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Katalina González: Seriously good player and something special! Medellín Guitar Masters 2013

The amazing Katalina González

Katalina González, the Guitarist from Bogota, playing at the South American Theatre August 23, 2013

Katalina González (Medellín Guitar Masters 2013)

Katalina González - "Átomo" (Medellín Guitar Masters)

Juninho Silva,Ernani Jr: Mazze - Dreamless Mind

Guitar, programming, producer - Juninho Silva
Bass - Ernani Jr.
Mazze - Dreamless Mind

Shaun Baxter,Carl Palmer: The Medley live at the Blues Garage Hannover 2002

A live video of Shaun Baxter with Carl Palmer, the first on youtube

Carl Palmer The Medley live at the Blues Garage Hannover-05 may 2002

You can buy your tickets at

Kazuaki Ikarasi: "The Inquisition" Colosseum II - for Mike Blackburn


G: Kazuaki Ikarasi
Dr:Nob Sinbo
B :Hiroshi Kasahara

"The Inquisition" Colosseum II (cover)

Shaun Baxter: Wishaw Guitar Lessons and Zivory Custom Guitars clinic today!

Wishaw Guitar Lessons and Zivory Custom Guitars are proud to present for one day only, the magnificent Shaun Baxter.

Shaun's name is synonymous with guitar playing in the UK and anyone who has ever picked up Guitar Techniques magazine will recognize the huge gift he has given to the guitar world with his monthly Creative Rock column which has been running since 1994.

Shaun co-founded the Guitar Institute in London back in 1986, where he taught for over 20 years, as well as at the London College of Music. He has also been Head of Guitar at Guitar X, and is now an owner and Academic Director of the Academy of Music and Sound, the biggest network of instrument-specific popular music schools in the UK, which already has 8 centers up and down England and Scotland.

Shaun is also notorious for his groundbreaking album Jazz Metal which was released back in 1993 and it is a tour de force of hi-tech guitar wizardry!

A master of technique, theory and style; Shaun's exclusive Scottish masterclass is not to be missed!

The focus of Shaun's class will be on playing over changes though he will be able to answer any questions you might have about him, his career or his playing.

The topics covered on the day....
- Being organised
- The 6 primary chord-types and their scales
- Using chord tones (including guide tones)
- Developing improvisation vocabulary
- Connecting ideas
- Using theory in an expressive way
- Expanding tonality using V7alt
- Implying changes over static chords
- Add more colour and shape to your playing
- Make more informed, confident choices in your soloing
- Ask Shaun anything!

Chances like this do not come often and at Wishaw Guitar Lessons we aim to give you what you want. Let one of the UK's top guitar players and instructors for the last 25 years show you what every modern guitar player needs to know!

Shaun will also be performing live in the evening with the WGL house band Chunga's Revenge as part of our 1 year anniversary. More details soon!

You can buy your tickets at

Shaun Baxter Live (Some Skunk Funk)

Alex Lifeson: "Sunflowers" - for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.


Alex Lifeson's "Sunflowers" painting is available now in a limited print run of 300, each numbered and signed individually by Alex, for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Each print has an ORIGINAL signature by Alex Lifeson
Print size: "21" x "13"
Rush Guitarist, Alex Lifeson, is a music legend. He is also an incredible visual artist. This is a rare opportunity to own one of his paintings at a very reasonable cost. Alex's original paintings regularly sell for thousands of dollars. He has been a regular contributor of original art to The Kidney Foundation of Canada's, "A Brush of Hope" project, where he receives hundreds of bids on his work. 
You can get yours here:

George Marios: 10 spaces available for guitar lessons.

note- you don't get him for his dress sense!

George Marios
Hey guitar fans, new term has started and i have 10 spaces available for guitar lessons.
Drop me a PM if you are interested.

Also stay tuned to my website, as I will be launching and incredible new guitar experience package....More updates will follow.

Hugs and Peace!

