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Marty Friedman: Exotic Guitar Loops at 140 BPM

"Exotic Guitar" is a new loop library option for adding a live guitar sound to a variety of genres. The loops were recorded by guitarist Marty Friedman and showcase his signature style of playing ranging from high gain leads and rhythm to clean tone guitar melodies influenced by Japanese and Middle Eastern scales.

All guitars were looped and synced to 140 BPM making for some interesting possibilities in remixing Friedman's guitar in other electronic genres such as Dubstep or Trance.

“Exotic Guitar” is a new loop library option for adding that live guitar sound to a variety of genres. The loops were recorded by guitarist Marty Friedman and showcase his signature style of playing ranging from high gain leads and rhythm to clean tone guitar melodies influenced by Japanese and Middle Eastern scales. All loops rendered to WAV at 140 bpm for interesting possibilities in dubstep and other genre mashups and remixes.

24 Lead Guitar Loops
11 Rhythm Guitar Loops
10 Clean Tone Guitar Loops
20 Construction Guitar Loops
65 Loops Total

Ethan Brosh: Lucas H Gordon Interviews Ethan Brosh

Ethan Brosh: Lucas H Gordon Interviews Ethan Brosh

Interview with Ethan Brosh

Enver Izmailov: super live series for this two handed superstar!

Enver Izmailov captured in spectacular two handed fashion

Enver Izmailov: live series

Timo Somers, Barend Courbois: Aristides guitars and basses - private party snippets!

Timo Somers, Barend Courbois: Aristides guitars and basses, two of the nicest guys you could ever meet, have a bit of fun!

Ari 50

Ari 50

Ethan Brosh,Nili Brosh: House of Blues West Hollywood 2013

Mike Tarshear - Ethan Brosh and his band play songs live at the House of Blues West Hollywood on May 10, 2013. Great, great player. Long live instrumental guitar rock! That's Ethan's sister Nili on the 7-string.

Ethan Brosh,Nili Brosh: House of Blues West Hollywood 2013

Nili Brosh, Tony MacAlpine: No place in time - Krakow in 2012

Part of the show Tony MacAlpine Krakow in 2012. The band appeared composed Nili Brosh, Bjorn Englen, Aquiles Priester, Tony MacAlpine. Tony MacAlpine live from Cracow in 2012, Highlights. The Band: Nili Brosh, Bjorn Englen, Aquiles Priester, Tony MacAlpine

Tony MacAlpine "No place in time"

Nili Brosh, Courtney Cox: The Iron Maidens - Live At Backstage 2012 -series

The Iron Maidens Worlds Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden Live At Backstage Live on Friday the 13th.

Nili Brosh, Courtney Cox: The Iron Maidens - Live At Backstage

Jakub Żytecki: bang out the covers at rehearsal, Warsaw, Poland

Jakub Zytecki feat. Antyradio Coverband, Warsaw, Capitol club - short rehersal and soundcheck before "Sex, Drugs and Rock&Roll Night" 29.06.2013. Playing fragments:
1. Ale w kolo jest wesolo - Perfect
2. Welcome to the jungle - Guns&Roses
3. Live To Rise - Soundgarden

Jakub Zytecki - guit.
Piotr "Zinny" Zaleski - voc.
Artur Radkiewicz - bass
Lukasz Chmielinski - drums.

Jakub Zytecki feat. Antyradio Cover band rehearsal and soundcheck.

Guthrie Govan: three sage tips from the guru of guitar! - listen carefully folks!

3 Tips Gitaris - Guthrie Govan.

Ron Thal,Bruce Bouillet,Doug Aldrich: Kiss Tribute - special fundraiser

A World With Heroes (KISS Tribute)
Be a part of the KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album - with songs from every era - and help out a cancer hospice.

To mark the 40th Anniversary of KISS, we have gathered some of the greatest rock musicians for a KISS tribute album. “A World With Heroes” features unique performances of incredible KISS songs.

Here at PledgeMusic, you can be a part of the creation of this album. Have a look to the right --> to see how you can be involved.

Your pledge will PRE-ORDER this historic album.
And not only will we be making an amazing tribute to KISS come to life, but your pledges will also benefit a cancer care hospice (my father-in-law passed away there peacefully on Jan 4th 2013).

