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Rod DeGeorge: Guitar Lessons via Skype

For more info. contact rod@degeorgemusic.com Rod has been a full time musician, teaching and performing, for over 20 years. He has been seen and/or heard on VH1, E! (Entertainment Television), MTV and various motion pictures including the 2011 film "Mayor Cupcake", starring Leah Thompson (Back to the Future) and Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club). Rod has shared the stage with Paul Stanley of Kiss, Earl Slick (guitarist for both John Lennon, David Bowie) and members of Foreigner and 38 Special. He has also performed at Inaugural balls for 2 US Presidents, the Russian Embassy (Washington DC) and multiple performances at the Philadelphia Eagles' halftime and pre-game shows. Rod has also been featured in major International publications such as Guitar Player Magazine, Hammerworld (Hungary) & Guitar Player Brazil. He also has endorsements with Gibson, Dunlop, Darkhorse Strings and XOX Audio Tools, the makers of the Handle Guitar (including a Rod DeGeorge signature model)

"Awesome! Reminds me of Jeff Beck!" Paul Stanley (KISS)

"There must be a lot of monkey bars and turbo-tube slides in DeGeorgeʼs
playground. Itʼs fun to zoom through all the melodies, wah stabs, keyboard flurries,
shred bits and harmony solos, and then collapse with giddy exhaustion."
Guitar Player Magazine

"If thereʼs any justice in the world, Rod DeGeorge will be one of the brightest stars
amongst 21st Century new guitar heroes...this is one of the hottest guitar
instrumental records in the last few years. A must buy, no doubt about it!"
Hammer World Magazine, Hungary

"Check out this adventurous young fella: his playing is very exciting, and his technical
proficiency is quite admirable."
Elliott Randall (Steely Dan/Solo Artist)

"It almost frightens me about what we may see in the future from this incredibly
talented musician. Cosmic Playground is more than a calling card...itʼs a full-on
statement of purpose that he has arrived and demands your attention."

"Rod DeGeorge is by far one of the most prolific talents I have come across in along
time. His international flavor is sure to become a heavy influence of future artists for
years to come. "
Twisted Voice

"I would pity the Devil if he ever made his way from Georgia to Pennsylvania, ʻcause
as bad of a time he had with Charlie, he would just be thrashed by Rod!"
Sea of Tranquility

"Rod DeGeorge has the potential to be a big guitar hero like Steve Vai or John
Petrucci. Points: 15 out of 10 (not 10...15!)."

"Great playing! Some serious picking technique and cool tunes!"
Vinnie Moore (Alice Cooper/UFO/Solo Artist)

"Amazing stuff!! Great guitar playing, it makes me want to practice more!
Steve Burrows (Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Tommy Lee)

Visit http://www.roddegeorgemusic.com for a FREE DOWNLOAD of his current single!
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Twitter at https://twitter.com/RodDeGeorge1

Guitar Lessons via Skype with Rod DeGeorge

News: Production of all Cornford amplifiers and cabinets ceased production


Production of all Cornford amplifiers and cabinets sadly ceased mid-2013.

Whilst it may hopefully prove possible to restart production at some point in the future, at this time there are no firm plans to do so and no new Cornfords are available to buy or order, either from dealers or direct from the factory.

Please check this website or the Cornford Forum (link on the left) from time to time where any announcements will be made.

Thank you to all the customers, dealers, artists and media who have supported us over the years and hopefully someday the Cornford Tone will return !!!


Gabriele Cianfrani: HandEye Family - G.I.G. Fusion Trio - Fred (Allan Holdsworth cover)

Gabriele Cianfrani G.I.G. Fusion Trio performs "Fred" (by Allan Holdsworth) live in Isernia, Italy, @ La Strada.
Gabriele Cianfrani, guitar
Ivan D'Abrosca, bass
Giovanni Petrellesi, drums

Gabriele Cianfrani G.I.G. Fusion Trio - Fred (Allan Holdsworth cover)

Gabriele Cianfrani G.I.G. Fusion Trio - Pray For Peace (original composition by Gabriele Cianfrani)

Tommaso Zillio: How to learn all the notes on your guitar fretboard

How to learn all the notes on your guitar fretboard - Tommaso Zillio

do you need to know ALL the notes on the fretboard? Yes, you bet. And yet, if you are like most intermediate/beginner guitar players this task might seem impossible to you. On the other hand, for ALL other instrument except guitar, the notes are month the first things taught to beginners. So maybe they are not so difficult, no?

Now, the lack of familiarity with the notes on the fretboard also explains why many guitar players find music theory needlessly difficult. This is because it's very difficult to learn new concepts, like (for example) how a E note work as a 9th over a Dm chord if you cannot immediately find the E note and play it to get some aural feedback. If you don't know your notes it's like trying to fine manual work with your mittens on: the work is not difficult per se, there is only an additional layer that is making things hard for you.

The problem here is not only "finding" the notes on the fretboard: it's also finding them "in real time". If you can find any note on the fretboard, but it takes 10-15s to find them, then you haven't really accomplished anything useful. You need to be able to find the notes the moment you think of them for this skill to be actually useful in real musical situations.

The problem most people have about learning the notes is that they put this off their practice for too long, and they are now simply scared of doing it. What is in fact just a simple, easily solved problem has now become a monster. "Do I need to learn ALL the notes? Over ALL the fretboard? No way! Let me play a few more power chords instead...".