Christie Lenée: Evolution -Tapping Fingerstyle Guitar

"Evolution"- New Age percussive guitar tapping and fingerstyle guitar, one of three movements of a longer symphonic composition. If you've seen older videos of the piece, you'll notice how the song has naturally "evolved" over time (hence the name), including more drumming on the guitar and the foot stomp in middle tapping section. This is closer to the version on the upcoming album "Chasing Infinity," which can be heard on the website . Hope to see you out there on the road! - *Christie Lenée Live at Steve's Live Music Sandy Springs, GA 7/17/13. © 2013 All Rights Reserved, Protected by ASCAP

"Evolution" - Christie Lenee - Tapping Fingerstyle Guitar - Acoustic

Christie Lenée Acoustic Duo with Chris LeFevre on bass, Performing "Take a Chance"- Live house concert in Galloway, NJ August 9th, 2013. **Note: The flanger effect on my guitar is not usual... we were still getting familiar with this sound system at the beginning of the show. But I still fell in love with the subwoofer. :) © 2011 Christie Lenée, All Rights Reserved, Protected by ASCAP

"Take a Chance" - House Concert - Christie Lenee Live

Raul Midon: showcases his amazing technique

Raul Midon: showcases his amazing technique

Raul Midon lesson one

Raul Midon lesson two

Tosin Abasi: Tosin Abasi - Prog-Gnosis - DVD

Tosin Abasi, the undisputed master of the seven- & eight-string guitar reveals his playing and practicing secrets. This DVD includes over an hour of instruction in seven-string arpeggios, economy picking, odd-meter phrasing, hybrid picking and much more. In addition to this the DVD includes warm-ups for both hands.

Animal Instinct - Getting a feel for picking techniques with the track "Somnarium"
Economies of Scale - Making effective use of economy picking, and how Tosin Abasi plays his solos in "Somnarium"
Inter-Planetary Exploration - How to play the outro guitar solo in "Earth Departure"
Double Up - Double picking, and the first solo in "An Infinite Regression"
Thumbs Up - How to play the thumb-slapped intro to "An Infinite Regression"
Lucky Sevens - Making odd meters feel natural, and how to play "Cylindrical Sea"
Six Sense - Playing 6/4, and the hybrid-picked arpeggios in "David"
Six of Another - More on playing in 6/4 meter, and how I perform the hybrid-picked arpeggios in "David," part 2.
Voicing Opinions - Devising chord voicings on the eight-string guitar
Turn on the Heat - Effective ways to warm up both hands
Rollercoaster Ride - Seven-string arpeggios
Two-Hand Touch - Examining the two-hand tapping and odd-meter phrasing in "Isolated Incidents"
Connect the Dots - Analyzing the harmonized melody lines in "Isolated Incidents"

Your instructor is Tosin Abasi. Regarded as one of the new millenium's brightest guitar stars, Tosin Abasi is the guitarist and composer for the instrumental progressive metal band Animals as Leaders. He has recorded and released two self-titled albums with the group: their self titled debut, and Weightless.

This DVD includes a .pdf file with tabs.

Prog-gnosis with Tosin Abasi - Official DVD excerpt

Mike Stern: Chromatic Arpeggios and Soloing on "Out of the Blue"

The following content is related to the October 2013 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:

My last two columns have been dedicated to the track "Out of the Blue," an original composition from my latest release, All Over the Place. Last month I discussed a few ways to approach soloing over the tune, and I'd like to continue on that tack this month by detailing a specific soloing concept that I often like to employ, which is the use of arpeggios combined with chromaticism (using notes a half step, or one fret, apart).

Like a standard blues form, the "Out of the Blue" solo section is 12 bars long, starting with four bars on the "one" chord, G7, followed by two bars on the "four" chord, C7 and then two more bars back on the one, G7. The twist comes in the last four bars, in that, in bars 9--11, I establish an Ef7-F7 alternating-chord sequence, followed in bar 12 with a single bar of the flat-two, or flat-nine, chord, Af7.

All that Jazz w/Mike Stern - Oct 13 - Chromatic Arpeggios and Soloing on "Out of the Blue"

Paul Bielatowicz: completes Finished the album tab book

Paul Bielatowicz
Finished the album tab book today - aside from the transcriptions, I've written 20,000 words worth of performance notes, playing tips, gear listings, amp & effects settings, composer background and music analysis... I figured if you're going to do something, you might as well do it properly!

