Sunday, 21 July 2013

Kevin Peters: TEN Friends Guitar Contest - Onethataps - the two handed tapper returns!

Kevin Peters... back with more of his trademark tapping! Always a joy to listen and watch this unique style that Kevin Peters is synonymous with.

Kevin Peters: This is my T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest submission. Thank you Anouck! Enjoy!

TEN Friends Guitar Contest - Kevin Peters

Ten and Friends competition

All competitions:

Virgil Donati: Trencherman - Virgil Donati Live at The Basement

On August 22nd, 2012, I went to see Virgil Donati at The Basement in Sydney as part of his On The Virg (OTV) reunion tour. This clip is of the last 5 minutes of the song 'Trencherman' from the album Serious Young Insects, recorded on my phone.

I absolutely love Virgil's drumming - he is a master in all respects, and he was incredible to watch.

Trencherman - Virgil Donati Live at The Basement

Alex Argento Hey friends, The time has come!

over a year in the making, the much anticipated solo record from Virgil Donati entitled "In This Life" will be available for purchase and download on July 23rd.

I'm extremely proud of have being involved on this project as main keyboardist and mixing engineer together with some amazing musicians like:

Doug Shreeve, Marco Sfogli, Dennis Hamm, Brett Garsed, Irwin Thomas, Alex Machacek, Paul Sherman, Anthony Crawford, Tom Kennedy, Jeff Babko, Rafael Moreira, Simon Hosford.

Click here to for a FREE download of one of the tracks from the record: "Red Air".
Featuring on this track: Alex Argento (keyboards), Marco Sfogli (guitars). 

Virgil Donati:  Red Air
Free Track:

News: Ion Guitar Apprentice - ipad to learn to play guitar

Learn how to play guitar the new way, with a personal iPad apprentice. The new Ion Guitar apprentice features the ability to teach real guitar so you can use the included software for the iPad and enclose the unit into the Ion apprentice. Now learn power chords that you didn't think were possible.

Ion Guitar Apprentice for iPad

Ion Guitar Apprentice

Ethan Brosh: Aerosmith Mexico - Yes you read it right! The Ethan Brosh Band opening for Aerosmith!!!

Ethan Brosh
Yes you read it right! The Ethan Brosh Band opening for Aerosmith!!! One night only at the Mexico City Arena in Mexico!!! My first arena show...May this be the beginning of many many more! I'll be playing with my awesome guys John Anthony,Giorgio Mongelli and Nathan Montalvo

Nikolay Karageorgiev: Little Wing - with a live band

Dean Bowman
Alexander Lekov
Dimitar Semov
Nikolay Karageorgiev

King's Stables Plovdiv

Little Wing

Rowan J Parker: Fusion Essentials - Pentatonic Superimposition - classy playing!

More great guitar at

Welcome to Fusion Essentials, a series of video lessons on developing fusion improvisation. Expand your soloing with pentatonic superimposition!

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Fusion Essentials - Pentatonic Superimposition

Vladimir Maisiuk: Fretwalk - new new album available

Vladimir Maisiuk
Hey friends!!! Im very happy to announce that my debut album "Fretwalk" is officially released and now you can find it on iTunes-here is the link

Vladimir Maisiuk: Fretwalk

I've had many people asking me about it for the last couple of month-there you go-hope you'll enjoy it :)
The next step is to make a transcriptions of my songs for all those people who asked me for it and the first song Im going to transcribe will be "Pilgrim" because I've got asked about this one the most...cheers everybody..

Daniele Gottardo: will be playing with a string section for his appearance at the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival

2 August 2013 at Eddie Lang Jazz Festival

Daniele Gottardo, guitar
Glauco Bertagnin, first violin
Matthew Marzaro, second violin
Alessandro Pandolfi, purple
Jonathan Brunelli, cello
Anatoli Ricci, flute
Nicola Medici, oboe / English horn
Matthew Scavazza, bassoon / contrabassoon
Ricky Quagliato, battery
Federico Malaman, electric bass

Gabriele Pala: Azure Agony Terror Haza Guitar Playthrough

Marco Sgubin - keyboards, accordion, backing vocals
Gabriele Pala - guitars, chapman stick, backing vocals
Federico Ahrens - vocals, keyboards
Carlo Simeoni - drums
Marco Firman - bass

The new album is entitled India, again another hour of progressive dreamy metal music with soaring vocal melodies and various inserts from special instruments like cello, accordion and chapman stick.

