Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sam Bell: Explorers Performance

'Explorers' by Sam Bell

A demo version of a new Mask of Judas tune. You may recognise some of the parts towards the end have been taken from my previous upload, i decided i liked the idea so much I would put it into a Mask of Judas Idea! I did a live playthrough of this tune at Lick Library recently, check it out!

Sam Bell - Explorers Performance on Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Guitar Licklibrary

Byron Fry: The second Explosive album on the way - check out the demo tracks

The second EXPLOSIVE album from Byron Fry leaps beyond his past works, Byron flips the switch to turn the listener on to a musical journey of Rock blended fusion. Enjoy this pre-release Dual Tracks sampler.

Michael Angelo Batio,Dave Reffett: Eminence at NAMM 2013

Check out this incredible first ever double lead guitar version of "No Boundaries" at the Eminence NAMM booth. Dave Reffet and Michael Angelo Batio had never even rehearsed, and they absolutely killed it!

Dave is playing through the Screamin Eagle, and MAB is playing through the Eric Johnson signature EJ1250.

Michael Angelo Batio and Dave Reffett with Eminence at NAMM 2013

Mark Kroos: DVD Promo: Music Videos & Live Studio Performances

Mark's Debut DVD is Available for Pre-Order at

Set to release November 15th, but available for pre-order now! Mark's debut DVD of Music Videos and Live Studio Performances boasts 16 videos of songs from Mark's albums "Down Along the Lines of Joy," "And Grace Will Lead Me Home," and even his vocal EP "The Sound of Snow." Includes performances of "Kroos on the Loose," "Justine," "All God's Children Have Wings," "Hope Floats," "Petals Change," "Pedals Press the Floor," "Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft," and more!

Get your pre-order in before Nov 12th and it will be signed! Price Includes Shipping!

Mark Kroos DVD Promo: Music Videos & Live Studio Performances

Timo Somers: Too Late entry - Toontrack Metal Gods contest

Unfortunately I was late 3 days for submitting. But I figured I'd still share this little solo on this pretty hard backingtrack! Cheers!

Too Late entry - Toontrack Metal Gods contest: Timo Somers

Paul Masvidal: Cynic: Part 3/3 Interview

Paul Masvidal - Cynic: Part 3/3 Interview - Luke Dennis chats with Paul Masvidal of Cynic. Follow the link to view the complete interview with text, pictures, and video. 00:34 - Drawing inspiration from artists 02:35 - Choosing artwork for Carbon-Based Anatomy 03:48 - Writing the EP from a darker place 05:06 - Re-examining Traced In Air with the Re-Traced release 06:24 - Paul's guitar rig 06:42 - Playing the layered sounds in a live context 08:03 - Amp & Cab models on Axe-Fx 08:52 - Releasing Carbon-Based Anatomy & working on full-length album 09:56 - Brand new material for full-length album vs. previous material Part 1: Part 2: Subscribe to check out new updates every Wednesday! Please note that this video was filmed on November 7th, 2011.

David Östhammar: level 10 guitar - dark, ambient and futuristic soundtracks

David Östhammar: level 10 guitar
I now more than gladly accept PayPal donations:
Wicked artwork by Jonas Selander -
I went for a very dark, ambient and futuristic sound for this song. I had the feeling of the Half Life 2 soundtrack in my head, dystopic future, alien weapons, strange environments and enemies, drop ships and decay.

Download link:

Pariah - Original VGM

Michael Lee Firkins: talks about Yep

Michael Lee Firkins - "Yep"

Michael Lee Firkins: Yep
Michael Lee Firkins Yep CoverMichael Lee Firkins' new record, "Yep", is an authentic mixture mixture of ballsy blues, sh*#-kickin’ rock, Cajun boogie, and country twang, featuring Gov’t Mule drummer Matt Abts, bassist Andy Hess (Steve Kimock, Gov’t Mule, The Black Crowes), and blues-rock piano and organ man extraordinaire Chuck Leavell (The Allman Brothers Band, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton).

“What you hear is exactly how they played it,” says Firkins. “They didn’t punch in and do weird overdubs. It’s just those three guys playing together from beginning to end, together live.”

No BS. "Yep" is just straight up roots fusion served by an undisputed maestro of musical ceremonies, who sacrificed aspects of himself to deliver a hard-won message. It’s that simple, that gut wrenching, that deep. And, yep, the album is that damn good.

Michael Lee Firkins Talks About "Yep" - His new Album

"Golden Oldie Jam" - Michael Lee Firkins

Ian Grey: Rockett Holdsworth Pedal Test

Hi guys, a quick vid here testing out the Rockett Holdsworth signature overdrive pedal. I just got it and am loving it so far! Very versatile little thing.

