and Friends competition

Miklos Czifra: impro at Silverblade booth 2012

Miklos Czifra jamming, Backing track : Guthrie Govan jetblack

Miklos Czifra impro at Silverblade booth 2012

Monte Montgomery: Little Wing rare video of Monte playing electric guitar

From circa 2001. Sorry about the quality. I just transferred this from an ancient VHS tape and this was as good as I could get it.

This is the ONLY example I have ever seen of Monte Montgomery playing a regular electric guitar instead of his usual acoustic electric. Lonnie Trevino Jr. absolutely nails it on the vocals.

Little Wing - Rare Monte Montgomery on ELECTRIC Guitar!!!

Enver Izmailov: Ukrainian Music Trade Fair 2013

Энвер Измайлов Enver Izmailov on the Ukrainian Music Trade Fair

Enver izmailov

News: The Old Reader - winner of the RSS reader replacement for google reader

Check out

We are just days away from the end of Google Reader. This pretty much killed off my normal news gathering model. So I had to find a replacement. I've logged in and I've tested them all (all the ones that were highly touted). Some of these RSS readers are very pretty, probably great for a touch screen environment. Some were slow, some not finished, some just in Beta (DIGG)... I was really worried that nothing would match up to the google reader experience... but if you are looking for the most similar experience to Google reader then The Old Reader is the only game in town. . It scrolls fast, loads pages fast, auto marks pages as read. Still some glitchy things, but it works for me.

Google also killed the old video search to RSS, so I had to recreate those as well. I dumped a whole bunch of stale website RSS feeds as well. So you can see why google stopped doing this product... Facebook and G+ are really killing the independent web site. We are gradually being persuaded that the only content comes from these giant continents of social media, Facebook and G+. They are good, they are quick, they are connected... but there is no real individuality. There strength comes from everything being the same. I'm interested to see if Google are thinking RSS is batch model of updating and they are moving to real time messaging... will anything new come from google to cover that paradigm? I just keep my fingers crossed that whatever it is, it does not kill the blogger platform... so watch this space.

Why is Google Reader dying?

News: Sinfonity - Holst "The Planets", Mars,the bringer of war - electric guitar orchestra

Sinfonity, the electric guitar orchestra, playing Gustav Holst, The Planets. "Mars,the Bringer of War",1.914. Recorded in Madrid 2.012.
La orquesta de guitarras eléctricas Sinfonity, interpreta Marte, de los Planetas. G. Holst.1.914. Grabado en Madrid en 2.012

Holst "The Planets", Mars,the bringer of war, by Sinfonity

News: Vivaldi`s Four Seasons by Sinfonity - electric guitar orchestra

Sinfonity's Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Live recorded in Madrid

Vivaldi`s Four Seasons by Sinfonity

Terry Bozzio,Alex Machacek,Jimmy Johnson: Out Trio

25JAN2013 - The Loft at USCD as shot by Steve Laub

Out Trio - Terry Bozzio, Alex Machacek, Jimmy Johnson

Former Frank Zappa/Missing Persons/Jeff Beck drummer Terry Bozzio has teamed with Austrian guitar wiz Alex Machacek off and on over the past decade. A year ago, the pair added bassist Jimmy Johnson to the mix, which resulted in some of L.A.'s best concerts of the year. Expect some intense sounds as these three virtuosos team up for an evening of electric chamber music for the 21st century

Terry Bozzio with Alex Machacek & Jimmy Johnson 2 Jan 25/2013

Jakub Żytecki,Piotr Żaczek: Guitar Workshop Vol.II

Żytecki James and Peter Żaczek during the second edition guitar workshops, organized by the school Guitarmanic.

Dni Gitary - Guitar Workshop Vol.II (Żytecki i Żaczek)

Rob Chappers: Ibanez RG550XH - Amazing 30 Fret Guitar

Chappers & the Captain review the new Ibanez RG550XH guitar with 30 frets!! See how fast Chappers can play when the frets are only a couple mm apart! This great value guitar is available to buy from Andertons right now.

Ibanez RG550XH - Amazing 30 Fret Guitar - Chappers Shreds Out (& reviews it too!)