Guitar playthroughs seem to be quite popular nowadays, so I decided to try to make one myself.The song in entitled "Terror Haza", and it's taken from the first album of Azure Agony (the band in which I'm currently playing) entitled "Beyond Belief", published by SG Records in 2010.

If you like the song, you can find more info on the band on

Azure Agony Terror Haza Guitar Playthrough

Vanny Tonon: demos the very clever Essetipicks

ESSETIPICKS Products showcase Ep. 1 - Vanny Tonon

From Musikmesse 2013

ESSETIPICKS Products showcase Ep. 1 - Vanny Tonon

Mark Knopfler: Going Home - Lucca Summer Festival 2013

Mark Knopfler" Going Home - Theme from Local Hero"
Live @ Lucca Summer Festival 2013

FULL HD Mark Knopfler "Going Home" Live @ Lucca Summer Festival 2013

Andrea Braido: live show Birra 2013

Cassinone OF SERIATE (BG) - June 30, 2013 MOVIE WITH CANON IXUS 1000 HS


Brian May: Kerry Ellis - We Will Rock You - Montreux 2013

Clip of Brian May and Kerry Ellis playing We Will Rock You at Montreux Jazz Festival, on Brian's 66th birthday, Friday 19 July 2013.

No copyright claimed - artist's official YouTube channel

Brian May & Kerry Ellis We Will Rock You (clip) Montreux 19-07-2013

plus Brian May & Kerry Ellis @ Paris la Cigale

Brian May & Kerry Ellis @ Paris la Cigale 2013 : Tie... + We will rock you (17/21) (Full HD)

Liam Engl: Delusions of Grandeur - Quantum lead classy cover

One of the coolest lead parts I've ever heard in a song before!

Delusions of Grandeur - Quantum lead cover

Myself and the wonderfully talented Kin Lin jamming to some KSE! I hope you like the video!

Please subscribe to Kin's youtube channel at
Kin Lin and LiamENGL - Killswitch Engage, In Due Time cover.

Nicolò Vedele: Brett Garsed - Shred This III - always better late than never.

Cool Backing Track!! Sorry for the delay.... Although this backing track was for a contest I wanted to record my own improvisation. Hope you like it!!!

Brett Garsed - Shred This III (Late)

Samuli Federley: Neon Black - classy performance playthrough

This is a new song from my forthcoming 2nd solo album. If you like this kind of music, check out my 1st album, Quest For Remedy, at Thanks for stopping by!

Samuli Federley - Neon Black

Samuli Federley: Quest For Remedy

Karlo Federici: Medley of classy rock/metal tracks posted on Soundcloud

Karlo Federici: Medley

Jonas Tamas: I've become a guitar columnist at Guitar Muse

Jonas Tamas
I've become a guitar columnist at Guitar Muse. You can read my first guitar lesson here - with TABs, video and detailed description of methods.

Andy James: MetalWani TV interview

We recently caught up with the guitar/shred maestro Andy James and had a good talk with him about his music, signature guitar, upcoming album and more.

Andy James Interview | MetalWani TV | Furtados Clinic 2013

Mattias IA Eklundh: cool interview posted

From musikmesse 2012

So the next album is going to be a live album by Freak Kitchen? 

Mattias: Yeah, why not? No overdubs. It should be cool to do a live album next year. 

Christer: Eh, "heard it all before", lala...oh sorry hehe. We've been talking about this live album since 2005. Oh no, wait, that's a DVD, that's slightly different. But we do have material from every gig. And at every gig we have at least one song which we feel was really "happening". But a whole show...that's another story. We just need to record a lot of shows. 

Mattias: And we have many shows recorded already, it's just piling up. And after each show we say to each other: this is going to be the one! And as time moves on, we think it's getting old. Then again, the market is funny. 

Christer: There is always so much money put into creating all this "live" material. 

Mattias: We could make a "best of - overdubs" live album. "Our best overdubs. Live!" We should do that, that would be great! Let's make a studio-live video of when we do the live album in the studio! Just have some coffee at my place and make a live album. 

...and then you overdub it with real live recordings! 

Mattias: Yeah, that would be great! We do everything backwards anyway, so that would be the obvious thing to do...say, what kind of an interview is this? 

