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Timo Somers: Aristides 010 - Gazette - Electric Guitar Solo

Aristides 010 - Matt White - Four Seasons Pickups

Timo Somers is a young Dutch guitar player, songwriter, producer and singer. He is known as the founder of Tri-Head and member of symphonic metalband Delain, legendary rockband Vengeance and Zylver.
Aristides 010 - Timo Somers - Gazette - Electric Guitar Solo

Aristides 020 guitar played by Timo Somers

Su mi Lee: Dame guitar demonstration covering Alex Hutchings and Guthrie Govan

Su mi Lee has been endorsed by the Korean guitar manufacturer Dame guitars The Dame guitars company was established back in 1998 as the Dame brand of South Korea. The company is made up of hands-on musicians and the original founders of the company. Dame guitars are the top selling guitar model in Korea. The guitars are also marketed across the globe with the Japan version being sold under the brand name of Elioth. Dame are also currently preparing for a global business distribution in the United States, Europe and China under the brand name SIRE.

Su mi Lee is also featured on the home page of Dame guitars web site

Here Su mi Lee demos three of the Dame guitar brands covering tracks from her favourite guitar players Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings

Guthrie Govan - Wonderful slippery thing covered by Sumi Lee 인더기타

Su mi Lee plays She's got rhythm which is a cover of the Alex Hutchings tune, this time using the Dame Mind200

Alex Hutchings - She's got rhythm covered by Sumi Lee

Meanwhile the  final video in  the series features Su mi Lee this time playing It's all good another Alex Hutchings Cover, use Dame Exceed200

Alex Hutching - It's all good covered by Sumi Lee

Shreddelicious caught up with another super young guitar player Su mi Lee for a quick Shreddelicious interview. The amazing Su mi Lee is based in Daegu, in South Korea. Su mi Lee is a big fan of the modern fusion players like Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings... this is what she had to say...

Su mi Lee: Great Korean talent and Alex Hutchings fan talks to Shreddelicious

Ron Thal: and Dennis Leeflang, were interviewed on Chile's Radio Futuro

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal and the drummer of his solo band, Dennis Leeflang, were interviewed on Chile's Radio Futuro prior to their first-ever performance in Santiago the next day.

"It's funny… Before GUNS, Dennis and I would be touring, mostly around Europe, and things were building up — I was putting out more albums and everything was growing. And then I joined that other band… [laughs]

"I didn't want to slow everything down, but every time I tried to book anything [with my solo project], it seems like the running gag was, 'Hey, if you want GUNS N' ROSES to hit the road, all you have to do is book your own tour. And they'll [GUNS N' ROSES] book one at the same exact time and you'll have to cancel yours.' And it reached a point where we got so busy with the [GUNS N' ROSES] touring that I just wasn't able to plan anything.


Andy James: Modern Classics Vol.1

Modern Classics Vol.1

Introducing the first in our new Modern Classics Series, which is the perfect blend of classic rock vibes with melodic solos spanning the decades. There's a mixture of bluesy classic rock, modern alternative rock textures and sophisticated fusion-tinged pop/rock.

The tracks were written by JTC backing track extraordinaire Paul Harvey and the superb relaxed melodic solos are performed by Andy James. The solos are truly inspiring and capture the essense of what can be achieved over these types of tracks. Rest assured Andy manages to squeeze in some of his signature shred licks on occasion too!

10 tracks full of non-stop jamming heaven, inspiring solos and accurate JTC TAB/Notation to get stuck into! What better?

 10 solo tracks
 10 solo backing tracks
 10 extended jam tracks
 10 TAB/Notation

Pete Sklaroff: hectic Christmas shopping in progress- time for some Coffee Break jamming

This video clip has a Larry Carlton inspired guitar solo and yet again employed a great backing track from Coffee Break Backing Tracks. This was a lot of fun to record and for the most part the harmony here is just an Eb7 chord vamp with a couple of chord twists at the end of each chorus. Hope you like it anyway, Cheers, Pete

Coffee Break Backing Track - Jazz Fusion Guitar Solo on Eb7

Derryl Gabel: Thanksgiving DVD and Download discount!

Derryl Gabel

Hi Guitar Friends,
Hope you all had a good thanksgiving. Just wanted to let you all know that between now and December 2nd, all DVDs and Download Videos are $10 off the normal price except the 15 pack.