Francesco Artusato: ALM Harman Arena Mumbai 2012

Live Performance video of Francesco Artusato at PALM Harman Live Performance Arena 2012, PALM Expo , Mumbai.

PART_1 Live Performance 2012 : Francesco Artusato

PART_2 Live Performance 2012 : Francesco Artusato

plus a snippet

There is Nothing Left-All Shall Perish Solo by Francesco Artusato

Fedor Dosumov,Vitaliy Tkachuk: Jam session opening @ Bohema club 2011

Koktebel Blue Bay Festival 2011 afterparty
Dominique Di Piazza - bass,
Fedor Dosumov - guitar,
Vitaliy Tkachuk - guitar,
Alexey Bogoljubov - piano.

Jam session opening @ Bohema club,

Jam @ La Boheme club, Koktebel 2011

Vladimir Krylov: VP Guitars 8 string baritone brutal goodness

Short test clip of my VP custom and new pickups that replaced Bare Knuckle Aftermath.

Guitar: VP Guitars custom 8 string
Pickups: Fokin custom 8 string humbucker + single
Recorded with Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, TC Electronic Konnekt 48 audio interface, Cubase 6.5, Toontrack Superior Drummer, UAD 2, Yamaha HS 80

Vladimir Krylov VP Guitars 8 string baritone + Fokin pickups + AXE FX 2 TEST

At the Musikmesse 2012

AXE FX II - Fusion Metal @ NAMM Musikmesse 2012, Russia

Sergey Golovin: is TubeTone's new guitar teacher!

New Guitar School teacher TubeTone - one of the best guitarists of our country - Sergey Golovin!
Visit us learns a serious game for good sound!

Sergey Golovin - TubeTone's new guitar teacher!

Kemper 8-String Raw Sound Test

Get the album
Sergey Golovin: Sense Of Reality

Guthrie Govan: opening 1st Guitar Orchestra of Parana in Brasil

Event Held to usher in the auditorium of the Institute of Music Airton Mann (IMAM) in 2013.
counted with the presence of renowned Distinguished European guitarist Guthrie Govan and had the opening with the Orchestra of Guitars Paraná with the following members:
Airton Mann
Antoani Koloski
Everton Zaquini
Marcos Oliveira
Cardoso Patrick To hire the orchestra please contact: marcos.guitar82 @

Guthrie Govan Brazil 2013 Opening 1st Guitar Orchestra of Parana

Guthrie Govan,William Stravato: live in Rome 2

Guthrie Govan: Guitar
William Stravato: Guitar
Daniele Chiantese: Drums

Guthrie Govan-William Stravato live in Rome 2

in case you missed

Guthrie Govan - William Stravato live in Rome - The thrill is gone

Allan Holdsworth,Chad Wackerman: Fred, Leave Them On Baked Potato 2013

Live @ the Baked Potato
June 7, 2013

Allan Holdsworth with Chad Wackerman-"Fred"- "Leave Them On"- Live 2013

Brett Garsed: Experience Jimi Hendrix Melbourne. June 2013

Brett & Stuart carve it up at the Palms (Crown Casino), Melbourne. June 2013


Tosin Abasi: full 8 String Guitar Clinic - Nevada Music UK

Three parts of the amazing guitar clinic at Nevada Music with 8 string virtuoso Tosin Abasi from the band 'Animals as Leaders'. Tosin runs us through the design and features of his new signature Ibanez TAM100 guitar as well as performing some of his music and answering questions. An awesome clinic and an awesome player. Many thanks to Tosin and Ibanez Headstock music for a fantastic event. We'll have just a couple of these guitars in stock so contact us if your interested... Subscribe now for more video's.

Tosin Abasi Amazing 8 String Guitar Clinic Part 1 at Nevada Music UK

Tosin Abasi Amazing 8 String Guitar Clinic Part 2 at Nevada Music UK

Tosin Abasi Amazing 8 String Guitar Clinic Part 3 at Nevada Music UK

Hristijan Risteski,Dejan Trajkoski: Dream Theater - Erotomania Excellent Cover

Dream Theater - Erotomania Cover
Audio by Aleksandar Siloski
Video by Hristijan Konesky

Aleksandar Siloski - Bass guitar
Filip Jezdic - Drums
Hristijan Risteski - Guitar
Dejan Trajkoski - Keyboard

Copyrighted property of its owner(s).

