Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Andrea Accorsi: Greg Howe Style Guitar Solo Outside Phrasing

Greg Howe Style Guitar Solo Outside Phrasing by Andrea Accorsi

Outside Phrasing Fusion (G.Howe style)

Greg Howe Style Guitar Solo by Andrea Accorsi

Cameron Allen: summer sun - Sleepless Minor Blues

It was an ungodly hour of the morning and I couldn't sleep, so I decided to just play the guitar instead!

Sleepless Minor Blues Improv

Hussein Haddad: Dreamer #12001 - Prototype 1,2,3

My facebook : https://www.facebook.com/husseinhadda...

Hussein Haddad - Dreamer #12001 - Prototype 3

Dreamer #12001 - Prototype 2

Dreamer #12001 - Prototype 1

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Cyber Moon PV

Full of new possibilities Rie aka Suzaku, the guitar instrumental, full albums completion of the whole body! ! La The newly written a new very popular, the guitar instrumental songs transcendence, standing Rie section etc. also Eve and then fascinated to listen pre.The bassist, Yoshihiro Naruse, IKUO, Hino Ji of Cassiopeia no Kenji Takita Isamu participated, at the piano, Yabuki table participants.The drum is a drummer support the current "Anthem", Isamu participated . I record the Super Play! Released June 26, 2013! Rie aka Suzaku Official Web SiteHttp://Www.Poppin.Jp/rie_web/index.Html Rie aka Suzaku finally made ​​a Masterpiece of full-length album That's full of unknown possibilities of instrumental Guitar! Composed Brand NEW materials Contains Super Guitar Technique That's already approved of at Concerts, and You'll be Amazed with a flood of Rie-branded Melodies. Also, Four Maestros Yoshihiro Naruse from Casiopea, IKUO, Jino KENJI HINO, Isamu Takita Contributed for Bass. Taku Yabuki on Piano. And on drums Isamu who's Currently a member of Supporting ANTHEM. Hi, I'm Rie, a Female guitarist from p. Currently, I'm doing Concerts Mainly at Tokyo. Also, I Compose my Own Music and Lyrics. In 2010, I made ​​my .! Debut with mini-album Titled "Messiah" then in 2011, 2nd mini "Mother Earth" was Released And in 2012, 3rd mini "Dreaming Eyes" brought me two Domestic tours . These Titles Are Now available on iTunes as wellHTTP: / / itunes.apple.com / jp / album / Mess ...Http://Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/moth ...Http://Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/drea. .. And finally I have my Produced 1st-ever full-length (Also, 1st-ever instrumental) album as you See Now!! 2013.6.26 On Sale!! ‬

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Cyber Moon PV

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Kingdom of the Sun CD Release!!

Tomo Fujita,Matt Schofield,Yoshiaki Imahori: live appearances from the ever classy Tomo

Matt Schofield asked me sit in his gig in Boston, MA. We jam this tune, Cissy Strut. Jonny Henderson on organ & Kevin Hayes on drums- Great rhythm section!!! Enjoy!

Matt Schofield & Tomo Fujita- Cissy Strut jam

Tomo Fujita & Yoshiaki Imahori at Akkuns,Kyoto Japan. 5/31/2013
Yoshiaki Imahori studied with me via tape lessons! He is a pro now.
We played my original song "Confidence Cat " from my cd "Right Place, Right Time.
We both played D'Pergo guitar. Two-Rock Tomo Fujita sig amp, the SD cabinet, Fender Pro Reverb.

Tomo Fujita & Yoshiaki Imahori - Confidence Cat

Tomo Fujita & Yoshiaki Imahori at Akkuns Kyoto "KYOTO"

Daniel Realpe: Within the Hour - the new album from Within the Hour

The music from WTH has been about bringing the human spirit outwards from a place of inertia which lies within the soul of every man. Using aggressive riffs along with intricate keyboard parts, reflective guitar solos and drum and bass parts which give a foundation to all the music, WTH tries to vibrate a emotional string as well as an indignant vibe through the lyrics of the songs.

“We have gathered all the music that we feel REALLY hits a chord inside us, we feel like there is a sense to all the songs that we have done” Daniel Realpe (guitar) explains, “We are quite proud of the finished work”.

WTH’s music is influenced by metal bands from the 80’s and 90’s such as Dream Theater, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Symphony X, among many others.

