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Annie Grunwald: Seymour Duncan- Blackouts

Annie ShredJust noticed Seymour Seymour Duncan shared my video on their page!!
So honored

Guys! Please leave comments on how I can better make these demonstration videos -Is this helpful to people deciding on pickups, and is there anything I could add?
A demo video showcasing Seymour Duncan Blackouts and a preview of some riffs off the upcoming Formless album. I'll be making a lot more demo videos so make sure you subscribe :)

Side Note: I eliminated the middle pickup and now I have a 3-way switch so I can blend the neck and the bridge pickups. (I don't use the middle pickup at all anyway and I would've had to do surgery on my ibanez body to make it fit as it's very thin haha)

Find updates about the album here!

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Seymour Duncan- Blackouts Demo - Annie Grunwald

Annie Grunwald Mayones/Seymour Duncan Solo #MayonesDuncan

Yngwie Malmsteen: Let’s talk guitars. Why strats?... Is there another guitar?

Justin: Let’s talk guitars. Why strats?

Yngwie: Is there another guitar?

Justin: It’s funny you mention that because I heard that Gibson made you a Stratocaster. Is that true?

Yngwie: They did. I am proud to say that before me there was nobody who got a free guitar from Fender. Hendrix and Blackmore, they had to buy their own guitar. I was the first guy who got a free guitar and I was the first guy to have his name on one, before Clapton. One of the reasons I think it happened that way was because when I came on the scene, Van Halen was all the rage. That almost resulted in the Stratocaster’s demise because in the late 70’s they weren’t being made very well. Also, they wanted to chop them up and put the humbuckers in them and stuff. Then my first album came out and the first thing you see on the cover is a Stratocaster. I was playing in California and the guys from Fender came to my show and said they wanted to make me a guitar. I thought they were joking because they never did that for anybody but they were actually serious. I sort of joked back with them and said, if they made me a guitar it has to be scalloped, knowing full well that making a scalloped neck in the factory would be super expensive. But I told them what I would want, sort of humoring them. They said they’d put my name on the guitar on top of the guitar – on the side of the body so that I could see it when I was playing. I told them no, that I wanted my name right on the fucking headstock next to the Stratocaster name. I was completely joking when I said that but they did it and that’s how all the signature models have been ever since.

My thing with the Stratocaster started when I was 6 or 7. That’s what I wanted because that’s what all the cool people used. My older brother had an electric guitar that looked like a strat but it was like a toy almost. That was the only guitar I ever really wanted. The design is timeless – I actually have one of the first 10 ever made. I have other guitars – Les Pauls, Flying V’s, 335s, I’ve got shitloads of basses. I’ve got guitars that friends have given me like Brian May and Steve Vai.

The full interview
Yngwie Malmsteen - Black star

Rick Graham: Women Mirin? Guitarists Gurning, Action? Covers, Instrumental Guitar music

7) Rick's Q&A Sessions - Women Mirin? Guitarists Gurning, Action? Covers, Instrumental Guitar music
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Shawn Lane: Powers of Ten Sessions

I found the master tape - actually Barry Bays has the true master ( wonder why it never surfaced?) - much better quality. enjoy

Shawn Lane Powers of Ten Sessions part 1

Shawn Lane Powers of Ten Sessions part 2

Shawn Lane Soundcheck 1992

The Shawn Lane 10 Year Memorial FESTIVAL at Newby's in Memphis

Tosin Abasi: Clinic at Ellaways Music Brisbane 2013

Tosin Abasi: Clinic at Ellaways Music Brisbane 2013

Tosin Abasi Clinic Brisbane 13 February Part 1

Tosin Abasi Clinic Brisbane 13 February Part 2

Jeff Loomis: Entire Guitar Clinic Brisbane September 27 2012

The entire Jeff Loomis guitar clinic at Allans Billy Hyde, 27/09/12. Jeff was amazing. Special thanks to my bro who recorded it and also won the guitar raffle. Enjoy!

