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Feodor Dosumov,Farko Dosumov: Crooked Tooth - OVERDOS - more insane fusion!

Crooked Tooth
written by Farko Dosumov/Darian Asplund

Farko Dosumov - bass
Feodor Dosumov - guitar
Darian Asplund - sax
John Stout - drums

Crooked Tooth - OVERDOS

Joe Stump, David T Chastain, Michael Harris, John Hahn: Guitarmageddon 13

'The Fire and the Fury' (FIREWIND from Burning Earth)
'Cast The Glamor' (VAINGLORY from 2050)
'Paginini's Purgatory' (JOE STUMP'S REIGN OF TERROR from Sacred Ground)
'Now of Never ' (DAVID T. CHASTAIN from Instrumental Variations)
'Dimensions' (KENZINER from The Prophecies)
'Divine D' (GUS G. from Guitar Master 2010 Remaster)
'Sonata Hypnotica' (Joe Stump's Reign of Terror from Second Coming)
'Chasing Rainbows' (MICHAEL HARRIS from Hurricane X)
'Hardly Enough' (CORBIN KING from Nightwalker)
'Guitar Concerto in Dm' (Joe Stump's Reign of Terror from Light in the Sky)
'Mind Games' (JOHN HAHN from Mind Games)
'Movements Qp827' (CJSS from The 7 Hills Demo)
'Tapping Toccata' (Joe Stump's Reign of Terror from Second Coming)

Guitarmageddon 13

Richie Kotzen: talks tattoos and winery dogs with the

Since you're going back to Japan, will you be getting any new tattoos there?
I wasn't planning on it. The last tattoo I got was in Rome—no, I got one here in L.A. after that, actually. I did a lot of work in Osaka a bit of a long time ago; I don't know how to get a hold of that guy and I don't have any ideas right now for tattoos.
Did you see the huge dragon David Lee Roth got his back now that he’s been living in Tokyo?
No, I didn't.
He actually posted a short film where he speaks in Japanese and you can see the whole tattoo at the end.
That's incredible, wow. 

Tokyo Story

Misha Mansoor: Shockwave Hannover interview

Shockwave Hannover met with Misha in Hamburg on their tour with TesseracT talking about songwriting, next plans and possible new material

Periphery Interview Misha Mansoor 7.5.2013 Hamburg

Al Joseph: Out In The Open Teaser

Hey guys,

Here's an unmixed teaser of the album. I am proud to say that there are some real beast accompanying me on this project!

The album will be released in August. I hope you're all as excited as I am!

Thanks for you continued support,


Out In The Open Teaser

Al Joseph Wastelands at Jamtrackcentral com

Get the jam tracks

It's Time To Progress
Introducing Al Joseph and his debut jam track package Progressive Developments at JTC. Containing three progressive metal style tracks, Al showcases a blend of classic rock/blues style licks in a metal setting as well as his incredible talent of creating melodic lines that get stuck in your brain. Al leans on his major influences throughout, including John Petrucci and another JTC artist Marco Sfogli and the results speak for themselves. There is a lot to learn from these 3 tracks!
In true JTC style you get the solo track, solo backing and extended jam tracks, the video performances and the TAB and notation (which was created by Al himself). Al has also written some track notes to accompany the package too.

So...great tracks, great playing...what are you waiting for?!? Come check out the previews or head to our YouTube channel to watch the promo!


3 solo example tracks in MP3
3 solo backing tracks in MP3
3 extended jam tracks in MP3
3 video performances in MP4
Tab and Notation created exclusively by Al himself in Guitar Pro and PDF formats
Bonus track notes written by Al

Allan Marcus: .Strandberg* Boden 8 put to good use on solo for upcoming Arecibo album

Announcing right here... The Drake Equation is changing their name to Arecibo... New FB page and website in the works. For now, enjoy this little tease as we work on finishing our sites and the record!