Dream Theater - Erotomania Cover

Robben Ford: live in Seoul 2013

Robben Ford: live in Seoul 2013
No.1 High-End Guitar & Bass Shop in Korea (Suhr,Fender MBS,Gibson Historic,James Tyler,Don Grosh,Fodera,F-Bass,Alleva-Coppolo,Ken smith,MTD,Lakland,Bogner,Matchless,Bacch­us,Tokai)

Robben Ford: live in Seoul 2013

Andee Blacksugar: Sheer Velocity - two albums with a shed load of exotic geometries

The new Sheer Velocity album will be available for download at on Monday June 24th!

Purchasers who download Occult Jazz on the week of the 24th will receive a FREE, 25-minute video lesson, which includes tutorials on riffs from the album, plus a segment on exercises/warming up.

Also the album download comes with two bonus tracks (17 in all!) and the infamous performance of the Shocking Blue/Bananarama tune "Venus", which was debuted on this page.

Those who download the album in its first week will receive a FREE 25-minute video lesson!

Andee Blacksugar

"A precision-fingered assemblage of daredevil works...its exotic geometries will be impressed in the fertile fields of your musical mind" - FRACTAL AUDIO

"F**king amazing!" - DUG PINNICK (King's X)

"Like early Steve Vai with Rob Zombie producing. Really clever compositions and soundscapes...the best guitar album I've heard in years!" - ANDY WOOD, Down From Up

"Dude you are the SICKEST!" - VERNON REID (Living Colour)
Andee Blacksugar: Sheer Velocity 2

1. They're Missing Their Heads (Reprise)02:30
2. Nadja Full-Grown 03:31
3. Cloud Nine 02:43
4. Icicle Ensemble (free) 03:10
5. Slapfight 02:43
6. Soul-Searching on the Dancefloor04:54 download
7. Cortex Vortex 03:12
8. Serial Murderer Roundtable 02:46
9. Stomping on the Odds 02:55
10. 5:02 and Steely 02:45
11. March of the Trolls 02:44
12. Mr. Smith, The Verdict Is In 03:54

***Download the album and get three bonus tracks: "Newt", "Seance" and "Thug Party"!***

From early January to mid-March 2012, I turned off my phone and recorded 60-some instrumentals. When each session was done, the mix was exported to a folder titled "Do Not Listen". This intention was to open the folder and listen to everything at a later date, with fresh ears, to see what I liked. I figured I'd get an album out of it.

Turns out, I really liked about half of the "tunes". So I'm releasing Do Not Listen in two chunks; Volume 1 came out a couple weeks ago and now, if you're ready for it, here's Vol 2.

As always, each of these instrumentals was written, recorded and mixed in one sitting (give or take). For the most part, I was trying to write challenging but gorgeous chord progressions to solo over, and find the balance between beauty and absurdity. Did I succeed? I dunno but I really like this stuff.


And thanks to Matt Picone at Fractal Audio (AxeFX) and Joe Waltz and Alan Chaput at Eventide (the 'Factor stompboxes) for helping me achieve all the sonic demolitions I hear in my head, and more.

New album OCCULT JAZZ! (preview)

previous album ALSO available

Andee Blacksugar: Sheer Velocity 1

Steve Howe: Yes - Tormato and Going For The One in 180gm Audiophile Vinyl pre-order

A superb replica version of 1978's Tormato, including the vinyl insert.

Part of Friday Music's limited edition 'Yes 180gm Audiophile Vinyl Series', Tormato is one of Yes's most underrated releases.

Containing the ethereal ballads Madrigal and Onward, the endearingly daffy Circus Of Heaven and the Art Rock powerhouse, On The Silent Wings Of Freedom.

A superb replica version of 1977's Going For The One, including the unique tri-fold gatefold cover by Hipgnosis.

Part of Friday Music's limited edition 'Yes 180gm Audiophile Vinyl Series', Going For The One is one of Yes's most ambitious accessible releases.

Containing Awaken, Turn Of The Century and the hit Wondrous Stories.

Pre order