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Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue Interview - Camden Underworld - 2013

Dan from Rebellious Noise sits down with Sacred Mother Tongue to talk about a number of interesting topics from Download Festival to the possibility of having the Grinch join the band.

Sacred Mother Tongue Interview w/Rebellious Noise (Camden Underworld 17/06/13)

Tuomas Jaakola,Reetta Lahtinen: Santa Cruz - Shred Till You Drop! 1980's time rip jumps out of 2013!!

A lil´ jam track for shredding we made for you guys. Enjoy!
Shot by Tuomas Jaakola & Reetta Lahtinen.

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Tuomas Jaakola,Reetta Lahtinen: Santa Cruz : Screaming for Adrenaline
1. Screaming For Adrenaline
2. Anthem For The Young ’n’ Restless
3. Relentless Renegades
4. Sweet Sensation
5. Nothing Compares To You
6. High On You
7. Let´s Get The Party Started
8. Alive
9. Lovin’ You ( Is Just For Playing )
10. Aiming High
11. Let Me ( Lay My Love On You )

Santa Cruz - Shred Till You Drop!

News: Summer NAMM guitar player wrap up for day one!

Traveling to Nashville from the San Francisco Bay Area for the summer gear extravaganza can be a bit of a slog — stopovers, late flights, connections, etc. -- but I never expected to get a "severe weather alert" text, as soon as I stepped off the plane in Music City, warning me that flash floods were possible. Odd. I understood as soon as my taxi left the airport's covered lot because a barrage of merciless rain slammed against the SUV. Even the 3.5 seconds it took me to open the taxi door and dash under the hotel's front canopy left me soaked. Twenty minutes later, all was dry. Strange weather this year.

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Juan Antonio: Secret techniques to play like Allan Holdsworth

Just a couple of the elements I like to use to try and emulate Allan Holdsworth's improvisation style.

For chord progression and scales go to:

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Juan Antonio: Secret techniques to play like Allan Holdsworth

Stefan Huth: Vogel - Tapping Guitar - Pirates of the Carribean

This was the first try on the Vogel Balancetap some years ago (around 2010) that I just found it on my phone. It is an acoustic tap guitar built by Johannes Vogel. Check out

VOGEL Balancetap Tapping Guitar - Pirates of the Carribean (excerpt)

George Marios: adds a special Sofia and gets Peppermint!

Photo by Livia Bonadio
Hi guys,

Peppermint here!  We've uploaded a little promo of the material we've been working on.  Make sure to 'like' our facebook page and get in touch if you want us to play in your local bar,event or any other occasion. Thank for watching, Sofia and George (aka Peppermint)
" ...hits with a twist"

Peppermint's journey began in November 2012, with a little help from a thing called the internet...
George came across a recording of Sofia's work, through an email sent by a producer they were both working with at the time. Blown away by Sofia's powerful yet soulful vocal performances,George got in touch with her straight away in order to form an acoustic duo.
After an afternoon of music banter and ham sandwiches they decided to take over the world…or for now, just London…by spicing up well known songs. Into a couple of rehearsals, Peppermint started to shape their funky sound full of vocal harmonies and groove-tastic Guitar chops.
Peppermint are currently gigging all around London and, if you are lucky, you can catch them busking in Camden whenever the sun is out….
If you would like to have Peppermint play at your House, Bar, Pool, Theatre, Arena or any other event just drop them an email -

Peppermint, London based Acoustic Duo Promo

Tom Quayle: finished shooting new pro series DVD

Tom Quayle
Just finished shooting a huge DVD with Stuart Bull in Las Vegas. Over two hours of playing, discussing concepts and teaching with full transcriptions, killer backing tracks and chord charts. Can't wait for this to come out.

Derryl Gabel Tom, is this the Steely Dan DVD?

Tom Quayle Hey Derryl! Not yet - shooting that later this month. I'll let you know when it's done. I'll send you a message once I get back to the UK too - flying home tomorrow. Hope you're good mate!!

