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Steve Vai: Sam Ash, Ibanez, Best In Shred Instagram Video Contest

Get full contest details and rules at http://samashmusic.com/best-in-shred/

Think you've got the chops to open for Steve Vai? Sam Ash Music and Steve Vai are looking for America's best guitar players of all styles to compete in the 2013 Best In Shred Instagram Video Contest. The lucky finalists from each participating Sam Ash Music location will be chosen to perform in the "Best In Shred Finals". The winners from each store will be awarded the Grand Prize: a chance to perform on stage at a Steve Vai show, including tickets for you and a guest to attend the event and meet Steve Vai back stage. A Total of 36 guitarists will have the opportunity to perform before a crowd of Steve Vai fans at one of these incredible venues... San Diego House of Blues, Ventura Theatre, Las Vegas House of Blues, The Castle Theater, Mojoes, Newport Music Hall, Bogart's, The Egyptian Room, The Bijou Theatre, Track 29, Rialto, Orpheum Theatre, The Wildhorse Casino, Backstage Live, Paramount Theatre, Houston House of Blues, Dallas House of Blues, and Clicks!

Participating Sam Ash Locations: Cerritos, CA // Canoga Park, CA // Las Vegas, NV // Lombard, IL // Burbank, IL // Columbus, OH // Cincinnati, OH // Indianapolis, IN // Nashville, TN // Atlanta, GA // Glendale, AZ // San Antonio, TX // Dallas, TX

Sam Ash Best In Shred Instagram Video Contest

Tom Quayle: new guitar model in the works

When asked if Tom had a new guitar from Fibenare Guitars in the works... we get a simple reply from TQ105

Tom Quayle Yep!

News: Highlights from Japan Air Guitar 2013 Championship

Venue: Live Hall Rensa in Sendai
The winner gets to represent Japan at the world championships in Oulu, Finland.
Japan's top air guitarists have come out to vie for the right!
This is the second time the Japan finals have been held in Sendai.

Tōhoku Revival Calendar: http://en.re-tohoku.jp/?p=12585

Japan Air Guitar 2013 Championship

Enver Izmailov,Vera Bondar: Oblivion - two handed guitar and violin

Enver Izmailov two handed guitar and Vera Bondar violin play the track - Oblivion

Энвер Измайлов и Вера Бондар (Enver Izmailov & Vira Bondar) - Oblivion

Энвер Измайлов и Вера Бондар (Enver Izmailov & Vira Bondar)

Ethan Brosh, Nili Brosh: The Ethan Brosh Band "Rude Awakening"

The Ethan Brosh Band featuring Ethan Brosh and Nili Brosh play the track "Rude Awakening" from Ethan Brosh album.

The Ethan Brosh Band "Rude Awakening"

Mike Portnoy,Steve Morse, Neal Morse: Flying Colors: Live In Europe LP's CD's

Mike Portnoy

WOW...Flying Colors: Live In Europe - 3 LP Set only available at the Mascot store!
EU: http://flyingcolors.mlgmerch.com/
USA/Rest of World: http://flyingcolorsusa.mlgmerch.com/

Gil Manoel: Tagima Dream Team 2013

Tagima Dream Team 2013 - Gil Manoel
Minha Participação no concurso Tagima Dream Team 2013.

Dave Martone,Brian Poulsen: Kadabra with Dave Martone

Kadabra with Dave Martone
Kadabra is
Dave Martone Guitar
Brian Poulsen Guitar
David Spidel Bass
Myles Bigelow Percussion

Please contact dave@davemartone.com for bookings

Rick Graham: Practicing efficiently, improvising -where's your band?

3) Rick's Q&A Sessions - Practicing efficiently, improvising, y u no with band?
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I hope you enjoy this lesson and please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any requests. Tons more to come!

David Maxim Micic,Jakub Żytecki: Sneaky Teaser - August 2013

VLOG #1 August 2013

Aleksandra Djelmash: https://www.facebook.com/djelmashaleksandra
David Maxim Micic: https://www.facebook.com/davidmaximmicicmusic
Destiny Potato: https://www.facebook.com/destinypotato
e-ovation: https://www.facebook.com/eovation
Jakub Zytecki: http://on.fb.me/14x6shF

SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/maviddicic

Updates are coming!!
Stay fabulous!! :**

Rob Chappers: Charvel Pro Mod Review by USA Super Group "Live in Your Eyes"

Chappers & the Captain get their hands on the new 2013 Charvel Pro Mod guitars, now being made in their new home in Mexico. These awesome guitars are so 80s that we just had to invite some of our 80s buddies in to do the review... Enjoy!