Both Daniel and Paulo (Vocals/keyboards) are classically trained in music and have had experience in important bands in the past such as Sigma and Hidden Path, opening for bands like: Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Angra, Kiko Loureiro, Symphony X, among others.

Daniel Realpe: Within the Hour

1. Dragging Down My Soul 5:12
2. Bound 4:12
3. Left to Die (feat. Alex Oquendo) 6:11
4. Blast in Rage 5:14
5. Lucha Con El Tiempo 4:36

Dragging down my soul - No vocals

Left To Die Solos

Blast in Rage Solos

Dragging down my soul - Solos

Toby Knapp: Static Warfare - the new album from Shred Guy Records

Toby Knapp: Static Warfare

Toby Knapp: Static Warfare - the new album from Shred Guy Records

Toby Knapp is back with nine instrumental tracks of guitar madness!
"Hallmark riffage! I hear Voivodisms and riffs approaching "Anthems" era Emperor territory. A perfect showcase for the man behind Onward, Waxen, Darken and Godless Rising."---Metal Rules Webzine.

1. Static Warfare 1:31
2. Weaponology 4:47
3. The Impossibility of Reason 4:30
4. X-Class Flare 2:45
5. Plasma Spheroid 4:46
6. Not If but When 4:44
7. Trashed Radiation Shield 3:08
8. The Arrival of Polaris 4:52
9. The Doomsday Clock 4:13

Allen Van Wert: Hyper blues soloing, gets bluer than expected

ORAL SEX STRIP PART STARTS @2:28 I was playing some cool blues improvisation and then Holly comes in and gives me oral sex strips to try. I get disgusted by the taste of it. Pretty funny but I actually liked some of the blues licks I did. Feel free to share this video with everyone you know will enjoy it! Subscribe for more awesomeness and many lessons!

ORAL SEX STRIP while shredding epic blues guitar improvisation

Martin Miller: You Too - A Free Download is only available for a limited time

For a limited time only you can get this free download package from Martin Miller....one of JTC's busiest artists. This track is taken from his Rock Roots Vol.1 series, released in 2012. 

With a play on words for the title, the incredible backing track has a U2 vibe about it and Martin executes his melodic rock solo over it in his usual inspiring way. Great for the intermediate player to get really stuck into, this is a superb free addition to your jam track collection.

Also included in the download is a special 20% discount code to be redeemed against any of Martin's packages at JTC (including his solo album and official album backing tracks for The Other End). Use the code wisely...and don't forget that it will expire at the end of August!

*This Free Download is only available for a limited time

Solo track
Solo backing track
Extended jam track
Video performance
TAB and notation in PDF/Powertab

News: Just Jam Fusion 20 jam tracks to burn away the summer sun!

JUST JAM - FUSION http://www.jamtrackcentral.com/jamtracks/just-jam-fusion
Just Jam Fusion is perfect if you want a selection of instantly jammable fusion style tracks to practise and create your own licks with! No solo examples to learn, no TAB or video....just jam tracks! We have also included a bonus theory and scale tips booklet which breaks down each extended jam track and is designed to help you on your quest to create the ultimate fusion solo!

The package comes with short and long versions of each jam track, which are all taken from a mixture of our artist packages. Start on the short track and nail solos up to the 2 minute mark, and then work your way up to the longer versions!

Check out the previews below and get ready to Jam!
10 short jam tracks
10 extended jam tracks
Bonus Theory and Scale Tips

News: OEDb - comprehensive online education directory for both free and for-credit learning options

ONLINE EDUCATION LEADER SINCE 2006  http://oedb.org/

OEDb is a comprehensive online education directory for both free and for-credit learning options. We offer up-to-date, detailed school and program information for degree seekers and categorize free online college courses from well-known universities and providers.

Michael Dolce: Gear talk and open day announced for New South Wales

Want to check out MichaelDolceMusic's Cilia Guitars,Fractal Audio Axe-FX II or Bogner Amplification Amps? Come along to the Cilia Guitars Open Day this Saturday at the Cilia Guitars Workshop.

Michael Dolce:  Hi Guys,only a week out from my master class at Charles Cilia workshop.I’m excited to announce that my partner from the voice band Chris Kamzelas will be sitting in on the class and jamming along .

I also received some great news this week.GHS strings have signed me up on an international deal. I cant express how thankful I am for this.I’ve been using the strings for the past 15 years and look forward to using them for the next 15 years.



