Sunday, 27 October 2013

Jan Laurenz: Mauro Giuliani's "larghetto" on lute guitar

Mauro Giuliani's "larghetto" on lute guitar by Jan Laurenz
lute guitar "Gitarrenlaute" built in Germany,Markneukirchen around 1977

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Swedish Metal Convention 2013

Q & A + CLINIC AT SWEDISH METAL CONVENTION 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, [Saturday, October 26, 2013]

Cherry Blossom: Sakura - HIBRIA - Tiger Punch -11 years old scream metal!

HIBRIA - Tiger Punch 桜花 SAKURA 11 years old
Hello, my name is Sakura. I am Japanese. The age is 11 years.
I love HIBRIA! My wish is to go to Brazil someday. I tried playing the Tiger Punch of favorite HIBRIA.
Timing to take the rhythm, is very difficult.
I rolled shift, but I'm sorry ... Chai.
To practice more, w you will "silent Revenge"

Guitar, I used the WS-50FR GRECO of (Greco).
Some power also PU, and less noise then it is the guitar of super-favorite.
The neck is V of reshaping! Mahogany body and maple top
Sounds like LP!
Amplifier is a Marshall JCM2000.

Jess Lewis: a little jazz comping

Jess Lewis - Jazz
giving it ago at improvising some jazz of some sort..

Jordan Rudess,Rod Morgenstein: Rudess Morgenstein Project - tour dates announced

A Rudess Morgenstein Project - self-titled studio album for audiences in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.

Rudess Morgenstein Project dates:

19 – Washington, DC – U Street
20 – Philadelphia, PA – World Café Live
21 – Englewood, NJ – Bergen PAC
22 – Bay Shore, NY – Boulton Center

Jack Gardiner: Dirty Loops - Hit Me

Hi guys!

Was working on this this morning! Dirty Loops are by far my favourite band, and have been since I first saw their covers of Rude Girl and Let's Dance. I really fell in love this original tune. Sorry for some of the little mistakes! These guys are insane!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Dirty Loops - Hit Me - Guitar Arrangement (Jack Gardiner)

Achilleas Diamantis: Protocosmos - excellent performance play through on this pro shot video

Protocosmos By Resample - Music By Alan Pasqua

Achilleas Diamantis
Sam Marlieri
Jimmy Bikos
Panos Vassilopoulos

Recorded,Mixed at Soundlab Music Productions By Achilleas Diamantis
Video Production By Panos Vassilopoulos

Protocosmos By Resample - Music By Alan Pasqua

Erik Noack: Toontrack Metal Guitar God 2013 Solo competition

Signal: Guit - ts9dx - ns2 - dd7 - AMT P2 - Focusrite saffire pro 24
Link to VOTE!

Toontrack Metal Guitar God 2013 Solo competition - Erik Noack VOTE!

Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich: live in Brasilia 2013

Whitesnake guitarists playing part of the song Cry in the Rain. Enroll in the channel and access the portal of guitarists:

Reb Beach - Headed For A Heartbreak

Reb Beach - Black Magic

Reb Beach - intro to show

Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach - Crying in the Rain

Doug Aldrich in Brasilia ,pt

Lee Luland: Prospekt - The Colourless Sunrise new CD and alum launch date announced

Lee Luland: Prospekt - The Colourless Sunrise
Prospekt – The Colourless Sunrise Album Launch
O2 Academy 2 Oxford
Fri 15 Nov 13
Door time: TBC
Show time: TBC
By delicately combining brutal riffs, coupled with odd time-signatures, the principle of Prospekt's music is to create an intelligent and atmospheric mix of melodic and progressive metal. Catch them live at O2 Academy Oxford!
Under 25s require ID to purchase alcohol
Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times. Minimum age is 8.

Here is a rough recording of the intro arpeggio sequence to a track called 'The Furious Temptation' which will be on the Lee Luland solo project. Played through a Vigier Excalibur Special and a basic patch on the Axe FX. Inspired by the genius of Jason Becker :) Thanks for watching!

The Furious Temptation (Intro)

Prospekt - The Great Awakening Solo

Chris Impellitteri: alternate picking at warp speed

Chris Impellitteri Shredding Guitar Solo as Fast as he can play !

Rick Graham: New Economy Picking Lesson available


In the eagerly awaited follow up to 'Economy Picking Part 1', I take up where part 1 left off and delve further into my unique approach to economy picking technique. In the 72minute long HD video, I kick off proceedings by improvising over 3 backing tracks and then share with you how I have developed complete control over my right hand picking technique. This is then followed by a plethora of economy picking examples and patterns that I use during improvising. All of the examples are played up to speed and then explained in a clear and concise manner with all left and right hand fingerings/pickstrokes given. The package includes a 47 page PDF tab book containing transcriptions of everything in the video as well as Guitar Pro files and 3 HQ backing tracks for you to create your own improvisations with.
The package includes:

72 minute FULL HD VIDEO in MP4 format
47 page PDF tab book of all solos/examples
guitar pro filers for all solos/examples
3 HQ backing tracks in MP3 format


Download yours now at:

All the best


Divaldi Addina: Perpetual Burn - live - Soeltan Cafe 2013

Divaldi Addina at Soeltan coffe

This is my evening perform @Soeltan Coffee.
i play perpetual there.. and it was sooooo awesome.. really Fast.. !!!

Thank you very very very much to Dear uncle Mike Carparelli, and Terry.
and to Mr. Jason Becker..thank you for the wonderful song... to uncle Laurie Monk,..for the Cool
and to uncle Rob Wright..(i played this song ..its for you too )
and to all my wonderful ..uncles,aunties,brothers,sisters and friends in my Fb.
i love love love love y'all...
thank you very very very much for all your greatest Support...

and also..
I would like to thanks to all my friends for being there for me..
friends from DOM (Dance Of Magic Mahendra Kusuma, Dewa Kusuma).. thanks guys..for watching me there and
great support.

( Divaldi )

(HD) Divaldi Addina.-PERPETUAL BURN- LIVE @Soeltan Cafe October 26th