Want to know more about the Charvel Pro Mod range??? Go herehttp://www.andertons.co.uk/Products/P...||||#1376995011537page-1

And for all you guys that asked about it in the last video... yes that is a Marshall fridge, & you can order one from Andertons if you want to, just go to our site & look it up!

PPS - Richie Sambuka promises to cut back on the pork life & lose some weight.

Charvel Pro Mod Review by USA Super Group "Live in Your Eyes"

Mike Keneally: Today = official release date for "You Must Be This Tall"!

Mike Keneally: You Must Be This Tall
Mike Keneally
Today = official release date for "You Must Be This Tall"!

Available for a couple of weeks as a CD + download, it's now also available for purchase as a download only from the Keneally Store. Physical product haters rejoice!

Also, if you get the download directly from us, you'll get the full artwork as it appears in the CD package (even including the CD label art - we are obsessive about such things...).

Available in both mp3 and FLAC options. Thanks!

- MK

Andy Gillion: After the foreplay... the Departure

The guitar solo from "Departure" - from the album "...and Death Said Live" by Mors Principium Est.

Mors Principium Est - "Departure" Solo Playthrough

The new "Mors Principium Est" album "...And Death Said Live" is available now from all the usual places. It's worth a listen!


...And Death Said Live Commercial!

Ritchie Blackmore: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Black Masquerade DVD and CD

Digital Audio: http://smarturl.it/RitchieRainbowDAud
Digital Video: Coming Soon on http://store.eagle-rock.com/
CD: http://smarturl.it/RitchieRainbowCD
DVD: http://smarturl.it/RitchieRainbowDVD

After his departure from Deep Purple in 1993, Ritchie Blackmore reformed Rainbow with a new line-up and went into the studio to record the acclaimed "Stranger In Us All" album. The band then took to the road for an extensive tour which included this 1995 live concert in Dusseldorf filmed for Germany's famous Rockpalast TV series. The set features several tracks from the "Stranger In Us All" album alongside classic Rainbow and Deep Purple tracks. The band is in blistering form and Ritchie Blackmore shows just why he is so revered as a guitarist. This previously unreleased show is a great addition to any Rainbow fan's collection.

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Black Masquerade (Black Masquerade)

Mattias IA Eklundh: caught with Allan Marcus' Boden8 with True Temperament

Strandberg Guitarworks

Mattias IA Eklundh at Freak Guitar Camp 2013 with Allan Marcus' Boden8 with True Temperament.

Tom Quayle: Rock To Fusion Performance

Rock To Fusion Performance with Tom Quayle Licklibrary
http://bit.ly/RockToFusion_TomQuayle_DVD Tom Quayle guitar solo performance from Rock To Fusion DVD available to purchase online at http://bit.ly/RockToFusion_TomQuayle_DVD

From Rock To Fusion DVD by Tom Quayle teaches you how to play killer fusion chops in turn developing your theory knowledge. This exciting and easy to understand DVD takes metal, rock blues and funk guitarists into the exciting and cutting edge world of fusion guitar playing.
All guitar lessons by Tom Quayle. Tom shows you how to develop your legato and hybrid picking to get an ultra modern sound and performs awesome lines for you to learn and digest. You'll learn Toms scale and arpeggio approaches, pentatonic scale development, phrasing exercises and ways to tackle playing over chords changes.

For more information on this DVD head to: http://bit.ly/RockToFusion_TomQuayle_DVD

Browse more Tom Quayle guitar lessons at Licklibrary.com head to :http://bit.ly/TomQuayle_GuitarLessons

Donna Grantis: TC Electronics pedals artist page announced

Donna Grantis: TC Electronics pedals artist page announced 
Donna Grantis
Pedalzzzzzz.... Many thanks to TC Electronic! #Tonehttp://www.tcelectronic.com/donna-grantis/

Donna Grantis is a guitarist, composer and musical director from Toronto, Canada. She currently performs with PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL.