Jeff Loomis Guitar Clinic Brisbane September 27 2012

Dean Murphy: Dimarzio Dactivator 8 Vs Seymour Duncan Nazgul 8 Ibanez RG2228

Dean Murphy - Dimarzio Dactivator 8 Vs Seymour Duncan Nazgul 8 Ibanez RG2228
ok so i decided to combine 2 things i love, pokemon and guitar, so i did a shootout with this song i wrote AB ing between the dimarzio dactivator and Seymour Duncan Nazgul, the strings were changed immediately after replaceing the pickup and the pickup heights were measured exactly so this is about as accurate of a comparison as it can get, hope you guys enjoy and its helpful dont forget to like my personal facebook page at and my bad (this will be a new song)

News: Launches Music News, Gear Reviews, And Software Tutorial Website - $10,000 Launch Contest Launches Music News, Gear Reviews, And Software Tutorial Website - $10,000 Launch Contest
Vancouver, Canada: has launched a new online portal for digital music makers. The new website provides daily tips & tricks articles for computer musicians, along with industry news, pro interviews, and gear reviews.
AskAudio Mag started as a blog at the popular online training company, Over time, this online blog grew into a print magazine called AskAudio Mag, and now the company is seeking to provide even more exposure for this incredible audio resource by breaking all the articles out into a new domain at As a result, is launching with over 1,500 articles in its library, with several new articles and news stories added daily.
According to AskAudio Mag Executive Editor, Rounik Sethi, " provides a fresh take on music making in the digital age. With our team of pro authors, and support from many software and hardware music companies, we're able to provide up to the minute news, in depth reviews, creative tutorials and inspiring interviews every digital musician should know about."
To celebrate the website's launch, has teamed-up with several audio software and gear companies to create a launch contest with over $10,000 in prizes. Sponsoring companies include Native Instruments, Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Sony, Livid, iZotope, FL Studio, and more. There are 5 prize bundles available, with values ranging from $1,100 to over $2,500, and the contest is free to enter.
For more information on AskAudio Mag, including the $10,000 Launch Contest, visit:

Joe Wild: Van Halen Ain' t Talkin' Bout Love

Van Halen Ain' t Talkin' Bout Love
Ain' t Talkin' Bout Love _ Van Halen
Guitar Cover: Joe Wild
Ibanez PGM 301 - Boss GT 10

or may be I am talking about love...

Tommy Emmanuel: Live and Solo in Pensacola, Florida

Recorded at the Jean & Paul Amos
Performance Studio in Pensacola, Florida this CD/DVD set contains 17 tracks of Tommy exactly how you want him: live, solo and acoustic!

This self-released title includes old and new favorites on one CD and one DVD* *dvd has bonus "hands only" angle for select tracks

Full track list below Only available as CD/DVD set and exclusively through CPR Entertainment $30 USD buy it online or look for it at Tommy's live shows
**Shipping begins October!**

Tommy Emmanuel cgp Live and Solo in Pensacola, Florida

Tracklist: (same for CD and DVD)
- El Vaquero*
- Hope Street
- The Bug*
- Traveling Clothes
- Endless Road
- Countrywide*
- Dixie McGuire
- Waltzing Matilda*
- Miyazki's Dream
- Windy and Warm
- Secret Love
- Blood Brother
- Angelina
- The Duke
- The Trails
- Drums
- The TE Ranch*

*"hands only" angle available

Joe Bonamassa: Tour de Force - Live in London Bonus Features Documentary

You can Pre-Order all 4 DVD's at

All Tour De Force Info:
Track Listing:

Your official first look at Joe Bonamassa's upcoming 4 DVD releases, TOUR DE FORCE: LIVE IN LONDON. These four shows were recorded in early 2013 at The Borderline, Shepherd's Bush Empire, Hammersmith Apollo and The Royal Albert Hall in London, UK.

