Tuesday, 9 July 2013

News: baggage handlers at Edinburgh Airport and an EasyJet flight show you the meaning of customer care...less

We are very disappointed with the baggage handlers at Edinburgh Airport for our EasyJet flight to Milan this weekend. Nick's prized USA Fender Telecaster arrived in Milan airport completely destroyed.
After a lot of questions, passing the blame, and the people in charge refusing to speak to us, we finally found out that this had actually happened on the runway in Edinburgh! One of the airport vehicles had run over the guitar and then the staff had decided to load it on the plane anyway, with no warning or explanation to us!
We then arrived in Milan, hours before our headline show with a destroyed guitar.
The incredible support team at CELTICA Valle d'Aosta - PAGINA UFFICIALE managed to take us to a music store to buy a new guitar - at our own expense - so that the show could go on.
So a warning from us, be careful if you are flying Easy Jet from Edinburgh - your prized possessions might not make it to their destination in one piece

Fabrizio Leo: VIOLA by Mov guitars - Model Venezia SB - more stellar tones from the master!

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - VIOLA by Mov guitars Part.3 - Model Venezia SB

Model: Venezia SB
Serial: V0513004
Body Wood: Black Poplar
Neck Wood: Maple/Rosewood
Neck Size: 43mm
Scale Length: 628,65mm (24,75")
Neck Shape: Thick "C"
Neck Finish: Laquer
Fingerboard Radius: 12"
Fret Size: 6105
Bridge: Gotoh Ge103B
Pickups: DiMarzio PAF 36°Ann.
Controls: 3-Way 1Vol 1Tone/Split Coil
Electronics: n/a
Pickguard: n/a
Finish: Orange Burned
Hardware: Chrome
Tuners: Sperzel

Chris Gordon: Abigails Crossing July 9

Apiece I wrote the day my daughter Abigail was born!

Alan Parsons,Stuart Bull: Stuart talks to the likable producer... did I mention Pink Floyd?

Stuart Bull meets Alan Parsons to talk about the fantastic Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister Series in his studio.

Stuart Bull meets Alan Parsons

Mario Camarena,Erick Hansel: Chon - Dew - dual guitar playthrough

Mario and Erick goin' in
Buy our EP for $5 here http://chonofficial.bandcamp.com/
Instagram : @poopdeggy @plopdoggy

CHON - Dew (Guitar Playthrough)

Jon Neto: Tagima World of Rock - killer picker is back!

Jon Neto - Tagima_Dia Mundial do Rock (tributo)

More super clean picking from the Brazilian Master guitar player

Alessandro Giglioli: Hot Fusion Quartet live

Playing "Some of This" by Allen Hinds.
Live @ MediaLab (Firenze, 05/05/13)

A.Giglioli, guitar
S.Rovai, drums
F.Biagiotti, bass
A.Lorenzi, keys

A.Giglioli Quartet - Clip #1

Luca Zamberlin,Steve Saluto,Atma Anur: Mad for It the new album!

Luca Zamberlin: Mad for It 
Luca Zamberlin - Mad for It (2013)

01 Hacipaci Boogie 03:38
02 Mad 4 It 03:02
03 Cup of Tea or Cup of Cofee 03:36
04 Spaced Out 03:21
05 C.t.p. 03:30
06 Binge Blues 03:38
07 Here and Now 03:14
08 Big Country 03:40
09 White Summer 01:29

Luca Zamberlin: guitars
Atma Anur: drum
Piero Trevisan: bass
Jurj Luisetto : cello
Steve Saluto: guest guitarist
Carlo Zundo: producer, mastering, guitars and bass
Claudio Zambenedetti : mixing
Label: Defox Records , Heart of Steel Records

Joe Satriani: and fine wine... what better way to meet the master!

If you love classic cabernet as much as you love classic rock, this camp is for you!

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is going on the road this summer for an exclusive engagement in the historic vineyards and winery of Louis M. Martini in California's famous Napa Valley. The exclusive "Wine, Wisdom and Rock Experience" is part of the winery's 80th anniversary celebration and is strictly limited to two bands. Louis M. Martini's 80-year pursuit of the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon is a story of legends and lessons. So from August 16 to 18, you'll get a taste of both.

Hang and play with real rock legends, including Joe Satriani!


John Ziegler: Volto on tour!