Shawn Lane,Eric Gales,Craig Erickson: Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial Festival - Tickets Available Online Now

Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial Festival
Tickets Available Online Now

Sept. 26th through the 29th
Eric Gales, Craig Erickson, Leon Griffin, Consider the Source, Tina Lane, Lexy Jade, Andy Tanas, Fareed Haque, Vigier Guitars, Paul Taylor, Hal Butler, Paul Brown, Randal Morton, Tony Sutton, Tommy Burroughs, Mark Scarescone Meesters, Barry Bays, Jon Paget, Francesco Cappiello, Rickie Lee Reynolds, Trey Bruce — MANY MORE. Silent Auctions. Proceeds to go to the Ronald McDonald House in Shawn Lane’s name.
We will also be showing never before seen film footage of Shawn and some personal message videos from Mike Varney and Richard Hallebeek, among others.
$10 Daily Admission for the first 3 days and Sunday is FREE. $20 Full Festival Pass in advance NO EXTRA FEES
More information can be found at

For more information contact

Shawn Lane and DDT - Politburo (Newby's - 27th Jan 1995)

Marc Guillermont, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Frans Vollink: Parallels,Improv, Fast Trio from Marc Guillermont The space animals

Marc Guillermont The space animals


"PARALLELS" (S Cornelissen/F.Vollink/M.Guillermont)

"IMPRO" (S Cornelissen/F.Vollink/M.Guillermont)

"FAST TRIO" (S Cornelissen/F.Vollink/M.Guillermont)

Don't forget to read the in-depth interview with Marc right here on Truth In Shredding. Lots of insight into how he got that amazing style, if you love Stern, Holdsworth, Henderson... you'll love Marc Guillermont.

Eric Gales: Xotic Nite @ Lighthouse

Xotic Nite @ Lighthouse, Full-Length, Vol. 4 of 5, "Eric Gales Part 2"

News: Fender Starcaster returns

Starcaster®, Maple Fingerboard, Black

The Starcaster guitar is back. Virtually fabled since its original mid-to-late ’70s tenure, the seldom-seen Starcaster occupies a special place in our history as Fender’s one and only offset-waist semi-hollow electric guitar. Prized decades later by a new generation of adventurous guitarists with a flair for appealingly unconventional Fender style, the Starcaster now returns in fabulous new Modern Player form with greater sound, build and beauty that’ll have you seeing stars.
Starcaster®, Maple Fingerboard, Natural
The Fender Starcaster guitar’s thin semi-hollow offset body has a bound maple top and back, with stylish bound f holes. Its “C”-shaped maple neck has a 9.5”-radius maple fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets, black-dot inlays and the distinctively curvaceous Starcaster headstock. Other premium features include full-voiced dual Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups with three-way toggle switching, three-ply black pickguard, four skirted “amp”-style control knobs (volume and tone for each pickup) and an Adjusto-Matic™ bridge with anchored tailpiece. Available in gorgeous Natural, Black and Aged Cherry Burst gloss finishes.

Starcaster®, Maple Fingerboard, Aged Cherry Burst

Tosin Abasi, Tom Quayle: talk about Tosin's Custom Signature Ibanez 8 String Guitar

Watch the FULL feature on Tosin Abasi in Issue 19:
Tosin Abasi talks with Tom Quayle about his Custom signature Ibanez 8 string guitar!

Learn Tosin Abasi style guitar with Sam Bell only in Issue 19:

Read the FULL issue online:

Tosin Abasi on his Custom Signature Ibanez 8 String Guitar - Interview 2013

Full interview and article

Tom Quayle: Playing Over Chord Changes

Tom Quayle
Playing Over Chord Changes Pt. 4 - In this lesson Tom Quayle looks at changes based playing & expanding fretboard knowledge to encompass scale/arpeggio shapes within a limited area of the neck. The lesson comes with free downloadable tab in PDF or Guitar Pro 6 format.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: iGuitar special released

Stevie Ray Vaughan: iGuitar special

Celebrating 30 years since the release of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's Texas Flood and commemorating the guitarist's tragically early death in August 1990, Guitar Interactive brings you our first ever tribute edition.