As a session musician (live and in-studio), Donna has performed with a diverse roster of award-winning artists. She has toured globally with performances in Singapore, Australia, the UK, and throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.

As a leader, Donna fronted a psychedelic fusion trio called the Donna Grantis Electric Band. Inspired by artists ranging from Bill Frisell to Billy Cobham, the group’s debut album, titled Suites, is a concept record featuring two suites of original instrumental music named after Donna’s beloved PRS guitars: Elektra and Starla.


Donna Grantis Electric Band - "Cosmic Jam" (Cameron House, Toronto)

Donna Grantis Electric Band - "Stratus" (Orbit Room, Toronto)

Donna Grantis-Interview (loudguitars.com)

Martin Goulding: announces modern rock app for iPad coming soon

Martin Goulding
Some updated news from my website on my new modern rock app for iPad, due around autumn! Can't wait! Rock!

Martin Goulding: I decided to take a break to concentrate on some other projects and was soon approached by Leafcutter Studios with a view to producing a modern-rock/metal course/app especially for the Apple iPad format. No detail has been spared in presenting an effective and comprehensive course-like structure to this app, with over 80,000 words of technical and theoretical explanations for 20 full practice routines (each routine divided into 3 exercises) along with audio demonstrations, and with 20 corresponding licks presented in HD video.

John Huldt: sizzling 60 second solo contest

John Huldt
Guess who found another guitar solo competition??? ---> THIS GUY <--- Check it out and give me some love. Or don't. Completely up to you

60 second solo contest - John Huldt

Nili Brosh,Tony MacAlpine: Exit Strategy - performance play through from upcoming album

Photo by Kris Claerhout 
Tony MacAlpine - Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Nili Brosh

A short clip of Nili jamming over the solo section of "Exit Strategy", a new tune from her upcoming second solo album. This track features Bryan Beller (bass) and Virgil Donati (drums).

Coming soon!
Nili Brosh - Exit Strategy (Solo Section Jam)

End of a Long Day

Michael Abdow: Rick Hanes MA7 clean picking

Michael Abdow Rick Hanes MA7 practice room demo

Michael Abdow - Fait Accompli - Life Symbolic - Bare Knuckle Pickups

Michael Abdow: Life Symbolic

Max Hooper Schneider, Jorge Elbrecht: The Glowing Beluga Whale Skeleton - yes, let's build it!

Photo credit: Laura Lloyd
Stream: "Beluga Sound Excerpt 1" -

Long time friends and veterans of phantasmagoria, musician/producer Jorge Elbrecht and artist Max Hooper Schneider announce their first public intersection of sound and form. Click on the soundcloud link above to hear an excerpt of Jorge Elbrecht's soundscape.

The collaboration merges Schneider's creation of a life-sized glowing Beluga whale skeleton (currently fundraising on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/712313083/the-glowing-beluga-whale-skeleton) with Elbrecht's sonic interpretations of bone and phosphorescence. The resulting soundscape, an icy miasma etched with the click trains and burst pulses of the Beluga whale, expands the field in which the sculptural specimen is experienced and presents a dank, liquid ambience evocative of a paranormal field recording. The research behind the soundscape is extended further to syncopate with both the breathing behavior of the Beluga whale and the accompanying lighting system that refreshes the glow of the sculpture.
The 20-minute track loop signals the maximum duration of time the white cetacean can hold its breath, while the recurring apex of chord progressions reveals the Beluga taking small sips of air as it propels across the ocean surface.

The resulting combination of the installed sculpture and soundscape produce an unprecedented and affecting artwork that is scheduled to debut this fall at numerous venues in both New York and Los Angeles.

About Max Hooper Schneider:
Max Hooper Schneider is an artist holding a master's degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. His work focuses on the agency of matter and the production of scientific knowledge and spans a wide range of media. He has recently completed a large-scale work for the Mongolian Land Art Biennial in the Gobi Desert and exhibited across many indoor and outdoor venues worldwide.

Max continues to collaborate with architects, scientists, and musicians and has solo shows this fall at Gallery 169 in Los Angeles and the Hudson Basilica in New York. He has been working on the glowing Beluga whale skeleton for the past year and will complete it this fall in tandem with the release of its sonic counterpart. 