DISC 1 – Track Listing
1) PSYCHO CIRCUS (Paul Stanley/Curt Cuomo)
Performed by: DDrive (Phil Naro, Don Mancuso, Dave Sessions, JT Taylor & Bobby Bond)

2) SPIT (Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley/Van Zen)
Performed by: Ken Dubman, Jimmy Callahan, Scott Metaxas, and Mark Tornillo

3) DEUCE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Bill Leverty – , Kevin Valentine, John Regan, & Russ Dwarf

4) SURE KNOW SOMETHING (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Chris Buck & ANTHONY CARDENAS MONTANA

5) DETROIT ROCK CITY (Paul Stanley/Bob Ezrin)
Performed by: Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Rex Brown & Brian Tichy

6) EYES OF LOVE (Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell)
Performed by: Eric Carr, Benny Doro & John Humphrey

7) SHOUT MERCY (Paul Stanley/Tommy Thayer)
Performed by: Jeff Paris, Troy Lucketta, Eric Brittingham & Jeff LaBar

8) CREATURES OF THE NIGHT (Paul Stanley/Adam Mitchell)
Performed by: Brighton Rock (Gerald McGhee, Greg Fraser, Stevie Skreebs, Johnny Rogers & Mark Cavarzan)

9) LARGER THAN LIFE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Rex Brown, Brian Tichy & Mark Zavon

10) COLD GIN (Ace Frehley)

11) LOVE GUN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Tony Harnell, Mark Kendall, Scott Snyder, Sean Michael Clegg, Kevin Valentine & Tommy Denander

12) LITTLE CAESAR (Eric Carr/Gene Simmons/Adam Mitchel
Performed by: Ron Young, John Regan & Tommy Denander

13) HARD LUCK WOMAN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Chris VanDahl, Stacey Blades & Adam Hamilton

14) OUTERSPACE (David Askew/Jesus Mendez Jr.)
Original demo later covered by Ace Frehley on his Anomaly album
Performed by: Shredmill (David Askew, Jesus Mendez Jr, Jaime Moreno)

15) GOODBYE (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: IMPERA & Bob Kulick (J.K.Impera, Matti Alfonzetti, Tommy Denander & Mats Vassfjord)
Additional guitars by Lars Chriss

16) SEE YOU TONIGHT (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Todd Farhood and Mystery (Todd Farhood, Michel St-Pere, Sylvain Moineau, Jean-Sébastien Goyette, Francois Fournier & Benoit Dupuis)

17) BETH – The Grand Piano version (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: MICHAEL LARDIE

18) TOMORROW (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Dressed To Chill (Matt Bradshaw, Rav Thomas & Rhys Lett)

19) ANYTHING FOR MY BABY (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Slaves On Dope (Kevin Jardine, Jason Rockman, Seb Ducap & Peter Tzaferis)

20) UNHOLY (Gene Simmons/Vinnie Vincent)
Performed by: Fred Duvall, Glenn Belcher, Mark Slaughter (Guitar Solo), Rob Zakojc & Russ Dwarf

1) BREAKOUT (Ace Frehley/Eric Carr/Richie Scarlett)
Performed by: Tod Howarth, John Regan & Kevin Valentine

2) ROCK N ROLL HELL (Gene Simmons/Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)
Performed by: Ron Keel, Troy Lucketta, Eric Brittingham & Jeff LaBar

3) NOWHERE TO RUN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Druckfarben (Phil Naro, Ed Bernard, William Hare, Troy Feener & Peter Murray)

4) THE OATH (Paul Stanley/Bob Ezrin/Tony Powers)
Performed by: Rick Hughes, Chris Buck & Bob Richards

5) MASTER & SLAVE (Paul Stanley/Bruce Kulick/Curt Cuomo)
Performed by: Adam Hamilton, Scott Griffin, Stacey Blades & Phil Lewis

6) CALLING DR.LOVE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Burning Rain (Keith St John, Doug Aldrich, Sean Mcnabb & Matt Starr)

7) I STOLE YOUR LOVE (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: S.U.N. (Brian Thomas Tichy, Sass Jordan & Tommy Stewart) with Derek Sharp (of The Guess Who)

8) REASON TO LIVE (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child)
Performed by: Johnnie Dee & Derry Grehan of Honeymoon Suite with Michael Foster & Bill Leverty of Firehouse

9) HARD LUCK WOMAN – Canadian mix (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Fred Duvall, Glenn Belcher, Rob Zakojc & Russ Dwarf

10) FOREVER (Paul Stanley/Michael Bolton)
Performed by: Terry Ilous, Sean Kelly with Jeff Paris.