WIN a Schecter 8-String Guitar!

WIN a fabulous Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 8-string guitar + six sets of Rotosound strings in our free-entry competition! This month we’re giving you the chance to bag one of these fantastic new Schecter Blackjack8-String Guitars!

Stevie Ray Vaughan Issue 20 - Guitar Interactive Magazine OUT NOW!

Tony Grey,John McLaughlin,Mike Stern,David Fiuczynski,Reb Beach,Hotei Tomoyasu: Elevation - the new fusion CD chock full of great fusion goodness

Elevation: Tony Grey/w John McLaughlin, Mike Stern, David Fiuczynski, Mino Cinelu

Besides being some of the greatest musicians ever known, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Hiromi, John McLaughlin, Branford Marsalis, Zakir Hussain, Mike Stern and Steve Lukather all have something else in common. At one time or another, these legendary artists have counted on the supportive, melodic and propulsive bass playing of the amazing Tony Grey. Artists of such stature and virtuosity do not trust just anybody to hold down the foundations of their music. They seek out the best for live performances and recordings. Time and time again they have turned toward the expertise and artistry of Tony Grey.

Elevation is a beautiful, multi-track showcase of collaboration with a who’s who of guitar and musical greats; featuring the amazing Mike Stern, fretless guitar legend David Fiuczynski, Whitesnake's Reb Beach, Japanese star Hotei Tomoyasu, and finally, Tony’s illustrious uncle and guitar legend John McLaughlin, who contributes a new and never-before-released composition that he penned for Chick Corea.

Tony wrote all the music for Elevation, also arranging his own version of “Some Day My Prince Will Come” featuring Fabrizio Sotti, along with the funky “Chick’s Chums” from Mahavishnu John McLaughlin. Nir Felder, Romain Collin, and Mino Cinelu all lend their musical mastery to Tony’s tracks.

Tony stands out as not only an immensely talented bassist, but one of most formidable writers of the next generation, whose music transcends genres, appealing not only to the attentive, longtime fan, but also creating a musical bridge for those new listeners about to enter the rhythmically-addictive world of Tony Grey.

 Tony Grey: Elevation

  1. Guiding Light
  2. Chicks Chums
  3. Freedom Jazz Dance
  4. Floating River Yangtze
  5. Galactic Samurai
  6. Elevation
  7. Walking In, Walking Out
  8. Dil Chahata Hai
  9. Solar
  10. Someday My Prince Will Come

Tony Grey - Then And Now

Xander Demos: will be the guest on the At Odds Show, a political round table discussion

This Thursday, September 12th at 8:30 ET, metal shred master, Xander Demos will be the guest on the At Odds Show, a political round table discussion. Xander, who is known for his biting sense of humor and commentary on his personal social media pages, will inject a conservative, no-nonsense metal musician's point of view to the program. Listeners can tune in at

Forget what you learned in school, never mind what your parents told you, disregard what your friends say. From now on the only people you need to listen to are these guys. Political talk from two wise-guys Brian and Nate. Each host brings his own political perspective, from Brian being fairly moderate to Nate’s staunch conservatism, allowing for thoughtful debate and analysis on all the latest news and politics.

Lukasz Kulczak: Bloody Kiss,Universe - LuKi - classy AOR guitar

LuKi - Bloody Kiss

LuKi - Bloody Kiss

LuKi - Universe

John Souki: Stephallen,Bad Seed Guitars - picking in overdrive - NAMM 2013

Trying out the Stephallen Irvan Borneo Signature guitar. Pardon the wanking, but this guitar is fast!

John Souki - NAMM 2013 - Stephallen Guitars

onto more a noodle...

One of my favorite booths of this year's Winter NAMM. Bad Seed Guitars are made with titanium bodies and thru-necks! VERY lightweight, made custom, rich in tone, and versatility, all in the name of WIN!

