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Ben Monder: Hydra - available late August 2013

Ben Monder: Hydra
Ben Monder (guitar); John Patitucci, Skuli Sverrisson (bass); Gian Slater, Theo Bleckmann, Martha Cluver (vocals); Ted Poor (drums)

Guitarist Ben Monder's 2013 album Hydra is an atmospheric, impressionistic album featuring arrangements built around his intricate, complex guitar lines. Monder has always played with a precise fingerpicking style that is classically influenced and often crosses over to jazz, new age music, flamenco, and experimental rock. Hydra is no exception and Monder fills the album with expansive and highly cerebral songs that are hard to pin down stylistically. The album follows up his equally exploratory, if more pared down, 2009 duo album with saxophonist Bill McHenry, Bloom. However, Hydra works better as a follow-up to his 2005 album, Oceana, as it features a similar ensemble with many of the same musicians. Joining Monder here are several longtime collaborators including bassist John Patitucci, bassist Skuli Sverrisson, and drummer Ted Poor. Also helping to create this ambient sound are vocalists Theo Bleckmann, Gian Slater, and Martha Cluver. Interestingly, rather than having them sing lyrics, Monder has the vocalists sing evocative, wordless parts along with his ensemble. The result is that the vocals become more like added instruments to the arrangements, giving the tracks an eerie, otherworldly quality. Together, Monder and his band create a highly sophisticated group sound that can unnerve you one minute and envelope you in ambient warmth the next. In that sense, Hydra often brings to mind the '70s ECM albums of trumpeter Kenny Wheeler and vocalist Norma Winstone, as well as the symphonic choral work of composer György Ligeti. Ultimately, Hydra is a highly engaging and unique recording that ranks as one of Monder's best.

Track 1 Elysium
Track 2 Hydra
Track 3 Aplysia
Track 4 39
Track 5 Yugen
Track 6 Tredecadrome
Track 7 Postlude
Track 8 Charlotte's song

Thomas Lang: Drumming Boot Camps - Poland,Switzerland,Russia,Australia

  We are looking forward to some great upcoming Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camps! This Fall we will be hosting camps in some of our favorite locations like Switzerland and visiting new locations like Poland & Russia for the very first time! We will be making some additional camp announcements in the next few days.

We're looking forward to seeing some of you again and meeting many more of you for the very first time.

Here are all the details and we hope we will see you at one of our camps very soon for some of the very
best drumming days of your life!

All the best - Thomas
Upcoming camps 2013:
October 4th-6th 2013 Warsaw/Poland
October 7th-9th 2013 Zuerich/Switzerland
October 11th-13th 2013  Brig/Switzerland
October 18th-20th 2013  Moscow/Russia
November 15th-17th Melbourne/Australia
November 18th-20th Melbourne/Australia
November 22nd-24th Melbourne/Australia

News: Rotosound Celebrate Swing Bass 50th Anniversary with £2500 Giveaway

Rotosound Celebrate Swing Bass 50th Anniversary with £2500 Giveaway

When Rotosound Swing Bass strings were introduced fifty years ago they changed the sound of rock forever. Rotosound’s Swing Bass RS66LD strings have been used by some of the highest profile, most respected bass icons over the last fifty years. They were the first roundwound strings in the world and were developed by Rotosound at the request of the Who’s John Entwistle.

To celebrate this great birthday Rotosound have launched a competition to design a T-shirt commemorating this unique event. The prize is worth over £2500 and includes the newly launched Fender American Vintage '63 Precision bass, plus a set of Swing Bass strings signed by Billy Sheehan and two extra Swing Bass sets. On top of that Rotosound will produce a limited edition of six exclusive T-shirts using the winning design especially for the winner.

For over fifty years now Rotosound’s Swing Bass strings have been used on some of the most amazing albums recorded by some of the best bassists in the business including:

Duff McKagan used Rotosound Swing Bass strings to record the highest selling debut album of any band, Guns n’ Roses Appetite For Destruction

The definitive Rush album 2112 has the award-winning musician Geddy Lee giving some of the best performances of his life using these strings.

One of the most dominant bass guitarists in the 1970’s British progressive rock scene, Chris Squirerecorded Yes’ inspirational album Fragile using Rotosound’s Swing Bass strings.

John Entwistle, Rolling Stones magazines ‘Greatest Bassist Of All Time’, used Rotosound Swing Bass strings when recording The Who's Live At Leeds. 

Voted best bassist five times by Guitar Players magazine readers, Billy Sheehan with super group Mr Big used the Swing Bass strings and continues to use them to this very day. 

The bassist of the Jimi Hendrix ExperienceNoel Redding, used them to record what critics considered to be one of the best rock albums of all time – Are You Experienced. 