Gear used.
Cleartone strings
EMG pickups
True Temperament fretting
.Strandberg* guitars
Toontrack software
Randall amplification
Presonus interfaces
HESU cables

True Temperament .Strandberg* Boden 8 solo from upcoming Arecibo album

Fun riff from upcoming Arecibo album

Leonardo Guzman: Don't Take Your Love Away (Raw Demo)

1st demo from an original :)

Leonardo Guzman - Don't Take Your Love Away (Raw Demo)

Branislav Popadic: nightclub jam - tasteful ballad jam

live nightclub gig featuring Branislav Popadic

UCI me Majko loved me live

Dallton Santos: Proto Cosmos - classy version of this classic track

Dallton Santos - Proto Cosmos (A. Pasqua) + Backingtrack Proto Cosmos guitar solo Dallton Santos and Proto Cosmos Backingtrack - Fusion Style.


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Alex Gregory: CBS News Interview 2001

CBS News Interview of Maestro Alex Gregory on Pentasystem

George Marios: Funky grooves with Zivory guitars at BOX studios

Recording some Funky grooves with Zivory guitars at BOX studios in North London
Hey guys,

Another video of the great session i had in BOX studios, recording some promos for Zivory guitars.

This axe features:
Queensland Silky Oak Body
one'piece Goncalva Alves bod
Gotoh/Wilkinson VS100 bridge
Bryan Jeppson Old'N'Rusty Bridge - Supernatural neck pickup
Sperzel Tuners
Brazilian Lacewood Knobs

Enjoy and make sure to spread the gospel.


George Marios

Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth "Leave Them On"

Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth "Leave Them On"

Dhalif Ali: String Ballad - short - but sweet

Dhalif Ali - String Ballad (Short)
Here is me free improvising over String Ballad
I'm playing an ibanez RG560 through line 6 pod x3 live
Hope u guys enjoy this short clip

Tom Quayle: Suhr guitars up for grabs

Levi Clay captures Tom Quayle Suhr in the wild
Tom Quayle
I'm selling both of my Suhr guitars - classic and standard. I'm happy to ship them to anywhere in the world (at the buyers expense) and will sign them if required. Send me a PM with a serious offer if you're interested.

Dreamfullofzen: Guitar Rig Tone Secrets: Episode 1 - John Petrucci

Guitar Rig Tone Secrets: Episode 1 - John Petrucci
uggghhhhh... fan noise of my laptop made this turn out quite crap...sorry.
A rough and quick patch to get you into dream theater territory.

comments,insults,insightful remarks about peoples mothers, and introspectives on the consumption of pizza are all welcome.

Robert Szewczuga, Bartek Pawlus: drum and bass ina fusion groove

Robert Szewczuga & Bartek Pawlus #3 - (

by Portal Emuzycy
Robert Szewczuga and Bartek Pawlus in the second installment.Production for emuzycy - mediaart24, video - Karl Klimek, audio - Stephen Łowiński. To mix the audio material used equipment from IGS.

Tcha Limberger: Moldovan Music / Gypsy Violin / Ion Dragoi

Tcha Limberger - Moldovan Music / Gypsy Violin / Ion Dragoi (Lesson Excerpt)
Lesson, transcriptions, and backing track available at : COMING SOON FALL 2013

Be sure to follow us on facebook / twitter for updates:

Excerpt from "In The Style Of Tcha Limberger Guitar & Violin"

Tcha Limberger performs music from Moldova "Corăgheasca bătrânilor" composed or made famous by Ion Dragoi.

Includes transcriptions in TAB and standard notation, as well as detailed video explanations.