Christer: Well, it's not the questions, it's the answers! - 

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Razor Flowers - Musikmesse 2012

Charles Altura: Killing it with Virgil Donati Band at the Baked Potato !

Featuring Virgil Donati on drums, Charles Altura on guitar, Dennis Hamm on keys and Doug Shreeve on bass, enjoy the music grooves!!

Virgil Donati Band at the Baked Potato !

New Album Coming Soon?

I hope so, in the meantime Charles Altura Sample... more stunning playing

Charles Altura Sample from Alex Chaloff on Vimeo.

Nicolas Waldo: shares two songs from new album "Higher Dimension"

Nicolas Alexander Waldo Caceres

Nicolas Waldo - Soundcloud

Hello!... I share 2 songs of my new album "Higher Dimension" - Available now by DPM Records.

Thanks for the support!...

Nicolas Waldo

Nils Courbaron: The Sarabande of Haendel - seriously great metal cover

EN - Djent/metal cover of the sarabande of Haendel (Barry Lyndon B.O) by Nils Courbaron, French guitar player of T.A.N.K.

FR - Reprise métal de la Sarabande de Haendel (thème de Barry Lyndon) par Nils Courbaron, guitariste français de T.A.N.K (Think Of A New Kind)

Nils Courbaron's Project instrumental EP - Madness Leads To Death :

Directed by Lykatome Production
Recorded by Thomas Smilek at Climezis Recordings
Picture : E.L.P-Photo (Elie Lahoud-Pinot Photography)

Artwork : Rusalka design (Ludovic Cordelières)

The Sarabande of Haendel - Metal Cover (Nils Courbaron)

John Browne: Monuments - FuFux UK Techfest 2013

Exclusive video recorded during the 2013 UK Techfest

Monuments - UK Techfest 2013 (complete show)

Jakub Żytecki, David Maxim Micic, Sam Bell: Bilo - FuFux Superjam UK Techfest 2013 - full of guest players!

Exclusive video of the Bilo Superjam with members of destiny potato, disperse, The Algorithm, Monuments, Haji's Kitchen, Mask of Judas, Skyharbor, Exivious

Bilo - Superjam UK Techfest 2013

Peter Frampton: Guests on The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Fleetwood Mac's Rumours

Los Angeles, CA – One of the world’s most storied and esteemed orchestras, The Royal Philharmonic, continues its bold, symphonic reinterpretations of contemporary rock music, this time revisiting the ‘70s melodic rock favorite Rumours by Fleetwood Mac in its entirety. Recorded at the historic Abbey Road studios, this release marks the first time the RPO have taken on an entire album, from opening note to closing refrain. The roughly 50+ musicians who comprise the orchestra were aided in their quest by the guiding hands of arrangers James Graydon and Richard Cottle as well as very special guest appearances by the legendary Peter Frampton and steel guitarist Sarah Jory!

The RPO couldn't have selected a better album to recreate. Released in 1977 and considered the high water mark not only of Fleetwood Mac’s extraordinary career but of ‘70s rock in general, Rumours produced a string of hits including “Go Your Own Way,” “Don't Stop,” “The Chain,” and “Gold Dust Woman.” Graydon comments, “Rumours was such an important album in terms of both songwriting and production. Although we were mindful of the fact that these songs are very well known, we decided to approach the arrangements from a slightly different perspective to make it work in the orchestral world.” Executive producer Anthony Klein remarks, “It was a privilege to work with the Royal Philharmonic, and to have them play and record those classic songs in such an iconic room as Studio 2 at Abbey Road made the whole project even more epic. We now have a fantastic album and hope that it will appeal to all generations.”

Experience this classic album like you've never experienced it before!

1. Second Hand News
2. Dreams
3. Never Going Back Again
4. Don’t Stop
5. Go Your Own Way
6. Songbird
7. The Chain
8. You Make Loving Fun
9. I Don’t Want To Know
10. Oh Daddy
11. Gold Dust Woman feat. Peter Frampton

For Further Information:

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra official website:

To purchase 'The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Fleetwood Mac's Rumours':
Download the album on iTunes:
Order the CD on Amazon:

Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth "Forest of feeling" solo section

Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth "Forest of feeling"

Allan Holdsworth "Forest of feeling"

Mike Portnoy,Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan: The winery dogs on a Japanese radio show at 7/20/2013.


The winery dogs on a Japanese radio show at 7/20/2013.