Paul McGuigan, the stalwart bassist of Oasis was using these string when the fastest selling debut album of all time in the UK, Definitely Maybe, was recorded. 

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic unmistakable playing style used them to record Nevermind, the album that launched Nirvana as a worldwide phenomenon.

Rotosound were the first to produce this type of string and it is still produced today using the same highly secretive process and a form of steel unique to these strings. Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones said ‘they are so good – I use twelve at a time!’.

The American Vintage '63 Precision Bass in three-colour sunburst was launched at NAMM 2013 to evoke the authentic feel and sound of the original basses launched back in 63. It includes authentic features such as a slightly wider C-shaped maple neck, clay-colored dot fingerboard inlays, flat-top knurled chrome control knobs, split single-coil pickup and lower-mounted finger rest. Worth over £2400 this is a fantastic main prize is worthy of this historic anniversary competition from Rotosound.

To find out more about Rotosound, its products, endorsees and this fabulous competition please go to

Nicolas Waldo: S.M.R. Dedicated to his beloved wife!

Nicolas Waldo - S.M.R. (Acoustic) 2013

S.M.R. Dedicated to my beloved wife!

Fred Brum: extended range guitar masterpiece available on bandcamp

Fred Brum
Atonement was completed as an album around this time 2 years ago - damn, time flies! As such, and given how people have supported me and continue to do so, here it is in a "name your price" format. Yes, you can get it for FREE if you want!

Thanks for all the support and wish me luck in these final stages of making Transcendence a reality!

Fred Brum This is my debut album, dedicated to the memory of my mother Maria Brum.

I am working on my new album Transcendence as we speak, and I hope to be able to bring it to you before the year is over - if you like Atonement, please consider helping me out if you can, as even the smallest contributions do have an impact.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy listening to Atonement as much as I did making it! :)
released 30 November 2011
Mixed and mastered by Matt Crawford at Numbskull Audio, all instruments played by Fred Brum except where noted.

Buy Now name your price
1. Vortex 05:36
2. Toolshed 05:06
3. Atonement 04:34
4. Salt In The Wound 04:33
5. Nebula 05:55
6. Flying Adventure Bus 05:23
7. Retribution 05:02
8. Soulless 04:42
9. Ethereal 06:32

Aji Brokenbones: two handed releases his debut on Shred Guy Records

Aji Brokenbones

Sami Aji, or better known by the name Aji Brokenbones, born at July 7th in Jakarta, is a university graduates from Universitas Pasundan (Bandung, Indonesia), majoring in art music, started his career from band festival event in Jakarta and Bekasi. Eldest child in the family, he was playing guitar since his 2nd elementary school and began seriously exploring the guitar since his junior high.
In 2008 he decided to move to Bandung in addition to running his activities as a student. He also active in off-campus activities such as setting up a community of Indonesian guitarist named Indonesian Guitar Community (IGC).

In 2011, he became the opening guitarist at guitarist concert Mattias "IA" Eklundh, a Swedish guitarist and vocalist of the band "FREAK KITCHEN". Nowadays, Aji is focusing on his solo guitar, while he also managed his own rock band called BrokenBones (Yngwie Malmsteen cover band).
He was currently being released a solo guitar album under the title "Save Our Culture Of Sundanese". The album itself is unique since it combines neo-classical music genre, orchestral harmony and ethnic Sundanese style. The album will be released by SHREDGUY RECORDS, a prominent record companies from the United States specifically for Shredder style guitarist.

Buy the album

Aji brokenbones - Warning of the death

Allen Lanier: Blue Oyster Cult keyboardist and guitarist passes at 66

Blue Oyster Cult keyboardist and guitarist Allen Lanier has died at the age of 66 after being hospitalized with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, according to the band’s official Facebook page. ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper.’

Andrew Amirzadeh: Dead Tenant - You Live to Live Without

Dead Tenant - You Live to Live Without

JULY 2013, Columbus, OH: The digital release of You Live to Live Without, the newest album from Columbus guitarist, Dead Tenant, is streaming online courtesy of bandcamp.

Released in late July, Dead Tenant (real name Andrew Amirzadeh age 26) plays four popular works for the classical guitar on the electric guitar. “I've always loved Barrios and Roland Dyens,” guitarist Andrew Amirzadeh said. “That music always resonated with me more than Jazz, Rock or Blues.”

ABOUT THE BAND: Dead Tenant (Andrew Amirzadeh) is a blend of classical music virtuosity and sophistication. One track, amp and guitar is all that is used for Amirzadeh to perform these highly technical and harmonically rich pieces. Contributing most of his classical knowledge to books gotten from the library and internet, Amirzadeh has studied under award winning bass player Dave LaRue and taken master classes with Bela Fleck, Chick Corea, and Victor Wooten.