Tcha Limberger was born in a 'Manouche' family with a long-standing musical tradition (his grandfather was the legendary Piotto Limberger). Both his father Vivi, singer and guitar player, and his Flemish mother raised him to understand and appreciate their respective cultures. As a child, Tcha was determined to become a flamenco singer. At age twelve, he started playing the clarinet, joining the family orchestra 'The Piotto's'

Tom Quayle: Testing Out the Matrix NL12

Hey guys - the wonderful chaps at Matrix Guitar Amplification sent me one of their new NL12 light wieght cabs to check out. Here's a video I shot using the Axe FX II and Matrix GT1000FX power amp into the cab. This thing is insanely light weight and sounds huge. For tone to weight ratio there is nothing out there to beat it.

Pat Travers: Our resident reviewer gives Pat's new release the thumbs up!

Pat Travers returns with an energetic, varied, hard rock album full of class and substance

Pat Travers, Canadian-born and cosmopolitan, has brought his listeners and fans an engaging album in 2013's 'Can Do'. Released by Frontiers Records, the veteran guitarist's latest disc is chock-full of good songwriting. It's pure classy rock, topped off with his sizzling six-string licks.

The Pat Travers Band sounds fantastic. Alongside Travers, 2013's 'PTB' incarnation features Kirk McKim on guitar,Rodney O'Quinn on bass, and Sandy Gennaro on drums. Monica Travers, Pat's wife, sings background vocals on the Eurythmics cover. Travers shows that his voice is in fine form - masculine and full of character. Guitar work from McKim and rhythm guitar lines from Travers are both tight and chunky. The bass guitar from O'Quinn drives the band, subtle at times and at the forefront during others. Gennaro's drums are very solidly groovy, with a nice sprinkling of artful fills. Without saying 'too much', the lead guitar parts delivered by this experienced musician are tasteful, played strictly to serve the songs, and mind bendingly good.

'Can Do' has 12 tunes which are adventures in tone. The songs aren't all one mood, so listeners will be able to enjoy a variety of tempos, moods, and 'rock & roll flavors'. This is uncontrived classic rock, not outlandish or overbearing. That's not to say the record lacks flash: there's plenty to be found, but 'Can Do' is first and foremost a substantial, full-band effort. Without giving away all of the album's details, here are some highlights: 'Diamond Girl' features tasteful use of effects, smooth legato, and a pervasive, warm tone. This was the first 'radio single' from the album. It is much more laid-back and evocative of that 'relaxed summer afternoon' mood, then most of the other tunes. 'As Long As I'm With You' highlights some delectable slide work. 'Armed And Dangerous' is a funk-infused, bluesy rock number. 'Keep Calm & Carry On' has a title that's a nod to the famous British advertising slogan. This instrumental is another slightly funky, slightly bluesy, laid-back tune. It contains many interesting little vibrato effects, some neat explorations of tone, and nice harmony. It's an interesting trip through the land of electric guitar. 'Can Do' and 'Red Neck Boogie' both seem to be feature type songs. The album has been bookended with high energy rock tunes - a melodic arena rock monster and a catchy American boogie. These tunes are as fresh as they are adventurous.

Production is nice and full - it doesn't have that over-compressed or 'digital age' sound. 'Can Do' has an authentic, 'no-Autotune', traditional vibe throughout. If other instruments or items (like a vocal sample? in the second song) are heard, it's brief. Lyrics make sense and sections ought to resonate with many: "The world's going nuts, but it always has been..." Overall, the album is well-composed and nicely sequenced or presented. The drum or cymbal sound can be a little shrill at points, so listening at a slightly lower volume might be required. As usual, your mileage may vary. Ideas have been given ample time to shine: six of the songs are over five minutes long each, another two are close to five minutes long. The remaining four songs are in that radio-friendly three-to-four minute range.

Overall, 'Can Do' is a great record for a fan of timeless 'classic rock': it doesn't stray too far in to any sub genre nor is it excessively 'quirky'. Lots of rock's subgenres have moments to shine: blues, funk, arena rock, 'Southern boogie', even a touch of balladry. If you like your guitar-heavy rock loud, this is definitely a disc to check out more than once.