11) SWORD AND STONE – Live In Wacken (Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Desmond Child) – Taken from Bonfire Live in Wacken
Performed by: BONFIRE (Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller, Chris Limburg, Uwe Köhler, Harry Reischmann)

12) GOD OF THUNDER (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: American Dog (Michael Hannon, Steve Theado & Keith Pickens)

13) SHE (Gene Simmons/Steve Coronel)
Performed by: RAZER (Chris Powers, Chris Catero, Jordan Ziff, Paul Sullivan, Eric Bongiorno & Chuck Alkazian)

14) NEW YORK GROOVE (Russ Ballard)
Performed by: Slaves on Dope (Kevin Jardine, Jason Rockman, , Elizabeth Lopez & Peter Tzaferis with Marty O’Brien of Methods Of Mayhem, Kelly Clarkson, Lita Ford)

15) MAGIC TOUCH (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Jim Crean, Phil Naro, Vinny Appice, Steve Major & Stan Miczek

16) TEARS ARE FALLING (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: WILLIE BASSE, Bruce Bouillet, Scott Warren & Mike Hansen.

17) ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE (Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Harley Fine, John Regan & Atom Fellows

18) SHANDI (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Dani Luv, Scott Griffin & Matt Starr

19) BETH – BONUS TRACK (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: Chris VanDahl & Scott Griffin.

20) BETH – BONUS TRACK (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: Phil Naro, William Hare & Ed Bernard

Pledge to be a part of this amazing tribute and great cause.

-- Mitch Lafon, KISS Tribute Organizer

PledgeMusic Presents: 40the Anniversary KISS Tribute

Ray Riendeau,Marco Sfogli,Peter Wildoer,Matt Guillory: Impermanent Resonance - available for pre order

Impermanent Resonance James LaBrie
Song TitleTimePrice
Play 1. Agony 4:22
Play 2. Undertow 4:02
Play 3. Slight of Hand 5:21
Play 4. Back on the Ground 4:05
Play 5. I Got You 3:46
Play 6. Holding On 4:53
Play 7. Lost in the Fire 3:52
Play 8. Letting Go 4:17
Play 9. Destined to Burn 4:00
Play 10. Say You're Still Mine 3:32
Play 11. Amnesia 3:43
Play 12. I Will Not Break 3:52

Eddie Van Halen: LL Cool J and EVH to appear on Kings Of The Mic tour

Van Halen News Desk, Eddie Van Halen will appear as a special guest at the final stop on LL Cool J's "Kings Of The Mic" tour this Sunday, July 7 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The trek is billed as this summer's ultimate hip-hop music experience, where LL is joined by legendary artists Ice Cube, PUBLIC ENEMY and DE LA SOUL

Marc Guillermont, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Frans Vollink: The Trio Live!



Eric Calderone: Killer Instinct Meets Metal

Hey guys,

So this one has been getting around in the comments on EVERY video it seems like. Definitely one of my favorite fighting games growing up! Hopefully the new one coming out is equally as nasty. I got dibs on Glacius! Haha. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means the world. Big ups for all the suggestions, comments, subs, messages, fan art, donations, and support. You ROCK the casbah!!

Best to ya


Jess Lewis: Afro Blue Bass

I really love this song, I enjoy bass, I'm not very good at it but I'll give it a go- forgive the pops & horrible clip noises that appears out of no where, my hand is not very good and so it kept knocking the string into the pickup.. I've only listened to this through the headphones so it'll most likely sound terrible out of everything else :-P okay I'll stop moaning now. I'll be honest, I got lots of inspiration from a few bassists that have covered this already on youtube, so just giving it ago coz I like the lines/groove quite a lot.. cheers

Dean Murphy: Its Only Smellz - Ambient clean piece playing with axe fx

Dean Murphy - Its Only Smellz - Ambient clean piece playing with axe fx
still haven't gotten over all the crazy effects in the axe fx standard so i made this video with just a bunch of different clean patches with weird sounds on them hope you enjoy. then some bs improv slow melodic solo thing. hope you enjoy dont forget to check out my personal facebook page and also look up my bandcamp

Facundo Di Giorgio: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge revisited

Facundo Di Giorgio with Guthrie Govan NAMM 2013

This is my piece for the competition of Milan Polak, Ernie Ball Dreamscape Challenge. I hope that you enjoy it....

Facundo Di Giorgio with  Wayne Krantz fan... who's he?