About Jorge Elbrecht:
Jorge Elbrecht has previously been involved with musical projects such as Violens and the NYC art company Lansing-Dreiden. He is currently a touring member of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. He has also helped make records for many other artists. Most recently he produced/mixed No Joy's Wait to Pleasure and he co-produced/mixed the forthcoming Au Revoir Simone record, Move in Spectrums. In addition to all of that, Elbrecht is teaming up with other artist/songwriters for a series of 7" releases in different styles and grouped album headings on Mexican Summer. In June of 2013 a split 7" with Ariel Pink, "Hang on To Life" was released. The next in the series is a collaboration with Caroline Polachek from Chairlift (the first issue of the electronic "Gloss Coma" series.) Another series, entitled "R.I.P", will be focused on ambient or environmental sound for places of rest--the installation site of the Glowing Beluga Whale Sculpture by Max Hooper Schneider being the first of these places. 

Eric Schenkman: Spin Doctors announce a London date

Spin Doctors, best known for their multi-million-selling album Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, and hit singles Two Princes and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong, have come full circle by releasing a seminal blues rock album which harks back to the late eighties when they used to play the blues circuit in New York City. The original line-up features Chris Barron (vocals), Aaron Comess (drums), Eric Schenkman (guitar) and Mark White (bass).

"When we first started we were four guys in our twenties," remembers Aaron Comess. "The blues was such a big part of our roots. One of the reasons we came up with such a big catalogue of blues songs back then is that we’d play these downtown blues bars in New York. We were supposed to perform blues covers, but we actually wrote and performed our own blues songs.”

If The River Was Whiskey hits rewind. It’s the deep-blues album the Spin Doctors almost made before mega stardom came knocking. It finally bottles those near-mythical songs from that sweatbox circuit. It’s a homage to the band’s lost past and the freshest record you’ll hear all year. "Every note feels dangerous," says Chris Barron.

25 Sep Wed Spin Doctors Londonhttp://www.eventim.co.uk/spin-doctors-biography.html

J Hayes: demos the PRS S2 Custom 24

The S2 Custom 24 takes the original PRS guitar, the Custom 24, and reimagines it with stripped–down features and a new aesthetic. Retaining the classic maple top/mahogany back combination, with our classic body shape & a new asymmetrical beveled top, this guitar is resonant with a funky familiarity. Its versatility comes from its custom-wound pickups and 3-way blade switch. Familiar for PRS players of old, and a fresh take for players of all types.

PRS S2 Custom 24 w/ J Hayes

Eric Melin: wins Air Guitar World Championships 2013

Eric "Mean Melin" Melin, Air Guitar World Champion 2013

Air Guitar World Championships 2013

1. Eric "Mean Melin" Melin (US) 34,2 (17,7)

2. Doug "The Thunder" Stroock (US) 34,2 (16,8)

3. Thom "W!ld Th!ng 37" Wilding (UK) 34,1

4. Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard (US) 34,0

5. Jason "Lt. Facemelter" Farnan (US) 33,5

6. Kereel "Your Daddy" Blumenkrants (RU) 33,3

6. Emmanuelle "Miss Issipy" Stempniakowski (BE) 33,3

6. Mitsuaki "Inogami Koushou" Inoue (JP) 33,3

9. Georgi "Photo" Nikolov (BG) 32,6

10. Corentin "Airgus" Fermont (BE) 31,6

11. Daniel "Moredrive" Oldemeier (DE) 16,4

12. Kasper "ThunderFlesh" Toernstroem (DK) 16,3 

12. Altair "Rockin' Rabbit" Kassymov (KZ) 16,3

14. Benjamin "Benny Fairguson" Thiebaut (FR) 16,0

15. James "The Beast" Lowe (NL) 15,7

16. Vladlena "Ivana Rock" Kaminskaya (RU) 15,6

17. Christian "Heart Buckboard" Sweep (DE) 15,1

Wagner Ribeiro: puts on his boxing gloves and rabble rouses with Rocky Balboa anthem - Eyes of the Tiger

Theme from Rocky Balboa, with the song "Eyes of the Tiger".Playback produced by Ozielzinho for Cultural Contest Guitar Shred.To subscribe to my channel. To enter the contest visit http://www.guitarshred.com.br/guitar- ...