Rating: 9/10

Track Listing:
  • Can Do
  • Stand Up / Give It Up
  • Diamond Girl
  • As Long As I’m With You
  • Long Time Gone
  • Wanted (That Was Then / This Is Now)
  • Armed And Dangerous
  • Here Comes The Rain Again
  • Keep Calm & Carry On
  • Dust & Bone
  • Waitin’ On The End Of Time
  • Red Neck Boogie

Band Lineup:
  • Pat Travers - Guitar, Vocals
  • Kirk McKim - Guitar
  • Rodney O'Quinn - Bass
  • Sandy Gennaro - Drums

Official Website:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Official MySpace:

Thanks to J Mercer for the in depth review!

Peter Luha: Sailors - clasy two hand guitar tapping

Sailors - solo electric guitar composition /fingerstyle, two hand guitar tapping & guitar slap/. Inspired by the past and the sailors in Finland. If you enjoy please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!!! ;)

Download my music on iTunes:

guitarist Peter Luha:
Framus Tennessee Custom guitar, with Elixir strings

Follow me:

fingerstyle, guitar slap & two hand guitar tapping..

Peter Luha - Sailors - Solo Guitar /two hand guitar tapping/

Peter Luha - solo guitar - Northern Solstice

Sam Bell,Tosin Abasi: iGuitar Tech Session

Tech Session

Tosin Abasi is at the forefront of a revolution in guitar playing - the development of technique and music for the eight string instrument. GI welcomes our new 'extended guitar' specialist and columnist Sam Bell for his first Tech Session

Rick Graham: iGuitar featured lesson

Featured Lesson

Sweep Picking Part Four - In this lesson Rick Graham takes a look at four string sweep arpeggios and how to use them both for practice and during improvisation. The lesson comes with free downloadable tab in PDF or Guitar Pro 6 format.

Neal Schon: iGuitar interview

Featured Interview

Neal Schon founded Journey way back in 1975. Since then, Schon has been the sole constant member throughout its 14, million-selling album and endless touring history. GI's Stuart Bull met Neal for not just one, but two in-depth interviews plus an exclusive look at Neal's system with tech specialist Adam Day.

Tom Hess: How To Turn Average Lead Guitar Licks Into Awesome Guitar Licks

How To Turn Average Lead Guitar Licks Into Awesome Guitar Licks 

By Tom Hess
Do you struggle to play great lead guitar licks? Chances are you’re making the same mistake as most guitarists: You add extra notes to your licks in order to cover up your lack of guitar phrasing skill. To make your lead guitar playing sound great, you must understand how to play every single note in your licks with as much expression as possible.

As you already know from reading the first part of this great lead guitar licks article series - you can add power and intensity to your lead guitar phrases by accenting the final note in your licks. After practicing the exercise in the first article, you have now seen the BIG difference it makes in your lead guitar phrasing. If you missed that article, watch the video below about how to play lead guitar licks, then read through the exercise in the article itself and apply the concepts into your playing.

Now you are going to learn how to get the most emotion possible out of all remaining notes from your lead guitar licks. Keep in mind that you can use the following guitar phrasing exercise even if you did not read the first half of this article already. However, do not skip watching the video above (this is necessary for understanding the ideas being used).

Lead Guitar Licks Phrasing Exercise (How To Create Tons Of Killer Licks)

Step One: Think of a guitar lick that contains only a few ‘slow’ notes. For example, use less than 5 notes with only quarter or eighth note rhythms. Do not make your phrase too fast, otherwise you will not be able to hear the subtleties emphasized in the next steps of this exercise. Additionally, it is important that you don’t make your phrase very long either because playing a lot of notes will take away from your ability to focus on the sound of each individual note. After you have come up with a guitar lick that fits the above criteria, continue on with the next step.

Step Two: After watching the video above, you saw (and heard) that the main techniques used to enhance the guitar lick were:
  • Bends
  • Vibrato
  • Slides
Come up with no less than ten unique variations of your lead guitar phrase by emphasizing ONLY the first note in your lick with any combination of the above three techniques. For the time being, keep the other notes in your phrase exactly the same as when you made it.