Jam Fusion Band Features Danny Carey (Tool), John Ziegler (Bubbatron) and Lance Morrison (Alanis Morrissette, Don Henley)

Debut Album – Incitare – Available at iTunes on July 23rd
Everywhere Else on August 6th through Fantasy/Concord Music Group

(Los Angeles) Volto!, the jam fusion band featuring Danny Carey (Tool), John Ziegler (Bubbatron) and Lance Morrison (Alanis Morrissette, Don Henley), have extended their U.S. tour, responding to an increased demand for stops following the initial announcement of their joining the iconic rock band YES at their YEStival on August 3rd in Camden, NJ. Now, in addition to this amazing, full quadraphonic, musical adventure, VOLTO! will also hit New York, Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Indianapolis and the mighty Chicago before heading back to their home base of Los Angeles. Before they head east, however, the band will star at two hometown ‘record release’ events; first a listening party in Silverlake on July 23rd and next a live performance on July 27th at the legendary Baked Potato, a landmark jazz club in L.A.

Volto! began when, many years ago, several highly-accomplished musicians in Los Angeles (including the drummer of GRAMMY Award winning, multi-platinum selling band, Tool) joined together for the pure pleasure of playing cover tunes in a tiny jazz club in the Valley. First there were hard rock cover tunes, then there were the fusion numbers – staggeringly complex arrangements by Weather Report, Billy Cobham, Jeff Beck, and Tony Williams that, more so than the hard rock favorites, gave carte blanche for spirited improvisation.

As almost anyone lucky enough to have watched a Volto! show in the last 10 years knows, the real ‘experience’ is when you see them live. Now, some of the east coast will have their chance at the Volto!experience. Together, the members of Volto! bring an energetic and even unpredictable essence to their shows, but it is the sheer precision and bravado with which Volto! performs that will leave you stunned.

Volto! on Tour:
July 23 Album Release Listening Party @ Cha Cha Lounge Silverlake, CA
July 27 The Baked Potato Studio City, CA
August 3 YEStival @ Susquehanna Bank Center Philadelphia, PA
August 4 Highline Ballroom New York, NY
August 5 Sinclair Boston, MA
August 6 Waiting Room Buffalo, NY
August 7 Magic Bag Detroit, MI
August 8 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH
August 9 Celuxe @ Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN
August 10 Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL


Guthrie Govan,Bryan Beller,Marco Minnemann: A second preview of the Bonus DVD "Accept The Mystery: The Making Of The Aristocrats'

A second preview of the Bonus DVD "Accept The Mystery: The Making Of The Aristocrats' 'Culture Clash'" from the Aristocrats' second studio album "Culture Clash" Deluxe Edition.

The Aristocrats are:

Guthrie Govan - guitar
Bryan Beller - bass
Marco Minnemann - drums

The Aristocrats "Culture Clash" release date: July 16

Available at: http://thearistocrats.spinshop.com.

Get the official backing track/guitar transcription package of "Culture Clash" exclusively at www.JamTrackCentral.com, complete with bass/drums-only mixes.

(c) 2013 BOING Music, LLC, All Rights Reserved.
The Aristocrats - "Culture Clash" Bonus DVD Preview #2

Travis Feaster: Wampler Pedals - Velvet Fuzz - full on demo!


Sometimes, it's not about chasing a tone from one specific piece of equipment, it's about capturing the tones from the entire signal chain.

Looking back through history, there have been some truly outstanding fuzz tones. In particular, the tones achieved by running a fuzz into a screaming stack. The kind of tones that are just earth shattering in their depth, aggression and smoothness.

Brian Wampler, who's always looking for the best tones to capture, decided the chase was on. Taking the base tones from a very famous pedal and the characteristics of a famous stacked, EL34 driven, amp - decided it was about time those tones were brought together in pedal format.

If you are a fan of the tones of the players like David Gilmour or Eric Johnson, then it could be that the Velvet Fuzz is the pedal you are looking for.

The key to the tone of the Velvet is the voicing switch. In the "big" position, the pedal reacts like a classic fuzz. Loads of internal compression and truly massive tones it really is that "tone" from that "era". Dropping the volume back cleans it up perfectly so your rhythm can remain clear enough and then your solo's will flatten all those who dare to stand before you.

In the "tight" position, the tone comes in and you get the feeling you have swapped amps as well, those mammoth tones but without the compression and other traits that many fuzz players love... Yes, that's right. If you love the tone of Fuzz but not the reaction of it, this is the setting on the pedal that is for you.