Concurso Cultural Guitar Shred - Wagner Ribeiro (Não participante)

Ron Thal: performs November Rain with Persona

Persona with Ron Thal "Bumblefoot" from Guns N' Roses playing November Rain Live @Plug Rock Bar La Marsa on the 21/08/2013. It was awesome!!! :)
(Please watch in HD)


Persona band members :
Jelena Dobric - Vocals & Piano.
Melik Melek Khelifa - Guitar.
Yosri Ouada - Guitar.
Youssef Aouadi - Drums.
Walid Bessadok - Keyboard.
Mohamed Melki - Bass.

Un grand merci à Om Ezzine Khelifa pour la vidéo :)

Demin Vladimir: Super Fingerstyle Guitar - your job is done here... move along

Super Fingerstyle Guitar(Мурку играть сложнее)

Russian Guitar Robot БАРКАРОЛА.Шуберт

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus announces Italian Clinic Tour

Gus G (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne) has announced an Italian guitar clinic tour presented by Modern Music Institute. Details and ticket info can be found here, and dates are as follows:

OCT 8 - COMO (Woodstock)
OCT 9 - VERONA (Baricentro)
OCT 11 - SIRACUSA (La Perciata)
OCT 12 - CASERTA (My Toy)

Tom Hess: 2 Reasons Why You Have A Hard Time Expressing Maximum Emotion In Your Guitar Playing

Tom Hess

2 Reasons Why You Have A Hard Time Expressing Maximum Emotion In Your Guitar Playing

by Tom Hess
Do you want to have the musical skills that allow you to control the emotions your listeners will feel when they hear you play guitar? The single greatest skill you can develop as an artist is the ability to consistently create music that allows you to express yourself in this way.
Most guitarists would agree that such a skill is the pinnacle of true musical freedom. Sadly, for the vast majority of musicians this ability remains out of reach. Why does this happen? Actually there are many reasons, but here are two of the most important ones:

Reason #1:
It is very rare that guitarists even ‘attempt’ to develop this ability. You can see the proof by looking at the data provided by Google's own Keyword Tool showing average searches done per month (worldwide) for the following terms:
play guitar with feeling = NO searches
expressing feeling with guitar = NO searches
play guitar with emotion = NO searches
express yourself on guitar = ABSOLUTELY NO searches
playing guitar with teeth = (believe it or not) 320 searches
As you can see, more guitar related searches are made for “playing guitar with teeth” than “express yourself on guitar,” “express yourself on guitar,” and other related subjects. Not too inspiring..

Reason #2:
Most guitar players spend a great deal of time working on memorizing scale patterns, and taking in as much theoretical music concepts as they can stand. These things certainly have some merit, but are not the way to fully understand how to express yourself with guitar at a high level.

Here is a great illustration of my point: If I told you to find an “E” note on the guitar you would probably be able to do this very quickly. However, if I told you to quickly find a note on your guitar that creates a particular feeling, you wouldn't be able to find it (assuming you are similar to most guitarists). Let me explain this a bit further...

Pretend that we are both about to jam together on guitar. I start strumming an E minor chord, and you decide that you are going to start playing a cool melody at the same time. Before you begin playing, I ask you if you can play your melody in a way that expresses a particular idea. My idea is that I want you to express “a sad woman crying over a past love”. Do you know what note you could play (above E minor) that will express “a sad woman crying over a past love?”

The majority of guitar players would have no clue how to approach this situation. In order to attempt to convey such an idea in their guitar playing, they would probably make a “guess” by playing various notes until something sounds good. This applies not only to the example from above, but to any idea that conveys an emotional expression.

The key to accurately expressing ideas with guitar is knowing exactly (in your head) which note will work in any given context, before you touch the guitar. All of the greatest guitar players who can freely express strong emotions in music have the ability to know ahead of time which note(s) will best express a certain feeling in any context. Not to mention, that they can use this ability to make anyone who listens to them feel the same. This is the greatest ability that one could ever look to obtain in all of music.

How can you express maximum emotion in your guitar playing?
Perhaps you think that you need a masters degree in music performance or detailed knowledge of how music works to be able to become highly expressive with music. Well, you don't need either one.
Here are 2 things you must do to master musical expression with guitar:
1.When you are learning on guitar, make it your number one objective to express emotions while you play. Keep this in mind every time you pick up the guitar.
2.Forget about playing guitar in the same way you would read a “guitar TAB” - as a series of numbers, patterns and riffs. Instead, when you reach for the guitar neck, start seeing emotions that you can express.