You Live to Live Without is available on bandcamp, and review copies are available by contacting Andrew on, or by listening to the live stream at

Sam Bell: Tosin Abasi Style Solo for Guitar Interactive Magazine Tosin Abasi style guitar solo performance with Sam Bell featured in Issue 19 of Guitar Interactive Magazine.
Sam Bell shows you how to play this guitar solo in the style of Tosin Abasi in Issue 19 follow the link here

Watch the Tosin Abasi interview in Issue 19 here

Guitar Interactive Magazine is the free online magazine subscribe for FREE and receive a new magazine each month online:

Tosin Abasi Style Solo With Sam Bell - Guitar Interactive Magazine Is

Marco Sfogli,Matt Guillory: James LaBrie - I Got You - Impermanent Resonance

JAMES LABRIE - I Got You (Album Track). Taken from the album "Impermanent Resonance". InsideOut Music 2013. Buy now: |

JAMES LABRIE - I Got You (Album Track)


Jason Sadites: New Album Musician Costs - Help Jason pay the musicians to record his 5th album.

Jason Sadites: New Album Musician Costs
Short Summary
I have recently completed composing music for my 5th studio album. This album will consist of one lengthy piece of music with many movements, running the musical gamut from progressive rock to traditional jazz to fusion etc., all based heavily on poly-rhythmic musical motifs with rich harmony. The music really does have something for everyone and can be enjoyed by musicians and fans of music in general.

On my past recordings I have worked with the likes of Kenny AronoffMarco MinnemannChad WackermanTony LevinGregg BissonetteMatt BissonetteBryan BellerAdam NittiMartin MotnikAlex MachacekJerry MarottaBrett Garsed. Working with musicians of this caliber really brings the music to a new level and allows the ability to release a project of top quality for all listeners to enjoy. Unfortunately, it is also not an inexpensive venture to work with these fine musicians and I feel they truly deserve every penny they get!
For this project, the drumming of world-renowned super drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani etc.) has already been confirmed. Marco will be entering the studio in November to track the drum parts. 
I am looking to raise money to help complete the project. At the moment I am speaking with a couple of world-renowned bass players to complete the musical side of things as far as the recording goes.
Below you can find links to the collages of the rough demo's of the project. Please keep in mind these are unmixed audio snippets featuring drum machine, midi bass and amp simulator software. The finished product will be of MUCH higher quality and performances: 

Soundcloud 1
Soundcloud 2

What We Need, What You Get

I have already funded a large portion of the project. The funds raised by this campaign will be used for the following:
  • Payment to a world-renowned fusion bassist that will lift the music to a new level.The album will be recorded at 96khz/24 bit. For those that are interested in optimal sound quality, they will be able to download the album as a FLAC file at this amazing sample rate for the best listening experience. The music will also be available in mp3 and CD quality FLAC files.
  • The plan at present is to make the album available as a download only, but depending on the amount of money raised a CD may be manufactured.
  • The various perks available through this campaign are a download of the new album when it is available (targeted at early 2014) to all who contribute. Depending on the amount of ones contribution they may also receive coupons for free downloads of Jason's previous projects from his web store (mp3 and FLAC), executive producer credits, exclusive downloads of early demo's of the album, exclusive downloads of charts supplied to the studio musicians, exclusive guitar tabs of my rough composing notes.

The Impact

Your generous contribution will be much appreciated in getting this project off the ground. I think musicians and non-musicians alike will find something enjoyable in the music on this album, which will only be enhanced by the amazing musical contributors like Marco Minnemann. The modern day environment for recording music has made it difficult to get these projects off the ground, so for your help I will be eternally grateful :-)

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to help with a contribution it would be greatly appreciated if you could:
  • Help spread the word through social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Or using Indiegogo share tools!
Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give!

Joe Marro: MarroTech - ambient guitar stirings to check out

1. Beyond the black ocean, sent to Earth05:00
2. His visit to the bridge 11:03
3. StarChild 06:18
4. Near his death (Fading back home)19:24
5. His spirit floats amongst the waters04:39

A child from the Pleiades comes to teach the people of Earth...

Brian Auer: Instant Classical Chromatic Harmony Application

Ever wonder how to sound like Bach? This might help point you in the right direction!

Easy Classical Chromatic Harmony Application

Isaac Negrene: BR-Trio and fusion improvisation

BR-TRIO in Studio, " Ai Vem João ", Musicians: Guitar - Isaac Negrene, Bass - Michael Pipoquinha, Drum - Elthon Dias. Recorded in January 7, 2013 for Hemerson Celtic in Estúdio Giba Favery.

BR-Trio - Ai Vem João

Isaac Negrene used - Chromatic Approach, Outside Lines, Hybrid Picking, Modern Voices Progressions, and more...

Thanks for watching

Modern Improvisation - Isaac Negrene