Remember: do NOT change any of the pitches of your guitar phrase – only change the way you approach using the above techniques to play the first note. If you are able to record yourself while you are playing, do this and listen back to yourself so you can make subtle improvements to your approach. If you cannot record yourself, still continue through this exercise anyway. As you continue thinking of new variations, you will notice your guitar phrasing skills increasing. This is because you are forcing yourself to think creatively since you cannot change the pitch of the notes in your lick. As a result, your guitar lick will sound infinitely more expressive than the way it sounded when you first began in step one. Also, don’t get caught up on trying to keep track of every single variation you think of (this is not the point of the exercise). Instead, continue working through the process of training yourself to get the most expression possible out of every note you play.

In this step, make at minimum ten new variations on the first note of the phrase (ideally make twenty or more). This is not as difficult as you might think, so keep pushing forward to come up with new ideas.

Step Three: Use the same process described in the previous step on each of the other notes in your guitar lick. Go through this process in a note-by-note fashion. When you create variations on any of the middle notes in your lick (by emphasizing it), play the other notes in the same way you did when you first created the phrase OR by using one of the variations you came up with in the previous step.

Make sure that you focus most of your attention on the single note you are emphasizing. Do not let the other notes distract you at this point.

After you are done with this process, you will have come up with ten different ways to change the sound the notes in the guitar lick you created from step one.

Step Four: Now that you have made changes to the phrasing of each separate note in your guitar lick, begin changing the guitar phrase as a whole (to make new versions/variations of it) using the same process. To do this, simply combine together the different ideas you came up with in the previous steps. You should have TONS of options/combinations to choose from after following the instructions of steps one through three.CRUCIAL:you must not add extra notes to your lick in this guitar phrasing exercise... only focus on getting the maximum possible expression from each note in your original phrase.

You might be wondering why I did not begin this exercise by telling you to simply do step four after step one. Here is why I did this:

A. The majority of guitarists will naturally want to emphasize only the beginning and ending notes of the phrase while ignoring the notes in between. This common mistake in guitar phrasing frequently results in mediocre lead guitar licks.

B. Unless you are an advanced guitar player (or have already learned how to improve your guitar phrasing technique from a great teacher) you would probably miss out on the full value of this exercise because you would stop prematurely (after only thinking of a few variations for your lick). It is for this reason that I told you to make at least ten different variations per note in your guitar lick.

What Is The Value Of Using This Lead Guitar Phrasing Exercise?

These are the two main reasons why performing the previous steps are essential for making progress to develop your guitar phrasing skills:

1. You learn and understand exactly how to make any guitar lick sound killer regardless of the notes you are using.

2. This exercise will keep your guitar licks from becoming overrun with excess notes that do not sound interesting and are merely being used to cover up poor phrasing. By breaking this habit, you will see drastic improvement in all of the lead guitar phrases you play.

Here Is What You Need To Do Next

1. Practice this exercise consistently by using the concepts above on every new lick you learn. Keep doing this until it feels totally natural and easy to implement.

2. Study the playing in this great rock guitar licks video to get more ideas for how to improve your lead guitar playing.

3. Use these lead guitarist phrasing resources to learn many new approaches you can use to create new guitar licks.

4. Find an expert guitar instructor who can show you the best way to express yourself when you create lead guitar licks. Then work together with that teacher to identify and achieve your highest musical goals.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player, composer and international guitar teacher. He also helps musicians learn guitar online and reach their guitar playing goals. Visit his rock and metal guitar lessons site to read more articles about guitar playing, plus get free guitar tips and guitar playing resources.

Pedro Bernardi: bedroom perfection on a shoe string

Great jam snippets, showing the art of the possible with guitar and amp, overdrive and a loop pedal, finally shot with a cheap camera.


¿Donde están los trompetes?