This beautiful fuzz is released exclusively to PGS on July 18th and then globally in the fall... but we don't think you'll be able to wait that long.

Wampler Pedals - Velvet Fuzz

Joe Satriani: new Ibanez JS2410 Signature model

Ibanez met up with Joe Satriani at his studio in California to discuss the design and features of his new JS2410 signature guitar. Check out this amazing guitar at your local authorized Ibanez dealer!

Joe Satriani discusses the features and inspiration behind his new Ibanez JS2410 Signature model

George Benson: new Ibanez LGB30 signature model

George Benson discusses the design and features of his new Ibanez LGB30 signature guitar, including a 3 piece mahogany/maple/mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, Spruce top with flame maple back and sides, bone nut and Ibanez Super 58 pickups, all at an affordable price. Check it out at an Ibanez dealer near you!!

George Benson on his new Ibanez LGB30 signature model

Franck Hermanny: Adagio bass maven plays BTB7.

Franck Hermanny (Adagio) plays BTB7.

BTB7 with Franck Hermanny (Adagio)

Pete Cottrell: For That Second (Rob Scallon Cover)

Originally by Rob Scallon: http://youtu.be/XVXWwDsbf1k
Subscribe to his channel :)
Performed by Pete Cottrell

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/peteplaysmusic
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/peteplaysmusic
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/peteplay...
BANDCAMP: http://peteplaysmusic.bandcamp.com/
CONTACT ME: petelessons@hotmail.com

For That Second (Rob Scallon Cover) | Pete Cottrell

7 String Guitar | Ibanez Apex 1 - Metal | Pete Cottrell

Angus Clark: "Hard Rock Guitar" Instructional Video Series released TrueFire.com

Angus Clark, guitarist for DareDevil Squadron, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages, Kitaro, and others, announces the release of "50 HARD ROCK LICKS YOU MUST KNOW" through TrueFire.com.

The first of a series of "Hard Rock Guitar" instructional videos that will be coming out in 2013, this course is for intermediate to advanced guitar players and uses TrueFire.com's state-of-the-art learning platform to deliver 50 guitar licks that can be incorporated into the student's playing right away.  Featuring demonstrations, explanations, tablature, and backing tracks to practice over, this course is a must have for any guitarist that loves the sound of Hard Rock: from Sabbath to the Scorpions, Rainbow to UFO to Ratt to Avenged Sevenfold - Angus covers it all.

Go directly to http://truefire.com/rock-guitar-lessons/50-hard-rock-licks/ to find Angus' new course, and a "Sampler" of free lessons that you can check out before you buy.  The video is available as either a download or Data DVD.

Angus talks about the "Hard Rock Guitar" series and TrueFire.com

"The demands of my career have made it impossible for me to spend any time teaching, so it's taken a long time for me to throw my hat into the ring of instructional videos.   When I decided to partner with TrueFire it was a no-brainer because they have the best platform and working model for a player like me that's primarily a performer rather than an educator.  I challenged myself to deconstruct some of the licks that I use all the time and figure out what exactly I'm doing and what fundamentals are at work.  I'm really pleased with the results."

"We decided to call it 'Hard Rock' rather than 'Metal' because I think 'Metal' is an argument-starter.  I honestly consider most of the references in the course to be 'Metal' but nowadays it means a whole other thing and most of these bands have become 'Hard Rock'.  Doesn't really matter to me what you call it, it's the music I like.  We're starting the series with the '50 Licks' course, which we just released.  We're in production right now on 'Hard Rock Guitar Survival Guide (Rhythm Edition)', and then later in the year we'll be doing either a 'Lead Edition' or 'Solo Factory', the idea being that I'll show students how to construct entire solos from the licks in the course."

"It's a big step forward for my friends at TrueFire because most of the content on their site is Blues, Blues-Rock, or Classic Rock focused.  We want to bring a whole new family of students to the table with this series.  I know that Hard Rock and Metal fans are some of the most discerning yet loyal fans in the world, so I want to spread the word and get them acquainted with TrueFire.com.  I also think that this particular brand of 'Hard Rock' is not that big a stretch from where Classic and Blues Rock were headed by the end of the 60's.  Sabbath's first album came out at the dawn of the 70's and then it was 'Game On!' for Hard Rock.  From Iommi, to Schenker, to Rhoads, to Vivian Campbell, these are the licks that get the job done."

