Friday, 23 August 2013

Ron Thal: U.S. Embassy Sponsors Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal in Vlora

Did you miss it live? Don't worry. We've got the highlights! On August 17, 2013, as part of a cultural program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, the lead guitarist for legendary American rock band, Guns n' Roses, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, played with Xhoi Bejko and her band in Vlora. This video is a compilation of several of Ron's solo pieces and a guitar dual with a local artist, all in Vlora. Follow us here for more videos from his trip, and check out and for more content.

U.S. Embassy Sponsors World-Famous Guitarist, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal in Vlora

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Pink Panther Theme, Korca, Albania

Alessandro Bertoni: "To the Ends of the Earth" - Generation Prog Records brings you an exclusive premiere

Megas Alexandros Pt. 3 - To the Ends of the Earth

Prog Sphere in cooperation with Generation Prog Records brings you an exclusive premiere of Alessandro Bertoni's "To the Ends of the Earth".

Jeff Kalmbach: This Is Not Here EP available

Jeff Kalmbach: This Is Not Here
Guitarist Jeff Kalmbach releases instrumental EP entitled THIS IS NOT HERE.  Featuring Hudson Publishing author Terry Branam and Band Data's Marco Guzman

"Long awaited instrumental EP by guitarist Jeff Kalmbach is available.  Not to content to be just another shredder, this record is the grunge rock answer to instrumental guitar.  Heavy but classic.  Loud but funky.  Sophisticated without being pretentious.   This is what an instrumental guitar album should be.  I think.  Fuck do I know.

more info at"This Is Not Here. - EP

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek: let the music flow!

Great news from one of the most exciting musicians on the planet... let the music flow!

Lalle Larsson
Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great late summer!
I haven´t been active on Facebook for a while, so I felt it was time for some updates about what's been going on musically over here.

This year I've been composing a lot and I have written about two hours of music for different albums that are coming together nicely. After the more bombastic Weaveworld-Trilogy I felt like doing a softer and lyrical album, so the first recording I am finishing is a cinematic, gentle and lyrical piano album with only ballads, a personal journey through emotional soundtracks. Featuring Richard Hallebeek on acoustic guitar and Jonas Reingold on bass and probably other guests.

The rest of the written material is more intense electric jazz/fusion in a trio format, this time focusing on me as a soloist and improviser. At this time I am going through about 17 songs, trying to get a clear vision of one or two albums, line ups, artwork etc... At this point the music takes on a life of its own and all I can do is to go with the flow. The vision is getting clearer though as time goes by. Will prepare a live recording of this, and maybe do some overdubs for some tracks, later this fall.

In the meantime please check out the Weaveworld Trilogy and last years Nightscapes if you haven´t already.

Have a nice weekend!
Peace & love to you all,

Lalle Larsson - Weaveworld III - Nightscapes - Preview 2012

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek: Lalle Larsson - Weaveworld III - Nightscapes

Lalle Larsson - Piano & keyboards
Richard Hallebeek - Electric & acoustic guitar
Jonas Reingold - Fretted & fretless bass
Stefan Rosqvist - Electric guitar
Walle Wahlgren - Drums

The album can be ordered from the following link:

Ekaterina Biricheva,Edward Andjey: Amadeus - ripping promo video

Ekaterina Biricheva and Edward Andjey - Amadeus

Nick Johnston: In A Locked Room On The Moon Play Through

In A Locked Room On The Moon - Nick Johnston - Play Through

My new album, 'In A Locked Room On The Moon', is now officially available! This album features 10 instrumental guitar-driven tracks with guest solos from Paul Gilbert and Guthrie Govan. Travis Orbin has returned to handle drums on this release as well!

You can purchase a copy through or download the album through iTunes here:

For more info check out these links:

First single 'Sandmonster':

For more clips :


The video was shot at The Dragon comic book shop in Guelph Ontario. Visit for more info!

In A Locked Room On The Moon - Nick Johnston - Play Through

Allan Holdsworth: tour postponed to 2014

Allan Holdsworth: Allan Holdsworth - European Tour November 2014 Update (from Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records & Management, Allan Holdsworth booking manager). - Dear friends and fans of Allan in the UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium and France. We regret to say that we have to cancel the upcoming European tour in November and to postpone our European plans for May 2014. We apologize to all fans for the inconvenience. Allan will take a well deserved break and focus strictly on his personal matters. MoonJune Records & Management will issue another statement about upcoming plans related to Allan's career later this Fall. Allan sends his best regards to all fans and friends worldwide. He will be back.... Thanks. Leonardo Pavkovic.

Stuart Hamm: announces shows with the Carl Verheyen Band

Stu Hamm
Hope to see my NorCal pals at these upcoming Carl Verheyen Band dates~!
September 14, 2013: Sutter Creek Theatre (CVB gig)
w/ Stuart Hamm and Jason Harrison Smith
44 Main St.
Sutter Creek, CA
$20 advance; $23 door

September 15, 2013: Fenix (CVB gig)
w/ Stuart Hamm and Jason Harrison Smith
909 Fourth Street
San Raphael, CA 94901
$15 advance; $20 door — with Siete Comunicaciones V Region.

Tony MacAlpine: reveals new album is imminent

Tony MacAlpineFinishing up some overdubs on my new CD.

Looks like a new album is on the way... no more details than that at the moment... one hopes that Tony MacAlpine will chose Nili Brosh to support him in the tour to promote the album.