To see and hear how this works, begin by watching the video below.

By rethinking your current guitar player mindset to work with that of a “highly expressive guitar player,” you can become a music expression master! As you continue practicing self expression in your guitar playing, you WILL see huge results in every aspect of your musicianship.

To become a more expressive guitarist, watch this music theory guitar video.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player, composer and guitar teacher. He trains musicians to reach their guitar playing goals in his rock guitar lessons online.  Visit his website, tomhess.net to read more articles about guitar playing, get free guitar tips and guitar playing resources.

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minneman: The Aristocrats thank their US road crew Chris and Corey

The Aristocrats 
ARISTOCRATS CREW APPRECIATION! Our U.S. "Culture Clash" tour is now over, and we are SO grateful to everyone who came out and made it such a huge success. We love you all!

Marco already mentioned this but we wanted to say it officially on the band page: We have special love for our two-man crew who were with us every step of the way for 6 1/2 weeks, and honestly, who worked harder than we did. In this picture, the guy on the left is Chris Del Nostro, who was our only stage tech and drove the cargo van for all 9,000 miles. He went FAR above and beyond everything we asked him to do (and he is a car mechanic and car stereo ninja to boot!). Now we know why Dweezil Zappa uses him for Zappa Plays Zappa tour - because he's awesome.

On the far right is Corey Madson, who sold merch for us and drove the minivan (yes, we lived the dream in a cargo van/minivan caravan for 6 1/2 weeks!) for every mile as well. He has MAD Excel skills and was a merch balancing machine, as well as being super nice at all times in the face of serious adversity (like a good Wisconsin-ite).

These two Aristocratic soldiers made it possible for us to show up and put on a great show every night. They deserve your appreciation - and, of course, ours. And they're still working right now, driving the vehicles back from Austin to Nashville while Guthrie flies home and Marco and I (BB) fly to San Diego for the start of the Joe Satriani tour.

Thank you Chris and Corey!! \m/\m/

More appreciations and tour wrap-up news (including the Culture Clash vinyl release!) in the coming days...

Marco Minnemann Bryan Beller Guthrie Govan (Official) — at Smitty's Market

Greg Koch,Joe Bonamassa,Robben Ford: Plays Well With Others Greg’s 12th release features a cavalcade of guests guitarists

Greg Koch,Joe Bonamassa,Robben Ford:  Plays Well With Others

Greg Koch Band “Plays Well With Others” is Greg’s 12th release and features tunes that come from his recent collaboration with fellow Milwaukeean, John Sieger of Semi-Twang. These 10 tracks feature a cavalcade of guests including, Paul Barrere’, Roscoe Beck, Joe Bonamassa, Jon Cleary, Robben Ford, John Sieger and Brannen Temple, on top of his already seasoned band consisting of Dylan Koch, Theo Merriweather and Eric Hervey. http://gregkoch.com/wordpress/?p=591

Track Listing:
1 Simone
with Joe Bonamassa

2 Walk Before You Crawl
with Robben Ford, Roscoe Beck and Brannen Temple

3 Spanish Wine
with Jon Cleary

4 This Whole Town Has A Broken Heart
with Paul Barreré

5 Sho Nuff
with Robben Ford, Roscoe Beck and Brannen Temple

6 What You Got To Lose
with Robben Ford, Roscoe Beck and Brannen Temple

7 Whiskey Rainstorm
with Paul Barreré

8 Down The Road

9 Night Owl Now
with Paul Barreré

10 Hey Godzilla
with Paul Barreré

11 Spanish Wine, radio mix
12 What You Got To Lose, radio mix
13 Hey Godzilla, radio mix

Enver Izmailov: Live in Lviv 2012

A live series from Enver Izmailov recorded live in Lviv back in 2012

Enver Izmailov: Live in Lviv 2012

Piotr Wójcicki: The Secret World of Numbers now available on CD Baby

Piotr Wójcicki: The Secret World of Numbers

The Secret World of Numbers: A musical story about the fascinating world of numbers, which has intrigued mankind since ancient times. It contains both the progressive rock style and jazz. A lot of great guitar playing with a touch of mystery and surprising twists. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/piotrwojcicki