Thursday, 14 November 2013

Jonas Hörnqvist: New guitar book out "Soloing techniques for electric guitar"!

Jonas Hörnqvist:"Soloing techniques for electric guitar"!

My first guitar book is now available through Melbay in the USA.
The title is ""Soloing techniques for electric guitar"". The book is full of shred playing :)

If you want to learn modern guitar soloing techniques used by legendary guitarists such as Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Alexi Laiho, Kirk Hammett, Al Di Meola, Eddie Van Halen and others, this is the book for you. Soloing Techniques for Electric Guitar comes with accompanying audio and includes 14 extensive chapters. Topics include:

Which pick works best

  • Fingerings
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Muting techniques
  • Single-string exercises
  • Different rhythmic grouping
  • Octave licks String skipping.
  • How to embellish diatonic scales with chromatics
  • Pivoting (pedal tones)
  • Arpeggios across all six strings (sweep picking)
  • Exotic scales...and much more!

Jonas Hörnqvist

New guitar book out "Soloing techniques for electric guitar"!

Bartek Beben: Keith Merrow - Pillars Of Creation

Sixstring version of Pillars Of Creation by Keith Merrow,
Tuning Drop C

Guitar: Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster
Amp: Lepou Legion
Cab: RedWirez impulses

I wrote (fairly) accurate midi files... Enjoy! ;)
Drum midi track:

Bass midi track:


Bartek Beben @ 2013"

Keith Merrow - Pillars Of Creation Cover by Bartek Beben

Nita Strauss: 777 is heavens number - here's 7 facts about Nita that may be you didn't know!

Nita Strauss
I got #7- thanks KK! So here's 7 things about me you may not know...

1: I can quote Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI from memory. (Also Simpsons from season 4 to about 12.)

2: I played my first show with my first death metal band the week I turned 13. (The band was called Overt Display of Anger.)

3: I hate, hate, HATE black jelly beans and woe betide anyone in the room if I accidentally eat one.

4: Clam chowder in a warm sourdough bread bowl is my greatest weakness.

5: The first guitar I bought with my own money was a red BC Rich acrylic platinum warlock. I saved up money from teaching guitar lessons for a year, played the guitar for one show and then sold it.

6: I did rhythmic gymnastics until I was 14 and held national and international titles. I was ranked #11 in the USA when I quit.

7: The number 7 has always been my favorite number.

Stuart Bull: That Guitar Show - Goes Twitter - tells what you think

So another show closes - Stuart heads off to Mexico. I hope you liked the pirate hat :) Let us know what you would like to see, who you want to see or subjects you want to talk about. You can do this under the videos and this episode 3:

Let me know what you think about my new guitar.

You can tweet here @ThatGuitarShow

All the best


Peter Fernandes,Richard Hallebeek,Brett Garsed: The track Q.E.D. from the upcoming album from Peter Fernandes

Richard Hallebeek/Virgil Donati/Jimmy Johnson/Brett Garsed - Q.E.D.(By Peter Fernandes)
The track Q.E.D. from the upcoming album from Peter Fernandes. Featuring: Richard Hallebeek - guitar, Virgil Donati - drums, Jimmy Johnson - bass, Brett Garsed (melody),Peter Fernandes - composition, keys. The album Q.E.D. will be out at the end of 2013/start 2014. You can already download the first single 'Your Truth' (Richard Hallebeek/Gary Husband/Jimmy Johnson) at the link below:

Stuart Bull: That Guitar Show Episode 3 LIVE NOW

That Guitar Show Episode 3

Andy James: Guitar Academy to open with some free lessons?


Andy James
So who wants to get a FREE video lesson series from the upcoming Andy James Guitar Academy? Shot in Full HD, with PDF transcriptions AND Guitar Pro files? #andyjames

Bill Vencil: Chords of Orion - Line of Despair - Carvin HF2 Holdsworth Fatboy

Chords of Orion – the musical project of Bill Vencil, a musician located in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The focus is ambient/post-rock/progressive rock music played on electric and acoustic guitars.

The latest chords of orion album is “Line of Despair”. You can download it for “name your price”, starting at FREE. Check out the music using the player below and then go get it.