The reality is that everyone can learn all the notes, in a PERMANENT way, by investing only few minutes a day for a few weeks, provided they are practicing the right way. And it's not even going to be boring if you approach it the right way. So here is the "magic" exercise that will have you learn the notes with little effort and time:

How to Find and Remember Notes on the Guitar Fretboard

Some extra suggestions to make the most out of this exercise:

• Do not get obsessed. As I said i the exercise I do not remember these patterns by heart, and you will neither. This is not the point! You do not want to walk away from this exercise by "knowing the patterns". You want to learn where the notes are. If you do this exercise, after few weeks you WILL know your notes. So don't practice until you remember the patterns: this is not useful. Practice only until you know the notes.

• It's a game! When I was studying this I found useful to challenge myself to see how fast I could do the exercise or how many notes in random order I could play without stopping or making an error.

• In company it's more fun. If you have a guitar buddy you can work together calling out the notes to each other. It's a bit like playing Guitar Hero, but more useful :-)

Have fun!

About the Author

A professional guitarist, teacher, and composer, Tommaso Zillio enjoys particularly writing about music theory and its application to guitar playing

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: Young Guitar Japan cover - is that an X I see before me, is this an omen?!?!

Bruce Bouillet
My first cover!!! Jan 1 2014. Thank you Young Guitar Japan!!!

Look at the photo... is that an X I see before me, is this an omen?!?! Could this be time for Racer X?

Andres Ludmer: Meshuggah Bleed beat the metronome

I was re-practising this song, and i figured out to make a new vid.
the solo was improvised

Meshuggah Bleed Guitar Cover - with metronome

Per Nilsson: new signature guitar - 27 frets, True Temperament, Strandberg

Per Nilsson
THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: In the last few months, I've been working in secrecy with master luthier/genius innovator Ola Strandberg on a PER NILSSON SIGNATURE GUITAR!!! I've been like a kid in Santa's workshop - all my guitar wishes have come true, for example: 27 frets, True Temperament, super epic swirl finish, EMG Pickups! For me, Christmas came early this year :)

The full set of details will be revealed when we launch the Astral EXR Systems /Strandberg Guitarworks / Per Nilsson signature series at The NAMM Show in January!

Per Nilsson this will affect my relationship with Ibanez in that they will probably stop sending me free guitars
I've got a bunch of amazing Ibanez guitars that I will continue to enjoy playing every now and then. But after having played stock Ibanez guitars for 22 years, I am SUPER EXCITED about designing the ultimate dream guitar with Ola Strandberg, because what we've come up with is some next level stuff! Mark my words: MINDS WILL BE BLOWN!

Sarah Longfield: M74 play through with Steve Meyer

Here's a guitar/drum play-through of M74 off of The Fine Constant's album Myriad. You can check it out at www.facebook.com/thefineconstant or sarahshreds.bandcamp.com

M74 play through - Sarah Longfield and Steve Meyer

Andrew Jay: Universe - an original piece, play through demoing techniques

Andrew Jay: Universe - an original piece. Andrew jay plays through each layer of his new composition "Universe" to display the different aspects of the performance for the viewer.

Andrew Jay: Universe

Tony MacAlpine: interview on Guitar International - new album on the way

Tony MacAlpine

Robert: You are working on a new CD coming out in 2014; can you tell us what we can expect from it?

Tony MacAlpine: The newest release will be called “Concrete Gardens,” and we are still very hard at work completing the songs. This CD, which will be released in early 2014, is a high energy collection that features some great collaborations from drummer, Aquiles Preister, bassist, Pete Griffin and guitarist Jeff Loomis among many others.

Robert: How do you avoid repeating yourself CD to CD?

Tony MacAlpine: Each time I enter the studio to record I have a general idea that I have something musical to say. If that’s not the case, I don’t enter the studio. I always have a fresh source of inspiration, whether it’s from playing piano or playing different styles of music with other musicians.

Those two aspects have always been a source of energy for me. And I am always very aware of the music that I recorded on previous CD’s along with touring and other live presentations. For me I am always thriving to come up with something fresh and new!

Read the full interview on Guitar Inaternational http://guitarinternational.com/2013/11/30/tony-macalpine-interview-new-dvd-release-live-tokyo/

Andres Ludmer: J.S. Bach Prelude in E major - excellent version!

Andres Ludmer - J.S. Bach Prelude in E major : my take on this amazing piece by JS Bach.

thanks to rick graham for the transcription!!!

J.S. Bach Prelude in E major - Andrés Ludmer

Andy James: I am now officially endorsed by DV Mark!

Andy James
I am now officially endorsed by DV Mark!. It's been no secret I've been using the Multiamp for a short while and I love it! 2014 is going to see a very special collaboration between myself and the guys at DV Mark. Laney and I have parted ways on good terms, but it was time to move on. I'm really excited to be working with such a pro-active company in DV moving forward, creating with an all round nice bunch of dudes \m/

We are proud to officially welcome Andy to the DV Mark family!
"The DV Mark MULTIAMP is a one stop tone machine library", says Andy, "It produces every tone I could ever dream of using, and with the ease of use combined with its portability, I can turn up anywhere in the world and have my tone!"

Check out and sign up for free lessons at Andy James Guitar Academy: http://www.andyjamesguitaracademy.com/

Sam Bell approves Andy James guitar Academy
Sam Bell "Andy James is one of the most musical and technically proficient metal guitarists in the world today. Whilst being a virtuosic musician, Andy can also teach exceptionally well. He is able to break down and explain complex, technical concepts, making them incredibly easy to grasp and apply in your playing right away (with a little practice!)
Its no wonder Andy James is one of the worlds most influential modern metal guitarists, I am excited to see the impact that the Andy James Guitar Academy will have on up and coming students of guitar."