Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Brennan Dylan: Men Without Armies to release The self titled EP in Spring 2014

NYC artist Brennan Dylan is a guitar virtuoso and composer who lays down 4-on-the-floor rock, metal and neoclassical guitar. After numerous solo performances on both coasts and in-between, including performances on bills with artists Michael Angelo Batio, DeathRiders and Gorillaz, he concluded it was time to put a band together. In the fall of 2013 Men Without Armies was born. Armed with a bass player sporting a killer set of pipes and a drummer who knows no fear, the trio hit Vibe Studios Ohio recording 6 songs in 8 days. 'NYC' is the 1st song the band has released. You can experience their music here:

MWA will be releasing new music with interesting artwork regularly over the coming months. The self titled EP will be released in early Spring 2014

Rowan J Parker: Improvisation - Jammin' On The Infinite

More great guitar at

Some improvisation over a backing track of mine called The Infinite, taken from Jam Session Volume 3, available soon at

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Improvisation - Jammin' On The Infinite

Jack Gardiner: Legato Licks and Ideas from his new website

Jack Gardiner Guitar
Welcome to the Official Website for Professional Musician/Guitarist - Jack Gardiner Jack Gardiner is a 20 year old guitarist based in Liverpool, UK. Starting his professional career at the age of 15... These are some very quick ideas I put together as an introduction to my legato technique!

You can find the transcription at

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Legato Licks and Ideas (Jack Gardiner)

Conrad Simon: A new project inspired by the Mi'kmaq mythology and fantastic/horror films

A new project by the electric guitar virtuoso Conrad Simon inspired by the Mi'kmaq mythology and fantastic/horror films --

The CSBand is the new project of the electric guitar virtuoso Conrad Simon. Author, composer and director of a wordless, imaginative movie without actors. Inspired by the Mi'kmaq mythology transmitted by his ancestors and brotherhood and the fantastic/horror films which haunted his youth, he created a unique music, sometimes powerful metal, sometimes deep and grandiose classical anthems. Helped by the versatile and colored bass playing of TAZ and by the pyrotechnic drums of Louis Levesque, the CSBand will blow your mind with his distorted symphonic opus. The perfect soundtrack of your dreams and nightmares.

Le CSBand est le nouveau projet du virtuose de la guitare électrique Conrad Simon, auteur, compositeur et réalisateur d’une oeuvre musicale unique, véritable long-métrage muet et sans acteurs. Inspirée autant par la mythologie amérindienne Mic Mac transmise par ses ancêtres et ses frères de sang que par les films d’horreur et fantastiques qui hantèrent ses nuits, ses compositions allient la puissance brute du métal et les structures subtiles du classique. Appuyé par la basse versatile et colorée de TAZ et le jeu pyrotechnique de Louis Lévesque à la batterie, le CSBand sera la trame sonore de vos rêves et cauchemars.

Conrad Simon Band is proud to be associated with

Virgolia Communication

Alindex - Website

Kinos - Graphist

Main Links

Conrad Simon Band - Photoshooting 2013 Behind the scene

Conrad Simon Band - First impressions caught on tape - Sept. 7th 2013

Spectacle Katacombe 7 sept 2013 avec 4 groupes fantastiques

Daniele Gottardo: recording session of the upcoming album

Thank you for taking the time to check out this short clip I did during the recording session of my new album. The piece is for guitar and chamber orchestra, thanks all for listening!

Daniele Gottardo - recording session of the upcoming album

Daniele Gottardo - Two Handed tapping from upcoming album

Marta Witiw: Elegy Of Fear - original composition from a talented musician and soloist.

Marta Witiw is from Wrocław in Poland - one of the best upcoming rock metal players I've seen to date. This an original Track

Marta Witiw:
This is my first own song on Youtube. All instrumental parts were written and mixed by myself. If you like it - subscribe my channel!
Sorry about pure synchro, you have to imagine, that everything is on the right place here :)

Marta Witiw - Elegy Of Fear

Jon Gomm: Secrets Nobody Keeps On-Line Album Launch In Support of ChapELFM

Sunday, 1 December 2013

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Jon Gomm plays his first live show following the release of his new album Secrets Nobody Keeps. All money from the show goes to support the development of chapELFM: the first-ever dedicated arts centre for East Leeds.