Joe Stump: announces two live show this weekend

Joe Stump  will be performing two solo shows this weekend. His schedule is as follows:

12 - LuLu`s Village Pub - Port Jefferson, NY
13 - Dewey`s Pub - Seymour, CT

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Hemispheres - SACD album pre order!

Where you have GAS I get MAS - Music Aquisition Syndrome - bang... and the money was gone...


'Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres'
I. Prelude
II. Apollo (Bringer Of Wisdom)
III. Dionysus (Bringer Of Love)
IV. Armageddon (The Battle Of Heart And Mind)
V. Cygnus (Bringer Of Balance)
VI. The Sphere (A Kind Of Dream)
'The Trees'
'La Villa Strangiato (An Exercise In Self-Indulgence)'
I. Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds!
II. To Sleep, Perchance To Dream...
III. Strangiato Theme
IV. A Lerxst In Wonderland
V. Monsters!
VI. The Ghost Of The Aragon
VII. Danforth And Pape
VIII. The Waltz Of The Shreves
IX. Never Turn Your Back On A Monster!
X. Monsters! (Reprise)
XI. Strangiato Theme (Reprise)
XII. A Farewell to Things

"Amazingly brilliant and complex work...A progressive rock masterpiece!"

Hemispheres is the sixth studio album by Rush. In many ways, it was the final album in a major chapter of Rush's career. The 1978 release was their last release of the '70s and their last LP that's unambiguously prog. Hemispheres was also the final album in Rush's grandiose period, which included "2112" and "A Farewell To Kings." Hemispheres has a brilliant concept to it, the brain hemispheres, reason and emotion, its complicated and smart - the music here is simply incredible, not your typical rock band and totally Rush.
Pre order

Vinnie Moore, Peter Frampton: Vinnie added to Frampton’s Guitar Circus show

Vinnie Moore has been invited to perform live in concert with PETER FRAMPTON at a show on his Frampton’s Guitar Circus tour. Vinnie will perform with Frampton during the Bethlehem Musikfest 2013, on August 5th.

Vinnie Vincent: Heat - Vinnie Cusano in West Coast fusion mode in 1981

Heat -- an early '80s West Coast R&B/rock/fusion collective led by bandleader/principal songwriter Tom Saviano -- are set to release "Heat Revisited" in Japan on July 17. In advance of the release, KissFAQ has the exclusive online premiere for "What Does it Take," an infectious up-tempo rock shuffle dusted off from the Heat vaults. Recorded circa 1981, the track features lead guitar by a then-young hotshot guitarist named Vinnie Cusano, who would later be rechristened Vinnie Vincent in KISS.

Listen to the track HERE

"I thought [Vinnie] played real melodic on this track," says Saviano. "He played like a studio musician."

News: Schecter announce Corsair Special Edition - 50 only!

Corsair Special Edition, Aged Black Satin (ABSN), Maple Body, Standard Tuning, TonePros TOM System Bridge

Sergio Prada: T.E.N. & Friends Contest

This is my entry, from Colombia, for this great contest.
Hope you like it :)

Video recording: Paula Espinosa

Tunning: B - F# - D - A - E - B.

T.E.N. & Friends Contest - Sergio Prada

Ten and Friends competition

Georgi Stanchev: T E N & Friends Contest - incredible picking again!!

Guitar - Georgi Stanchev

Ten and Friends competition

Scott Grove: Old & New School Electric Guitar And Amp Thought Process

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Lorenzo Favero: Hyoshi - whole guitar precussion for this hands' clapping style song

Lorenzo Favero - Hyoshi
Original tune by Lorenzo Favero.
Hyoshi is a japanese ideogram: it literally means "hands' clapping", but it is used to indicate " rhythm" in a lot of different meanings: the rhythm of the seasons, of heart, of waves, the alternation of day and night, the rhythm of music. Everything and everyone has got his own inner vibration, and if we listen carrefully we can hear Hyoshi everywhere.



Video realized by:
Audio by L&L Studios
Recorded @ Pink Noise ( Turin, Italy)

Lorenzo Favero - Hyoshi