Adien Fazmail: Mushroom Part II and Arctic Roll

Mushroom Part II Guitar Clinic by Adien Fazmail from Stephallen Guitars at Music Temple 21 July 2013

Mushroom Part II Guitar Clinic by Adien Fazmail from Stephallen Guitars

Jammin Over Guthrie Govan - Arctic Roll Bluesjamtracks

Richie Kotzen: Days of Thunder

Richie Kotzen
supportet by Cherry Bomb
Hafen Innsbruck 5. Juli 2013

Days of Thunder - Tag 1: Richie Kotzen

Marc Meesters: Friends live - preview for the new Scarescone album

Hey Folks,

here is a preview video for a song for the new Scarescone album. The guitar I use is an Vigier Excalibur Shawn Lane master, and i play through a Laney LC15 Tube amp.

Hope you all enjoy

Marc Scarescone Meesters - Friends live

Alex Machacek,Eddie Jobson,Virgil Donati,John Wetton: UK: Confirm line-up for Cruise To The Edge 2014

UK: Confirm line-up for Cruise To The Edge.

UK have confirmed that they will be taking part in the 2014 Cruise To The Edge festival and that the line-up will be Eddie Jobson (keyboards/violin), John Wetton (bass/vocals), Alex Machacek (guitars) and Virgil Donati (drums). https://www.facebook.com/cruisetotheedge

Steve Howe: Trio tour dates

Steve Howe Trio in Wimbourne
Friday, 6 September 2013 at 19:30
Tivoli TheatreWimborne Minster

Steve Howe Trio in Swindon
Saturday, 7 September 2013 at 20:00
The Swindon Arts CentreSwindon

Steve Howe Trio in Cleeve
Sunday, 8 September 2013 at 19:45
Tithe BarnBishops Cleeve

Steve Howe Trio in Thurrock
Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Thameside Theatre

Steve Howe Trio in Norwich
Thursday, 12 September 2013 at 20:00
Norwich Arts CentreNorwich, Norfolk

Steve Howe Trio in Portsmouth
Friday, 13 September 2013
The Cellars at EastneyPortsmouth

Steve Howe Trio in Southport
Sunday, 15 September 2013
The AtkinsonSouthport

Steve Howe Trio in Northumberland
Friday, 20 September 2013 at 19:30
The Maltings Theatre & CinemaBerwick on Tweed

Steve Howe Trio in Gateshead
Saturday, 21 September 2013 at 20:00
Sage GatesheadGateshead

Steve Howe Trio in Milton Keynes
Sunday, 22 September 2013
The StablesMilton Keynes

Franck Ribiere: You're a Guitar Teacher, then this website is for you!

Franck Karmattitude
ENG: An exclusive for you my FB friends !! You're a Guitar Teacher ? this new website is for you! 100% free and i hope very useful.. it will be used on GuitarEuroMedia.com services to get the best audience possible :)


Alex Machacek,Gary Husband: Miraverse talk about Manifold Studios in NC on the piano/guitar duet album

Gary Husband
An article by the amazing Manifold Studios in NC on the piano/guitar duet album recording recording sessions of Alex Machacek and myself just a few weeks back. Good photos and good info from the great techs that were there.http://blog.miraverse.com/2013/07/07/alex-machacek-and-gary-husband/

Ritchie Blackmore: Rainbow - Spotlight Kid

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Spotlight Kid (Black Masquerade)
Digital Audio: http://smarturl.it/RitchieRainbowDAud
Digital Video: Coming Soon on http://store.eagle-rock.com/
CD: http://smarturl.it/RitchieRainbowCD
DVD: http://smarturl.it/RitchieRainbowDVD
After his departure from Deep Purple in 1993, Ritchie Blackmore reformed Rainbow with a new line-up and went into the studio to record the acclaimed "Stranger In Us All" album. The band then took to the road for an extensive tour which included this 1995 live concert in Dusseldorf filmed for Germany's famous Rockpalast TV series. The set features several tracks from the "Stranger In Us All" album alongside classic Rainbow and Deep Purple tracks. The band is in blistering form and Ritchie Blackmore shows just why he is so revered as a guitarist. This previously unreleased show is a great addition to any Rainbow fan's collection.

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Samuli Federley: T.E.N & Friends Contest

Here'e my entry. I tried some new economy picking licks here. Hope you enjoy it! Check out www.samulifederley.com

Ten and Friends competition

Rick Graham: 4p+ ---> 1He+2 + 2e+ + 2ne + energy - that's fusion right there folks!