Nita Strauss: Name the guitars - and they're Ibanez won't cut it!

Nita Strauss
Opening this up to the floor! This one's for the mega guitar nerds! Here's the guitar vault from a tour I did in 2010. Can anyone correctly identify all of these guitars? I'll post a shout out to the first correct answer (WITH models etc- no "they're Ibanez" answers) on my page with a link to their band or band of their choice!

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Guthrie Govan: Masterclasses announced for Indonesia

Wongs Musik
GUTHRIE GOVAN (Official) MASTERCLASS in INDONESIA, 13 Des (Jumat) & 14 Des 2013 (Sabtu). Pembelian Tiket @ Wongs music, Jl. Condet Raya No. 19A Jakarta Timur 021-98500288 & 0878-7785-7809. (TIDAK TERIMA RESERVE SEATS) IDR: Rp 500.000. Masterclass ini didukung oleh Jellybeard, Wongs Musik, Nuansa Musik dan Ponch Guitar Dojo.

Koke Benavides: Octopus - Off Limits - super crunchy metal - enjoy

Jorge - Koke Benavides, musician, composer and guitarist, was born on November 14th, 1981. He began as a musician at the age of 13, when he started studying the electric guitar with renowned musician and teacher Mauricio Padilla between 1994 and 2000.

 From 2001 to 2004 he studied at the "Instituto Profesional de Música Projazz"  in the field of "instrumental interpreter, majoring in electric guitar."

 In 2003 he began to develop his teaching skills by teaching electric guitar privately and at various institutions of Santiago, which he continues to do now. He is currently guitar teacher at the Institute Projazz and Saint George's College.

 In 2006 he decided to deepen his knowledge by working with renowned guitarist Emilio García.

 He has also composed music for documentaries and theater.

 Currently he continues to work with the progressive metal band Octopus, which he has been part of since 2002 as a guitarist and composer. The band has released the albums "Octopus" (2004), "Bonsai" (2006) and "Coda "(2008), and has performed in Chile, Europe and North America. Right now the band is working on promoting their new album "Into The Void Of Fear" (2013).

 Jorge is also working on a solo project with drummer Dante González and sound engineer and producer Eduardo Demangel. The project is intended to be released in late 2013.

Directed by Felipe Opazo
Koke Benavides - Octopus
Song: Off Limits
Album: Into The Void Of Fear

Koke Benavides - Octopus - Off Limits


Koke Benavides - OCTOPUS "Off Limits" from Koke Benavides on Vimeo.

Koke Benavides: Octopus - Into the Void of Fear

Kazumi Watanabe,Jeff Berlin,Virgil Donati: snippet of what you'll at the live show.

Apologies I missed the start of this short tour/

Virgil Donati will be out with Kazumi Watanabe and Jeff Berlin later this month:

November 15th & 16th, 2013 - Jakarta Blues Festival
November 18th, 2013 - Tokyo, Japan - Blue Note Tokyo
November 19th, 2013 - Nagoya, Japan - Bottom Line
November 20th, 2013 - Osaka, Japan - Billboard
November 21st, 2013 - Fukuoka, Japan - Gate's



Ron Thal,I Wayan Balawan: Bumblefoot jams at the Jakarta Blues Festival with guest solo from two handed master I Wayan Balawan,

Not only jazz musicians in the country stage Jakarta Blues Festival 2013 that success in the title, Saturday (26/11) in Senayan. Legendary guitarist of the band Gun N Roses Ron Bumblefoot Thal which also participated enliven stage the annual event. What kind of action are quite stunning guitar Ron among lovers of blues music? Let's see here!

Ron Bumblefoot Thal Satisfy Attendance JBF 2013

Ron �Bumblefoot� Thal Ramaikan Jakarta Blues Festival 2013

David Gilmour: on Drums!

David Gilmour: on Drums! in the Barn Jam 2007

David Gilmour on Drums!