John Souki - NAMM 2013 - Bad Seed Guitars

and more blues noodle

John Souki - NAMM 2013 - IMMIX Eleven Amplification

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Captured Barricade from Hale Souls CD

"Captured Barricade" from the album, Hale Souls, is available at:

Gretchen Menn - Hale Souls -(CD)

1. Scrap Metal
2. Oleo Strut
3. Déjà Vu
4. Valentino's Victory Lap
5. Fast Crowd
6. Is It Not Strange
7. Captured Barricade
8. Walking Shadow
9. Struck Sleepless
10. Fading

Director: Corgam, Editor: Chu-Chun Tao, Executive Producer: Steve O'Shinksy

Live footage of various performances with Gretchen Menn Trio, featuring Angeline Saris on bass and Thomas Perry on drums. Audio from Hale Souls album was recorded with Stu Hamm on bass and John Mader on drums.

Captured Barricade by Gretchen Menn

Jeff Loomis: Plains of Oblivion - official backings and TAB

Jeff Loomis' Plains of Oblivion is one of the most aggressive metal solo instrumental records around. With the ability to combine insanse shred, blistering solos and heavy riffs, Jeff shows here why he is one of the heavy hitters in his field. This album is seriously immense.

Now it is your turn to learn EVERY SINGLE LICK with the included 132 pages of Tab and notation, which covers all ten album tracks and the guest solos from guys such as Marty Friedman, Chris Poland and Tony MacAlpine. Plus, you are safe in the knowledge that you are jamming over the official album backings, which Jeff created himself with his producer Aaron Smith at Envisage Audio. Jeff also filmed a live version of 'Sibylline Origin' which is included in the download.

This is a guitar playing Jeff Loomis fans dream. Whether you learn to play 100% or 10% of this incredible album you will get a huge sense of satisfaction as well as learn from one of the biggest metal guitar players in the world!


Official album backings
Accurate TAB/Notation for every track
Video performance of 'Sibylline Origin'

Hedras Ramos: live in Peru 2013

HEDRAS RAMOS Band - Live in PERU 13Ago2013

Collage of the Concert/Clinic in Peru, part of the CORT Latin America Tour 2013
All songs composed by Hedras Ramos
Excerpts from the album ATOMS AND SPACE - Reserved Rights © 2011

Hands of God
Stellar Crash
Vanilla Clouds
Virtual Tangles
Insanity of the Atoms

Recorded live in Lima, Peru at the Derrama Magisterial Theater 13/Ago/2013
HEDRAS RAMOS / CORT - Latin American Tour 2013

The Band:
GUITAR: Hedras Ramos
DRUMS: Devadip Chunga
BASS: Hedras Ramos Sr.

For more info please visit: (OFFICIAL SITE)


Cort - Hedras Ramos / Latin America 2013 Clinic


Sarah Longfield: Uppsala Int'l Guitar Fest. Young Talents Contest

This is my entry for the Uppsala International Guitar Festival's Young Talents Guitar Competition. If you like my song "The Great Illusion" please check out the new EP I just released at Thanks!

Uppsala Int'l Guitar Fest. Young Talents Contest

Scott Stine,Tammy Meinershagen: Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy Suite Op and Kashmir on Guitar and Violin

Here's our cover of Swedish guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy Suite. (Scott Stine on electric guitar, Jeff Aslesen on drums.) We set the metronome to 210 and then had some fun!

Shred Electric Violin and Guitar cover: Yngwie Malmsteen's Trilogy Suite Op. 5

Had a great time adding drums to our mix on this song! We didn't use any sheet music; just worked on it by ear. Tuning for the guitar is DADGAD. Many thanks to Scott Stine for playing guitar as well as recording/editing the video, and to our awesome drummer Jeff Aslesen for filling out our sound. I also did not use the wah pedal for this version so it's a bit cleaner- hope you enjoy!

Electric Violin cover: "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin, DADGAD Guitar tuning

Brett Stine, Scott Stine: Tracking New Haji's Kitchen and a brothers jazz classic

Tracking guitar for new Haji's Kitchen tune

Brett Stine Tracking New Haji's Kitchen

and a classic

Brett and Scott Stine Jazz Gig Performing Summertime