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge By Facundo Di Giorgio

Jess Lewis: jazz blues comping

Jess Lewis - Making Horrible Noise on Guitar
Just thought I'd pass some time and make another bad quality video of me playing a load of nonsense.. Enjoy :-P

Lawrence Lazarides: Cherokee test

Just messing with the camera on my new iPhone. Taking musical liberties with the tune of course. Comins GCS-1 ES, Polytone

Cherokee test

James Norbert Ivanyi: APHASIA studio diary

James Norbert Ivanyi 17613 'APHASIA' studio diary.
(Please head over to my page at for all updates!) A play through from a section of a track I recently just finished recording for my forthcoming debut solo studio album 'aphasia' coming 2013. If you like this please SHARE! Thank you.

Alejandra Mesliuk: How to Play the Guitar Riff From Glasgow kiss

Click on the link above to get the tabs for this video! GO!

In this guitar lesson, our female teacher Alejandra, will teach you a cool guitar riff from the song Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci.
John Petrucci was born in July 12th in 1967 in New York, U.S.A. He is a guitar player and composer best known as a founding member of the progressive band Dream Theater. He also has a solo album called Suspended animation. Petrucci was involved in the project G3 touring all over the world. He also has been named by several magazines as one of the best rock and metal guitarist of the world.
So, today´s lesson is about this cool guitar riff from the song Glasgow kiss from his solo album Suspended animation. It´s a hard one so please start very slow at first and then start adding speed gradually with a metronome.
Ok, hope this helps and don´t forget to come up with your own ideas, which is the best advice for starting to find `your´ unique sound and style....

Robbert Hanenberg: Marshall JVM410h - pushed to brown sound!

Marshall JVM410h sound test (with cab impulses)
Marshall JVM410h sound test.
All clips were 'direct' recorded through home made cab impulses.
No post eq.

Anouck André: Tom Marceau 'Rose', 4seasons pickups, Axe Fx II - All the things you are

Working session over this cool tune, applying new lines .
The guitar is a Tom Marceau 'Rose' model with 4seasons pickups, straight in the Axe Fx II.

Practice session : All the things you are

Neil Mellor: wizardly guitar wizardry - scary chops alert!

Mr.Neil Mellor having a laugh in Curly Music, Liverpool Wizardry

Neil Mellor Guitar Wizard

Vittorio Camardese: two handed tapping guitar 1965 - everyone (except me) talking about this.

Not sure why people are talking about this... but here goes... Van Halen did not invent tapping guitar... er... I think we all knew this... didn't we?... lot's of prior art... we stand on the houlders of giants...and all that good stuff.

An amateur Italian guitarist named Vittorio Camardese Two Handed Tapping, in 1965!!
A doctor radiologist working full time at the San Filippo hospital in Rome. He says, in the footage, that he had to get a special permission from work and that the guitar was lent from someone to him for the show.

The program is an old RAI show, based on music and guitar.

Italian Vittorio Camardese two handed tapping guitar 1965

Michael Angelo Batio, Jason Shadrick: Premier guitar Rig Rundown

Premier Guitar's Jason Shadrick is on location in Dubuque, Iowa, where he catches up with shredder Michael Angelo Batio who talks to us about his various signature models from Dean Guitars, including a double-guitar signature, and his 4-amp setup (Marshall and Dime), and his sparse pedalboard with overdrive, delay, and wah.

For more Rig Rundowns or to watch one of PG's 2,000 other videos online, be sure to visit

Rig Rundown - Michael Angelo Batio

Vladimir Maisiuk: to present debut solo - Fretwalk

Vladimir Maisiuk

Presentation of my debut solo album "Fretwalk" 1st of August, Minsk in Belarus.

A couple of live performances from the end of 2012

Vladimir Maisiuk "Driving Away"

Vladimir Maisiuk "Memories"

Rebecca Scammon, Ray Suhy: Guitar Battles: Style Switch - great way to stretch your playing!

Guitar battle number two has commenced. Alt picking only. No hammer ons, pull offs or any other nonsense. Only straight up alt picking brutality. Suhy's goin dowwwwwwwn...

Rebecca Scammon: Ray and I joke on a daily basis about stealing each others licks. It got to the point where we set up this friendly challenge to see what would happen if we actually attempted to follow through with the threats.

Chaotic Negation Guitar Battles: Style Switch

Chaotic Negation Guitar Battles: Style Switch