50 Hard Rock Licks - Intro - Angus Clark

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  http://truefire.com/rock-guitar-lessons/50-hard-rock-licks/
ANGUS CLARK: www.angusclark.com
DAREDEVIL SQUADRON:  www.daredevilsquadron.com

Virgil Donati,Marco Sfogli,Brett Garsed,Alex Machacek: In this Life Pre Order

Thanks for checking out "Red Air" from my forthcoming album "In This Life".
The new album is now available for pre-order here: http://virgildonati.spinshop.com/
If you pre-order either the digital album (in your choice of high quality and lossless formats, and with a full color digital booklet), or the CD digipak (with 12 page booklet), you will receive a link to download the album on release day.  All pre-order customers will also be entered into a draw to win my personal Pearl 'Signature' snare drum which I used on a number of tracks on the album.  I'll draw the winner after release day. More about the snare here: http://virgildonati.com/about_gear.php
Over a year in the making, "In This Life" features guests such as Doug Shreeve, Marco Sfogli, Dennis Hamm, Alex Argento, Brett Garsed, Irwin Thomas, Alex Machacek, Paul Sherman, Anthony Crawford, Tom Kennedy, Jeff Babko, Rafael Moreira, Simon Hosford, Evan Marien, Artyom Manukyan, and Ruslan Sirota.
I hope you enjoy the album!
Thanks for your continued support over the years.

Stéphan Forté: I'm working hard on my second solo album right now!

Stéphan Forté
Hey guys, how's the summer going ? Back to business: I'm working hard on my second solo album right now, plus Adagio and my new band Hellcrown, so you guys can expect 3 releases in 2014, and yes lots of shows for 2014/2015 

Below a picture from last thursday gig at Ejams Live

Guthrie Govan, Nick Johnston: I have a huge guitar solo jam at the end of one of my tunes on my upcoming album

Guthrie Govan (Official) and I have a huge guitar solo jam at the end of one of my tunes on my upcoming album and I lived to tell the tale. You guys are going to FREAK when you hear what went down! Here's the man himself (artwork by Mark Rehkopf's Adventure Visuals )

Pre Order coming soon

Eloy Oliveira: JS Bach Cello Suite Nº 1 BWV 1007

J. S. Bach Cello Suite N° 1 BWV 1007 arranged for Electric Guitar by Eloy Oliveira.

I Prelude -- 00:00
II Allemande -- 02:15
III Courante - 05:51
IV Sarabande - 08:09
V Minuet 1 & 2 10:58

VI Gigue 13:52'

J. S. Bach Cello Suite Nº 1 BWV 1007 by Eloy Oliveira

Jean Paul Agnesod: Guitar New Album Preview " The Sound of Saturn's Blues "

Jean Paul Agnesod Guitar New Album Preview " The Sound of Saturn's Blues " Rock out CD \m/ http://jeanpaulagnesod.vai.li/
Anteprima CD Mix Chitarra Strumentale Rock Out
All right reserved © SIAE Jean Paul stratocaster

1 Across the sun
2 Rock out
3 Bluesbreaker
4 Valley of the Kings - Impro
5 B. Blues
6 Poseidon
7 Tortuga blues
8 The Sound of Saturn's Blues
9 Tequila
10 Promenade
11 Country Rolls
12 Infinito
13 Along the lines
14 Sturm und Drang
15 Impro - live

All right reserved © SIAE Jean Paul Agnesod
The Sound of Saturn's Blues - Jean Paul Agnesod Guitar New Album Preview Rock out CD

Maleny Morfen: announces EP available on itunes

Maleny Morfen https://www.facebook.com/malenymorfen

 Maleny Morfen My EP "Aire" (Air) is already available on Itunes. Thanks for all the support :)

1 Ángel Maleny Morfen 4:34
2 Día Cero Maleny Morfen 3:48
3 Posdata Maleny Morfen 3:40
4 Sin Equipaje Maleny Morfen 3:46
5 Tecnicolor Maleny Morfen 3:49
Maleny Morfen: Aire

Ángel - Maleny Morfen - Aire EP

Patrick Rondat: announces clinic at the Nîmes Guitar Academy!

Visit the South of France, to catch up with French guitar hero and uber guitarist Patrick Rondat. Patrick is giving an afternoon workshop on 21/07 in Nîmes (near Avignon, Marseille).