Bill Vencil: chords of orion - Line of Despair

1. line of despair 08:40
2. groaning in travail 06:11
3. rise of the blue moon 07:58
4. fog in the fort 04:58
5. sidereal 11:04
6. willow 05:49
7. enchanted evening 08:12
8. wash away the world 08:11

Carvin HF2 Holdsworth Fatboy - the ancient ones song idea

Russ Parrish: How to Solo with Satchel of Steel Panther - Man of Steel

These videos are bonus content related to the Holiday 2013 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:

As a lead guitarist in a heavy metal band, when I solo I like to go for licks that are simple and repetitive and "drive the point home" as well as take the solo and song to another level.

The licks in this month's column are designed to sound impressive while being relatively easy to play—which is important to me, because I'm drunk most of the time.

How to Solo with Satchel of Steel Panther - Man of Steel - Holiday 2013

Dimitar Nalbantov: Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion

Hi guys!
Working on a new song, using Amplifikation Vermilion by Kuassa
Thanks for watching and your attention!
Check out Vermilion at:

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion

Toni Martinez: Rockin out with the Suhr Tele Black Beauty

What s up people !!!! So, I upload a solo over an Andy James bt to facebook and was a nice succes so, I decided to make a better version of it. I recorded this version with 3 different canon 600D, with 50mm and 30mm lens. Then I did some extra takes just for fun !! So hope u enjoy !!! This was recorded using dual fusion into axe fx II, and usb straight into my laptop. ...And if u like the track, please purchase Epic Rock from Andy James at jamtrackcentral !!!

skype lessons available !!!
Thanks for the support to :
Wampler pedals:
Suhr guitars
Chris Campbell strings

Rockin out with the Suhr Tele Black Beauty

Gary Schutt: Lucky Penny - from the upcoming TENTH album

from the upcoming TENTH album by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Gary Schutt.

Gary Schutt - Lucky Penny

Mike Campese: Guitar Clinic in Parma Italy

Here is a brief video of Mike Campese playing his tune "All or Nothing" from the Cd "The New" in Italy at one of his clinics. For more info visit

Mike Campese - Guitar Clinic Italy - All or Nothing

Mike Campese Italy Clinic

Mike Campese Guitar Clinic in Parma Italy - Warming Up

Hussein Haddad: Plays Greg Howes Oracle solo By Maragold

Hussein Haddad: This solo is just f**king AWESOME!!!
My facebook:
Dreamer Guitarworks:

P.S I don't have the Backing track so I had to use the original song.

Hussein Haddad Plays Oracle By Maragold (Greg Howe's Band)

Luca Mantovanelli: Dorian, Superlocrian and Tritone scale

Hey friends, here's another fusion lick! I use Dorian, Superlocrian and Tritone scale over a Rick Graham's backing track! Don't forget to subscribe and leave me a message with your email to get free tabs! hope you like it.. Enjoy! :)

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Fusion lick #1 - Dorian, Superlocrian and Tritone scale

2 5 1 jazz licks in ''C''

Su mi Lee: Dame guitar Korea - She`s got rhythm - Alex Hutchings

- Su Mi Lee Face Book

- ITG In The Guitar Face Book

ITG Su Mi Lee 이수미 support by dame guitar korea She`s got rhythm alex hutchings 대구마루음악학원

Sarah Michelle: Glasgow Kiss - with the Hotone Audio 'CHUNK' pedal

I recorded this using the Hotone audio chunk pedal which is great for boosting lead playing! These pedals are available at Waltons music store. The song I'm playing in this is 'Glasgow kiss'-John Petrucci. ENJOY!

Glasgow Kiss (Petrucci cover) -Hotone Audio 'CHUNK' pedal!

Sarah Longfield: Ire Play-thru

Here is a demo of the new Positive Grid app BIAS! The Song is called Ire off of my bands album Myriad check it out at thanks!

Ire Play-thru - Sarah Longfield (BIAS demo)

Sarah's latest release
Sarah Longfield: Oneiric

Daniele Gottardo: Two Handed tapping from upcoming album

Daniele Gottardo via Google+

Hi guys!
Here's a little snippet of the guitar of one of my song from the new album I'm recording in the studio. This is one of the most complicated solo in tapping technique I have composed so far. I hope you will enjoy
Daniele Gottardo - Two Handed tapping from upcoming album

Marc Meesters: Shawn Lane Vigier guitar to play Get You Back - a tribute to Shawn

Marc Meesters great version of the tune for Shawn Lane

Shawn Lane "Get You Back" played by Marc Meesters