Get the backing track here (Epic Fusion Download) http://www.rick-graham.co.uk/hd-video-guitar-lessons-store.html

Hi guys, here's an improvisation on a backing track called 'The Void' which is taken from my lesson Epic Fusion. Hope you enjoy it :-)

Jason Becker,Joviana Marques: super tribute organised by the artist Joviana for Jason Becker

Joviana Marques
This is a tribute to my idol, friend and the best guitarist and composer I've met: Jason Becker.
You deserve all the best, Jason. Hope you like it , you are in our hearts.

Tribute Video to Jason Becker

Martin Goulding: Live4Guitar interview and lesson

They say, if you cannot do, teach... well, for those who know you, they surely know you can do both and you do it very well. You have worked as a session musician, you write for major guitar magazines, you teach both privately and at ICMP, you're in a band... Where do you find the time?

There have been times, whole eras of my life where there has been everything at once, cascading multiple deadlines from magazines, full private teaching schedule, degree and diploma ICMP courses running simultaneously, production and mixing work! Every now and then it becomes challenging and you have to work through it allocating time and prioritising, it can be stressful, magazines go to print, clients have deadlines, time management becomes essential! But in the bigger picture, all of those aspects which make up a musicians career don’t always overlap and you may work more in one area than another, session work for example, you may be very busy for a couple of weeks then no sessions for 4 months, or teaching may drop by 75% when everyone takes summer holidays! The only thing more stressful than the pressure of multiple imminent deadlines is not having work and it is well said that a career in music can be feast or famine, the middle ground is the goal, but stability in this field relies on constant work and balance can be difficult to achieve from time to time. That’s why it’s important to gradually build a diverse portfolio of skills within the field of music if you are to turn it into a professional career. Time wise, it’s beyond time, it’s about living it 24/7 as a lifestyle, it’s more than a career at that level, your day never formally starts or finishes! For me it’s been all encompassing for over twenty years, the last ten years particularly so, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

Linear Sphere Manvantara Promotion Video

News: and when it all comes to the end... immortalise yourself in an LP...

Jason Leach is just 41 and in good health, but he’s already made arrangements for his cremains. Part of it has to do with his family history. “I've heard stories about my father trying to scatter his grandfather’s ashes from a boat,” Leach says. “It went terribly wrong, and they ended up sweeping him off the deck.” Things didn't turn out much better at his own grandfather’s memorial service. “There was a strong breeze,” he remembers, grimacing. “And the ashes blew right into my face.” When his time comes, Leach, who lives in Scarborough, on the northeast coast of England, wants a more dignified ending. So he’s having his ashes pressed into a vinyl record.


Hedras Ramos: announces South American Clinic tour

South America... your chance to catch up with this exciting talent.. dates in the image

Hedras Ramos - Land of Mirrors (Preview)

LAND OF MIRRORS - My newest Instructional Video Package. This project was made with the goal in mind of sharing my ideas on this instrument and specially cool backing tracks to jam and have fun. I hope you can find something nice here, I'm currently composing new music and working in professional videos very soon and learning Jazz as much as I can ;)

This bundle material includes:
5 Backing Tracks
5 PDF Tabs
5 Guitar Pro files
5 HD Videos
5 Mp3s
The Tracks:
Landing Inside
Dr. Hydra
Black Olives
Letter from Venus
LAND OF MIRRORS is available only at the Hedras' Official Store. Order here: http://bit.ly/Z584gm
Special thanks to: Samuel Fernandez, Manny Herrera, Diego Menendez
Recorded at Audio 7
Reserved Rights © 2013

For more info on other albums please visit:
http://hedrasramos.com/ (OFFICIAL SITE)

Felix Martin,Marco Minnemann: Spam II - stunning two handed double neck tapper's new album up for pre order!

Felix Martin,Marco Minnemann: Spam II 


  1. 'The Tango I'
  2. 'The Tango II'
  3. 'The Tango III'
  4. 'Spam II'
  5. 'Triangle Tune'
  6. 'High Spirit'
  7. 'Viroliano Tries Prog'
  8. 'Viroliano Tries Jazz'
  9. 'Viroliano Tries Metal'
  10. 'Eleven Drums'
  11. '2 AM'

Listen to the brand new single "Spam II" from FELIX MARTIN's upcoming studio debut "The Scenic Album" out September 17 via Prosthetic Records!

Pre-order packages available @ bit.ly/thescenicalbum

Marco Minnemann on Drums.