Happy Holdidays,
Derryl Gabel

May be time to get that big package

he Derryl Gabel Ultimate Virtuosity 15 Pack

The 15 pack includes all 14 of my instructional DVDs and my Interactive Guitar Technique E-book on CD-ROM with bonus mp3s. If you were to buy everything separately you would pay over $500. By getting the 15 pack you save over 50% off the full retail price! Not only that but you'll also get the download version so you can start using the material right away while you are waiting on the DVDs to arrive! This is an added $450 value! But wait, I'm not done! You'll also get a free online lesson with me via skype to be used at any time, scheduling permitting. Your free lesson expires after 3 months of your purchase of the 15 pack.All examples are transcribed in tab and standard notation. These will be included on the DVD in the Power Tab and PDF formats. Once your order is placed I will send you a link for the download version. You can store this on your hard drive and use while you wait for your DVDs to arrive! Orders in the USA take 3 to 5 business days. Outside the USA takes 7 to 10 business days or longer depending on location.

  • Fretboard Intensive Training ( Bluray Edition is a 2 disc set )
  • Mastering Chords and Harmony
  • Pentatonic Passages
  • Supersonic Sweeping
  • Supersonic Sweeping Part 2
  • Cool Legato Phrases Part 1
  • Cool Legato Phrases Part 2
  • Creative Tapping Techniques
  • Outside Secrets Part 1
  • Outside Secrets Part 2
  • Outside Secrets Part  3
  • Outside Secrets Part 4
  • Visions and Dreams
  • An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel
  • Interactive Guitar Technique E-Book CD-ROM

Shane Gibson, Thomas Lang: stOrk 101 - all you need to know about the new album

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our campaign. We are Thomas Lang & Shane Gibson, AKA,  stOrk’s founding members. 

Some of you may know Thomas for his freakishly advanced drumming skills and for things like THISTHIS -- or even THIS. You may also know Shane as the touring guitarist for Korn and for his freakishly advanced guitar playing skills that lend themselves to him doing things like  THIS &  THIS and sometimes even THIS.

All you need to know about stOrk!

Alejandra Mesliuk,Cristian Lafont: Jam Duets 10 - part of a series of duet jams

Cristian Lafont jam with The Lady of the Seven Strings Alejandra Mesliuk

Pete Cottrell: Moonshine 8 String Guitar tapping playthrough of new track

Pete Cottrell: Moonshine

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After recently getting into two hand tapping I decided to challenge myself and write a song that used this technique exclusively :)

The guitar in this video is an Agile Intrepid 8 String, Bolt on Construction, 30 Inch Scale, Bloodburst Finish with a Bare Knuckle 'Painkiller' Pickup.

More info about Agile Guitars:

More info about 8 String Guitars:

Signal Chain:
Agile 8 String Guitar (Middle pickup position with coil tapped bridge)
Line 6 POD XT
Edirol UA-25 Soundcard
Cubase 6
8 String Guitar | Moon Shine | Pete Cottrell

News: Albert King Style Backing Track (A)


A - C# - D - Ebm5b
A - F#m7 - Bm7 - E9
C# - F#7 - Bm7 - E9

Original Composition & playing by ©JamTracksGuitar
All Rights Reserved
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Albert King Style Backing Track (A) | 60 Bpm

Tom Quayle: Peerless Retromatic Guitar Review Review of the Peerless Retromatic Guitar by Tom Quayle featured in Guitar Interactive magazine Issue 21.

Launched at NAMM 2013, the Peerless Retromatic Guitar is possibly the coolest guitar yet from the uber-cool Peerless Guitar Company.
This Retromatic features a Maple Neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 22 Frets with Mother of Pearl inlays, laminated Maple with Mahogany Sustain Black top - back and sides and fitted with peerless 3 way switch pickups. Check out the full review online:

Guitar Interactive magazine is the Free online guitar magazine packed with reviews, lessons and interviews with the industries leading players! Download the magazine straight to your phone:

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Peerless Retromatic Guitar Review With Tom Quayle - Guitar Interactive Magazine

Bryan Aspey: Demonstrates Epiphone Les Paul and SG Packages

Bryan Aspey Demonstrates Epiphone Les Paul and SG Packages. Les Paul Player Pack, Les Paul Performance Pack, Goth SG Special Performance Pack.

Bryan Aspey Demonstrates Epiphone Les Paul and SG Packages

Using The Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III With Garage Band

The Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Demo by Bryan Aspey