Rockett Holdsworth Pedal Test

Lick of the Week #3

Dean Wells, Jon King: Damnations Day - Invisible, The Dead

Dean Wells, Jon King:  Damnations Day - Invisible, The Dead

ARTIST: Damnations Day
TITLE:  Invisible, The Dead
UPC: 734923006572
CAT: NMR-574
STYLE: ProgPower Metal
ORIGIN: Australia
Release Date Sept 17th, 2013

Damnations Day is are proving to be one of the most promising up and coming metal acts. They’re debut album ‘Invisible, the Dead’ written by Mark Kennedy and guided under the professional eye of producer Dean Wells (Teramaze) who also contributed lead guitar on the album has a refined heaviness that shows great maturity in songwriting.

Their sound is a bit hard to define but certainly is metal, with elements of thrash, power, and melody lead by the classically trained power, range and aggression of Mark Kennedy on vocals. Shredding guitar solos by guest lead guitarist Dean Wells, and immense power from Dean Kennedy and Luke Vinken on drums and bass. With 9 tracks, varying from the aggressive thrash influenced ‘I Am’ and traditional melodic monster ‘Lucid Dreaming’. Broken up with two beautifully written acoustic tracks in ‘Ghost in Me.’ And, ‘A World to Come’.

Starting out in 2005 drawing influences from bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, System of a Down and many more. The guys quickly gained a following and established a regular headline in Geelong, Australia. After recording and releasing their debut EP in 2008 / 09 they quickly pushed into Melbourne further establishing a loyal fan base and following leading to many shows in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2012 Damnations Day recruited lead guitarist Jon King from Melbourne. With speedy and tasteful chops, he adds an even stronger element to an already stellar line up.

*Nightmare has planned extensive promotional marketing to build awareness about this emerging artist in the North American market at ProgPowerUSA festival in Sept.

Online @

Mark Kennedy: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jon King: Lead Guitar
Luke Vinken: Bass
Dean Kennedy: Drums

Jason Becker,Richie Allan: Good enough for Jason... good enough for me!

Richie Allan'posts a comment from the guitar master Jason Becker!

Jason Becker: "I just listened to the first 2 songs. I absolutely love them, man! You are just fantastic! Thank you so much. I will listen to the rest now." - 
Richie Allan: Another dream down.....

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas - Interstellar Abduction
Heavy Metal Ninjas to release new album 'Interstellar Abduction'

The five-man, ten-legged Heavy Metal Ninjas collective return with their highly anticipated new album Interstellar Abduction, due out on October 11th.

"This album to me is more about finding my inner self, as a composer, a guitar player and a person. Discovering all these things has opened my mind to a new plane for writing my next album," says guitarist and frontman, Richie Allan.

Led by guitar virtuoso, Ibanez-endorsed Richie Allan, the band's line-up is also augmented by fellow Ibanez-endorsed guitarist, Brandon Reihana (ex Blindspott and New Way Home), Kora brothers, Stu and Fran Kora on guitar and bass respectively, and Joe Brownless on drums.

more from

1 Propulsion, Pt. 1 - Abduction
2 Propulsion, Pt. 2 - Abduction
3 Istagey - Abduction
4 Melodyk
5 Interstellar Abduction - Interstellar
6 Constellations - Interstellar
7 The Sirius Connection - Interstellar
8 Green Spring
9 Design

Heavy Metal Ninjas - Design

More awesome tones

Richie Allan - The Author Play Through - Axe FX Ultra

Arkadiusz Gałka: Metal Guitar God 2013 - smokin'

Hey guys here is my entry for the Metal Guitar Gods Contest of Toontrack.

Hope you enjoy

Vote, like and share my friends.

Arkadiusz Gałka [Gałek] - Metal Guitar God 2013 Contest Entry / Periphery - Erised

Khan Manuel: New album 'The Message' now available on CD baby.

Khan Manuel - New album 'The Message' now available on CD baby. 2nd single 'Tears from the heart' video release scheduled for this Monday October 28th.

Khan Manuel: The Message

Andy James: DV MARK Multiamp demosin Germany

Andy James shows the DV MARK Multiamp at Music Store Cologne (D) 14.09.2013
Sorry for the poor sound quality (recorded with the video cam mic)!
After the volume was turned up because of the pissing down rain (glass dome) the mic was overloaded.

Andy James shows the DV MARK MULTIAMP at MUSIC STORE

Andy James shows the DV MARK Multiamp at Soundland Stuttgart (D) 13.09.2013

Andy James shows the DV MARK MULTIAMP at SOUNDLAND