Joe Bonamassa: Tour de Force - Live in London Official EPK

Joe Bonamassa - Tour de Force - Live in London Bonus Features Documentary

News: Prosthetic Record are giving away 13 track sampler album

PROSTHETIC RECORDS are giving away 13 of the heaviest, loudest and most powerful tracks from recent and upcoming releases for FREE!

Daniele Gottardo: Plastik Boobies - You are gonna be alone

A different direction for the talented guitar player...

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PLASTIK BOOBIES - You Are Gonna Be Alone

Mark Sidney Johnson: 28 famous solos covering 50 years - pretty cool huh!

Mark Sidney Johnson takes us through 28 famous solos covering 50 years.
The first in CDZA's brand new THE INSTRUMENTALS series.
More to come.

Featuring Tim Crow as "Voice of God"
Text Design/Branding by David Murawsky
and Fact Man, as Fact ManJourney of Guitar Solo (T


Sam Bell: Sugar Squirrel, Improvising Tom Quayle and extracting the Lydian b7

During the week I play improvised/jam based music with some friends at a local pub, we all contribute fun cheesy riffs to jam over, or we take pop tunes and do instrumental versions of them. This is one of my ideas called Sugar Squirrel. Enjoy!

(The solo is improvised. I left the original clean guitar on the recording alongside the live track, you may notice in the funky Cm9 section that some of the strumming looks off with the audio, which it isn't, its just accenting the original 16th note clean strumming pattern.)

'Sugar Squirrel' by Sam Bell (HD)

I SUCK at Improv, I know, so if you are going to slate me, please make it constructive and intelligent! The aim of this jam was to just jam and have fun, I tried my hardest to avoid any "licks", and there are a few bum notes (quite a lot actually). If you are new to my videos and can see that I am playing an 8 string and you are thinking something along the lines of "why is he using an 8 string" etc...its because I play 8 string regularly and write music with the 8 string, which if you subscribe to this channel you can find lots of 8 string related videos. I have a column in Guitar Interactive Magazine breaking down 8 string techniques and songwriting approaches in my own music, feel free to check it out! (Tom Quayle and Rick Graham also have some AMAZING free columns which you should check out!) Massive apologies to Tom Quayle for this atrocious improvisation that I am doing over one of his tracks that came with his "Modern Legato Part 2" package (worth it, buy it!)
Practicing Improvising on a Tom Quayle Backing Track

WARNING! No real phrasing in this video, just noodling around with the Lydian b7 scale. Which is a scale I have written with, however, never really improvised with. So this video is me practicing the scale just getting a feel for it! I created the backing track, if I get enough requests I can upload it to my soundcloud page for everyone to jam over!
Practicing the Lydian b7 Mode (HD)

Timo Somers,Barend Courbois: Arrow Haze - Distant Place

Timo Somers,Barend Courbois: Arrow Haze

Arrow Haze:

Timo Somers - guitar & vocals
Theo Vasilchenko - drums & vocals
Barend Courbois - bass

Recorded at High Lake Hill Studio

Produced by Arrow Haze and Bart van Lier
Mix: Bart van Lier
Mastering: Darius von Helfteren (

Cover art: Adrian Jaszczak

Drums recorded at

Special thanks to Sebastian Leissa, Cezary Rutkowski and Mariusz Konik.

Arrow Haze - Distant Place [NEW SONG]

John Scofield,Avi Bortnick: Jason Shadric's Premier Guitar rig run down.

Jason Shadrick is on location in Iowa City, IA, with John Scofield and Avi Bortnick on their √úberjam Deux tour. Full details and photos

Rig Rundown - John Scofield & Avi Bortnick

Jake Reichbart: Get Lucky - Daft Punk - solo fingerstyle guitar

Get Lucky, Daft Punk - Jake Reichbart, solo fingerstyle guitar

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in passing that I play Get Lucky as a solo guitar arrangement just for fun, kind in between the more "serious" pieces I play (see my post from last week of Jordu for example). This has apparently sparked riots in several big cities with people demanding I post this arrangement... So here ya go: